Compiled by, Olivier Colpart

Lou Baldin has reached the public through threads opened on the American website Above Top Secret (ATS). He has written several books, most of them are about UFOs and extraterrestrials.

Under the username Sleeper, he opened those threads in order to voluntarily answer questions from internet users who had read his first books (A Day with an extraterrestrial and In League with a UFO) and to widely develop the information of his "alien contact" that Lou baptized Milton.

His two major threads, "Are ETs as real as the nose on your face?" and "I'm coming clean on extraterrestrials" met certain success on ATS, also attracting many skeptics who vainly persisted to debunk his words and tried to make a crook out of him.

His various treads and blogs exceeded two thousand pages of questions and answers to this day. This guide is an attempt to concentrate the vast majority of his answers and revelations under themes. 

Note: This guide only contains about 50% of all Lou Baldin's answers that can be found on treads and blogs, and nothing from his books. It will be completed over time by other answers but already contains the bulk of it. 

Contents in this blog have been collected from various websites, blogs, threads and forums that were written by Lou Baldin, and were published between 2006 and 2008. This material is raw and unedited and has not been reviewed by Lou Baldin. 


1.      Good & Evil
2.      Integrity
3.      Hate, Envy & Ego
4.      Destiny
5.      Déjà-vu
6.      Guardian Angels
7.      Animals & wilderness

IV          / SOUL & AFTERLIFE  

             Near Death Experiences (NDE) & Out-of-the-body Experiences (OBE)

Good & Evil / Right & Wrong

Of course there is good and evil.

Good is the trickiest game of all. Hence the old saying, "the road to hell is paved with 'good' intentions." 
We become accountable for our actions/emotions the moment we become aware of right and wrong.

What force is above good and evil?
Nothing is above "good". Evil and rage are lower level 3D poop.

Being aware of right and wrong is the most important, the rest is fluff and not worth losing sleep over.

We all like to be bad now and then----that’s why we are here in the first place---if we wanted to be like the angels we wouldn’t be “down” here.

Awareness of right and wrong is only one small step, implementation is the big one we wrestle with.

If evil was plastered all over the face of bad people that would make things easy on us wouldn't it? The wolf often comes disguised like the sheep it hopes to eat.

Why are some folks convinced that it is inherently 'evil' in nature?
Because it’s a playground for the paranormal and on that playground are many kinds of entities including bullies. For those with evil tendencies and some without them, who enter these “privileged” domains “uninvited”, they may attract the bullies----or not, sometimes they are simply turned away by a bouncer type.

You know that saying “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”
Some of us mean well but we are stupid, and do things without thinking---we all fall into that category now and then, it's human nature.
Do we get off scot free when others get hurt by our naïve actions?  No.

Good and evil are illusions and nothing more than programs running on this computer we call earth. However, there are rewards and consequences on our actions based on that program---murder, rape and a host of other criminal activity will not get you brownie points on the other side.
Your next tour of duty is determined by your actions on this place----more and better opportunities or fewer and crappy ones.

Evil comes in many forms and usually stalk their prey in packs like hyenas.
Evil exist in the souls of men and women, that’s the ball and chain holding us here---unless you are on vacation.

Hitler was a soldier, a painter, a politician and an author but he excelled at maniacal dictator He orchestrated a cast of millions to do his bidding-----when it was all said and done more than fifty million people lost their lives and countless others were left destitute and crippled He was the face of pure evil and millions chose between good and evil during his time on this planet
Many of those that chose evil never participated in that war or killed anyone----but neither did they stand up against him or what he stood for
Many of those who chose evil have since died and have been returned to this planet----some of the worst have been terminated----they literally lost their souls
We all chose between good and evil----many that choose evil will not lose their souls but some will wish they did.
Serial killers and rapists are wolves amongst the sheep-----are they evil? -----Without a doubt----but if they get a book deal or a movie made about them----the books will be best sellers and the movie a hit.
We deplore violence and at the same time lust over it-----it’s the subtle speed traps that catch the most violators of freewill.
Why does any tyrant exist? 
There have been thousands throughout history and there are hundreds and thousands running around today------they are the face of evil, they are pawns of god for those who believe in god or ET.
One man’s tyrant is another man’s savior or world changer
Napoleon, Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, and any number of other dictators past and present were tyrants to some and saviors to others.
The fact is no one is on the same page on what the world should be or how to make it a peaceful and prosperous world for everyone---millions of us disagree on nearly everything. All the tyrants of the past and present didn’t get the backing of their people by telling them they were tyrants---they got the backing by telling them they would create a peaceful and prosperous world---lol
These tyrants painted themselves as saviors of the downtrodden by making deceitful promises.
As far as the overlords and others we deem evil, well for those who have a vote use it but the problem is that one man’s hero is often another man’s oppressor---therefore someone is always going to feel the edge of the sword.
Was Stalin a liberator or a tyrant? Hitler a liberator or tyrant? Castro a liberator or tyrant?
Hugo Chavez a liberator or tyrant? Bush a liberator or tyrant?
All of them are both, for some they are liberators, for others they are tyrants.

The bottom line is that humans are not here to change the world; we are here to be changed by the circumstances we find ourselves in, in this world.
Those that claim they hold the solutions to all the worlds woes are simply tyrants in sheep clothing looking for their next meal ticket and the victims that will pay for it.
Or they are contestants on a Miss America contest---lol
The world will change and become a better place only when more people change and become better people.

How does anyone live? 
One day at a time.

The battle over good and evil continues here on earth and each of us have to decided which side we will be on while on this planet---for those keeping score those choosing evil remain in the majority---they have always been in the majority because evil is more alluring than boring goody-two-shoes
What many of us forget is that evil has no power over us unless we allow ourselves to be seduced by it----and it goes by several names but the two main ones are envy and hate.

Often what we perceive to be evil is in reality the exact opposite, it works the other way around too, good is not always good for us.

The dilemma is that for there to be good we need evil otherwise how do we distinguish between the two.

Evil is a human concept and was created by ET as a tool----if you wish to place god in the slot of ET that works too.
Evil is anything that we are afraid of and don’t understand.
Who decides what is evil---politicians? World leaders with their own agendas? Hollywood? Is the left evil or is the right evil? Depends on which side you butter your bread---lol
Once we figure out who or what is evil let's get rid of it, but first we may need to take a closer look in that bathroom mirror and make sure it’s not that mug looking back at us that’s got it all wrong.

Most of us believe our political view correct and good, and the other misguided and perhaps evil.

There are evil entities but most have been rounded up and taken off this planet---most of the evil that remains is inside humans---and they have no power whatsoever
Even the evil entities have no power over anyone---we can’t push off the blame of our misdeeds on some scapegoat named Satan, Lucifer, Bill Clinton, or W.

The mob needs a victim to sacrifice for their own sins; the witch hunter crowd needs to be validated by finding someone to lynch, even if they have to invent a crime.

Few will admit they are the root of their own evil---can you blame them---lol

Fear of fire and brimstone sells many books and so does the blame game “the devil made me do it”.

Why so many have such a strong fascination with darkness, or so called 'evil'? Reminiscing about their past life or lives. Sad to say.

If demons are taken out of the equation most traditional belief systems would fall.
The devil can’t make anyone do anything---people have to take responsibility for their own actions and bad deeds and stop with the scapegoat drivel that “the devil made me do it”

Why do you think humans are in lockdown? Remove your blinders many humans belong in lockdown, and many of them know it.

There is no way for a human soul to become a goddess of darkness---all human evil and darkness is contained on earth----and evil humans come back to earth and may revisit the evil they did to others in a previous tour on themselves---evil is a boomerang that returns to the sender every single time---the longer it takes to return the bigger it gets---much better if it hits you while you are here after you have done it---it can get nasty if it is allowed to pick up speed and hits you in the next life or god forbid other lives---it can leapfrog on you---not good.

If you love your life as it is keep on doing whatever you have been doing---if not find Jesus, Buda, Krishna, Mohammad, anything but evil---evil sucks and remains contained in your soul while you are here on earth and faithfully awaits your return when you die and come back here.

All demons on earth are human, in the old days they created scapegoats to carry sins away from the village.
Some of us can’t believe we possess evil thoughts and possibilities so we like the adage “the devil made me do it”----amazing how many people believe that lie to themselves.

We need to blame external forces for our problems---like the devil, or Hitler, or Bush, or Clinton---or ET. We often project on others the hate and incompetence we have in our own souls---Hitler was the face of a nation gone mad---those millions of booths marching across Europe were not done by one man---yet most only blame one man.

We have been ingrained from childhood that there is a “dark side”, a “devil”, an evil force that takes over our souls.
To scare away or appease these evil spirits humans have sacrificed animals and weaker humans on altars to the gods.
There have been witch hunts throughout history to rid mankind of the, “dark side”.
Because this external evil “idea” is so deeply ingrain in most of us it makes this a taboo subject---and difficult to discuss.
Nevertheless, any evil person can mend their ways, and get back on track.

Could it be possible that a soul was assigned to finding truth compliance with the other side of the coin?
They may have signed up for it but that don’t mean they are going to like it----

Who gauges "Good and bad"?
Your flaws if any will be as plain to you as a swollen thumb having been hit by a hammer. Most know what bad is----hate, envy, stealing, killing, lying, cheating, etc.-----good is the opposite of those things----helping others just for the heck of it----being happy, encouraging others and yourself----for the fun of it----having fun and being happy----when you would rather not be----taking advantage of the gifts given to you, etc.

Evil has to be earned it cannot be implanted or forced upon anyone.
We become evil on our own, we can’t bargain with Satan to become a rock star, CEO, president or anything else but we can pursue our hearts desires ruthlessly and achieve money and fame---but on our way out we will be presented with a bill---due in full

What we don’t understand we fear and perceive as evil, and ETs fit the profile.

Good and perceived bad happens to everyone on this planet, sometimes even to those on vacation here, it’s all part of the deal whether we like it or not.

The only battles going on are between lower entities a few notches above humans and a few below, but mostly by human level types.
The concept of good and evil was created as a tool to weed out the bad apples, oranges, peaches and prunes.

Inhuman activity, so called "work of the devil":  It’s called passing the buck, people not wanting to take responsibility for their own actions or shortcomings. We are all free spirits here on earth and the devil can’t make us do anything we don’t already want to do.

Most of us are not tested that close to home [i.e. feeling no hate against your child’s killer] because few would pass, even those who are more aware [of the big picture].

This is a prison planet but serial killers are home grown, and a product of this planet’s lack of take responsibility for one's own actions mentality. Many have this crazy belief that they are not accountable for their actions, and in certain ways they are encourage to blame their shortcoming on others---and some end up doing so literally, with guns blazing, forked tongues wagging, and stupid pandering legislation that encourages more hate.
ETs keep serial killer types confined to planets like earth where they originated
I know many don’t buy my rant about ET or anything else, but it’s not about me or ET, it’s about living in a world rampant of madness and maintaining a view of the cup of water as half-full---or half empty for those that can’t stand happiness or happy people.
Misery loves company---that’s an invitation you pass up---or not
What is sanity? Certainly not something prevalent here on earth---lol
Sanity is what the majority agree on; it’s a kind of click. In reality sanity is something that exists on other planets and other places than earth. We are all a bit touched down here; otherwise we wouldn’t be here---
Whether we like it or not all will be pardoned and released from this third rock. Age has nothing do with when we get off this rock; some are here a few weeks others are stuck here until they literally fall apart in some hellhole nursing home.
Now, there are some who are assigned the gruesome task of grim reaper like the person you mentioned above, but many chose that path out of shear hatred that accumulated in their souls, and two birds are taken care of in those situations---they act out their rage and in so doing perform a dreadful and perverse deed---in the minds of us humans.
Death is the bane of loved ones left behind but it’s freedom for the departed---for some anyway.

Most of us are going to be pushed to those limits [the point of indistinguishableness] ---some will snap, some will learn something about themselves just before they snap---that is a crucial juncture

We must look at the bigger picture---no one escapes from their dirty deeds and some will pay for a long time, perhaps more than one life time for an act they commit in a few minutes. The victim more than likely never felt any pain regardless that it appeared so, and is now in a much, much better place than this prison.

Pain, Suffering, Agonisation: It is more agonisation to you and those who loved the person agonizing, often souls are removed from the body before all the suffering moves in, regardless of how it appears to us.
Why do we need to suffer, for instance when a loved one dies or is hurt? 
It’s different for everyone and we will only know that answer after we are paroled from earth.
There is no good reason for suffering yet know anyone that enjoys seeing others suffer? Be truthful---how many enjoyed immensely when Paris Hilton was forced to go to jail---raise your hands----
It don’t matter whether she deserved to go, that’s beside the point---many of us enjoy when others fall or stumble
Ever been to a baseball game, football game, hockey game, boxing, and wrestling? Do we like it when the other team or person sustains injuries?
What about all the blockbuster movies like “Chainsaw massacre” etc.
Why do we live in a world with suffering, we like it---but few will ever admit it
You are asking about the horrible poverty, car crashes and the horrors of many life situations in general---trust me, we don't want to go there.
Why the pain? A constant reminder that if you do the time it’s a crime. And the more time you do on planets like earth the more pain you will have to endure. Human bodies are pain machines---for those few that haven’t noticed yet—
If something is not painful why move away from it? We don't make the pain up, the pain is real---except for a few hypochondriacs who may exaggerate from time to time.
Why was this pain put upon human beings in the first place?
Certainly not as a reward.
Is ET having fun with this/us? 
Those who enjoy our pain have no power to create it unless we have been given over to them to be toyed with.
Is ET garnering energy from us?
As if we have any kind of energy they could use, or even want---in the cosmic realm we are lepers infected with hate envy and other chronic stinking diseases.
Suffering is wasted if we get nothing out of it, some of us do.
Pain also serves a purpose.
Both psychological and physiological pain identifies areas of distress and where work needs to be done via our cells in the physical application, and via higher or lower entities in the psychological---mind---soul zones.
A human body is designed for physical and mental pain and life will throw a bunch of pain at us. We have to work at making our life less painful. Hate creates pain envy creates pain. Traffic, weather, mother nature on a rampage and unemployment creates pain. Life cares not if we enjoy ourselves or relish in our pain. Society, governments, mother Teresa nor John can make our pain go away. 
Much of suffering is illusion, but you never know if there is a human type soul inside an animal receiving some payback. Do one to others and it will be doubly or more done back to you. No ifs, ands or buts. The good stuff works that way too.
Is it possible for us to eliminate pain completely from the human body, no matter what type of torture we're going through?
A few can.
How is it done? 
Mind/soul, over matter. Soul is superior, matter inferior.
Some ET’s believe we can stand more pain, and many humans agree with that philosophy and are helping to bring it on.

It is true that one bad apple can spoil those around it, but it’s also true that some good humans can benefit those bad apples.
Very few on this planet are pure of heart and mind, and we all need to smooth those rough edges we have, and we do so with a mixture of soft souls and abrasive souls too.

Lust is like a food craving, we need food to remain alive, and we need lust to motivate us to contribute to the next generation of people---and we are rewarded for that effort---for the most part.
Lust is no more evil than a food crave---these animal traits are software loaded into our human bodies and are not part of the soul
However, people abuse food and become obese, and people abuse lust and harm themselves and others when they become reckless---AID’s, rape etc.
It’s all about self-control, discipline, moderation and a genuine regard for the welfare of others---when we do things for others we never go wrong, it's when we do things egotistically for our own selfish desires that things never go right.

Wal-Mart is a brick and mortar corporation and although it is an entity for tax and other legal purposes in the eyes of the law, it nevertheless is not a human and therefore not evil. Only people can be evil.

This life is a rat maze of choices between right and wrong and it is lopsided because most of the rats are stuck at one end of it---the wrong end---but few want to leave the wrong end because that is where all the action is---they don’t care that it smells to high heaven because of all the crap---it’s more important to look cool to the other rats than to wimp out and go to higher and cleaner pastures.

Good and evil are confined to dimensions such as the one we are in while on this planet. ---something extraordinary exists above “good and evil”. So how would you propose I put that into mere words?
We first must breach the barrier that keeps us from understanding the value of integrity--those able to jump through that hoop will glean a sliver of that strange soft stuff that the gods lay their head on.

Good and bad are what we do to ourselves or to others---and by doing so we give meaning to the words.
No one can impose good on us nor bad on us---it don’t matter if we are soldiers under orders, it boils down to simple choices we make even when we are following orders.
All of us only have one master over us and we see that master every time we look in the mirror---is that an evil master or a good master looking back at us? It’s our choice.

Would I go down a level or two for doing bad things to evil people?
Anyone able to discern an evil or a good soul has god like qualities and are not on earth unless they are on vacation, or on the job.
So how would any of us know if we were fighting against good or evil?
Whoever fights against the “elite” and deposes them will in turn be the new “elite”. Where does it end? It never ends in war like planets like earth---have you noticed?

Is it a soul issue or is it mostly in the human DNA/genetics to go after negative things? Soul issue.

The positive-negative and good-evil polarities are a rule kind of law in Universe? Are they complementary forces?
They are not complimentary, and they only operate at lower levels.

A tyrant by any other name is still a tyrant. Those fooled by them eventually get a boot up their arse. Tyrants always speak of helping one segment of society at the expense of another segment of society, as Stalin and Hitler did. The fact is there is plenty for everyone. Robbing Peter to pay Paul only leaves both Peter and Paul in the same sinking stinking boat.
Nevertheless, we are in situations created specifically for us and no tyrant or anyone else will change that. But some of us have the ability to change our circumstances with good behavior.
A tyrant always has a lot of hate in his or her speeches.

Evil doesn't float at all, it's only a tool, a toy used on lower levels of existence. Evil has ZERO power and is pure illusion. But those immersed in it are in REAL hell.

Doing right and wrong on the other side is not an issue, it simply doesn't happen in timeless zones. We do time on lower levels like Earth to learn right from wrong using the element of time.

Kindness and generosity are rewards in themselves, those who have such traits are better off than those who don’t.

Doesn't such judgment involve the subjective determination of 'good' and 'evil'?
It does.
How can such things be absolute?
In 3D land, they can't be absolute. Higher ups don't have those restrictive colored glasses; they see straight into the human soul and know our true intentions.
Humans can't judge humans other than our little games that we play down here. Those who judge us upstairs are pure and have no prejudices/hang-ups or politics.

Integrity / Doing the right thing

The only truth is integrity, there is no other.

They know when we reach integrity puberty---and it’s pretty much at the level of real puberty.

Do the right thing in every situation---everything else don’t matter much

What attributes does ET think are particularly attractive in human beings? What behavior do they applaud? Integrity.

You are doing the right thing when it’s right for those you love and depend on you.

There is only one all-encompassing truth, integrity---those who have it and manage to hold on to it even in the depths of tribulation will be unstoppable in their ascent to higher places.

Life is a case of doing the right thing in every situation you are presented with.

Doing the right thing in all situations should not be painful, awkward perhaps, until you get the hang of it.

Integrity is doing what you “know” to be the right thing in every situation you find yourself in---barring things that are not under your control---depending on the laws that govern your ability to act that are contradictory to what you know to be right, as in military duty and such.

Unfortunately the truth doesn’t buy much in the way of job security or profits in the minds of some folks.
What would lawyers do if everyone told the truth? They wouldn’t have many cases---What about car mechanics? You aren’t getting paid if you don’t find a problem under the hood to fix.
Doctors have high overhead and so do hospitals and they need lots and lots of sick people to pay for it all.
So it’s hard to turn away a sucker even if he is not sick or there is nothing wrong with the car, or he really didn’t injure himself at work.
Things like that wouldn’t happen if people knew someone was watching and taking notes Some might even suspect that this life is nothing but a sting operation--- Integrity pays large dividends---too bad so few invest in it.

Humans are not experiments---humans are in training to find out if they qualify to be human--if they do, they get to move up the ladder and do the real neat stuff.
All it takes is to do the right thing in every situation---over and over again even when we would rather not because the people we have to deal with don’t merit it.
This life will throw stuff at us all the time until we die---how much they throw at us depends on what they think we can handle---they do let up and life can be enjoyable---but that is not any indication that you have earned it---because good and bad happen to all of us regardless Simply do the right thing in every situation---that is valuable info very few get---and fewer use.
But doing the right thing can be embarrassing and some people will see it as weakness---the right thing is not easy, and very few can stomach doing it more than once or twice before they get back in line with everyone else.
Integrity pays great dividends in the short and long run. Sorry didn’t mean to get on the old soapbox.

What is the purpose of living with integrity?
I have to say that one almost floored me---it’s a great question!
But you have to answer that---is it important to you that your banker, baby sitter, congressmen, friends, boss, employees, those who teach your children, etc. have integrity?

Is it a burden to do the right thing in every situation? ---Say at the store the clerk gave you back change for a twenty but you only gave her a ten---what is the right thing to do?

All you need do is do the right thing from now on---and everything in your past [lives] will not matter---what matters is what you do from now on.
If you don’t hate and envy anyone integrity should be easy.

“Doing the right thing 100% of the time” is difficult?
If it was easy the payoff wouldn’t be so fantastic

When people do things without integrity they are working the other side of the spiritual fence.

Life on earth is a job and not one that pays all that well either, but there are no short cuts around it and the only way out of the maze is that icky stuff called integrity.

Earth is not the final test for integrity, on earth we only get a whiff of it so that later on we have an inkling of what it is and then we will be tested---in a very different reality to what we have here.
Nevertheless, integrity or the little we can muster while here will serve us well while here and get us a seat in the next class above this one. Whereas those who don’t have a clue get to repeat this grade level.

We don’t feel the guilt thing much while we are here but when we cross over it becomes excruciatingly obvious and our shame unbearable---and we willing with tails between our legs return to places like earth and try to do better---but we forget---and that’s the key to integrity--is it real or is it Memorex.

Discretion and the motive of our actions is also part of integrity, and those can be difficult to distinguish between.
Sometimes staying out of it is the best option, when life and limb are not part of the equation.

True integrity never slaps back---if we threw out an arm attempting to pat ourselves on the back---chances are it was not true or real----we are not impartial judges of our own goodness. The straight and narrow is a tough row to hoe---but straight it will be before we get a “glance” of the golden ring.

"Real" integrity vs unreal integrity:
The nuts and bolts of integrity are doing it without the fluff. Many of us do things because of the reward factor, kind of like bartering---I do this I get that. Few of us make the jump from that Pavlov’s dog trick. It takes a while and only comes to those able to go the distance, removing hate and envy completely from the system, most tire of it after a while and fall off the turnip truck.

Integrity is the main reason for this game we play, everything else of “real value” comes after, even while here on earth.

Integrity is not to cheat others, we give five and get back ten, most would feel lucky, but someone got screwed in the deal.
Is it virtuous to give the short end of the stick to someone or to take the short end for ourselves?
Do we look for the best piece of pie for ourselves or do we give the best piece of the pie to our friends and family? ---how we treat and view others is integrity, or lack thereof.
Do we fight and stand up for ourselves and others? Certainly but evil people do the same for themselves too.
Unfortunately most things are done out of selfish concerns and not out of true benevolence for others. We all have to make those calls.

So, is integrity the key to understand better that other half and raise our level of awareness?
Or is it just the way out of that blue rock?
Both, but most people will not step high enough into integrity to be able to see far and wide--because that would make them too different from those around them---and we all care about what people think about us, especially those people we work with and those "friends" of ours.

Integrity is the choices we make with the information we receive.

Integrity is basic stuff really and many have mastered it with little effort. For instance, we expect our banker not to steal from us and therefore we entrust our money with them, yeah I know the money is FDIC insured, well the banker’s eyes did look a little shifty.
We expect our baby sitter to take care of our precious children when we are away from them, but do we really know we can depend on them even when they come with good references? Ok so integrity is a tad complicated when it comes too spotting those who claim to have it.
But wouldn’t it be nice if more people did have it? Dang tootin’
Integrity is what we want most in other people, so that our lives would go smoother, so if we do what we expect from others we will have a handle on integrity

The real integrity can’t be taken away, it can be given up, and often is when the going gets too tough to handle.

Integrity does have so many layers to it, but we humans only need to peel off a few of the top layers while here on earth, to make this life better for us and those around us, by not stepping on toes.

There is only one story that counts, and that story is Integrity---that is all that matters, everything else is distracting fluff.

Every time someone gets on our nerves we are being tested to see how we react and handle it--this life is not practice it’s the real deal and the tests are not always easy---
Forgive those who don’t deserve it and you will be ahead of the game, and it might even get easier eventually.

Integrity is key. No human knows us as we know ourselves. Can we justify stealing, cheating or any number of unsavory things when we believe others are doing it to us? A conflict in that mental arena is telling.

Doing right should make this life easier, especially when sleeping, or trying to sleep. Good people sleep better, worry less. Those who judge us are not anal, they know, they can tell good intentions and bad intentions. So relax, enjoy life when you can and don't sweat the small details.

Integrity is that thing we demand from others when dealing with them. We expect and want them to be upfront with us. We don't want them to cheat us. We expect them to do what they say they will do. Those who do that have integrity. Pain comes to those who don't have true blue integrity. But some pain is for back taxes, past and present.

Integrity is not standard issue, it's something we earn individually through self-discipline and zero finger pointing.

Many ordinary people are not even sure what integrity is. No one has to give anything up but their attitude and skewered perspective. 

Hate, Envy & Ego

We humans are held in places like earth because of the weight of our egos---how else would we respond?

Envy, greed, hate, etc., remain here on earth and turn to dust along with the meat that was your spacesuit---the only thing you take with you to your next hangout is whatever love and goodness you managed to create while here.
Now those moving in the other direction that's a different story.

Yes, Illusion of human progress exists solely to feed our own cataloging of exploits.
Why do ETs feed this addiction to self-importance?
ET feeds that addiction because there is a high demand for it---
There is more than one reason [to that], there are too many reason to list, but the main one is that without ego nothing will happen, ego is the accelerant that motivates, and is not in itself bad.

Any selfish tendency or any other fault, keeps people attached to the ball and chain---our human bodies, for as long as it takes before we become free agents and sprout wings.

We all need a little ego to get through the day, but over indulging will take us down the hard road.

Once you break free from the ball and chain of hate and envy, you can chose to go wherever your heart desires---but often you do so with certain stipulations---for a certain length of time, and for a specific reason---you may be here now under such a scenario---many people are---

Feel good compassion is the elixir that intoxicates the ego of those that sport their every deed prominently on their chests---for the entire world to see, but they often fall flat of real substance or effectiveness.
True humanitarians seldom boast and remain hidden in their actions----

I like to paint a rosy picture because it is a rosy picture, but here on earth rosy is offensive to people who are buried deep in hate, envy, and self-righteousness that they can’t see the abyss for their ego, and then it’s too late
That’s primarily what this life is about to down grade the ego centric chaff and upgrade the self-effacing wheat----sneaky aren’t they---

Yes, “We're in a kind of motley mixing pot”, we like to hate people who we deem selfish to cover our own selfish reality. That’s why we humans make lousy judges and juries for that matter. We all carry certain prejudices and are seldom partial.
Primarily we have this weakness because we can’t see a person’s true motivation for doing what they do. Many people do things only for show, charity towards others is one of them--tax deductions don’t’ count---
A persons wealth or lack thereof is no indication of what they are made of, yet we tend to judge on that criteria alone.

It’s not about rich and poor it’s about hate and envy, which you seem to have plenty of both.
There are good rich people and bad rich people; there are good poor people and bad poor people
But those who hate for whatever reason are all bad

Envy is the lamest excuse in the world to hate---and it’s a scam that has infected humanity even before the bible legend of Cain and Able.

It is amazing how many solid “good” people hide a very dark secret deep inside, which is hate, envy, greed, and ego.

It’s easy to hate those who have more than us but someone is always going to have more than us, even rich people hate those who are richer than them---lol
Every day average hard working Americans who live pay check to pay check are hated around the world by those who have less than them---there are Billions of people who live in staggering poverty in third world countries, and many of them hate Americans period ! Because even poor Americans have it way better than they do.
Here in America those that make twenty-thousand a year hate those that make fifty-thousand a year, those that make fifty-thousand hate those that make one-hundred-thousand and on and on---it seems we all have a reason to hate someone
Most of us who look in the mirror and see a good person often choose to neglect our ugly side, because we can justify our hateful feelings because everyone else hates those dang rich people whoever they are---problem is all of us are richer than someone, and those someone’s hate us
We are not "down" here on earth because we love too much, we are "down" here because we love to hate.

We went to a small church and the congregation as well as the pastor was solid good people, they would do anything for you.
But their hate came out whenever the word rich came up, they despised people of wealth and high standing---even though some of them were very wealthy and pillars of the community--made absolutely no sense
The pastor was the most envious and hateful person of all once he got behind the pulpit. He preached about the sins of excess, and mostly about those new houses going up in a new subdivision that cost three-hundred-thousand dollars and shamefully had three car garages--when he was able to do just fine with two---lol
This guy was dead serious and every week we had to endure a similar tirade against bad rich people.
I’m the average middle class American that pretty much lives pay check to pay check and the minister and the others could not understand why I didn’t also despise the rich
I always believed that church was about loving people---all people, not just the members of the church
I tolerated it because my wife and children liked the church and the people, as I did too, but they were oblivious to the politics---as it seems are most.
Despite the political dogma we continued going to that church for several years because the people were genuinely nice, despite being hateful sinners of the rich---
My wife and I were very fortunate because our children were delightful in every way which made us the envy of the congregation. So in that respect envy was not a bad thing---

Hate is a cancer on the soul, but how do we know good hate from bad hate? Obviously there is no good hate yet every one of us indulge hate on one level or other---so we must believe there is good hate
A clue of bad hate is when it clouds our mind, makes us feel like crap, and we end up kicking the dog, the spouse or the kids. Hate needs a victim and the first victim is the one infested with it and then all those around that infected person.
Many of us don’t let it get that bad or far but many do, hence all the crime going on in this world, and at a neighborhood near you.

War is hell and there always will be war because this planet is filled with people who love to hate, and envy what others have so they take or destroy what they don’t have.---the misery loves company thing
Defending yourself or your country is not hate, it’s a duty. However, many believe fighting for any reason is never justified, and believe they could live under whatever system a new aggressor imposes on them---which is fine, and if they are the majority then that is the way it will be---its been done that way for thousands of years and nothing is going to change.

If anger motivates us to do something like helping someone in that situation then it’s useful--unfortunately most anger is the road rage kind, we get pissed over small things and act impulsively and recklessly.
There certainly is no shortage of idiots on this planet and I have been on both sides of that coin, the ahole and the near victim of other aholes.
Anger is a fuse box breaker for many instance and then resets when the smoke clears---that’s normal and not an indication of evil----unless we take it to the next level and turn it into vengeance---road rage, spouse rage, society rage, etc.
We are allowed a bit of anger as long as we don’t take it to the next level---because sometimes even one time is all it takes to change lives big time and the consequences can be horrendous in the here and now.
Anger is normal, holding on to it is not. Treat it like a hot burning ember in your hands. The longer you hold on to it the more damage it will do to you.

Ego is always searching for happiness but finds it elusive.

Everyone is free to do that but they don’t have to, and many refuse to because they have bigger issues on their plate like hate, envy, and ego that they prefer to feast on.

Those who have a greedy problem will have to work it out before they move up to higher ground---the greed of others is no excuse to live a bad life---money is not the problem people with attitude is the problem.

Unfortunately our egos ratchet up exponentially above and beyond our degree of expertise.--Expertise bestowed upon us by our learning institutions often obsessed with the status quo.

There are three things many of us humans have in common, hatred, envy and ego, those three things unite us---whoever breaks free from the big three get to move to bigger and better things.
Some can justify holding on to all three---and we are free to do so---but anyone of those balls and chains by themselves will keep us prisoners, and cheat us out of fantastic things that await those able to sit at the big table and join in the feast.

There is a category of ETs that exist only to bring us whatever we crave into our lives, be it happiness, or madness---granted who wants madness in their lives? No one obviously, but some of our evil choices can end us there. What is evil? Evil is ego, hate, and envy. Is it bad to want the good life? 
The things books like “The Secret” promise? Heck no---
How are those “good” things manifested? 
Mostly the old fashion way, perseverance, and more perseverance---until you reach your goal, desire, happiness, or whatever it is you want in your life that brings honest pleasure. Who rewards us? 
It’s not ET, and we are not gods, so you do the math.

Competition is a way to facility a better product and service for the consumer, you and me. Envy is a copout often used to justify hate.

Most people are not much more than cattle now---but those able to cut free of hate envy, ego, and paranoia, life will only get better.

The beast [from the Bible] has been taken care of a long time ago. We are now stomping out the remnants of that beast---which resides mostly inside of humans; we even have names for these remnants---hate, envy, ego, and paranoia.

Hate is what drags souls to the living hell that exists mostly between the ears.

Would you say a thief or killer is a “bad boy” while taking in mind he was raised by a rapist and his mother was killed in front of him, and no one cares about him?
There is no reason to hate regardless of what hell our lives have been---and until we remove hate from our souls we will be anchored to planets and situations such as those you mentioned.

Should people take pleasure from helping the other people, or is that indicative of ego? That is an easy trap to fall into---and is a touchy subject to breach because we all cherish doing good for others and then taking credit for it.
But this life is a tricky business and integrity has to be real and there are many variations and situation that will expose any and all flaws---that’s why we have many life times to get it right.
Any time we help someone we in fact helped ourselves---so the pat on the back we like giving ourselves is over the top and undeserved---

Bottom line, feel the stupid hates and selfish arrogant envies--forgive and shut up! Pretty simple, hard to do....
That is an excellent mantra---
If it were easy then any politician could do it, and where would that get us?

We are allowed to indulge in some ego as long as we don’t let it ooze out our ears---

Most humans on earth are slaves---slaves to hate, envy and ego
The “only” way out of slavery is to kill those elements from within---nothing else will free you.

The people that are having the real fun have found the brass ring.
I use to have some of that fun you are talking about but jumped out. My friends continued with the fun and by the time they were 30 they looked and acted like they were 60.
Few of them are left; most kicked the bucket before turning 45. They say the good die young--I know for a fact they weren’t good---and their fun turned into misery and poverty in no time at all.

What is hate? 
Hate is resentment of someone or something, it’s the need for revenge, it’s jealous act or irrational fear. It’s a reaction to having been done wrong. Hate is normal and we all “suffer” it from time to time but some get entangled in it and can’t seem to let go.
Bottom line, hate is punishment to the one who holds on to it like a hot potato, or a live electrical wire---because they are the ones who suffer it’s burning consequences in the here and now and later too.
Jealousy is portrayed well in the story of Cain and Able, so is hate
Jealousy is the false belief that all people on earth are equal---and that all should suffer equally without a reward system.
A jealous person believes that they know who merits and who doesn’t---a judgment call no human has a right or the ability to make.

If one does succeed at removing hate and envy, does goodwill just naturally replace that void without effort?
No, but we will see things a bit clearer and our minds more at rest, and from there goodwill is easier for us.

When you get hate and envy by the throat and strangle some of the life out of them, ego might get the message, and easy away from your bad ass, if you get the drift.

How does one know how big there ego is?
We all need a little ego to get through the day; it’s when we feel all that and a boxcar load of chips that we may want to reconsider if our head is big enough to handle all those brain fattening calories.

Hate certainly is part of being a human being. 
We acquire hate from family, from jobs, from lovers, from society, but no matter where we pick it up from when we hold on to it, it eats our soul like acid, and many people’s souls look like Swiss cheese by the time they get old and grey.

We have to experienced ego and then despise it when we see how ugly it looks on others before we get it figured out.
The crazy thing about it is some of us do get want we think we want or need----but mostly not for ourselves but to try and astound others, and that’s usually a big letdown. Once off this nut house we finally get everything we really want and enjoy---some do it before---the show offs-
The worst thing humans can do is dying while clutching on to hate.
All who have harmed someone will pay in due time, therefore hating them will do them nothing. Hate is a boomerang that chops off the head of those who throw it or use it.
If someone feels guilt and hates himself because of the guilt of past things, he needs to let that go and forgive himself. Hate in any form is pure evil, and no one has to hold on to evil.

Can anything good come from hate?
Murder, rape and torture are surely excellent reasons to hate, but then what, revenge? Hey I’m Italian I know all about revenge and family pride, it’s tradition. But unfortunately it doesn’t fix anything only makes things worse.

All things that happen to us which give rise to hate in any degree is for the purpose of rising above hate? 
It sucks but that is the deal.

Ego with a good dose of humility thrown in now and then works fine, it’s when we drink ego straight up that it will eat our insides like cheap rot gut whiskey.
Integrity vs. ego is like oil and water, not a good mix but some people try and make it work.

We are reminded everyday what hate is all about---not by the faceless gods up in the sky but by those like ourselves, so called humans, who sell out for a bit of perceived glory, power or revenge.
Hate and envy is real and when taken to extremes are very ugly.

How much of us searching for the truth are still trapped by the ego?
All of us. We all need some ego to get through the day in 3D land, but like any drug high, less is way better. Those who move up from here will work a bit more on the ego thing so the less we have the easier it will be in our next class.
Does E.T. or our guides help us with that?
Guides will throw ego in your face often, but for the tough ego cases the devils advocates take on the case.

For many that are down here, focus on self is the problem and an ego trap. One of the toughest lessons we have is dealing with our own ego. Letting go of our self-awareness---and self-importance. Focusing on the bigger picture is the better road.
Notice how children are self-absorbed? And notice how people who we know that are self-absorbed and egocentric tend to get on our nerves?
We love celebrities because we would love to be like them, we hate them because they think they are all that and a bag of chips and salsa. What a quandary life can be.

Ego is a flaw that is tolerated at lower levels because like caffeine, it motivates us to push ahead and accomplish things, but it’s easily abused---how many of us like ego maniacs? Ego completely evaporates the higher up we go.

If envy and hate are strangers to you then that is a marker that you are advanced---but we are not allowed to know what level we are---less we stumble.

Nothing wrong with wanting and having stuff, the universe and existence is filled with neat things to play with and or fill our den up with.  
We cross the line with envy when we hate those who have more than we. People only get/have what they are allowed to have. Some people choke on what they have. It's perspective and attitude that counts.
We are all here to calm down our hate and envy. Even the meekest person has buttons that can be pushed, and chips that can form on their shoulders. Envy is part of what humans are, and we will be shown just how much when we get our final review. Nevertheless we all have strengths and weakness, and sometimes the zodiac hits the nail on the head, or so we would like to believe.

Envy is despising people who have what you don't have but want. Wanting to do things is not envy, it's what we are here for, to find out what we like and do it. Obviously most of us don't get to do the cool things like rock stars, and rocket scientists, or astronauts. The things that fascinate us now are things that we will get to do if not here and now, in future lives - for those moving in the right direction.

Some people need a little hate and envy with their coffee, it's human nature, that's why this world is the way it is.

This fear, hate, and envy we have in us is not crazy glued to us, we are free to move to higher spiritual levels at will, but what fun is that?

Anger, frustration, hate, envy, and greed. How do you release those types of things / energies?
By knowing that they are simple tests thrown at you like a baseball going a hundred miles an hour. Duck and get out of the way, or take the hit.

Is there any way for us humans to permanently eliminate our emotions? Like love, lust, hate and envy?
No can't eliminate them completely, only tame them.

You have stated we must get over the issue of envy - but I would say that I, like most on this forum, would be envious of the information / knowledge that has been presented to you.
I only pass the stuff along.
Thirst for knowledge is not a capital offence. Envy is bad when we do harm to ourselves or to those we envy, like Cain did to Able.

I had some personal issues of hate / jealousy that I had long buried from 15 years ago and the little buggers have been trying to open the old wounds and stir trouble, with negative thoughts and similar situations with me lately.
 Is this the sort of thing they do?
The bad chaps are loud and boisterous, the good chaps are quiet and shy. It sucks but that is how it works.
Do you think they take offense when they resurface these issues if I tell them to #### off and ignore them and stay on the positive side of things? Or does that make them angry and place more bad stuff in front of you?
We are fair game until death do us part. When we get mouthy with them they can turn up the heat.
“Fair Game”? Not much sport in tripping up a blind man is there?
No sport at all when trying to snag a spiritually blind fish in barrel. But surprisingly some fish put up a fight against belligerent temptations and manage to swim upstream.

Ego is software. We all have it uploaded into us. Some of us use it more than others as we do with hate and envy.

We are individuals, so how do we let go of the ego boosting thing?
Like a muscle, the more we use it the stronger it becomes in our lives. When you notice ego coming to the surface put it back into the box. Same with hate and all those other negatives that make our lives miserable. Becoming aware of them when they appear is a step in the right direction.

About negative emotions, particularly hatred, actually doing damage to a person's soul. Is it possible to completely repair that damage within one lifetime?
It is possible.
Simple it is not, but the payoff is fantastic.

I remember when I was bad, I was popular. I remember being bad specifically to impress chicks, or friends. I didn't even like doing it, but I knew that's what the people want. What does a guy do?
This planet is a test planet. What will we sell out to achieve our desires?


No one dies one second sooner than they are supposed to-----or lives one second longer than they are allotted.
No one works a minute longer than their sentence calls for.
Nothing is carved into the headstone until we die.
There are no accidents in anything we experience here on earth including life and death. Every second of our lives is measured precisely, although our actions will determine what ingredients are thrown into the mix

Is our life on planet Earth predestined? 
To a certain degree, but some will break free and excel from the original program and move way up, others will fall further into the abyss due mostly to arrogance, but the majority will do well to stay the course, which is neither hot nor cold, and perhaps a wasted life---nevertheless, it’s the little things that count the most because they do add up like pennies from heaven.

Is our future predetermined and known in the realms above this one?
It is and if we keep to it we have failed and will come back and try again---the purpose of this life is to improve on it not stick with the predestined plan---or deviate down from it either

It’s not over until it’s over and free will allows for us to break free of our mediocre destiny.

The future is written in stone only for those who have failed to make improvements in their lives---therefore the future remains a mystery for all but the slackers.

Is our death predetermined?
For most it is---but nothing is written in stone, some end up going early and some get extensions.

We come here with a pre-agreed itinerary----but are free to change it---if we don’t we will only get another one similar to what we came in with---can get monotonous if you know what I mean---but then again there are many people who love their lives here---too each their own.

Our future is predetermined but we can change it, make it better or worse, sometimes they might show us some possible outcomes of our deviated paths.

The outcome doesn’t change if we put our lives on autopilot and only do enough to get by, making little or no effort to create something cool from the lump of clay we get.
However, there are consequences to a wasted life, even if we think our lives are worthless--they are not, they are gifts disguised as worthless or meaningless ----but we can cement them in that way if we are not careful--
We need to appreciate what we have no matter how little it may seem---look at small tree seed and what it can turn into---just using dirt to do it with.

For the most part and for most lives there is a predetermined ending, but nothing is written in stone until we are under the tombstone. So there is leeway in certain situations.

Until our day with destiny we are like superman and will not die---unless we test destiny and jump off a ten story building, then all bets are off.
Is the only possible way to die before your time suicide? That’s about it.

How much of our earth life is predetermined?
All of it if we don’t get off our butts and upgrade it.

No one dies before their due date, which is seldom determined by a human.

Are such things as our job, the place we end up living in etc. predestined? Are they a set part of our contract down here? 
Even the toothpaste we use, or not. Everything we have or lack is part of the contract. Where we live and how we live is no accident or coincident. Nevertheless, nothing is written in stone, and as I said in the past, we are predestined with a clause. Lawyers upstairs are shrewder than what we have down here.

No one will die until their time is up but we can be injured or become ill due to our lifestyle and choices that we make.

We are in control of our destiny, everything we do puts us on that path, to nowhere or somewhere.

Our destiny doesn't reside in this video game we call life. It resides in a safe place elsewhere.


Déjà-Vu did you really do that once before? Have you seen “Ground hog day”? Think that’s not possible, think again and again and again....

There are more than six billion souls on earth, how do we know if they all have experienced it?

That’s a life marker---can’t give any more details for now

Most of us come to earth with an itinerary but it’s not set in stone, the original itinerary is marked with déjà vu. In other words even different roads we might take will intersect at certain points. It’s actually much more complex than that and I may expound on it further sometime down the road.

Because many of us come here with a predetermined destiny---blueprint---much of our lives are known before we are born. Some of us change our destiny when we deviate for the better by improving ourselves and some of us go in the other direction---we decided to go for the gusto and to heck with the rest of the world.
Déjà Vu is a marker from the original blueprint. Those who have many of them have not deviated much from their predetermined destiny. That’s not necessarily a good or bad thing, but it is a neutral thing.
Our lives can interlace like a double helix where we stick with the destiny for the most part but deviate in and out of it.

It’s kind of a life marker, perhaps a turning point, or just a blip before or after hitting one of life’s little potholes.

Most of us come to earth with an itinerary but it’s not set in stone. The original itinerary is marked with déjà vu. In other words even different roads we might take will intersect at certain points. It’s actually much more complex than that and I may expound on it further sometime down the road.

Most of our lives have been mapped out for us. If we don't stray too much we will see sign posts, markers along our paths. We fall off or stray from out paths and go on higher or lower paths, depending on our attitudes in life.
Sometimes that will trigger a déjà vu. Déjà vu is also a close encounter with your guide; they spilled coffee on the keyboard of your essence and shorted out a time-line chip.

Guardian Angels

From what I know everyone has a guide unless they are higher up the food chain---the guide often remains in the shadow and most of the time the person is not aware of them.

Most of the stuff we do is things we like or want to do---mostly that little voice in your head is you---lol

Your guides will open up some other doors for you---they usually do---without having to make direct contact.

What is the easiest way to for everyone here to get in touch with their guides?
Cold hard cash, in small denominations---lol
Not knocking any of those things [Meditation, Crystals, Special potions, Chants] but none of them will work---they might entice a lonely poltergeist or two to come visit but not ETs. If ET or guide wants to let you in on something they have their unique ways of doing that--other ETs like Milton can’t step on toes---unless they are mine---he has no problem there.

We all have so called guides but we can’t depend on them to keep us from making misstates or getting into trouble---sometimes they even push us into mistakes or things we would rather not do.

They often pull us out of harm's way and sometimes leave a calling card---a memory---and when they are near their energy envelops ours---and that good feeling is the stuff dreams are made of---

Everyone has a companion, who do you think is taking notes for the deposition at checkout time---

Most angels on this level---earth, are subordinate to higher up angels and they get their messages and instructions from them---the big cheese delegates and delegates---have any idea just how big this universe and its billions of dimensions really is? ---If you do you are the only one---lol

Angels are territorial and don’t take kindly to others treading where they fear to tread------I crack myself up---NO, I don't take crack!

Angels and ET are one and the same---sometimes.

Do people have guides that could be from the "other team"?
Oh yeah, and we’re not running neck and neck, Milton doesn’t belong to the majority, and never has, but there seems to be a lot of grey area for my little mind to swim in even while I don’t receive but a fraction of the strategic details.

We all have our bodyguards/ soul protectors if you will, that work with us and against us if need be. Sometimes they are the escorts to far worst places should we deserve such a service. They are completely impartial otherwise they would not have the job----most are not like
Milton. But they will help us reach our goals whether good or bad, their jobs are to serve our desires---but, they will depending on where our heart is give us ample warning shots over our head when we stray.
But only so many before they let us fall and then they will take us as far down as need be even into the pits of hell where people remain until they can’t stand it any longer and decide to work their way back up from that pit.

Entities that are assigned to you remain with you every day of your life---naturally if they made their presence known it would be distracting and your life would then be in vain Sometimes they appear when you are under mental stress or at a crossroad, they may appear only to startle you, give you a kick---but they often sit with you and have chats, which they erase after the session---but leave you with a new perspective, or part of the puzzle/solution to your problem---your message has been passed along.

There are no bad guides.

Not one single human thought goes undetected 24/7---every human is covered [by some ET] whether they believe or not. Every prayer or request is granted---eventually---but not always to the liking or knowledge of the person making that request.

Guardians and teachers are only one facet of the huge picture of employment opportunities--for lack of a better term, most will not be in those fields, choosing to endeavor in other things.

No one is ever alone, not even for a second.

Sometimes I have random thoughts and answers in my mind that I think aren’t mine, do you think maybe it is my guide? How to be sure of that?
No way to be sure, they like it that way.

They are right next to you all the time, sometimes encouraging you other times slapping you upside the head---which really pisses off some people.

Unlike some parents that will do the homework for their children to help them keep their
“Unearned” grades up our guides will not do our homework for us---never.

When you refer to our "guides" are you referring to actual aliens who are assigned to watch us or to some sort of spirit guide that is from another plane of existence? Are they the same? Some of us have both kinds---the tough cases like me------ Some spirit guides are family from way back and have no other dealings here on earth other than the one person they are helping out.
There is a difference, many entities we call ET are high level and have more latitude and can assist across the board with a number of things and with more people.
Spirit guides usually are exclusive and have limited abilities and privileges. They also don't stick around for the duration and may only make short visits. So we do have more than one spirit guide---and some have a whole lot.
Are some souls better looked after? Kind of---the more souls, people, we helped in past lives and in this life, the more guides that want to help us in this life---love binds many, and the more you bind with the better off you will be.---this is stuff they don’t like out in the open because it may sound elitist to some. But it’s no different down here---people with more friends do better than those with fewer.
Nevertheless integrity is key---key to having more people who like you.

A spirit guide is exclusive to each individual, they also have fewer powers and there are more than one and sometimes several for each person, as they don’t usually go the full distance with each soul. They can be replaced and often they have other things that may take them away. ETs are usually higher up the ladder and sometimes provide assistance to guides.

Say is it possible to make an ET really mad? Like if they give us hints and info for some reason and we just totally defy all of the reasonable out comes.  Interestingly enough some do get peeved, mostly the guides.

Does Milton [and ET guides] get bored of our whining?
Milton’s use to it, but many personal guides put cotton in their ears---

Can it be that sometimes our own living parents are our soul guides and they just don't know it?  Absolutely.

How do get in contact with ET / guardian? 
It’s one of those “we will call you” type deals. But in your dreams you can be in contact with certain entities. Just don’t confront them; they like to remain in the background. People with dirty plates should not seek them out until their plates are clean more or less.
They might take you in the back room where there are mountains of dirty plates that need washing---talk about a nightmare!

It is possible to get in touch with our own 'Miltons', but they are old fashion and prefer to make the first move. They also need a reason.

Everyone has someone watching their back to a certain extent.

We all have entities watching over us and they don’t let the bad entities in---unless your soul is pure evil and the bad ones have your number.

We all have personal assistants and they interact behind the scenes dropping hints and opening doors for us. Some people are barely aware of this and miss out on opportunities for a happier life; some as yourself have taken notice and perhaps advantage of some of their hints.

Do our ET guides ever ditch us? 
They can get replaced, but someone is always there, even during our darkest hour when we feel completely abandoned.

Everyone has their “advisers”. And for the most part they will remain hidden----but once you figure out what miracle you wish to make happen in your life and do the leg work they may pitch in some ideas---like Milton, they love their coffee breaks and seldom do the heavy work for us.

Where exactly do the higher beings reside where they can look over us? 
There isn’t one place and they multi-task.
How many people can one being look over simultaneously? 

Will our "guides" see this and maybe give us a little taste of what you have experienced or at least be more showing in our lives?
You mean will they finally get a clue and get off their butts? I don’t know, some of them like keeping the lid on tight and people in the dark, as is evidence from some of the total blindness that prevails in the desperate minds of a few tantrum happy sceptics---

Everyone has a guide and Milton types oversee many guides---guides keep a very low profile, and doubly so for Milton types.
They hash many things over with us via dreams.
They know everything you have---they see all, but they often don’t react in the way we would like, or get excited about things the way we do.

They know what is on your mind, we can’t hide anything from them---the good the bad and the ugly---they know it all---the know it all’s---

Do the guides like us?
More so than anyone on this planet.
Did they choose to guide us or were they chosen to?
They volunteer.

They are subtle but not always---when we screw up they are there to make sure we pay for it--that’s not what we want but that is how they work---they are not here to do it for us but they sometimes put people into our lives who will give us advice like coaches, teachers, parents, friends etc. When that fails they may bring out the baseball bat and kick some--ass.

Their purpose is to keep an eye on us and whisper in our ears the things we wish to hear---in other words if you want to be bad they may encourage it and then let you take the heat. For those who walk the straight and narrow or at least try to they might throw some opportunities their way. Certainly bad people get opportunities also but they don’t get to enjoy them as much nor keep them.

We have personal guides and Milton types rule over them.
How do we summon our own Milton? 
With extreme caution, less they actually show up.

They do protect us to a certain degree before they let us feel the fire we play with.

Everyone has at least one.

Our guides are watchdogs.
They keep an eye on the whole planet.
For what reason?
Have you seen what some of us human types are capable of?

No one can impede our paths but they can throw obstacles in our paths all day long if they see a need to.

Your guides can mess with you, or let you know that life is no coincidence, one little blurb at a time. Guides know everything about you, your quirks, strength and weaknesses, and what you will fall for. They be mischievous. 
(Lots of people see the 11:11, they have guides too.) 

Guides have a job, and they will root out whatever needs rooting out by any means, and make people's lives living hells without a second thought. Reminds me of Catholic nuns in grade school before political correctness took away their rulers.

I may have doubts as to the nature and activities of the higher worlds and "divinities" (since there are so many versions from organized religions). But I have no doubt as to the existence of my guide - because of at least one event when my guide intervened - by saving me and my wife from a fatal car crash. While driving to work one early morning, I had micro-sleep and was woken up by a jolt when my car sideswiped an oncoming van carrying school children. All I suffered was busted a tire and a slight dent. The other vehicle was only slightly damaged and its occupants were unhurt. So therein lies my belief in my guide. Oh, they are real. Then again, luck has nothing to do with anything. 

Are our guides usually the same ones, or same one, for extended periods of existence while maturing, for the equivalent of hundreds or thousands of incarnations/incarcerations? Or are they multiple souls/persons/entities, maybe with no special connection with us (just blokes on the payroll, sort of)?
Blokes on the payroll mostly and hardly ever for the duration, turnover can be high.

The number of guides for a person depends on the amount of help/care that person needs.

Deceased relatives can be a part of a guide team, at least part of the time.

Are the higher ups in some way playful and childlike in the way they behave in general? Very much.

Guides are but a breath away, and we often visit with them during our dreams stages. Sometimes they’re people that you already know and have interacted with in the past.

Many guides will come from the ranks of humans that are on earth now.

Guides are important for those on planet earth situations. Once we move up and away from this situation the need for guides diminishes. But guides are simply friends and relatives, and they will always be in our lives, as friends and relatives, but not looking over our shoulders.

They hear our requests, but most of them are hard of hearing. Sometimes persistence pays off, sometimes it don't.

If my parents passed away and they are trying to help me, can they do it before coming back? Sometimes they guide us from the other side, and even meet with us in our dreams or on ships. Because time is an illusion those who have died and went to the other side could have lived many lives on other places and then returned to the in between place and still be a guide.

Is there any way we can ask our guides to give a personal sign that they are there?
Our guides love their anonymity and most importantly their coffee breaks. Watching over us is down time not work time for them, and they would like to keep it that way. Picture a teenage babysitter watching over a toddler, feed, change diaper, put baby to bed, so that they can get on the cell phone and talk to their friends. The important stuff lol.

How does this work? Are their ET's that monitor our thoughts and automatically give us what we think about most?
Our guides have input in that department.
The trick is to remain focused, and that's the trick, many lose interest when they don't get immediate results. Also, if you are not a good person, or trying to be, it will backfire. Apparently the more 'real' you make your visualizations, the faster you will attain your objective?
True for many. 97.765% of the topics and questioned covered mean little to the here and now. We have been given all of the answers we need yet we refuse to just suck it up and do the right thing. Why is doing the right thing so difficult? That's a question not aimed at anyone personally.

Most guides are ordinary souls, often family, that pop in now and then to give moral support, a little advice in the ear and so on.

Are our personal guides usually below Milton's rank?
Way below, some of them even come back and break more rocks.

Do we, as in us on this earth, ever go help others from lower planets? As in do we guide them?
Sometimes, some of us try out our wings while here and help others here on earth.
if so is this also why we don't remember some dreams because we do it while sleeping? Could be.

There are beings high up in your family tree that act like councilors and they will present you with options/ curriculum, or a well-earned vacation.

Believe it or not your personal guide can throw curve balls to you. They are attempting to get us to focus on what is really important in our lives. Bad or good, they will feed that pimple in our soul until it explodes or fades away. The best way to get to us is mess with our money or our honey.

We all have adviser guides and anti-guides that will advise or drop hints into our baskets of thoughts. We are free to pick and choose. That little devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other, they are real.
Anti-guides get us into trouble when we take their advice. Most of the time it's obvious that it is bad advice, we do it anyway.

The higher ups care about the internal damage that festering anger does to the soul.

Every human being has spirit guides or guardians. Good or bad?
Depends on what?
Depends on the health/condition of the soul.

Can family/friends who have passed on become like some ET's and can see inside us and our deep secrets?
We are never alone, not even for one second. Don't worry they have seen it all a billion times. None of us are so unique that we do anything that hasn't been done Ad infinitum, a gazillion times before.

They come in many disguises, usually the ones we least expect.

Every soul has their own anal guardian with a sharp pencil and writing pad.

Do guides and anti-guides interact (or even fight) in the sense that they may live on the same plane of existence?
Kind of like lawyers that battle while you are in the room, but afterwards hang out at the same pub joking about the case.
Is it ever possible for us to have direct contact with our guides, at a conscious level, or is it just not authorized?
Those boots that find their way up our dairies when we least expect them are usually from them. A casual conversation over tea does happen but not often and they don't tell you who they are.

At the time of death, do we get to see our guides?
We will see them.

Why have many of the people on this forum been guided here by our guides? Kickbacks under the table.

Do they [guardians, ETs] really hear us and allow things to happen? They really do.

Higher beings radiate light and love. We are free to call them whatever we wish or believe. 

Do Anti-Guides place negative thoughts / emotions into your mind to try and stir up trouble? Yes they do.

Picking the difference between Guides and Anti-Guides is a cool concept. I got a solution to a problem from my Guide yesterday just by asking. They pop the answer into your mind from out of the blue. Mine likes to deliver answers / messages first thing in the morning when I wake up. Is that how they work?
They can give us answerers immediately or take months and years to do so. Why? Because they can.

If I ask my guides for more awareness, will they grant it (will they lift the curtain more) or will they discourage me, or will they send me a few curveballs to see if I'm ready. It must be worth something, otherwise why would we all waste our time here trying to grasp something that is not for us to grasp, so I choose to be optimistic.
All of the above including the waste time part for those who simply don't get it.

Higher beings enter our lower level but are not part of it.

Your guide knows who you are and so do those on the other side. Once we get on the other side some will know instantly some will need to acclimate.

Guides don't abandon anyone; they are not here for poker night or to socialize with us openly. 

Guides speak to us in dreams and through other people or situations. We touch a hot pot and it burns us. Next time we are more careful, or not. We rob a store, get caught, and go to jail. If we don't get caught we will be slapped around by bad situations that will come out of the woodwork to torment us.
Yes bad things happen to good people. Most of us believe we are good people, heck our moms love us, well some of us. Those doing right or try to do right by others will have no need to talk to an invisible being. Believe me most people would not like having a conversation with a ghost, it’s freaky! Guides are in the same category as ghosts. Their main function is to take notes on what you do in your life. When we do right consistently over time they open certain doors and opportunities for us, when we do wrong even once, they get some human to put a boot up our ass.

Evil guides are random and drop in and out like transients. Lots of hobos loitering in the psychic alleys.
Are they always around?
Do the good and bad guides talk friendly to one another?
Some do.
Can we not remove bad influence at all while here?

ET guides will not do the work for us and many of the questions they receive are for lotto numbers or good tips on the stock market. Lol. They talk to us all the time, but do we ever really listen when it's not what we want to hear?

Why do our guides take us on astral travels, what purpose do they serve?
To meet family on the other side of the tracks. They enjoy visiting with us now and then.
I suppose anti-guides take us on astral travels too?
Yes, those nightmares we blame on the anchovy pizza.
Why do they let us remember sometimes?
It's their prerogative.

Guardian Angels...guardians. ...Guards! Most guards are there to keep the prisoners incarcerated and although some guards may be more or less understanding of their charge, it's a job? Not just any job.

Is there a mixed hierarchical blend of ET guardians at work, individually, with each of us? Absolutely.

Our guides change often throughout our lives, sometimes with our circumstances. Some of them come back to earth to work on some unfinished business themselves. Depressing isn't it.

Are our coffee broke guardians shaking their heads in disgust?
Some are.
Are they laughing? Are they lovingly waiting us out?
They have all the time in the world and so do we, whether we like it or not. We create more time when we are not having fun.

When I was around 11 I would have dreams of being watched in my room and finally one night I sensed something was coming so I pulled the cover over my head....when I pulled it down there was a woman with silverish blue skin there who started shaking him violently, I broke away and rushed to my parents room. What do these events mean?
Some of these beings are personal guides. Why do they let themselves be seen by some and not by others? Well everyone sees them, most don't want to remember and memory is repressed for them....sometimes.
We are also visited by family, friends and enemies from our past lives. There is a host of other stuff that goes on behind our screened memories which has to do with this life and the one we are headed for at the speed of light. We are not aware at how fast things are happening because we are "frozen" in 3D mindset. Beings all around us are not.

Animals & Wilderness

New species are discovered frequently and also mythical beasts---- but sorry no details.

For the most part animals are complex machines without souls----but souls can enter into them voluntarily---for numerous reasons, also souls can be stored or imprisoned temporarily inside animals before being taken elsewhere. Stop rolling them eyes---

Cows are vegetarian doesn’t seem to do make them any more aware, or smarter.
Humans are not built to be vegetarian exclusively, but some can tolerate it. What we eat doesn’t make us what we are spiritually, but as you know it can affect our physical and mental health because the human machine requires the proper fuel to operate at peak performance.

Roads don’t exist in the small brains that power chickens---and if chickens did have road concept they would not cross the road or if they did they would look both ways before crossing---or would they---lol

Animals are not challenged other than for survival and they are programmed with instinct for that which includes sucking up to humans for food and shelter. Dogs have a purpose which was to aid humans in hunting and protection, now they are mostly companions. The horse and camel were designed for human use, without them life would have been much more difficult. In many parts of the world they are still essential.

Most animals can be taught, they learn in the same way we humans do by repetition, which doesn’t require a soul, any robot and computer can learn, a small electronic silicon chip has more IQ than any human will ever have.

The dolphin is where some humans go when they die---lol---dolphins have it made, they live very well and know all about us humans.
We swim in a similar ocean as do the dolphins but much larger, the universe. Like the oceans here on earth our universe teams with life, yet we humans remain unaware of its existence, our minds don’t stretch that far. In comparison to a dolphin’s ability to know its surroundings we humans come up short.
Dolphins know their place in the universe, as do all animals, plants and everything in between, except humans---how many of us know our place in the universe?
They are horny suckers and are lucky that fire and brimstone hasn’t rained down on them like in Sodom and Gomorra---
Dolphins have a certain type of soul spirit, where many who vacation here choose to reside for a time.

Human type entities have orbs, and those orbs can enter into animal machinery because that is all animals are machinery. Animals don’t need souls to operate they run on auto pilot.

I probably incur more hate towards me on this one issue than I do with religion and politics put together
But nevertheless animals are highly complex machines like the vegetation and insects. They are all part of the ecosystem and the food chain---which humans are not---or at least shouldn’t be---lol
Projecting emotions on nothing more than a complex biological machine is not wasted love because many animals are affectionate and return the love---naturally that is a survival mechanism---but we do the same thing.

This has large implications for PETA's beliefs
Not to mention countries like India where the cow is sacred—and millions of people go hungry.
Without the easy food source we call animals, life on this planet could not exist, human or otherwise---which is not true on higher planets---this is a savage planet, designed that way.

Animals do feel pain and anyone that would mistreat animals would also mistreat humans.

Animals and plants are a much higher life form---machine, than anything we humans construct like computers or a Lamborghini---which I know I could love---lol

Only machines, animals and insects are equal.

Even though animals don’t have souls of their own they are often used by higher entities kind of like a hand puppet to reach into this dimension and interact with humans, who need or want that non-human unconditional love in their lives. It’s complex stuff.

Some primitive cultures seem to have recognized that 'spirits' sometimes seem to 'talk' through animals and some folks, as the ancients used divination to explain certain behaviors of animals and birds, etc., and also perhaps this is why it was taboo in some native aboriginal cultures to do harm to anyone who was considered to be 'loco', etc., because they were considered to be messengers of the 'gods', etc., and therefore somewhat sacred? So true.

We can program our cars, elevators and kitchen appliances with personality as you know. When our coffee maker says “good morning”, our elevator tells us “have a nice day” and our cars insist that we buckle up for our safety---what is one to think?
Are we not touched by this mechanical concern and interest for our wellbeing?
My stereo greets me with “hello” whenever I turn it on---and “good bye” when I turn it off--we are now the best of friends---
At higher levels of technology our machinery will be as lifelike as we are willing to tolerate. Some people will not want to be around such machines, others will fall in love with them. ---to each his own.

What separates all the biological living machines on this planet is the soul---humans have souls and animals, insects and vegetation do not.
Souls on earth are here to be pounded and prodded towards perfection, animals are not, they operate on instinct---and they can be accessed by higher entities for a verity of reasons.

I know that this is a can of worms for most if not all pet owners. I had a dog many, many years ago, and it died and I grieved as if it were family.
And it was family in some bizarre way but I didn’t know it then. The dog was a vehicle for some family member higher up the ladder to interact with me on a level I was comfortable with---had they materialized in front of me like a ghost I would have freaked out.
I’m not implying that all pets have dead family members inside of them---could be anyone from the other side, or no one at all. Most pets are simply pets, toys, companions, helpers--and nothing more.

Animals are not here to learn anything---can you say the same for humans?

Are the same ETs responsible for creating our bodies responsible for creating animals? It’s another department in the organization.

Animals are part of the ecosystem of earth---they eat things with seeds in them and spread the seed around---birds are really good at getting seeds distributed across large landmasses. Animals are also a very important food source for other animals and humans. Without horses, camels, and cattle humans would not have been able to do much before the industrial age.

Cats leave their scent at every opportunity--- 
The owner has the cat’s scent on him, also the cat knows from where its food comes from---a survival mechanism

Entities from our past can and do enter into our pets---they feel like family because sometimes they are family---not everyone wants that version either---and like all the other stuff I write no one has to believe any of it---my stuff certainly is not required reading---

All the world is a stage for “human souls” only.
Animals are part of the furniture and they obviously have ecological purposes
Nevertheless I love animals and nature even though trees plants animals and insects are nothing but high tech gadgets and stage props---created for us.
They represent real things in real realities----that exist forever---not like down here where everything decays and dies.
If it weren’t for plants and animals this existence would be a gloomy existence---and there are such gloomy places. Not everyone appreciates beauty and other wonderful things that have been put here for our enjoyment---and that’s their loss
If you enjoy and work with animals that is a gift to you---animals don’t have souls but they are part of the mysterious energy that makes life here and elsewhere worthwhile

Hibernating machines like bears are programmed to use very little energy during their sleep--and their animal “spirits” doesn’t go anywhere---it turns off like a light bulb. Only a few vital circuits in the brain remain on as the bear idles---hibernates.

Do trees, rocks, etc. talk to shamans and receive meaningful answers about how to live as humans because they do represent, or derive from, eternal realities?
People talk to their plants all the time, I don’t, but I have had discussions with my hammer in the past, when it hit my hand instead of the nail---the hammer maintains that it was all my fault---to this day !---there is no reasoning with a hammer !--- I am a tree hugger, when my neighbors aren’t looking anyway---
This life would suck without natural streams forests and lakes---and we still have those things because of people with integrity---
And there are people with integrity on both sides of that environmental and highly political issue.

Some souls have been inside animals before they were placed into human containers---plenty of souls are stored inside animals now---but human souls do not progress from animals.

A fellow on vacation met his death last month only a short way from here by hitting one of our largest (wild) land mammals with his car. We have all been bitten, scratched, stepped on or poisoned by one of earth's critters. 
Perhaps it’s payback, I had a friend who killed his first deer and then died from a heart attack hauling the deer to his truck.

Animals are beasts of burden doing work for humans, they are food, they are companions, and they have a host of other things they do for the planet---spread seeds and are a vital part of the ecosystem of earth.

Why do we need the ones that bite, sting, envenomate or scare the dickens out us?
To keep us out of the forests---and our backyards---
Some not so happy souls are stored in some of those containers and they have bad attitude.

Each cell in a blade of grass has a schematic a diagram that tells it what to do, like a computer telling a robot what to do.

Butterflies are fascinating and delightful and often adjust the moods of those who take notice of them.

The animals are here for us but are they here for us for sport as well? 
Humans use to be used for sport in the old days still happens covertly---but society kind of frowns on hanging human trophies on walls.
Hunting strictly for sport and not food is not a nice thing to do.

Is there any way to tell if one of your pets is hosting a soul? 
Some people can tell, but they may not attribute it to family, even though they treat the pet as if it were.
Do our deceased relatives use the animal’s bodies to visit us? If we are not aware they are in there, what is the point?
Not everything is for our benefit alone and it’s a way for them to touch us physically. ----Most people are not ready to believe that past loved ones can re-enter this existence, especially as pets. There are myriads of paranormal things going on that people need "not" know or "understand", right under our noses.
There are a lot of animals on this planet and most never come in contact with humans. Souls are stored inside “some” animals including fish and birds, while they wait for their next assignment or further punishment.

Do we have the ability to visit people via animals when we are in a dream state? 
There are no limits to what we are allowed to experience while in the dream vortex---only what we are allowed to remember----and make sense of.

New species are being added to this planet to this very day but they are also released from storage on this planet like time release, everything in its time. Most of this is sea life. The rest is plant and insects.
Some new discoveries have not been announced yet because they are aberrations.

Bugs are cool in their environment and add enchantment to a walk through the forest, or your backyard. But we humans have the right to be a tad territorial when it comes to our abode, and what crawls around in it.

Our intelligence, those lucky to have some of it, is on loan to us. And so too with the Dolphins and Whales, it’s all software.

Beings (man, animal, plant, insects and smaller) are not performing as they were intended to perform. 
Humans perhaps but insects, animals and vegetation are programmed and are performing according to design, even those pesky mosquitoes that suck my blood when I’m in my garden. They certainly have their jobs to do, and are well compensated with my blood---I have sent quite a few back to their maker------they don’t seem to bother Milton though, that bloodless coffee drinking freak.

What is driving the bee phenomena? 
Some newfangled pesticides mixed in with solar activity, but the shortage will pass. Nevertheless, many other insects pollinate too but they don’t produce honey for those with a hankering for the sweet stuff.

Go pick a leaf off a tree---that is super-duper alien technology.

Souls from our past or loved ones on the other side have the ability to enter into our pets and interact with us earthlings. They don’t necessarily remain in the pets or animals; they can come and go like putting on a sock puppet.

All life forms including humans have survival instincts, and those instincts are used in ways that benefit the animal. A good example is master slave relationship, where the master has total control including life and death over the slave. In many of those instances slaves treat their masters kindly and lovingly, whether there is love there or not, mostly not.
But concerning pets it works the other way too.
Some humans are slaves to their pets, and the pets love it, and know what it takes to keep the relationship mutually beneficial.

Are starfish in a different dimension or time level?
They are one dimensional, and that’s plenty for them. Do ETs see us as slow as we see starfish?
They can move us around like chess pieces and we like the starfish never know it.
If ET's are in a higher time (vibration) that makes them super-fast and us really slow like a starfish ET's could fly, walk and swim all around us, so many of them without cloaking or anything and we would never see them right ?................... 
Correct but they can slow down to our speed and interact with us, Milton says it’s a drag----

Once we leave this plane of existence we will know who and how we have been monitored. Those that have mistreated animals and humans, not to mentions other things, will be amazed on the painful details that have been recorded about their actions. There is a lot more to animals that will not be revealed.
Nevertheless, animals remain an ecological and necessary food source for humans and other animals.

Animals are not here to grow in awareness, many of us humans can barely achieve that during our whole lives, and yet our sole purpose for being here is to grow our spiritual awareness. Only humans are here to reach high consciousness. But higher beings can enter into insects and animals, and can also place souls into such creatures for many reasons including “timeout”.

Everything biological that is on this planet is food and fair game---we human are also food for animals and insects, and in some cases other humans. And on the way out we feed the worms.

Even though some cultures hold animals in high esteem cows have one main purpose and food be that purpose.

A flower unfolds without being aware of its own beauty.

Plants and animals have something but nothing like souls, unless a soul was plugged into them for a variety of reasons.

Do we see the same pets we have had in this life, in a next life, and why? If you want to you can.

Is there a mysterious other side to Trees?
Walking through a forest can be a mystical and magical treat as much as looking into a star filled night sky.
Everything in this dimension is created with the same type of matter, which oozes delightful energy for those who care to take notice. But the only trees that talk to each other are the ones on the Wizard of Oz.
All things were created for our pleasure---but few realize that while in this life and miss out big time.

Some things are designed to adapt on their own, some things get upgraded by ET caretakers, and also new species are placed here whole rather than having evolved.

Some pets surrogate old acquaintances who visit us via them. Pets are put into peoples' lives for many reasons.

Does matter naturally gravitate towards other matter that follows the same or similar geometric patterns? I always thought that this was how every animal knows its place and why we usually are naturally more comfortable around people who look like us. We are hardwired with that stuff, as are animals.
Animals have a subconscious mind, which is where most of their software is.

Anything that has a brain has a sub-brain too.

Souls sometimes come and visit us through our pets or just come to be around us. Are they attracted to our soul and that's what they want to be near?
They show up to provide comfort to us. They don't necessarily remain in the pet or wherever, they come and go.

Is there more to our connection with Earth, nature than meets our senses? 
The reasons people see strange things in the forests is because there are strange things in the forest. Pixies, fairies, goblins, etc. Well there goes my reputation.

Do Crystals have any sort of magic power or are they just a plain old rock?
Crystals such as Piezoelectric have many levels of Hertz, and been used in radio stations to broadcast music and sound invisibly to our homes and cars. That's magical stuff right? Do they give us special healing and mystical powers, no? But like a placebo, if you believe they help you then they might.

For the most part animals in the wild live their wholes lives in fear of other animals or in fear of starvation. Most animals are not pampered as they are in Western societies. The vast majority, billions of them exist as part of the ecosystem/food for other animals, insects, humans. Humans are food too, and in the past more so than now were consumed by animals. Many of us are regularly feasted on by insects. Insects are the real top of the food chain creatures, nibbling on us while we live and finishing us off when we die.
This is not the Garden of Eden, this is hell, and all creatures are subject to hellish lives and conditions. That mandate is in the charter of planet earth.
I have no sympathy for those who cause pain to humans, animals or insects. My two cents of info is to try and minimize pain whenever I can. Earth is a cesspool of pain and hate. Those who don't know/understand the mechanism behind the things that are going on are tortured by what they see. Not a coincident. Some of it lies in former lives and actions, guilt perhaps of things they have done.

Do the animals feel pain the same as humans?
Yes they feel pain. Some are not aware of pain in the same way we are unless they were put into their situations for painful reasons.

When a human soul is inserted into an animal or insect does it know it once was human or is it totally unaware and can't remember past lives?
Some of them are more aware than we are about why we are here. They can't blab.

If a human soul is inside of an animal that animal would be much smarter or is that soul unable to know any better being inside of a dog or cat and perhaps it doesn't have the brain capacity only using the brain of a cat or dog?
Souls are dumbed down even when placed into human brains. The brain is what we have to work with. Still, some humans with similar brains are much smarter than other humans. It all depends on what they let you know or remember.

That is horrible to know we are living in hell and that some people will be placed in these animals and literally be cut up alive in pieces with horrible pain.
The rabbit hole is a strange place, more so for those who don't know they are in it.
Is this rabbit hole that you speak of is the soul itself?
The rabbit hole is the hall of mirrors that the soul travels through during a lifetime. Alice in wonderland followed the rabbit down that hole.
That means some of these animals could be past family members and we are torturously killing them and eating them, is that correct?
That is correct.
Not much sympathy from the higher ups or ET's if they are allowing all of this to happen don't you think?
The worst thing we can do to children is spoil them rotten. Why is that?
Why does giving children all they want and letting them do as they please mess them up?
There is an answer but not a suitable one for 3D land. There really is gain with pain. For some that is all they understand. Failing that it's off to the dumpster.

Animals and insects are not being tested, only we humans are.

Would only a small fraction of the insects/animals that exist in these hells have a soul of some kind experiencing a form of torment/negativity?
A bunch of them are here for the constant fear factor, but not to learn from it, only experience it.

We are allowed self-defense against insects, animals even people, when attacked. Killing bugs that have invaded our space is not evil. Killing for food is not evil, killing for sport is. Many children kill small animals and rip the legs off grasshoppers and then feed them to ants, enjoying watching them eaten alive. Some look back with regrets, some don't. All little pieces of the big puzzle.

My back yard fall Forrest is beautiful. Nice to notice it....Hell, I've been here for 15 years...sort of understood its beauty....but the idea of it all being bio-tech illusion blows my mind
Those bio-tech illusions are gifts, pure and simple, soak them into your soul.

Animals feel pain, but if they have no soul and are basically like a machine then how could they feel pain?
Survival instinct, keeps the ecosystem from getting its panties all bunched up.
Do you think they are just programmed to act like they feel pain upon death or injury? Like they are in pain/suffering but when in actuality there is nothing inside of them feeling it only software running the body?
Yes, but that's no excuse for harming animals for pleasure.

What about animals that have evolved? Have any of them evolved at all or is that just another lie?
Not a lie, only stage prop illusions.
Nothing evolves but was created exactly the way it was?
That is correct.  Nevertheless some traits and spare parts are used in more than one creature.

How all the life came to be on the planet?
All life was catered.

What do the higher ups think when we destroy old forests and make many species of animals extinct?
Humans don't have the power to create animals and vegetation nor to exterminate them, that's done by higher ups.

Are we meant to really be preserving all this stuff or is it fair game as the population increases?
It's not fair game, never was, never will be for us humans. Still, many believe differently and are free to believe what they wish.
The planet with all its wondrous fauna and flora has been around a long time and will be around a long time with all its wondrous fauna and flora after our shift is up. New plants and animals will be added once we leave and this planet will be a paradise for many Millenniums.

 IV -


 Death is the only adventure---lol
I think that’s a quote from “Indiana Jones”

The 4th dimension is the soul.
The mind, the soul---the thing that is you or whatever you wish to call it is the 4 dimension.

After death, we wake up to a new reality.
Death is the number one concern that most everyone share-----when we wake from a dream we cease to exist in that dream world----we die and wake up. That's the same with this life, at death we wake up to another existence-----there is no true death-----only a continuous stream of life with many branches and realities.

What is a human body?------Mostly water and a few minerals----when it dies it goes back to the earth from which it came-----the soul is all that remains----the soul can exist on its own or it can be caged into another body.

There is no beginning and there is no end----we exist in a loop, both the chicken and the egg are one. Just don’t tell that to those fast food fried chicken places.
For there to be nothing something has to be----there in no light if there is no darkness The loop is infinite and if you live forever and you will, you will never experience the same thing twice unless you want to.

There is no death----and some come back to this place, others will remain in the spiritual sector----and continue their work from there----some become other types of beings working in this solar system or one of the trillions of others.

Your soul is priceless and there is a huge amount of energy being expanded on your behalf--as is true for all of us.

Souls and beings are one and the same.

There are rules for everything----otherwise we would know only chaos and cease to exist. In essence all souls are one----like a family unit----with good apples and bad----always working on the bad ones.

Many of us have been on the turnip truck more than once---reincarnation from other planets.

We can talk to loved ones that have passed on simply by thinking about them.

Are you asking if earth is hell? ------for some it is.

There are lots of things humans can do on their own; astral projection is not one of them. Moving the soul out of body is not sacking groceries, it’s not even in the abilities of “rocket scientist” this is the realm of the gods-----ETs.

We have a soul and so do ETs-----unless they are pure machine.
ETs are capable of inter-dimensional travel------we are too, our souls can travel on that super highway.

The other side is not that much different than here-----for most.
For those expecting to sit around playing the harp----it's going to be a big shocker----people have jobs over there too------oh horror of horrors-----unless you like staying busy, productive and creative----then it will be like heaven.

Many people believe that if they are good and believe in certain things that they will be rewarded for all eternity with playing the harp on a soft cloud forever and ever----others that they will be given a bunch of virgins to play with----their own personal cat house----and still others are hoping that they will not have to come back as insects. Then there are those that believe this life is it---you die and become worm food.
None of that stuff is true but most will not be allowed to know it until they die---and get their evaluation.

They do allow individuals to 'move' to other planets within current lifetimes, in extraordinary situations----but some of these people are dragged kicking and screaming to their new location----for reasons I don't know.
There is no eternal hell like in the bible but there are some places and conditions even on earth that feel like hell is forever.
The vast majority of those on this planet are not going to any place like hell once they leave this hell----most are moving to a better place.
Hell is reserved for a few bad asses, but even then it’s not eternal, although it may seem like it.
Lucifer is a myth.

Who evaluates on the other side? 
You will be one of the judges on the panel----the harshest judges on the panel----and a throw the book at you kind of judge----once you cross over your flaws will glow like hot coals---and it is your responsibility to correct those flaws----no one else can do it for you.
It will be forced up on us by ET, not a bearded old man with an attitude and a smote inclination.
As a comparison to what you label a contradiction, take the military, most people would never complete military basic training if it were up to them----many are forced through it kicking and screaming---yet now days everyone in the military volunteered to go through basic training.
Most are glad that they weren’t let off the hook---and are proud of their accomplishment---that they needed persuasive encouragement to get through----for their benefit.

There is no old bearded man running the whole show, or a mother earth---and there is no hell---but some of us will have to put ourselves into hellish predicaments to remove our flaws---if we don’t do it voluntarily it will be forced up on us----

When you are in school don’t you do self-evaluations---along with teacher evaluations, and parent evaluations? Between lives there are evaluations by a number of entities that know you, and help you.

Some will return to this planet or other cities that get built in the next thousand years---so either way it will be a fun time for most---but not everyone.

The great thing about dying is that it only last a few seconds and then you are alive again somewhere else.
The place you wake up in will be a temporary place----a fantastic city that you will never want to leave.
You will be in spirit form and in complete ecstasy----you may be there for a short time or hundreds of earth years (time as we know it is nonexistent there), from there you will be sent to any number of planets, or back to this one.

Our souls are attached to the bodies we resided in, we are here inside a machine we call a human body----the pain is real, the joy is real, hate and love are real----
They say you can’t take it with you when you die----not quite true, everyone leaves earth with plenty of baggage----all the pain you caused to others and yourself, and all the joy you created for you and others---that all goes with you when you die.

The souls are inserted after birth, but sometimes just before the baby comes out. Stillborn and babies that are aborted have no souls
Premature birth: Like any other birth, when the body is ready the soul is inserted.
Some babies get a soul just before they come out the womb, most after they come out, hours days and weeks, depends on the soul and the situation.
The soul is inserted at any point up to a month after birth, sometimes before birth, and sometimes after a month, most within the first week.
The soul is strapped in---but I can’t divulge the means of how it’s done---that’s more info than people can stand.

Abortion: Humans lack the power to kill a soul even if the soul is in the baby at the time of abortion the soul would simply go to another suitable container---but souls are not parceled out to babies when abortion is anticipated, it would be pointless.

You are here in your body and when you die there is a period that you go through before you regain complete awareness of who you are----some reach this awareness immediately upon death others spend more time grasping what they are----a kind of limbo.

ETs have jobs like us---but not the eight to five kind----they love their jobs----once you leave earth depending on who you are and what you have accomplished during your existence here and other places you may have the pick of great jobs or return here or some other planet and be a rock star or president----or a coal miner, dishwasher---etc.

There are new souls but billions on earth today have been around for some time.

In the in-between zone depending on your level you will interact with many entities---family and friends from past lives and future ones----on this earth or one of the many others.

What humans see and understand as difficult situation needing resolution----carries little weight on the other side----like a child s complaints or simple naive curiosities.

The dead as we call them are more alive and aware than anyone on earth.

Some people have to die to learn how to live-----those who have died are more alive than those who are on this planet---and think that they are alive. Life and death are both illusion.

Because the universe is so big and the possibilities endless---it's really not a far stretch to believe that you will only live your life once-----but that’s not to say you can’t relive your life an infinite amount of times----you can.
Go to any beach in the world and pick up a grain of sand----throw it into the ocean-----what are the chances that you will ever pick up that same grain of sand?
Most souls have better things to do than wait for a grain of sand to come back to their hand, or live the same life over and over again
That’s why memory is wiped clean when entering into planets like earth----so that you can concentrate on this life-----as if it were your first time.
Much of existence is that way----you don’t know that it’s forever----and you can’t know until you die.
Unless ET showed you
BTW, human based reasoning, mathematics and physics do not apply on the other side--- On earth the existence of a soul is contradictory to all scientific absolutes and theories----it does not compute.

When you die you will see friends and family on the other side that are in the in between place----staging area before you or they go elsewhere----and you will be fully aware of those you left behind----as much as you want to be----until you enter a new life.

If you return to earth or another planet like it your memory will be wiped----but the higher the level you achieve you retain more and more----regardless of where you go.

In the staging area you and others will decided what’s best for you----take it easy in the staging area----go visit other planets in physical or spirit form including this planet----or move on to other advanced planets-----if you are really good you might even get to be a super star. Taking it easy means exploring----vacationing with loved ones on the other side----not working----you do work on the other side----not everyone hates working here on earth so work is not necessarily a four letter word.
No fear on that level.
No one wants to leave that place----some don’t have a choice----some do so for personal reasons----some to be super stars on planets like earth-----and for any number of challenges or experiences including fighting in a war.
If you are in that plane of existence you will be aware of loved ones as much as you wish to be----no alarms will go off----you will know and will be there to greet them.
Not everyone has a choice----we don’t let our young children walk across the street by themselves, we also don’t let them decided whether or not they will go to school----if we did most of them would chose not to get an education. You can travel with anyone you wish if they are there
You can revisit any moment in any of your lives
Some things will be answered----others you will have to find the answers yourself.

The plateau is infinite and there is no end of knowledge
Souls are very durable and not easily extinguished----but they can be.
Life on earth and on other levels is difficult when there are unresolved issues in your soul---in the in-between zone you can see these issues more clearly-----while here you have to search your soul to root out those problems----most would rather not

You never stop be you when you die----you will be aware of more than what you are aware of now.
All your memories will be intact and crystal clear----unlike they are here on earth. You will know I was right.

You can be a poltergeist and come back here and mess with those playing with Ouija boards.

There is no end to the universe but not so for souls, however most souls are salvageable.

For the most part the soul is not inserted until the baby is born----the body is only a machine--
---we don’t enter cars while they are on the assembly line
It’s not always the choice of the soul where they will be put----once they are inserted they have to deal with their situation----no matter what it is.
There are higher powers many strata of them-----a chain of command of sorts----if you are religious than you may see it as such-----but after you are there long enough to acclimate you will see things much differently than you do now.

People like Hitler and serial killers are souls that have taken on horrific jobs----like Satan---Satan is an ET with a job----but he really isn’t the Satan of the bible that will be locked away in a pit for a thousand years----he is only another soul----one that’s been around a long time.

The brain is a machine that controls the body-----the brain is like the command center, the cockpit, without a soul the brain is a machine without a pilot
Electricity and all matter----one and the same-----is a creation and subservient feature of the spiritual or spirit or soul-----the only thing that is real is the soul.

You are your soul-----the thinking part of you is your soul----your soul with blinders while you are on this planet

No soul equals machine.

You don’t achieve stardom because you reached a higher level of nirvana----you can be a star in the same way you chose to be the hero in a video game.
Once you are on the other side you have certain options and life choices you can choose from for your next life----perhaps you might want to be a leader of a country, a general in some army, a school teacher, or a janitor. Depending on what level of consciousness you are---determines how many things you can pick from----and the quality of those things
You can also be someone who is selfless, like a mother Theresa----or return to earth to help a family member or friend
After you make your choice you will be placed into circumstances that lead you to those positions in life.
Anything you chose is not a guarantee of success or happiness----you have to make those things happen for yourself-----once you are in the shoes of a world leader or super stars like John Belushi, Jimi Hendrix, and Janis Joplin you will learn that those lofty positions are not necessarily easy street.

Unlike stars most souls live forever----some die for a number of reasons including extinguishing themselves----freewill having got the best of them and they refuse to go on. Who creates souls? A god? A committee of super beings? A soul machine? A mad scientist? Souls are created in a similar way as we procreate here on earth----through immense love---on earth it takes the love of two people to reproduce a human machine---body----and then a soul is inserted.
Creating a soul is accomplished by a number of souls who have reached a high level of unconditional love----and this soul becomes a part of their community----or family.

Humans could make a machine [human body] through cloning but they never will have the ability to transfer the soul from one body to the next----without ET.
Hypothetically if ET allows humans to successful clone a human a soul of ET’s choosing will be placed into the body.

Once you leave this life you don’t need a mechanical or physical contraption to exist.

The soul is advance beyond what we are allowed to do here on earth
The soul has been to neighboring stars and other galaxies----unless you are brand new.

Life goes on without machines or human type bodies---for most life is forever and although you may not travel between the stars while on earth and in human form you will travel to other stars in other lives----most likely you have unless you are fairly new to the universe.

ET can insert a soul into anything even a piece of wood.

ET can’t lie, not so for humans-----when we die it’s not over----it’s never over unless somewhere down the line you decided to pull the plug----or you are so bad that they give up on you----which is rare.

The natural state for all souls is an orb of energy-----from this orb of energy we can take any shape and travel anywhere we choose----with certain limitations.

Will you be forced to see someone against your will on the other side?
On the other side all your fears and anger are gone with the wind----while you are there----and you will be the best of friends-----however many centuries may pass before you cross paths again [with someone you don’t like]----in the staging area of existence
Everyone you come into contact with on earth has a connection to you from the other side You can’t control what type of person she/he is nor how she/he feels about you----but you can control how you feel about her/him----you don’t have to be with her/him but you should forgive any transgressions or ill feelings you have about her/him----even if its her/him fault---otherwise you may have to deal with that issue again-----everything has to be resolved in order to move up-----especially anger between two people-----disagreement is ok.

Life never ends unless you opt out or are thrown out----most souls remain in the universe for a long time----even forever.

In reality the dead are more aware than we are so in essence we are dead and they are alive They can hear and see us----anytime you think of someone that you knew that passed over---died-----they can hear you-----if they are in the in-between area-----some souls stay there for a long time.
They can’t interfere with our lives too much but depending on how determined you are for some help or answers they can enter your dreams and in some situations be the instigators of your abduction----it’s the only way to physically touch someone on the other side
If someone from the other side meets you that way and tries to slap some sense into you your conscious mind will be terrified but your unconscious self will get the message.

Souls are not overflowing with love and compassion if they were they wouldn’t be on earth. We souls have some love and compassion but nothing to brag about----how many people have you met that are overflowing with it? -----if so for how long are they able to overflow with it?

Human instruments can’t detect the soul; they cannot detect the real existence which is full of boundaries----on the other side there is not boundaries.

Soul enters at the very last minute----sometimes they watch the birth of their body and don’t enter for a few hours after or as in some cases a few days after.

Orbs are souls----when we leave our bodies we are spheres of exotic energy.

When people die they might end up on another planet for their next life experience.

Souls come from a place like heaven, where souls are in various stages of physical spiritual energy depending on their level of enlightenment.

Souls are on their own for the most part---every soul knows its limits----where they can go and what they can do
Undesirables and those in trouble are escorted by ETs and may have no freedom but to reenter earth or another planet
Most entering earth are designated where they will be born and under what conditions---there is no tossing of the dice.

Physics do not apply to souls----those souls that are free to travel do so according to their level of privilege---some travel in ships others get around through will----they can travel light years at the speed of thought----they can materialize or remain invisible
Ever feel like someone is watching you when you are alone? -----No human is ever alone.

Bad souls vibrate at higher frequencies than humans.

There are no statistical equations for the soul as there is with planets and stars, we can even calculate to a certain degree what matter can do----but not what it is once we take it to the quantum level and beyond
The stuff souls are made of will always remain far deep behind that quantum curtain, more so than the mystical strings, superstrings, bosons and fermions----and the stuff dreams are made of.
Yes you have to be in the ranks of ET to know what souls are.

Our souls are individual entities----each with individual privileges and access to higher knowledge depending on individual achievements and enlightenment
Like the different stages of human development from infant----knowing nothing-----to old age-----a bit more wiser----theoretically
With more knowledge comes more freedom----this concept has limitation here on earth but not in the afterlife.

As individuals we have access to the universal energies depending on our level of achievement but we remain uniquely separate from it-----we are not part of a matrix or a cosmic machine-----in the same way that we are not a part of our house or apartment but we live in them
Our individuality is similar to what we have here on earth----many of us can come and go as we please limited only by our financial abilities
Likewise we are limited in our abilities to move about the spiritual and pseudo physical realities by our enlightenment quotient----or currency.

On the other side of the curtain we find purity and truth, pain and anguish gone and our consciousness fully intact----we are on vacation for a time, then we contemplate our next curtain call----are we ready? ----the curtains are many and can be no less confusing than a house of mirrors for those who indulged too much wine of folly and pride while on earth.

Everything we wish and dream of while here is real and easily accessible at levels above this existence, even things we consider science fiction or imaginary. As humans we have fragile bodies but in fact we are like superman----indestructible and could if we chose go into a Black hole and exit----simply for the experience----something matter and light can’t do---our essence is more exotic than matter and matter is darn exotic and baffling to our greatest minds If we have trouble getting our heads around matter how much more something considerably more exotic?

On the other side of the curtain the vast majority of souls---people if you will, live like kings. Most are richer than Midas, would make Bill Gates look like a pauper in comparison.

The memory wipe depends on the level you are at----the higher ups can retain some memory---and those higher still have complete access to all their memories and keys to a vast reservoir of knowledge.

If you don’t want to come back [to Earth], once you are on the other side you empathize with those that are struggling on places like earth but you are not affected by what they have to go through because you will understand it’s necessary like giving a child a shot.

You will have to take all that up with your parole officer when you get off this rock---if you get one that is---if you don’t get one you get another stretch in the big house----and there is no appeal.

Many humans when they leave earth----die, will go directly to a utopia planet and retain most of their memories of the life they had here---or they can choose to block it out.

ET can also place a soul into any machine---as containment, for example, and that soul may or may not be aware of where it is. Only souls are aware----some barely.

The soul consumes no energy, instead it creates energy and can manipulate matter----the higher up the soul is.

No one on earth knows what level of soul they are, including me.

The life span in hell is short in human years but for those in it seems much longer---hell has its purpose and that’s why it exists----eventually they may move it to another place off this planet but hell like prisons go hand in hand with planets in the category that earth is.

The human fascination with space is the result of the fact that we all have been out in it.
Movies and books on space travel is in many ways reminiscing about our past---what’s wrong with that? Also every one of us will return to space---sci-fi is not only for bedtime stories--but a reminder of that fact.

The transition [from being to soul] doesn’t have all the bells and whistles---literally---as it did at one time [for me].

What immediately happens at the moment of death and what level of consciousness from there on do we have?
Depends on your status and who you are---good, bad or ugly---kidding about the ugly part--lol
Some will go directly into another babies’ body, some will be shown the town---galaxy, and then their new home, others---the real bad and ugly ones will do hard time on a much worse planet than earth.
Awareness never ceases---it only changes---if you go back into a baby you will have awareness but a completely blank slate---a new chance to do what you put off doing before you died
If you get the tour of the town your awareness becomes magnified and pleasurable---your joy will exceed anything you ever experienced here on earth tenfold!
I don’t want to talk about that other place---but for most it’s not permanent---from there you go back to square one.

Do souls ripen like fruit on the vine and/or mature like a good aged wine?
That’s a great analogy, and now I have a craving for a glass of the good stuff---lol

After the initial shock [of death] it will feel like you never left home and family.

There are some lost souls that are permitted to wonder lose on earth and other places for various reasons but they are on a kind of leash and can only travel so far.

Ethnicity is only skin deep, and doesn’t penetrate down to the soul.

Once you get to heaven you will find that things have changed and now each virgin gets their pick of hunks---lol

A soul is another matter [not a machine], many people don’t believe they have souls let alone anything called a universe having one.

Souls are created somewhere near the center of the galaxy where the energy levels of billions of higher beings combine into an inter-dimensional flux that is hotter that billions of suns. Those are not Milton’s exact words---only my best guess of what he told me.

Those hoping to be revived sometime in the future [using cryogenic methods] got their wish early they were revived soon after death and depending on their circumstances they were recycled back on this planet or moved off planet---and had a good laugh at their silly attempt to cheat death---lol
The souls of those cryogenically frozen:  It’s the same as anyone that dies they are sent to their next place under the sun---the frozen body---meat will never live again.

There are older and younger souls and new ones are created every now and then---how often I don’t know.

There is no eternal hell---every situation has an expiration date---souls that are beyond redemption are decommissioned, terminated, they cease to be---but the bizarre process of eventual elimination can take eons.

Both we and ET win points to the next level?
Win-win situation, you could say that in a roundabout way---when children do well it reflects on the parents.

When someone dies and his soul is sent back to earth to find a new host body, it’s not random; most are placed with parents that will bring up that new soul in certain ways and under certain conditions---
Do they put with certain people that are around their stage of progression?
Yes and no on the stage of progression, sometimes they do but not always.

Could someone who is almost ready to leave this planet get stuck with someone who is far, far from it? 

Entities at the higher levels do not reincarnate to levels such as we have here on earth---in fact there is no ceiling and they continue indefinitely to ascend to ever higher levels---beyond human ability to comprehend.

Power trips are for lower level entities---and the gods need not fear losing their bliss---bliss is eternal for them and only increases---never decreases.

Whether we are gods or not doesn’t matter because we have available to us at higher levels more than any god could wish for, let alone what a human could ever wish for.
The powers that created this universe have invited all to partake in the banquet for eternity; their only request is that we wear proper attire.

Things are happening on many levels below human awareness, some good and some not so good---nevertheless souls cannot ever be compromised, they retain their “universal” rights.

Souls are not exclusively transported and dropped on the edge of the galaxy for newbies and recycles, and criminals---there are plenty hangouts near the center also---and not all new souls get put through the wringer---and there are many versions of wringers for those that do.

The soul ‘remembers' everything about itself and others too in death for most, moving in the direction of nirvana----a little and nothing for those who are not.

The clock stops the minute we enter back into space, can’t make any changes then.

Only one soul per body, in the case of schizophrenics or multiple personalities it’s the same soul. Everyone has more than one facet: mad, happy, sad, all the same person but different shades of the same persona.

Souls can also be exchanged, taken out of the containers, and then replaced by other souls or programs for the duration of the containers life as well. It’s against the rules, but as I have written in my book it does happen.

There are no soul eaters that’s plain silly.
[Entities uses souls for] slave labor and contract employment---goes on in many places including here on earth.

Souls can have an identity crisis during immature stages of its existence: Happens all the time, and can become worse when certain humans with certain degrees with job security on their mind get hold of such people.

Can any soul having had near about a million reincarnations be able to remember them all during certain 'special' states of being?  
Clearly as a bell.

There is a lot of cross over that takes place [in the soul progress] for infinite amount of reasons.

If there is an afterlife and your soul can exist after your physical body is gone, how come you cannot console your family and loved ones?
Because that would tip them off and others that there is an afterlife---that remains a secret for the vast majority---it sucks but that is the way the enlightened that are running the show at the highest levels of existence designed it.
Even if they know it will not make them feel better. Example, my aunt lost a child at a young age and could not be consoled. She was a religious person and believed in the afterlife, and knew her child was ok on the other side but it made no difference she wanted her child here on earth with her---love binds us tightly and there is no easy departure.

Those who have passed often visit us in our dreams.

Old souls don’t stumble around much, they know the ropes, and most of them on this planet live very well, earth is their oyster, they are on vacation or chose to live here for various reasons.
Should they stay away from these dreaded hell holes?
Perhaps some of them are here because they can alleviate some of the misery---more so than some humans who only talk and do nothing
Old souls that have a difficult time figuring things out and keep getting recycled are probably not on earth, at least not in large numbers.
Young souls, well that’s the rest of us.

What happens if a soul cannot be fixed, it gets returned to the manufacturer

There is no final frontier, life exist as far as the mind can conceive in this endless and very real universe---for those that don’t waste this time and place while here the trip from earth will be mind blowing beyond description. 
Many get the full tour of this solar system before they leave it, and it’s all free.

No external spirit can possess anyone, not possible, human brains have only one seat---and cannot hold more than one entity at a time---there is a formula that proves it but I can’t think of it at the moment---lol

When we leave the monkey suits behind---lol----we leave the flaws associated with that suit behind also---our bodies are vehicles and remain separate from us---our souls---when a car has mechanical problems those problems don’t transfer to the owner---the owner can get the car repaired or get a new one.

If a soul makes several incarnations, it’s learning at a slower pace----eventually it, the soul, will get to a point where it becomes fed up and gets with the program, or sloughs off into oblivion---everyone gets clued in, and given ample opportunities to grasp the big picture---but everyone is also free to ignore those clues---no one is dragged kicking and screaming to a utopia planet.

Those on the right track get rest and relaxation between stints on planets like earth---that break or vacation can last a long time---many human centuries, or only a few human years. Pinpointing time is tricky on this side of the coin because time as we know it doesn’t exist in those in between places.

Where anyone goes from here is up to them to a certain extent, and their school counselor.

Everyone on their death bed gets visited before they cross over---except for those coming right back---they will experience darkness for a time and then returned just in time for a butt slapping.

For those that manage to make this life worthwhile their next one will be that much more so--don’t underestimate what this life has to offer because this one determines your next challenge and adventure

If souls were created equal they would be like robots, chickens, or cows.

A blank slate would be close to it but the soul is such a complex phenomenon that only those stirring the pot know what really goes into the brew, and souls are not brewed from one single pot, but many.

We are all unique; there is only one of us in this whole universe regardless of those who believe otherwise, that spark is the one thing that binds us---everyone gets the same spark---to do with it as we each see fit---some squander it, others end up dancing with the gods---same spark.

Once out of the pot we are self-made in a mind numbingly fantastic never ending story that keeps getting better for eternity---or not---some of the tests we get put through shakes out all but the toughest of spark bearers

All souls are made from the freshest ingredients, we are not meatloaf---

Non-existence is some of the strangest stuff out there and is beyond human brain comprehension---and I can’t even begin to explain it here. Yes some souls get socked away into that zone. And since time is irrelevant---don’t ask for how long---

Everyone has equal opportunities while remaining unique---souls are not cookie-cutter robots.

There is no “new beginning” only new experiences, new challenges on many different planets and planes of existence.

When you sleep and dream where did the dream come from and where does it go when you wake up?
We wake up into what we call reality and we interact with things and people that make our reality seem real---yet most are not quite satisfied with that feeling believing that we are mortal---therefore where do we go from here when we wake up from this transitory life?
From here we go to some place that is real, where things are solid as steel, hard as rocks, yet we transcend them as if they are whiffs of smoke, we are pure energy where time has no meaning, nor is there an Alpha, and Omega, beginning and ending---everything simply is-----until we drop back into a dream state called life on some dreamy or nightmarish planet like earth---sweet dreams---- Bend your mind around that----

There is no assignment, no deadline; everyone gets to their utopia planet when they are good and ready---some people like to dawdle.

Once you reach a utopia planet you have arrived and all the rules change---you don’t die any more unless you volunteer to come to sub planets like earth and be part of the human race--but chances are you may retain the knowledge of why you are here. Utopia planets are spring boards to higher levels of existence and most continue to move up the ladder of pure enlightenment.

New souls come from other star systems in our neck of the woods of the Milky Way. Few advanced souls come here or get sent here; still the numbers are in the millions

When leaving earth many go to a staging area for their next assignment, depending on what level they are on or have attained while on earth they can hang out there and visit with people they know or past family members---often one and the same. How long one remains there depends on the privilege they have earned during their entire existence.

Some people consider death to be a bad thing, certainly when it’s unexpected and a loved one it can’t be viewed as anything but bad.
Unfortunately that is the only way off this rock and into our next challenge

Is there some difference in how souls grow in these different environments?
It’s never arbitrary, everything we encounter is part of what we become, and we have to build on those perceived failures or real successes.

Human type entities have orbs, and those orbs can enter into animal machinery because that is all animals are, machinery. Animals don’t need souls to operate they run on auto pilot. Some day here on earth most everything we interact with, washing machine, toasters, ovens, cook tops, cars, computers, lawn furniture etc. will have artificial personalities built in. We can do that now but most people are not ready and would get annoyed with talking machinery, but that will change.
Everything is a machine, even the wood desk holding your desktop computer---nevertheless, the matrix doesn’t have us, we have the matrix---

As far as exclusive clubs, well, when we leave this planet we go to our next destination by invitation.

ET is the gate keeper to the afterlife, and to the adventure of inner and outer space throughout the galaxy and beyond.

Some will go to second grade next school year, some will be freshmen in high school, college, and some will graduate college and enter the workforce---and do whatever the heck they want in this big galaxy.
Millions of people are entering into ET status every second.

Knowledge is power, and patients a virtue, and they make a great combination for advancement.

The afterlife is the real deal; this life is a dress rehearsal of sorts.
The afterlife came first, and has always existed, from there bloom physical consciousness where ordinary souls would be sent to earth like planets for refinement.

The paranormal is a membrane that separates this life and the other life, there are certain souls that can collect there---but they are not there by accident, they are put there in a kind of time out scenario before they are allowed to move across. They can be mischievous while there. Most don’t know where or what they are, you think there is confusion on this end, they are deep into.
They crave what they no longer have and are clueless on how to satisfy what cannot be satisfied.

The scheme of things is much bigger than any one soul regardless of the level they may inhabit---in the scheme of things---

Once we reach a certain level we remember nearly everything---some people on earth have some memories of other times and places---without regression---regression is tricky and anything can be projected in the mind by ET or human therapist, so the person never really knows. But if the memories are there from birth they are usually real.
Regressions often only show the horror stuff basically to keep people from prying. If you get regressed you will find things, but rarely the joyrides I speak of. Be prepared to have the crap scared out of you. During abductions things get blocked for good reason.
Once on the other side and a few notches above humanity the choice is ours if we wish to experience a certain thing without the distraction of memories and knowledge---in the sense of roll playing in a theme park or planet environment. Or we could chose to come to planets like earth and live out a particular life---with all the ups and downs it will entail. In those situations once you choose the program it’s a done deal until it plays out.

A piece of wood could possess a soul if ET wanted to insert one in to it. Souls can be put into any animal or machine for reasons that are too far out there to go into right now---but that’s not the natural order of things---assuming there is such a thing.

Soul mass is exotic energy which leaves no trace elements that can be detected---unless of course you have Ghost Busting technology at your disposal---lol
Granted poltergeist emit, leak out certain vibrations or strange material but that’s because they are stuck inside a dimensional membrane like flypaper, that just happens to contain poltergeist icky stuff---

Do all new souls begin at the same “level” but just have different dynamics, or faults? In a world fixated on the concept of equality that’s a tough question to answer without generating some heat or hurt feelings.
Nevertheless many do begin on the same level and are made of the same stuff primarily, but there seems to be other classes of beings that are made of different material---to put it gently, and are held to different standards. However, everyone on earth in this particular era and time has come from similar molds, I’m told.
Everyone is unique from the beginning, we are not exact replicas, and we remain unique forever.

Many here now will be back and share some of that fun---and heartache too---that’s the kind of planet this is.
Those who move up from here will be neck deep in fun.

Before we are allowed to move to a certain level we need reach a certain purity and that takes many processes---games if you will.

Assignments [of souls on Uranus] are not like those here on earth, they are multi-faceted and come in layers that are separated by time intervals, sometimes months, mostly by years. They are like individual surprise packages that only reveal themselves when they are half completed. I can’t say more than that

Those on their way off this rock have achieve peace of mind, have no hate, envy or ego in their soul---

The soul encompasses every cell in the body and enters and leaves through the cranium.

Each one of us [souls] is unique and we have unique traits and energy signatures

The soul can be detected but not by human technology---the more one looks into human knowledge and abilities the more they are going to see nothing at all---like peering deep into the atom. The soul resides in a similar place, and is beyond human technology to quantify it.

Those of us here who are open minded and believe in other life forms/worlds/civilizations etc., does that mean our souls are at a higher level than those who only believe in say, what religion teaches them?
Not really

Everybody will eventually have a “Total Recall” ---most just before they get their next assignment---

We have an inbuilt GPS for our souls.

We don’t reincarnate to other timelines because time is “irrelevant”.

Do we inhabit different races/genders in our reincarnations?
Yes we are cross-dressers and the race thing is nothing but skin, facade, yet we sure get attached to our own kind---lol

No two souls are alike and we remain unique in many ways and talents, regardless of our level.

How big is the standard soul family? Thousands? Millions? 
If you can comprehend how big an average galaxy is you can get the gist of the size of each family---but we are all related---the more aware we become the large the family gets.

Most of us fear leaving this life, but the fear has nothing to do where we go from here. Most everyone meets up with loved ones and since time has no bearing on the other side, it will be as if we never were apart---but most will be off to other worlds and other lives after a brief pause.
How much of a pause anyone gets depends on their level of purity.

Are we allowed to go to our own funerals?
Most are in attendance at their own funerals body---and---soul---some would rather not be but for some it’s mandatory that they be there.

Nothing physical which includes electronics can penetrate the soul---the soul is a highly unique substance that is “not” pervious to matter---no matter what---

What does the soul do?
The person behind those fingers typing on this internet board is the soul---you---behind the controls pushing the buttons of hate, of love, of envy, of joy---we are in control of the software inside the human brain.

Our souls thrive on freedom in the here and now, and certainly for when we leave this hellhole, that is why many of us tolerate this life---

The human soul does not evolve out of flesh, out of matter, as he seems too eluded.
It’s actually the other way, matter comes from the spirit, and is molded to suit whatever needs are at the moment.
And the Alpha and Omega, beginning and ending, are illusions and have no reality outside of human concepts and understanding.
Certainly I could expound on this with many pages of material but I’m only one man with two hands, and Milton refuses to spring for a secretary or two---

Those moving up from here remember their lives, until they re-enter into other lives---but it all depends on your level how much you remember---obviously once we move to certain heights there are things we would like to erase permanently from our record---there are certain conditions but you can.

All souls are created equal; they are all smart at the beginning. But all souls are put through tests on this planet and on other planets, and it’s the tests that determine what their lives will be like.

Many people don’t believe they have a soul much less know---or care---what the heck it is. A little bit about the soul, you whoever is reading this are a soul in what we call physical form---there really is no physical---only stages of ethereal---we perceive solid things for instance our desks our computers our thick skulls and so on------ but solid is an illusion, what we see in the mirror is too.
Some of the earlier containers Neanderthals for instance held "thicker" souls
Believe it or not things can get a lot thicker---and I’m speaking souls---most human souls on earth today are not of that classification---and variation
I’m sure that has cleared it up------believe me it is not easy putting into words concepts that don’t exist in the human mind---I might even end up looking like a fool or something if I don’t get it right---but then again how do you get it right if we are not on the same page to begin with ?
There is a madness to my reasons---

Souls are the only thing that are not matter, or machine.
But there are things above the soul and there are many different types of souls---that I can’t go into---but something too scoff about for those who don’t even believe in soul’s period---

There are many souls in hibernation---between lives--- for some reasons.

What does a "brand new soul" know? Is there some basic training before entering the human condition?
Souls come off the production line knowing as much as a fourteen year old girl---
“Everything” that there is to know---lol
But we are not information vessels we are integrity vessels---or nothing at all.
All knowledge exists---souls do not bring knowledge into the world they borrow it---take it from the vault or are given some of it as a gift.
There is a kind of basic training before life on earth type planets begins.

The souls plus many bags of chips are way beyond the physical silicon and flesh and blood stuff. ---they don’t even associate with such matter------I’m so bad---

When the pre-assignment "overview" is given, is more than one possible future detailed?  You are going on the premise that the gods know every possible outcome therefore why waste time with any particular soul ?---Because it is the soul that needs to know what it is made of and what it needs to accomplish, and how.

Every soul learns a little bit more about itself during each life.

Does a human soul always get redirected to a human body?
Only if the human is coming into a similar level---there are many varieties of containers above human and below human---that are not ET type---also not the scope of this thread What are the chances of a human on Earth being redirected to a grey or reptilian body?  Humans don’t generally go there but under certain circumstances they might do a stint.

The tunnel [seen after death] reflects the speed we travel to our temporary port of call---there is no tunnel per say.
When we first enter the other side entities make the transition easy for us by meeting our individual expectations whatever they may be.

Is there sound and touch when in spirit form?
More so than while in human form. The human body blocks out so much of the good stuff that the shock of real love, peace, touch, etc., takes some getting used to when we crossover.

If we humans truly understood what a fantastic thing a soul is we would be ashamed to treat it the way we do.
If we owned a Lamborghini we would take care of it as if it were a god---it’s one fine superb machine that makes any human lucky enough to have one feel really special---almost god like when behind the wheel---
The soul is a billion times cooler than a billion Lamborghinis---yet look how we treat it. The soul is built to last forever, and it is built to take us anywhere in this galaxy, it will allow us to hobnob with the real gods---
But the true value of the soul remains hidden for most humans while here on earth---and will remain hidden until we each earn our place in the universe----which it is one heck of a place So why is it important to fine tune the soul without all the shortcuts? Because it is a fantastic vehicle that will give mere mortals access to the stars---once we get handed the keys that is.
Hyperbole the naysayers will say---quite the opposite, all my hyperbole doesn’t even scratch the surface to what awaits us in the heavens.

Do you know everything about the infinite possibilities that most souls will have in the many dimensions they will explore for eternity? No I don’t----

Our reality is sooooo different when we move to those relevant levels----that nothing we understand now will apply.

ET could make earth one in an instant but utopia is not a training camp---earth is a training camp and cannot be utopia.
When I was building houses I also helped build houses for “Habitat for Humanity”. And one time I suggested that it wouldn’t take much more to add a one car garaged to each house, and I was told by the powers running that show that it would be too much luxury—and that was not the purpose of the program---which was to build basic living spaces for those in need of a roof over their heads.
Kind of the same principle that applies here on earth---spiritually speaking----not materially speaking---whether people are rich, poor or somewhere between never enters into any equation whatsoever concerning the big picture.

It is said that being a human is an extremely rare opportunity because one can attain enlightenment while human.  
That’s an example of a myth that really is a myth---

Male female bodies are mostly for procreation purposes, yet we do have many distinctions that have nothing to do with reproduction---which are obvious to some and not to others. Anyway these distinctions and traits become more blurred at higher levels while we still remain unique---I have attempted to cross this rift gently but explaining a dimension of existence so far removed from this one is almost futile---but I will continue to work on it---

Souls in their purist forms are the essence the apex of technology, and can traverse space and dimensions at will---once we advance a few notches higher than what we have here on earth we can do it on our own.

Once a soul becomes unbounded to a body in such way as bloodletting, can it be manipulated in some manner as to give these dark entities you have spoken of power of some sort? Or is some other energy released in the un-bonding process that helps feed these creatures? This seems likely, otherwise, why bother with such a messy affair? It’s a perverted mocking ritual with many undertones and stipulations.

Is the “source” just a huge playing field, empty slate, a void where we play out the "get to unconditional love" collective game? 
It’s a heck of a lot more than that---but few of us have a yardstick to measure with and we try to project what we see in this world into the next one----oranges and apples.

A human clone would have a new soul put into it as if it were a newborn baby.

Do human souls only reincarnate into other human bodies?  Mostly but they can put you into animals and other things.

Two souls don’t create another soul, souls are created elsewhere and enter into human babies when they are born, or shortly after.
We pickup traits from our parents but those things are mostly surface blemishes that never penetrate into the soul.

We start out at the top---perfect in every way---just like Mary Poppins. From there we are kicked out of the nest and have to learn to fly.
For those that don’t learn to fly right there are wild animals that will stalk them and maybe eat them---best to pay attentions and learn to fly out of trouble---those that dawdle have no idea what they open themselves up to.

Why weren't souls just made perfect to live free in this ever expanding universe?
Because the gods don’t want to hang out with zombies, they want real people to share their marvelous universe with---people that will appreciate what they will get because they will know what it took to get it. ---and those souls will know without a doubt that they did not earn everything they are getting. Nonetheless, the gift is real and ours to do as we wish with it--- This life is a gift and an opportunity---some will fail to treat it as such and spend their whole lives complaining that it sucks---like children with too many toys a few days after Christmas. If we don’t appreciate the little cheap things we will never get the real expensive big things to play with---so there---

How are souls formed? 
They tell me that there are many kinds of souls, and they are manufactured in different places and by various means. Some souls are created inside the furnaces of stars by upper echelon entities.

Are new souls recycled from old ones?
No, a soul can only be used by one being, and should that being lose it or give it up---its retired. It's possible that the soul--the person, can be reactivated again.

Do 2 older souls get together and form a new baby soul?
More like a bunch of souls are involved in the process.

Like going to a large airport, destination spots for souls are much more numerous [than only in spiritual world].

All matter is alive, but all matter doesn’t have soul, the earth has no soul, nor identity other than terra

How does a person go about losing her soul?
Refusing to get with the program over a long period of time, letting evil take control of them. Giving up is easy we see people here doing it a lot. Some souls get into anger and can’t seem to let go of it, and they spiral downward---getting out is not easy but it does happen---but nothingness is some crazy stuff in itself.

Where does the soul go when it is given up or lost? Sometimes in storage, sometimes in the shredder.
Most of us on earth are in a kind of storage now because we can’t leave this planet at will--there are many levels of storage below this dimension.
Souls can be stored in animals and in containers inside of huge ships in space, on moons, and in planets.
Does a soul know when it is going into the shredder?
Most of the time it knows and is given alternatives in some situations.
Are the entities that accompany a soul being shredded penalized in any way for a soul having that sort of outcome? No, because the same guides don’t follow us especially when we are moving down the ladder. The further our descent the tougher the guards.
Some murdering type of soul ends up in the shredder. 
If their souls can't be destroyed, what exactly happens to them? I just can't wrap my head around what it would be like to not exist. 
There is a dimension exclusively for dead souls, and that’s where they go. How many of us humans understand what the heck "existence" is? Non-existence is a much more bizarre concept and a real place.

The mystery of souls is multi-dimensional and surprising---even high entities get surprised now and then---so yes, there are souls that somehow get it very quickly and avoid places like earth completely.

Those who reach higher levels of integrity and awareness, do opt to go to more fantastic places.

When we move on after death, we do remember our loved ones.
If we were to express love in a long term relationship would we have that relationship in the next life or remember who we loved or in the free zone before we take on another life, etc?
You would remember until you entered the next slice of time.
What if one were to love God, Ala, etc.?
Of the hundreds of belief systems on earth all of them will be shattered to one degree or other.

For those that earned heaven they will have it---no one is disappointed when they get to the other side with what they find there----but we are disappointed when we discover our flaws don’t hide very well next to that bright light that greets us.
The pure love on the other side fills to overflowing any and all voids.

There is no real death, to the horror of those who wish there were---knowing that they have not lived a virtuous life perhaps---
Obviously we can believe whatever we feel is convenient, or to spare our minds of the guilt should every second of our existed be recorded as it most certainly is.
Fear not, we are allowed many indiscretions, and remedies for them
But like the existence of extraterrestrials life after death is privileged knowledge that few will get to indulge in while here on earth.

Will reincarnation ever be proven?
Many people get to visit loved ones on the other side and only remember them as dreams---
“Some” people receiving these privileges know without a doubt after the visit. It’s possible that info will be made world known in the future, but not the near future.

Galaxies are mostly physical nurseries and playgrounds of many levels but we do not remain in them when we move through dimensions of higher existence.
As you move away do conditions get more and more sluggish, heavy, and hellish?
I grew up in a large city, moved to the suburbs then moved back into the city, then moved back to the suburbs---it was more sluggish and hellish living in the city, but there were more things to do in the city, and the drive was much longer in the suburbs. Not really.

When we graduate for prison planet high school and go on to the next level do we get to keep our memories from our lives on the planets or do they get swiped again?
The higher up you go the more you have access to your past mischief---
Are we Ok with those we have left behind? Like our children, is there so much love and a different understanding that we are at peace with the past?
Depends on what terms we leave them with. Some of us get angry with parents, children aunts, uncles, siblings, etc. And don’t let go of those feelings---once we pass over that is like hot burning coals in our souls---best to be on good terms with all family members regardless of our stubbornness to hold on to grudges.
From the other side no reasons will do to undo the pain of guilt---some actually feel so bad that they come back as a child or in some other capacity just to try and ease their own pain or that of the person who is hurting.
Those who leave on good terms with the most people in their families are those who find the best kind of peace.

Most bad souls know they are bad, and some enjoy being bad---but their lives usually suck behind the sometimes happy and “defiant” façade---where resides hell.

Some souls are not allowed or are prevented from causing injury to others---such souls have passed certain thresholds in other lives or perhaps this one, which is a real good thing for this life and the next one.

The soul has substance and therefore some weight, not matter but something that affects and interacts to a degree with matter----when a soul passes through solid objects they can feel the objects.

Souls are stored inside animals, but also family members from the other side can interact with us via pets, and so can other entities.

Our souls are made from infinite loving energy, and we are free to call that energy God or whatever we wish.

Does the human soul leave the animal body before death or at that time?
If the soul is there on its own accord it can come and go as it wishes, and they often do---only showing up at critical stages.

If the universe and ETs can create anything, why not create evolved souls that are already perfected?
I’ll put that in the suggestion box because I like that idea too---
There are entities that are created that way, in fact all of us are, but not all of us go thought the ringer as we do here on earth and on other planets. There are many reason why these things happen and most are way above our little human brains to understand but for a small example why do people volunteer to go through military boot camp? Why do some of us spend years in schools to be doctors, lawyers, nurses, architects, scientists, race car drivers, sky divers, etc?
All of us do those things because they are not easy, and to prove to ourselves that we can do it.
But once we make the commitment we are in for the duration
To earn a certain level in this universe big things are required of us.

The other side will be quite the surprise for most and if they had a jaw to drop it would make one heck of a thump when it hit the floor.

On the other side things are so clear that it takes adjusting to, but once adjusted we will laugh at all the “tinker toys” that make up this universe---the toys that brilliant minds are racking their brains trying to understand like physics, astronomy, mathematics, aeronautics, etc.

The only ones that will get a laugh are us when we get our life reviewed and see the silly stuff we stumbled over in this life---but then it might not be funny at all.

Many souls are inserted while in the womb, but not all----those inserted early had fewer options to pick from.

Can we be re-born 2000 years ago (for example)?
Not on this planet but into a planet that is at that stage---say the Roman era, yes.
Is it highly unlikely to be reborn here?
Not really, many never leave this solar system, they are stored here and then returned to active duty.

Is there a certain day that all souls are given a body? 
No certain day, and all souls don’t get physical human type bodies---ever.

The 49th day of a pregnancy there is an incredible surge of dimethyltryptamine in the brain of the fetus. Dr. Rick Strassman correlates this to the soul entering the body as a very similar or the same amount of DMT is released in your brain during an NDE. 
The soul never enters that early, DMT is a psychological stimulant like a primer for the brain, not the soul.

Do you also believe a soul can be halved? Would you then also be a spitting image of all of your past lives if you believe in reincarnation? 
We do in many instances keep some semblance of our past lives but splitting the soul is not something I’m aware of.

Some souls are obsessed with fighting, they like the blood and gore, and therefore we get what we crave---when there is evil intent, or ego intent, evil will be done to that soul. There are fun diversions at higher levels even war type games/ good versus evil type stuff, where ego and lust for blood is not a factor.

We can only know how old our souls are when we are out of circulation, out of our monkey suits.

Human souls have to become something else, a much higher version of soul, where things get mighty interesting. However, human souls a few notches up from here can be soul guides and do other things, life fetch coffee---

I have an aged relative that is suffering from Alzheimer's. She can only seem to remember portions of her life from say, 40 years ago. It's been my experience with her, that she recalls either happy moments or times she may have struggled with integrity. On other occasions, she seems like an altogether completely different person, nothing like she used to be. In instances like this, is it possible that a soul has checked out early before a body dies?
Souls regularly check out early once in those conditions, but they can under certain circumstance re-enter their bodies for short appearances, sometimes just before their bodies die.
Is it possible for another soul to check in before the body is used up?
Yes, nursing homes have valet entities in some of the human bodies that reside in those places. Some are souls in storage that have reduced awareness levels, like that of young children. They are harmless like a newborn baby.
Where does the soul of the original occupant go during those times?
To the other side with other family members, if they so merit, otherwise their flame is turned down and they stay in the body until it dies, or they get recycled into another life.
What other occasions might a valet entity be used?
Those who sell their souls to evil can be claimed before their bodies die.
Are they ever occupying the body at the same time as the original soul?
Two souls in cramped quarters would be like hell, they do weird things like that on lower levels but not generally on this level.
Anything to do with say, a person having a split personality?
We all have split personalities, the happy one, the sad one, the angry one, and the normal one. And since normal is not normal for everyone the list goes on----but we are one soul nonetheless
Can I request one of those so my soul can take a vacation some time?
Sure but eviction sometimes can get messy, and dragged through the courts, and they always trash the place, we are better off if we don’t sublease our abode--
Are any valet entities used while a person is out of their body during a dream state? Don’t need them when the body is in sleep mode.

Things do get easier and a heck of a lot more fun the higher up we go---and we don’t have to raise our hands to go to the potty.

If we've been here forever, aren't we all family more or less?
More or less, some less than more. The universe and the life forms in it are so huge we humans can’t begin to understand but one grain of sand of it all.
We humans belong to a single category of souls, well, maybe more than one, out of billions of different kinds of souls---we are not all from the same tree, or from the same family, nor are we all one.

Most don’t know what a regular soul is---how would I describe a different type of soul. I think I gave some info in a previous post, not much but a little.
Anyway, Milton’s soul is much more that say my soul, will my soul ever be like Milton’s soul? Maybe, maybe not. He has done things that I may never do, may never want to do, and may never be able to do. So his soul will always be different.
There are entities much higher and more complex than Milton and way different in ways that there are not enough books to explain it. Well perhaps not even one book.
Then to make things more complex there are souls completely removed from the tree we inhabit in our little corner of the universe. There are many billions of different kinds and types of trees in the jungle of the universe, and they all bear different fruits and nuts---and the universe goes forever, and there are billions of dimensions all with their own universes filled with unique trees, fruits and nuts.

There are many sources for souls, kind of like salt water fish and fresh water fish, and add all the strange kinds of sea creatures in the oceans and multiply that by a very big number, and you will still be way off.

The only thing that is equal in this universe is cockroaches, there are no equal souls everyone is unique, some souls are lower than roaches, some higher.

Any entity that requires subservience usually resides at lower levels like here on earth.

After major wars and natural disasters many souls that didn’t make the grade come right back in---in waves if you wish. There are both old and new souls on this planet, because a soul is old, don’t always mean it’s on the level---some souls are determined to meander and squander for eternity---

Some souls never go to prison planets or schools such as we have here on earth. They do other things and become different types of entities altogether ---very complicated to explain. Few brand new souls go directly to earth type planets; instead they lounge around the campus cafeteria for lack of a better concept.

The blood keeps the soul from escaping the body, but certain ETs have the keys and can let a soul out for a brief time, while the body remains alive.
Once the body dies the soul is released and captured by entities and directed by them to their next port of call. A few are allowed to haunt certain places for various reasons.

Some souls instantly move to a new dimension.

The brain is the cockpit for the soul.

The entities that accompany souls when they leave the body are of another Milton’s type variation.
They resemble angels to some devils to others, but many see nothing until they get to their destinations.

What will our 'job' be in general in the universe and how will we differ from Milton at the same stage of development? 
Our jobs will be what we choose, and so too our reality, which is nothing like what we have here on earth.

Are the eyes truly the window to our soul? 
The eyes are the window to our illusions here on earth and cloud much of everything we see. The soul needs no eyes, and once it leaves the body it can truly see things as they really are---which is splendid for those moving up, and horrifying for those moving down.

The rhyme and reason of why and how souls tarnish remains hidden knowledge because it can’t be painted with a broad brush, way too many variables are involved.

Souls once off this planet do not live in one reality like they do here on earth-------not! Reality changes big time the higher up the ladder we go.

Many souls will get a stopover with family in those super clusters or elsewhere before their next job
But there are things way greater than hobnobbing in star clusters [mentioned in my blog], and that takes a lot to beat.

If you are not shoved back down into this planet or another one instantly chances are you will take a big break before you venture back into skin.
You next spot may be your choice---life on earth is nothing compared to what other kinds of existences are, even in the learning stages that are available to many of us after here. Some are much longer and others way shorter.

In the break time what might one be doing?
Kind of like a vacation, a coffee break away from the hassles of pain and worry. Or some light duties. It’s a big place over there and no telling what you might end up doing until you get there.

We don’t see souls because that would be very distracting to our illusions here on earth. Our souls are very magical and paranormal in nature---people freak out when they see the paranormal---yet we see it every time we look in the mirror and look at other people----freaky man.

Can a soul only grow when it is in a body?
No, there are many levels that are done without the body we are stuck in while here on earth.

Are there ever fights between the brain and the soul?
We have competing advisers that speak sweet and good things in our ears and we also have Bevis and Butthead types that speak bull# in our ears. Guess who makes the most noise to be heard?

Some believe that we have split souls, be in more than one place at a time. Something in that order can be true way up the ladder but not with us down here. What we see in the mirror is all there is, but during some tests done while we sleep we may encounter someone that looks just like us, and that is very scary, because then we see what we really look like.

One day when we become a really advanced soul will we able to create our own Universe and the life forms in it?
Like in a virtual world and create living creatures with souls so that we can torment them? No.

Are there any differences in the way older souls and younger souls act?  Yes there is, but not always in a good way.
Would a soul that’s been around longer act more mature than a newer soul?  More so than not.
I've always been somewhat of a mature person, even when I was younger. Is that an indication of an older soul? 
That is an indication, but not verification, some people are here to tidy up a few things and don’t have the burdens that afflict many nor the baggage weighting them down, and they are both old and young.

If you came into that body sometime after the birth, what soul was occupying the body of the baby before you replaced it? 
A body can be kept “warm” for a certain time while the soul is out gallivanting with certain entities. My body was custom made for me as is true for everyone who gets a body. And it was kept “warm” until I got shoved inside of it, and then I felt the chill of life nipping at my skin.

There is no human without a soul, well, not many. But there are souls without human bodies. A body needs a soul, but a soul needs no body---
Souls do have freewill, that’s about the only thing of value that is free in this world.

Does the soul affects how the body looks in some degree?
Yes the soul does resemble us in some ways---and in certain ways that are best left unmentioned.
They only show some of what you look like from the exterior---if we get a peek of our true souls they often have to blank that out, or they leave them as nightmares.
Certain facial feature will give clues but most people will not be able to identify which ones. A retarded person who is the most pure innocent soul looks like a freak and that the people who i know who are most demented usually look so good looking (from the outside) you would have never expected them to be evil, and this never seems to fell. 
That’s because humans lack the “judgment” gene. Looks are always deceiving---for us humans anyway. There is no way for us to know or see what is inside the soul of another human.
Therefore, we need to give everyone the benefit of the doubt---if for no other reason than to lift the burden of judgment off of our own shoulders.
Easy to say but hard to do? Even we humans don’t put much value on things that are “easy”, for good reason.
Does that mean we run and hide from evil people---say we see someone stealing a purse---heck no, run the sucker down and hold them for the cops---but you don’t need to hate the evil person, that’s not your job or anyone’s job.
As a matter of fact most people in my life who were messed and demented have been 10's--- and usually the caring people or genuine people in my life are the ones that people confused for being (evil) or having hidden agendas. So what's with this pattern of opposites? 
To teach us a lesson in our lack of judgment skills---part of the illusions of life that haunt souls at this level of non-reality

No one wants our souls---one soul is enough for eternity, and everyone only gets one soul--no one can have more than one soul, not even the mythological devil.

Humans have human souls and ETs have more advanced souls---there are many kinds of souls, but way to complicated and time consuming to talk about on this thread. Yes, human beings have earthly souls.

Souls are created by way high up beings, but where and how is a secret.

What we call physical is only a thinker form of spiritual like in hard head. Souls never stop learning and growing---but with many breaks in between.

We all start as souls---bodies come way after for most.

What happens to atheist and non-believers when they die?
When they separate the wheat from the chaff they don’t care what you believe or don’t believe, only how good or how bad you been---kind of like Santa Clause, except they leave more than a hunk of coal in the stockings if you been bad.
They don’t care about color, sex or religion, they will treat or mistreat everyone equally on merit alone.

If we only knew the immense happiness many people step into when they step out of this life--our lives would be very different and less burdensome.

How long (in earth time) do most us get to stay in the spirit realm, once we die, before we get reincarnated to a new body?
For some it feels like an eternity of bliss even when it’s only one day here on earth. Time is very strange stuff for those of us snarled in it while in human form.

In the spirit realm is it impossible to feel pain since we are in spirit form?
Not in pure spirit but there are many levels of spirit including what we call our physical bodies---which is a heavy version of spirit---we could all use to knock off a few pounds---

What happens when we reach the breaking point of no return how do the god's handle this situation? Do any souls on earth ever reach that point and are consider too far gone to help? Those who reach and then pass into that breaking point are so far into themselves that they don’t know where they are, their mantra is pure hate for all---they see no good in anyone and fall head first into the pit of darkness---those going up see good in everyone---even if it’s not there, that’s the difference between good and evil.
There is a point of no return for souls and a very strange and slow process of decomposing for souls in the pit

You said that our awareness affects how much soul mass we have (or something of that nature) can you explain that more, our soul has got stronger?
We don’t get stronger we get lighter spiritually speaking, as we toss out worry hate and envy life becomes less of a hassle and we start noticing the beauty that has always been around us--that same beauty we often trampled over and cursed it for getting in our way----

Our human bodies are containers with a few small holes poked through so that we can see just enough to get by. The weight of our souls determine the number of holes punched into our container.

How do "perfect" souls/spirits become imperfect?
Perfect souls are kind of like babies they are pure and innocent but as they grow up they become full of themselves, and I’m not talking diapers, well, yeah that too.  We have to learn to take out the trash that builds up inside of our souls and move away from the concept that the world and the universe revolves around us----and that’s quite a rude awaking for some.

Whatever affects our physical bodies doesn’t affect our souls---our souls can only be cleaned up by our good deeds and actions---nothing else works.

How far up the 1 to 100 ladder of soul progression do the beings who judge us sit?
For most cases there are two judges, all the “indisputable” evidence is laid out on the table by a high up entity and the other one is you---it’s a slam dunk case and only takes a moment. The toughest judge in the room will be you---and we often throw the book at ourselves---even for the little things.
Yes Milton judged a few souls and few were in the mood for popcorn---but some were and they got whatever they wanted for free at the concession stand. And considering what that stuff costs that's one heck of a blessing----

All those who died were in the same destiny boat from day one. To try and rationalize such with the few tools available in our human minds is madness.

A few moments before we die most of us get to see our death before it happens---exactly as we saw it before we were born.

How can you tell where your soul ranks?
We can only know when we are on the other side and radiate freely.

Souls are not made of matter or its sister light---souls are of a much higher and exotic form of energy that cannot be quantified.

Human souls are not made of earthly elements. Souls are not even the same kind of energy that we find on this planet---souls are not from this planet and their essence unquantifiable by human minds.
Nothing on earth to compare souls with.

Is it only allowed to meet all those families and friends again on certain very special occasions and for very special selected souls?
Depends on if we are ashamed or proud of ourselves. Many will meet with family the moment they leave earth. Some will want to run and hide---our blemishes can be like open sores.
However, our families will not shun us regardless our imperfections.
All of us are imperfect to some degree but if we are also arrogant while here arrogances turns into pure humiliation on the other side---painful humiliation.
Those of us who are imperfect but have cast off our arrogance and turned ourselves around will not feel the painful shame and will be greeted with open arms and pure love by many family members.
Before we die family comes to prepare us---somewhat, and at death they take us from this planet and zoom us to other parts of this solar system or to some other part of the galaxy---if not into another dimension.
Not everyone will get the family, depends on where the hell they are going.
Most of us will be in shock and confused for a period and things unfold slowly as we become aware of an old yet new reality.

What you feel for your present spouse or lover will not change when you die, but will increase tenfold in love.
On the other side things are way different than they are here on earth----we are family but not brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, sons, and daughters. We are pure energy filled with love for all those around us, our family members, who were any number of those designations on earth or elsewhere. Love is love no matter how you slice it.
Down here we are starving when it comes to true love and are stingy with it---only sharing a bit of it when others put some love on our table.
What most of us fail to realize is that we have endless love inside of us, and the more we give the more we have and are aware of.
It’s crazy how some people hoard love---and end up dying without ever having any---yet they were sitting on the motherlode---as we all are.

Many will surpass Milton’s level.
We will have the same kind of freedom and choices as we move up.

Matter keeps us grounded to this solar system and our bodies are matter, but we can detach from matter and remain “aware” and “inside” of this 3D universe. Permeating to higher dimensions is the stuff of higher souls, and so is understanding it.
Once out of our containers we enter another dimension, yet we remain focused on 3D until or unless we remain there and become acclimated---as we do when we die.

Does a soul have gender?
Gender seems to have little purpose at the higher levels but at the lower ends like on earth its purpose is clear---and an ego trap for both genders who tend to view the other as the dumber of the two---
Most genders like being the one they are and there is crossover but things get hazy on the why and how we end up as one or the other---I have no recall of ever being female in past lives, I’m also not aware of most of my past.

Souls are immortal period and cannot be killed or destroyed unless they hit the skids and become evil, and then they are put through a long process of elimination. Once we reach a certain level, falling into evil becomes impossible. How far the immortalness of our soul goes?
Forever---life never ends except for those who are evil. But we can’t compare life with what most of us experience here on earth---this is not life---life is fantastic, life is joy and love all the time---forever---life on earth is a side show, a testing ground and ends quicker than most realize---so try and do it right.

There are many types and kinds of souls, and some never touch places like earth but no one can be manipulated. Souls are manipulation proof---we hold all the cards concerning our destinations---so point no fingers unless it's point at self.

Things will improve for many but not for most, this Alcatraz [earth] has not been decommissioned.

The soul spectrum is huge and indefinable in its complexity and diversity, human type souls make up only one small sliver of that endless spectrum.
If there are different types of souls, then it seems only logical that they serve different purposes?
Yes that is true to a degree, but like here on earth gender, color and ethnicity doesn’t keep us from doing the same jobs.
What is the highest level one soul can reach? Is there one or not?
There is no glass ceiling or level---dimensions are infinite and we can explore them.
What next? Everything ---the universe is a gigantic candy store and we are children in that store.
There are billions of super souls and they never tire of their blissful state.

If a soul/being is evil and being shredded is it exterminated for good?
Sometimes they get stored away.
Who is creating new souls, why and from what?
Higher up entities make and break souls, the how and why is between them Are there higher level beings/energies then souls?

Only lower level souls are restricted, higher up souls have complete freedom to do what they wish to do---including becoming a human on earth---but with zero problems, and they can leave anytime they want.

A soul is never lonely at the top---that’s a human misconception.

Will all these question be answered after we leave this rock?
Or some of them are a mystery even for the higher beings?
Some people will get more revelation than others, depends on our standing and how much baggage we are burdened with.
The mystery and awe remain even for higher beings
Life is the greatest gift imaginable and why we were given this gift is not important, what is important is not to toss it away---and many are doing that---they have no idea what they are throwing away---mistaken in their belief that life on earth is all there is---behind the curtain resides treasure beyond anything Hollywood can conjure up.

What’s the difference between a human soul and a human-hybrid/et, soul? Not much.

You only get one soul, and it lasts forever, unless it goes south.

We judge things by our limited view of things on earth, and can’t grasp what lays ahead on other planes of existence---and mere words will not do justice.

Many things will be crystal clear when we go up from earth but it’s a big universe we are in and there are billions of them out there---how much of your small slice of the world down here that is right in front of you that you understand?

So then you wake up and die...??? 
Yeah, just like when we die and wake up on the other side, life is different, better, more pleasant and fun, as it should be. Whether you’re in icy cold Chicago or on some other planet sporting a new harp

When we die and we are in our pure energy form, can we materialize as whatever want with just our thoughts? Eventually.
Humans can’t do that.

Do we have any say in the kind of life we will be taking up again?
Depends what you have to negotiate with when you get to the table.

I've read that the aliens are attempting to "grow" our souls. I would assume they have a specific need for mature souls. 
Like a bird having grown its chicks they need to push us out of the nest to make room for more chicks.
How are they collected? 
Depends on the baggage, some ride coach, some in baggage------some on first-class alien ships.
Baggage is evil, hate, envy, selfishness, etc. all the things we hate in other people but don’t mind dabbling in ourselves.

Many go from one life to the next without a “vacation” between---because not all of us earn a vacation.

Is it possible for a soul to inhabit a physical body one time before being destroyed after death? 
There are many other process involved before a soul hits the trash compactor.

Is it true when they say "You only live once" or "you only get one shot"?
Has no other meaning than yeah right--- some people only wish it were that easy because they know not what a fantastic gift life is.
For the most part is the process by which souls enter physical bodies a systematic process where there is no "choice" or "reason" involved?  There is always a reason, and sometimes a choice.

Are all the Grey aliens and some Nordics on earth now and before, from Orion were an abomination---and are they trying to use earth as a soul farm, to use human souls' as an energy source, is this true?
Many rumors are half-truths but certain souls at the beginning of this three ring circus on earth were squeezed in ways our delicate stomachs couldn’t handle and certainly could not comprehend.
I also heard that the ones that want to exploit us (mainly Greys) are in control now. No one has come forward to claim who is in control of this mess--- I also heard that a big battle between both factions are near.
The battle to move souls forward is ongoing and never ending

There are many types of souls and they all have unique beginnings and ingredients---human type souls are only one of many thousands of different kinds. Some souls are birthed via stars. They come in many shapes and sizes but orb is standard.

Souls exist in a state of bliss for an extended period before they enter the smelter of physical life, some never do.

Do they just automatically put all known knowledge of everything in this newly created soul? Knowledge is like an ocean and we are fish in the ocean---the fish are not the ocean.

How quick does it take to get past the checkout line?
Depends how much contraband they find in our luggage. It can be instantaneous or as much as several earth days.

Everyone you came across in your past lives and people who have passed away in your current will say “HEY ! HEY ! HEY ! Look who has come back to life!" instead of "Hey ! HEY ! HEY! Look whose dead!"

Could shadow be a reflection of your soul? Does this mean anything? Means nothing.

If I do not live to my full expectations in this life, and have to do a next life, will I know what I did wrong in my past life? 
For the most part no.
If we are capable of making the same mistake then we are allowed to make it again and again--but no cheating like in Ground Hog day. We do things because it’s in us to do them not because we need a map out of this hall of mirrors.
Those few who leave here with zero baggage can do what they want on the other side. But even saints leave with some baggage, the less carry on the better.

Soul growth happens through testing.
Have you noticed that those who avoid responsibility and never take chances or grab opportunities are the people that have the worst kind of lives and complain the most?
Testing builds soul mass.
Testing becomes much more fun the higher up we go.

Aliens own our bodies, who owns our souls?
We own our own soul and they can’t tamper with them in any way shape or form without our consent. Those who break those covenants are hunted down and dealt with severally.

What will be the role of the particular kind of souls found on this planet when they mature? What will our cool job be when we are ready?
The sky is not the limit, and we chose from a smorgasbord of things we enjoy doing. We can also do that while on earth for practice---find what you like and enjoy.

No one can sell their soul, and if anyone buys a soul there is a slightly used Brooklyn Bridge that most people would be more than happy to sell them.
We can’t even sell our souls to the devil---but we can give them up to evil all day long if we wish---and then we pay.

[After death] we don’t wake up from a dream and that’s not the sensation we will have as we do in some dreams. Being sucked through a tunnel is more accurate even though it’s not a tunnel but rapid movement from one place to another place.

Do MOST human souls spend hundreds or even thousands of lives on Earth or a similar type planet, or does learning take place in many kinds of environments, being 3dTerra type just one? For most souls, that is. 
Earth is only one ride at the amusement park, and certainly not one of the best or more thrilling rides in boot camp. 
When we pass away, some say that we see our relatives and friends who have passed before us for a brief time and this is a joyous moment. How can this happen if they all certainly back on earth or far away?
 You get to see those who are in the lobby, not those who have reincarnated elsewhere, unless you receive the privilege and have the time to look in on them in their new habitat.
Home is not in this universe but elsewhere. However, we do have much family in this galaxy in many shades of physical and less physical states of being that we will hang out with as we make our journey home. "Life is not a destination but a journey", someone once said, but the real fun don't happen until we reach our final destination, home! 
Both negative and positive, is necessary for a soul to ripen and mature properly before advancing?
Do people enter lives on their own choice to experience/learn 'negative' emotions like grief via disconnection of relationships? And a whole slew of other things/issues.
There are various stages of awareness while on this planet, young, old, damaged, normal and so on. Anyone can look around and easily know that to be true. Once we leave this bondage none of those apply....for long, depending on destination. During intermissions, we feel alive, whole and exhilarated with profound clarity, a taste of the clarity that awaits. A clarity unlike anyone on earth can appreciate while here in confusionville.
The higher ups don't need no stinking rules, standards, or regulations, they are the ones that make and implement the rules, standards, and regulation we down here must and "will" abide by. Milton types can bypass rules.

Just remember that you and everyone else has a bazillion people they are related to on the other side, and they all like/love you, and they know you are very special and look forward to meeting up with you.  We have it all, most just don't know it and live very impoverished lives down here.

The embarrassment factor, once on the other side, gets most. 
As is true in so-called normal lives, all people are asleep in this world but don't know they are asleep. When they wake up, die, and glimpse the other side they will remember their time on earth every painful and pleasant second of it as clear as homemade pie hot out of the oven, yummy!
Infinite numbers of souls never see or exposed to the dirty existence as found on lower planets as earth. Why? Because.  
Is it most likely/probable that when we are set free from this reform school/boot camp  will we 'wake up' as a new 3d human baby somewhere with our memories erased like an etch a sketch and have another go at it?
Very probable for those in deep sleep.
Are there other possibilities? 
Possibilities abound for those with keys to unlock their own shackles.
You know when your kid is out playing in the mud having a good old time, then rushes to the dinner table filth and all, kind of puts a damper on the corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, gravy, and roast beef. So you take the kid out and hose him down. Granted Utopia is not for everyone, especially those with dirty hands muddy shoes and lacking a pilot's license to fly to higher ground. 
Sure getting dirty in Utopia is not possible. But if you are dirty getting into Utopia is not possible.

Those moving up go to utopia class planets from here, physical and nonphysical. Eventually we move to higher nonphysical realms and never look back.

The higher dimensionally we are the more stable and relaxed we become. We get a taste of it in our dreams. Nightmares are another subject altogether.

When you're in-between lives, are you allowed to observe potential parents? Yes.

What's at the top at the highest level?
There is no ceiling. We are in a very big, big existence with no top or bottom. There is no explaining what it is like even a few notches up from here but its uber fantastic.

There will never be a time or space in the universe when they stop creating souls.
No limit on how many souls can be created or how many souls can inhabit the physical universe, and this universe will never be overcrowded.

Negatives beings don't go very high, only a few notches above humans.

Is the soul different from thoughts?
No, but there is way more to the soul than we are aware of while here.

The body and brain are the hardware, not the soul.

Would it be possible for me to have my next life in a different era, say the sixties or an age prior to this one? If that is what you want.

If a person does poorly, could they be put back to an era with less technology and comforts? Not Necessarily.

Can you live in whichever type of civilization you choose? (Depending on your level) Yes.

Those who make the grade now can come back with some ego and flaunt their "borrowed" talent and gifts.

Souls last forever if not shredded.

I just can't grasp never dying.
That is 3D.

A soul moving up increases in energy indefinitely.

Which is worse, living life as a human on Earth or living in the dead realm?
There is no comparison; the dead zone is not a place to strive for. The deeper one goes into it the harder it is to get out. It's like a tar pit, you suffocate slowly. Why are such horrors allowed? Everything possible is done to keep such things from happening.

Will "our" human souls be human souls forever or will they eventually involve into something else?
We change from the toddler to a teenager to an adult, to an old geezer. We change, but we keep those components.

Is a "Star Wars" type of reality a higher up level than being on planets like Earth?? If so, do those souls like "Jedi's" and all that know about their ET companions or do they get the memory wipe before they enter a new body?
There are many levels, some strictly entertainment and those involved are not aware. And those that are more real with real consequences and rewards, like here on earth.

When we dump that garbage, that baggage we carry around with us we don't come back to earth type hell holes.
All souls of our type get our fair share of hardship and then no more, for those who move in the right direction that is.

Will most of us be humans and/or animals for the rest of our incarnations because we have a 'human soul'?

What is the difference between a Human/Earth soul and other Solar System soul, the next in evolution? 
They are nicer and cleaner, they sparkle.

Describing the different souls is difficult because we are stuck in a 3D brain. Souls in this solar system and other places are multi-dimensional and there is no graphics or words that can show higher dimensions, well, none that I have figured out yet.

How can the body of a baby move inside his/her, moms belly without having a soul "attached" to it and how come that after it is born and still has no soul can move and doesn't get damage until the soul is attached to it after a week or even longer?
In certain situations, 'temp' entity is inserted to keep the body warm. 
The book gives the basics and not in-depth situations or answers. There is a lot more to the birthing process that was not covered in the book.
How do we gain "all knowledge"? 
Is it like learning on this level or is it imparted to us instantaneously?
All knowledge exists, and we drink it in instantly, but we have to be able to reach the water fountain for a good long drink.

Do we have names that we keep?
We all have one name.
Would we recognize our name if we heard it?
Yes, but that only happens when we make our exit.

Do human souls chum around with other types when not here in 3D or are we all segregated? The higher up we go the more we encounter. We are segregated by our energy levels. Higher ups can transcend those barriers.

Your new body will reflect your new challenges, it will not look like the one you have now unless you have to repeat this grade. But even then there will be some changes.

When we stand before beings from above, our flaws glow like hot coals, and we see right through our deceptions, those we have gotten comfortable with. Can get real ugly for some people.

The soul goes through much change; we are not what we started out as.

What do our souls value most on this Earth?
A security blanket.

How the Hierarchy of soul growth works?
Nothing like it works here on earth. Most movement is up and away like hot air balloons never looking back after a certain height is attained. There is huge freedom in this universe that can only boggle the mind of us down here who cling to safety and security. How does one begin to explain such concepts?

Our souls change but they do not morph into other types of souls. Like in
the oceans there are many kinds of fish, so too in the universe there are many kinds of souls. I don't know if Milton will ever let me go deeper into explaining such things and differences.

When a human soul moves up, definitely off the training wheels, are they capable of retrieving/re-living, to any extent they wished, the whole gamut of incarnations in the playpens and elsewhere?
Like home movies but real, yes they can.
We can lose some experiences, memories via our selfish actions. But those who progress significantly can recall, relive, whatever they wish.

Are our souls' positive achievements lost or retested/reassessed several times when we reincarnate?
Those who don't get the basics get more scrutiny.
How do you break the cycle of reincarnation?
Completely eliminate hate and envy. Other flaws are worked on at higher levels, more pleasant levels.

Can higher ups see inside our very hearts?
They can see inside every cell in our bodies, and into our very essence, our souls.

There seems to be good versus evil here on Earth, but is there evil higher up?
There is a glass ceiling for evil, and it cannot penetrate that ceiling. Which is a few notches above where we are here on earth.

All painful and/or hard situations will disappear someday, the props will be taken down, the illusions washed away, and we stand alone in front of a supreme being with our excuses.

Who or what created the very first souls?
The universal love machine. A concept of multi-D, as in dimensional, proportions. Above and beyond 3D perception. Love is the most fun thing we have in this world yet it is the most ignored---what's with that? How can such souls pretend to know the real love deal when they squander the love they are allowed to have on this level? We have to clean our plate before we get desert.
When human souls are first created surely they have no memory of anything or do they have an awareness of some things?
They have much more awareness than we have on this level.
Our type is not created in batches. But we do come with roots which tie us to other souls, members. Nevertheless, we are families within larger families, within larger families and so on.

The Garden of Eden is the first playpen for souls, the type of souls that we are.
Is this place a 3D land, a planet?
They exist mostly in a spiritual zones like in heaven.
They are places somewhere in other dimensions, but there are some in this material galaxy too.
Are souls there in human bondage, or something like it?
They have certain freedoms with boundaries.
After staying there, do they have to begin the experience of the universe at low levels, with free will, and concepts/tools like good and evil?
Some do some don't.
Do all human type souls have to follow this pattern?
Human type souls yes but there are exceptions to every rule for myriads of reasons.

After Integrity, Hate & Envy are in check and one moves up a notch, what is the next thing we have to work on in our development?
You will have a long relaxing fun vacation to ponder your next journey.

Are higher-ups the only ET's that can take souls outside of their body before the body dies, or can the mid-levels and renegades do it too?
Mid-levels and renegades can with limits.
Are the length of a life and the moment of death something the soul decides before incarnating?
Those in school picked their time slot, those in prison received their time slot. Most doing hard time will never read stuff like what's on this board.

Once a soul starts walking the straight, narrow path of integrity, how many more lives would they have to experience on this kind of planets, in learning mode, on average? A few more? a hundred? None?
Depends on what goal one has in the universe. Few know their options while here. There are infinite levels of achievement and once we reach a certain level of goodness we don't have to do anything else unless we want to.
Most of us are here to find out what level of goodness we are at. We get a full and detailed report when we die.

Some souls excel faster than others and benefit from it. It's always been that way. Take your average school. Some children enjoy learning and excel, the show offs lol, some are disruptive, some are lazy, some are hateful and mean. Yet they are put into the same classroom, for the most part anyway. I was disruptive, lazy and hateful and look at me now--yeah no justice in this world lol. Where was I? Oh yeah, let’s see what point am I trying to make. The stinking classroom disruption thing. Sometimes disruption is a good thing, sometimes not. The bottom line we are individuals, and we learn differently. Therefore we move up or down at our own pace. The merry-go-round, the Earth we are on, will continue to turn at the same rate regardless of who is riding on it. We are free to jump off once we get tired of going in circles over and over again. Some jump right back on, go figure. It's a small, small world, and some are OK with small, why should those who wish for more have to conform with the small minded crowd until they die?

Are human type souls deliberately created to experience the universe in that way? They are.

The higher up we go the more scattered and different we become. We all enjoy company, well some don't, but anyway, family and friends are nice but getting away from it all and finding or creating your own unique corner of the galaxy or universe is Supreme Being stuff. That's why the big guy doesn't come around often, he has his angels do it.

Much higher beings who create their own 'corners' of the Universe...what do they enjoy?
Planets to live on? The colors of space nebulas?
We mere immortals can't begin to imagine their playground.

If a soul on the other side was able to communicate with a soul on this side, and the soul on this side received and understood that message, what would that say about the soul on this side?
That the soul wasn't fast asleep, as most are.
Say that two nights after getting this message from the other side, the soul on this side was taken to an amazing place for a meeting with the other soul, and this took place in the form of a high definition dream, what would that mean?
That the soul received an extraordinary gift.

Many of those who have died cannot communicate with those on this side because of their soul level. Soul level has much to do with it. Nevertheless, many on this side need some soul level to receive and understand such messages also.

Are many human beings also soulless, or relatively so?
Relatively soulless is a good way to put it. A damaged soul, a sick soul, immature soul, the plain Jane arse of a soul, etc., are other ways to put it.

When we exit this planet we are presented a bill, due and payable for our deeds. Some people don't get much of a bill, but others have to put it on their credit cards, and those Guido's upstairs charge huge interest rates. . Many don't care until they see what that bill entails for their next encore. Am I trying to scare anyone straight? Shit no, I only answer questions. Those who don't want my type of answers should not ask me questions, just saying.

Souls don't always reincarnate to the same planet, we move around depending on available curriculum, not all lessons are taught in one planet or solar system.

I can't wait to see the world that souls live on a stage up from here. It will be worth the wait.

How do souls come to exist?
A process way above 3D comprehension. How many comprehend how a human body comes into existence? Such takes place right before our eyes and under our noses every second of the day. No human understands it other than via a sex act.

Everybody cloned or otherwise is custom made for the soul that will inhabit the body.

Can complex individuals exist minus the soul?
The universe is filled with soulless complex machinery such as in the movie 2001 A space Odyssey, the HAL dude. Nevertheless souls can be inserted into such things, or anything of matter for that matter.

It's hard to understand why we are souls anyway... we reincarnate, but it's not like we choose to be a soul is it?
There is a complicated story behind that choosing to be a soul bit. Too complicated.
Before we are souls, do we have a consciousness?
There is a seed of consciousness for lack of a better word.

We will see loved ones many times between incarnations.

If ET's were to put my soul into another adult-body, would I instantly forget all memories and knowledge that I have in my current body?
You would retain your memories, even those in the subconscious in your other body.

I would think that the "time" spent on earth, in essence, would not exist. So, from a higher point of view, all of our lives here would essentially be simultaneous and instant. If that is the case, then could we think of this and other "schoolyards" as being more or less an instantaneous filter that the gods use to distil or refine a batch of souls?
That's one way to put it.
Is all of this we experience as humans less than a moment in the creation process?
A moment can be an eternity, and eternity endless moments. Good thing most of the moments are good ones, right?

On the other side we don't crave or gravitate to things, we simply have things we are interested in.

So are we "bee" like, and swarm when we're in the other form?
Without the sting. We are certainly not drones and swarming is optional, but it's a cool place to be seen and interact with the family, no quarrels, just sharing stories.

I saw the same grandmother that told me bees make honey in a dream sequence last night. She told me she started smoking cigarettes, and needed to quit. She did not smoke while alive.
Do people on the other side take up vices?
She could be in another life. We do visit people in other incarnations during sleep.

"Depends on how much crap we try to sneak out of here with when we die." By that, do you mean trying to take possessions/money/fame with us, or by refusing to drop grudges etc? Refusing to drop grudges.

Is it true that what we do here can affect our past lives as well as our present and future? If we made progress in the past and then fall off the turnip truck during this gig, it affects our past progress.

Higher up everything is provided and they lack in nothing. Work is done for the pleasure of it, no illness, learning is pleasurable, it's real utopia. On lower planets like earth we earn our living with blood, sweat, and tears, if need be. No free lunches and those who do manage to get free lunches will certainly pay for them by coming back to the rock.

The 4th dimension is where the soul resides while occupying 3D space within the brain. The soul has the ability to think outside the 3D box we call life, but it doesn't have the ability to put into expressions and equations of 4D because of its restrictions placed on it in 3D land.

Stars don't have a soul; they have something far, far different. And I can't get into it.

Are human souls allowed to come here after they've greatly evolved spiritually? If so, do they come on ships, free to come and leave as they please?
Yes and yes, many come here often.
Would they normally wear a "human suit" or be in their "orbs" mode? Both forms.

Are human souls way up the ladder able to create and/or manipulate things in the universe; create souls, life, etc.?
Some can but not all.

Can the soul just take over like that or is that just wishful thinking on my part?
When we hit the highs while on stage the soul forgets that it is inside a ball and chain and you are more in tune with the real you. Life should be like that always, it is like that higher up, effortless and enjoyable all the time. All we need do is get in the grove, in tune with the universe. New age sappy, whatever makes you happy.

What is the purpose of life once the soul gets to higher planets?
It's not the same for everyone, we will find out when we get there.
Bodies are for lower level souls, but a few notches above us bodies are near perfect.

On average how many soul relatives do we have on Earth?  
Hundreds and thousands.
How often we meet them? 
Depends on where we live and how much interaction we have with other people.

Who decides if we move on or not, never to return back to this rock? 
One of the shining stars high up in the family tree makes the ultimate call.

The thing that makes a soul a soul is the fact that it is not a dimension but rather an observer of the dimensions?
That's right, in a dimensional kind of way.

Is 3D matter and 4D the dimension for observation of 3D? 
3D is observable from all the higher dimensions---those that our 4D mind can't see while in 3D space.

Your soul is a gift to you, so it is yours.

Many people don't believe in the soul, some people know they have a soul some don't. Those who know or think they have a soul also have a responsibility, a conscious. Some would rather not have that kind of burden. They think if they pretend not to know that they will not be accountable. Big surprise when they die.

Immortality is a very strange concept for 3D and 4D, takes some getting used to.

When people die and they arrive to the other side, how many are surprised that they have caused much misery to others?
Nearly 100%. We all come up short in that department.
What will they do in that kind of situation?
Depends on how heavy the pain of regret is. If it's too much to bear, they may fall back down here as a new family member in the family they caused the most pain.

Our soul is much more than what we are aware of while in 3D space. Inside our bag of tricks located in the ether, subconscious zone is more of us, it just doesn't all fit through the keyhole.

Are we only allowed to alter our life contract for specific reasons? If so, which ones? Can we stay on longer to help others? Or is judged on a case-by-case basis?
That's a guide issue and usually can only be negotiated at or near point of death.

When soul is on the other side how much one's personality changes?
A whole lot, you wouldn't recognize yourself.
Do we still think about our favorite films, food etc. with warm feelings? Or do we get totally apathetic with those things?
Do you miss drawing and coloring pumpkins and staying within the lines? At one time that was great fun lol.

Can we sort of re-live, as in fully remembering, those things that gave us pleasurable moments while here, with that exact pleasure, even if they are minuscule by comparison with pixie land?
We can bring all of our past memories back to life and relive them without the pain of reliving them, only the good parts if we choose.
There will be a heck of a lot to choose from all the accumulated lives we lived. That's why making great memories is key to each life regardless of our life situations. Memories are not the icing on the cake, but they are certainly cookies in the cookie jar.

Human bodies are nothing but dust blowing in the wind, the soul gives that dust some direction. Or not.

At the next level...sort of the same with a few more perks and the leftover beliefs, judgments about ourselves and others...getting along much better?
Even one step above this life is a way smoother ride.

Is one step above still basically terrestrial, we are on places that look like Earth, with similar systems of life?
A higher standard of living on earth type planets and for some they will live it here on earth.

When we are moving up we always get an extended break to enjoy the family and other things we love doing before diving back in. We can go to any era on other planets/dimensions. By family you mean our deceased ones from THAT lifetime, or you mean all the relatives that we ever lived with?
Depends on who is in the neighborhood, the family is huge and souls are in a constant flow of coming and going.

What are the biggest differences between souls on the other side and souls on Earth? They don't have to hear all the gloom and doom stuff on the other side.

When I do leave this place, will it hurt?
It depends on the quantity and quality of soul lesions when we pass through the filters. Those who die restfully in their sleep don't necessarily have it easy. And those who die brutally or slowly don't necessarily have real pain. For most it will not hurt, and the little pain if there is any, will be replaced instantly with indescribable joy.

You say parts are carried off, but my impression what the soul/spirit or whatever, was the final 'thing' we end up as, so is there other components of the soul?
The soul has components, secret components. But like the Scarecrow on the Wizard of Oz we can get scattered in the wind if we are too flaky.
Can a bad arse soul just say, "I'm joining you guys now, and will do what you do".
There is no "joining" them, they snatch you and put your head through one of those old fashioned washing machine ringers, as a, howdy partner. Human souls are never equal with them and are toyed and tormented by those evil devils for however long they own them.

I take it once our actions are done, the karma will play out. But can the effects be lessened or altered?
Karma is real and ill feelings are ill feelings that will come back on those who have them, no ifs, ands or buts.
Is it our free will which, when we want forgiveness and redemption, allows higher ups to get us out?
It's our sincerity and willingness to mend our ways.
Not really, like trying to stop an avalanche.
Even though people's reactions and situations seem completely spontaneous, would you say that nothing can happen to us that is not our karma? In other words, everything is completely just.
As unfair as that sounds to a lot of people that's it in a nut shell.
We move up only after we remove the stains we have accumulated. The idea that some religions have that our stains and sins have been paid for is wrong. We are forgiven, but we must make amends too. Many people take that loophole of forgive and forget thinking that they can get away with murder and other atrocities by simply asking for forgiveness on their death bed. It don't work that way, you play, and you pay.

Does enlightenment have anything to do with getting rid of karma?
Moving up and away from these lower existences with the basics, enlightenment comes later.

Can soul tissue be healed?
With some elbow grease.

Do you know what it's like to have a life review?
Yes, but life reviews are personal.

Can you explain that in between place? Are we allowed to know this place? Is that our job to find out here on earth?
We are there in our dreams, lost because we are fish out of water.
Do the ET's exist/live in that in between?
They are always between even when they visit.

The power of life and death concerning the soul is governed by E.T. or a confederation of sorts? Of sorts.

The soul is whole and complete right?
For the most part and for some that is true.

The good vs. evil in the higher realms. Is the whole universe really based on a polarity of that type or is it just one way of simplifying things so we can understand it from our limited mind's point of view?
Evil/ignorance is only tolerated a few notches above us to allow for the renegades, who do serve a purpose. There is no Yin and Yang and dark verse light at higher levels. Everything is balanced in light period. The evil renegades know this but it don't matter. Look at us humans, and some of those who have every advantage in life, best education, silver spoon, all the best toys, seem to comprehend right and wrong and yet they can be cauldrons of hate and envy, pure evil just below the skin.
Does it mean that those higher ups doing evil will one day fall into the human realm (are a bunch of us doing time here, ex-renegades?) or a lower one. When caught or at the end of their rope? Or is it just a complete different realm?
All of the above and then some.
Can you list the Hierarchy of Souls? If there is such a thing
Souls rise, for lack of a 3D term, indefinitely, there is no ceiling per say.

Souls don't start in 3D, we begin our journey higher up, in the land of milk and honey, Garden of Eden kind of places. Only a segment of souls travel these hard knock roads. Some souls have never tasted dirt and all the crap that goes with it and never will. It's something that happens there that brings us here or to other such places.

For most life here is relatively good for a period of incarceration, the food can be quite good and the scenery delightful.
There are nearly 7 billion people on this rock; "most" do not see light at the end of the tunnel, or delight in beautiful scenery.

Darkness that clouds the soul to a point that crying for help is not even considered. Many evil people and not so evil people live in that kind of darkness. If a spark of remorse is picked up higher ups do intervene.

Those above are aware of those below, but they don't feel what we feel because they know what we don't know. Like a baby crying, we understand that most of the crying is due to it being a baby, not much else.
It’s hard to tell who is highest or in the most ideal position.....but that's probably 3d thinking....
Yup, 3D thinking, moving up is not a competition, nor do they brag about who is smarter or how much more of their brain they use like in the movie "Defending Your Life".

Aches and pains, fatigue and sickness are 3D or lower afflictions. A clean soul is pure joy 24/7, and the best part is that there is no 24/7 or 9 to 5?

About the smell theme in your posts - 'stinking souls', 'smell still lingering'...can the soul really give off something similar to a 'smell' depending on what it's done and where it's been? It certainly can, more than simply metaphorical.

Is this something that can be done to all souls at any place in time, they can be summoned to a ship to interact with someone?
Yes, but they do it willingly. But what if more than one person wants to chat with them at the same time piece of cake.

Is there a war for souls in the astral plane?
Yes there are battles.

The human being has two souls: "somatic soul" linked cell-by-cell to the body and the "astral soul" linked to the somatic soul by the silver cord. Is this true? I don't know anything about a silver cord.

Why the "astral plane" exists?
It's a back door to our rabbit hole.
Does the astral plane exist on other planets?
It does.

Do some souls arrive at the moment of conception and stay the 9 months before birth? Or do they generally join the fetus later?
Generally a few weeks before birth or after birth. Some souls get to come and go frequently during the first year. Being stuck inside a baby is a cleansing experience/buffer into this reality. Those not here for hard time do get more respite and don't need as much buffer time.

I would really like to learn how to leave my body and at least visit the neighborhood well if possible?
Without the right guide it's a dangerous place to be. I have never sought to do it and can't advise on how to do it or make the contact. Human beings have no such rights while down here but many get to take those flights anyway, mostly via dreams. If you want it bad enough your guide has the power to make it happen. However, baggage can be an issue.

If a soul is inserted to a piece of machinery, how could it "die" and be liberated to pursue its evolution?
Take out the batteries. Souls are put into machines and taken out of them just like in our physical bodies, which are biological machines with an expiration date.
What if the body can't die, how does the soul make its exit?
Those put into machines are either serving some purpose, or incarceration, if not both. They do their jobs and or serve their time.

As for the other side part of the questions, when we're there do we get to talk to people we met in this life, at any time? To make amends, say things to family members, etc.?
Yes we spend time with family, friends and others, mostly talking about the weather, and why there isn't any :-) and other things too including making amends.

Do most new souls go down for regrooving? Ten percent? A third?
After we reach a certain level there is no "falling" back down, ever.

A lot of souls don't even go through this process that we now find ourselves in, and there are rewards for the souls that do pass these tests at the end of them. There is no hate or envy on the higher levels so it is not like we can blow them a raspberry when we finish and say I am better than you for going through this. So what can the rewards be when everyone at those levels already has everything they could ever want and are already perfect?
I will use the army as an example. There are many levels, ranks, status in the military. Airborne for those who jump out of airplanes, Ranger and Green Berets for those in Special Forces, etc. Most in the military are not envious of those designations, granted some are. Everyone has their specialties and functions. We are not one big fat entity; we are individuals with our own destinies/destinations. Souls that do not opt for these lower levels can and do other things. Btw, not all souls have options or choices where they will be sent. The why, what and where is beyond the scope of this board.

Can you describe to us the process of death?
There is no one port of call but a whole bunch. Some are processed from here. Some go directly to their next assignment. Many go to a terminal like place and are met by family and friends. Some go to the light and are welcomed by a glowing loving being/beings. Some are hauled off by scary creatures. Many possibilities.

Is it possible that many of us have already lived as animals in past lives? If so, could we have lived even millions of years ago as animals and even been eaten by say Dinosaurs or other type creatures? Could some of us have actually been placed inside a dinosaur?
All of the above for some.
If we have lived as animals or insects is it possible many of us have also lived as ET's as well? You mentioned that you were living on Uranus before this lifetime is it possible that some of us have a past life like that as well or are you one of a kind on this planet and there are only a few of you to go around?
We are all extraterrestrials, only our dirt/dust that we are wearing as our flesh is indigenous to earth. I am one of a kind but so are you and everyone else :-) We have adorned other costumes reptilian and such, not all but some of us.

How many lives would you say we have lived? Billions, millions, never-ending amount of lives infinite?
Those numbers don't fit most on this planet.

Did we at one point just exist or were we created at one point or have we always existed in one form or another as intelligence?
An element of what we are has always existed, will always exist, even those shredded. If we were created by something or someone do you know by who? Would that make that being or whatever it is that created our souls the official creator or God in a way?
I realize that many need there to be one source for everything, like the big bang, or one eternal God. It's way more complicated than that.

Is there Soul Growth / Evolution that determines where souls should be placed to maximized growth potential?
Yes, many blind tests. We do the crime then shown why we will be doing some time. Soul growth is not happening via chants and meditation, it happens on the battlefield of life.

Higher souls have access to everything they need or want. There is no need or want, what a paradox to have!

Every day, thousands of souls are harvested off this rock. Souls are always in season.

Souls are put in bodies just after birth. Does this mean we are not in the womb for 9 months, but we 'walk onto a life' so to speak?
Some go in prior to birth but don't necessarily stay there the whole time.

The soul is real, nothing else on earth is, including lessons, the higher up we go the more real it gets.

Pure souls can visit Earth and do. The rest of us have issues.

Are there other forms of life beyond that of a soul? And can we as souls progress to those other forms of life or are we stuck as souls?
There are other forms beyond souls. Some will transcend, some will not. It's a huge playground up there, transcending is not for everyone, and everyone is fine with that. If we as souls can progress to higher forms of life beyond that of a soul does it happen along the same lines of bacteria progressing to an animal?
Not even in the ballpark. Getting our heads around what a soul is, is difficult enough. Going beyond a soul stage of existence is a horse of a far different color. No I don't know what that means, ask the Wizard of Oz?

On the other side things don't age, nothing changes. Sounds boring but it's way not.

They are extremely compassionate on the other side and will give us breaks out the wazoo if they think we deserve them.

Are aliens just higher souls who started off on a soul farm like earth, or one of the copies of earth?
Not all souls get farmed out, or a boot or two up their arse in boot camp.

About utopia planets - do we remember more when there, and can we remember/meet those we met in this life?
We remember a whole heck of a lot more, and we do visit with friends and family if and when they are on that level with us or higher.

In higher dimensions we can look at things and see the mechanism behind them. Kind of like X-ray vision.
Is it actually something visual (like you visualize it in your mind) or would you describe it more like enhanced awareness, like a solid intuition of what's behind and how it operates---or is there just no room for interpretation: it just is there for you to see...?
It's as natural as looking out over a 3D landscape with a heck of a lot more detail and information about the things you see and interact with.

Do you mean that in this dimension of higher consciousness, nothing can be concealed, like emotions, lies, you are all exposed, naked as a deer... and is it why we are being tested in 3D, to see if we could actually take it at a higher level? Clean up your slate first and step up to the next level?
That level is free of deceptions, and people are free to achieve their hearts desires without pesky distractions of any kind.

What are emotions like in 4D and if there is actually such a thing as emotions there? Is anger part of the picture in higher levels, and envy, hate...?
Those things are quarantined on lower planets.

Do the higher souls belong to someone else on the scale?
They do but there is a realm of autonomy higher up.

When we die and move on, will we find out all the answers then? Will we remember past lives?
Those who move forward will get a huge surprise and shock. How much of a shock depends how long they been away. There is a lot of information out there to know and understand. We will know mostly what concerns us the most and go from there.
The higher up we go the more clearance to information we get.
Will we be all knowing? Will we ever know it all?
Some will, most will not. But being a know-it-all is not the real purpose in life.

Science has come up with a gadget that is said to induce lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is the ability to be aware that you are dreaming and then control it. This thing is worn at night and monitors your eye movement. When it detects REM it flashes to attempt to tell you that you are dreaming. When REM stops it wakes you up so you have better recall. Is this playing with fire or harmless fun?
It's a way for them to get into our minds and reprogram us.
There is good and bad with everything, the good souls get the good, the bad souls the bad. Sometimes there is crossover. For the most part it is harmless and useless for detecting the real meaning of dreams. But it could help with certain psychological problems or trigger an OBE and create a psychological problem, or adventure.
There are many variables and unknowns because souls are not equal and carry different kinds of baggage. For some this is an opportunity to peek into the unknown world of the paranormal, good or bad.

Have some of us on this board been immediate family members in past lives? 
Yes and some future family members too. Don't ask it's too complicated. Milton will not spill any names though.

Do souls really just grow from life evolving until they reach a level of consciousness? No.

It don't matter where we die, retrieval is the same in space, on dry land or under water.

The rules are quite different further up. For instance, individuality is the norm, following the herd is not.

Souls are accepting of other souls, regardless. No judgment whatsoever. The universe is not a melting pot of cultural ideology. 

Souls have many interesting proprieties and we add to them as we make our way through existence. Yes those we see or don't see in the skies are vehicles, transports for immature souls.

Many souls fly freely like pixies. Size does matter but what we see with 3D eyes is but a pin prick in the fabric of space with light shining through it, the rest remains hidden.

The sky is not the limit, unfortunately, we make our own limit.

How do other beings react to our past mistakes? 
How do we handle our "issues" when we are on the other side?
Issues are not allowed on the other side. We leave our issues at the door, and take them back up after the scolding. But the scolding is done with love and affection.

The souls, in the soup of existence, are not atoms or the kind of energy that lights up our houses and burns our toast. We are a special type of energy that is not definable by physics, well, neither is the common everyday energy.

What constitutes our 'family' outside of 3D? Is it all the souls that were created in a single batch?
Several batches for lack of a suitable word.

To advance to the state of Nirvana-like existence we have to get that other stuff completely out of our system. Or else we don't go to Nirvana. It really is an exclusive club.
What is the percentage of people, in the past year, that have died, whom have successfully transited from earthbound life iterations to a utopia planet or existence for their next iteration?
More than what you might expect.

Bodies are baggage for those not on vacation. We keep our deep dark secrets tucked away inside of them.

Is someone more likely to be reborn to a different race on this planet or the same race on another planet? There is some crossover.

When you are on the other side of the curtain with no illusion what does it feel like can you still remember? How do you see this life on the other side of the curtain?
Like watching small children on a playground. They have grand ideas of becoming superheroes, they have fun and play, fight, cry big tears. The next day the same thing.

Who, what and where of the soul creation process?
You have diet Coke, Cherry Coke, regular Coke, and cocaine/coke. A lot depends on the supplier. A bunch of higher up entities get together in a cosmic Woodstock love fest minus all the crap. That is only one of the methods for certain types of souls that reside here on earth, there are many other ways and means of soul creation that are not disclosed.

Souls are prohibited from sharing certain gifts to those not ready to receive or hear about such gifts. The biblical parable about don't cast pearls for swine to trample over is very true. I got trampled at ATS trying to share some pearls.

Those who get to choose their next lives usually are on the upswing. Those who go postal don't get to choose much of anything, especially where they end up. Can we parallel our former lives, kind of be in two places at once? It feels like it sometimes but no. However, there are different kinds of souls higher up that operate on multiple frequencies and dimensions. We are not those types of souls. Some will be.

Are good souls tasked with the job that Hitler and his henchmen were given? It happens.

Do the rules apply for all souls everywhere? I mean the basic things.
We have rules for those in grade school, different rules for those in high school, and laxer rules for those in college. Once out of college and the learning zones, the rules change again. Same with the universe.

There are many types of souls, some never get thrown in the mud of terra type planets. There are also many other species that are challenged in prison planets and moons, and other places.

Most of us are asleep in our little nightmares we call reality. Nevertheless, other realities while we are alive in this one are much more intense and therefore nightmarish for some more than others. But once we wake up from this life / dream/nightmare, we are in a crystal clear zone. We have mind blowing clarity, peace and tranquility. Some get to stay there for a while before moving up or down the ladder.

Is the 'crystal clear zone' synonymous with seamless unity of all being (i.e. no perceptions of duality or separation)? And is this 3-D dance all a matter of perceptions-gone-wild? The crystal clear zone is a temporary zone where we are shown many things depending on where we go from there, many questions about existence become clear.
That zone is where we go after we die, some of us anyway. Things will make perfect sense regardless of the next destination.

Everything is a form of spirit, even this earthly physical illusion.

When we go before the review board, do we see/feel the results of knowingly wrong decisions made in this life?
Reviews for those going south can be very brief depending on the crime, the hell place is what feels like an eternity.

Nothing hides on the other side and we are fully aware of what and who we are. 
But we are all in the same boat and most of our flaws are pointed out to us without judgment. Most people don't need worry about their small flaws, we all have them.

This galaxy is a big playground and we can pick and choose and be whatever we wish to be once we graduate.

Many that move from this time zone move into another time zone. Like getting off a subway train and into another train. That's one small facet of the goings on in this universe. The whole concept gets jumbled up in 3D. We need more D's to unfold it on to, to better see and understand how it really works.

Karma is real, we get what we deserve in this life or the next. Astral travels are real, they happen all the time, mostly during sleep via personal guides. A third eye is simply another way of seeing things, the big picture. But also can be subverted and lets us see only what we wish to see and not the real picture. If the soul is pure it sees things much clearer, if not it only sees what it wants to see and seldom the truth.

Do we all go through a similar experience when we die? Does that process always follow similar path or do different "families" have different ways to handle that process?
For the most part it's similar. But we are all on different levels, therefore we will comprehend the same thing differently, kind of like we do here on earth. One person sees a cup half full the other half empty, kind of thing.
So are we just pawns in a cosmic game of chess... or more like players in a football match where the result is unknown, and our ET backers/relatives cheer from the stands hoping their team will win.
Most of us feel like pawns, but that excuse will not cut it when we are in front of the big Kahuna judge. And we think Judge Judy has a bad attitude and bad hair day! We are on the playing field every minute of our lives, we score and we fumble. No one can claim our victories or our failures, regardless of our individual circumstances or the dang blasted stinking economy.
Will the outcome depend on us or them?
It's all us baby!

If we were able to touch a soul we would be touching supernatural magic. There is a lot of power in the soul, and we all have one of our own!
Down here in the big house we are soon programmed into believing we are descendants of apes. Apes eat their own scat, not much magic there.

Are humans the only species in the cosmos with souls?
There are many other beings without human qualities that have souls.

When we are done with this little go-around and go before the big cheeses and they show us all our good/bad deeds...I believe you said they do not pass judgment on us but make us realize what we have done well....or not. I guess I'm not understanding how it's not a judgment. My personal belief from what you have said is that these higher-ups have been there, done that and have no desire or need to "pass judgment" on us as they have seen it all before. I am assuming that they have no real opinion either way as it's up to us to fix ourselves. But on the other hand, it's not a lack of caring on their part either....quite the opposite I think. Am I even close??
Not much different than raising a child, once you get past the terrible twos, and then the real roller coaster ride, through the teens. Or so I hear. I got lucky, my children were a blast the whole nine yards. say for example we do a little better than last time and maybe we have to come back down here for another joyride....I know you said we choose to come back here but it would seem that if we didn't want to then our choice gets an "override", for lack of a better term. Is this correct?
When we fail to see the errors of our ways and make adjustments, yes, they make them for us. That's why they get paid the big bucks.

Is the life review really shocking?
The life review is extremely shocking. Most of us really hide our true feelings and motives well while here. But we can't on the other side. Nevertheless, most of us have the same embarrassing stains on our sheets. After all, we are only human.

Can a soul go through a black hole intact?
Sure can.

When souls living down here in human form are "attacked" by ET, does that ultimately serve a non-negative purpose for that soul?
Both negative and positive. Depends where the soul is going from here. Sometimes they get primed early, months, years before the exit date.

A soul "knows" or is able to intellectualize about their flaws, yet may find it really hard to change when living here. Is "help" given in the way of bringing out that which is "rotten" via boisterous negative input and life situations?
Every means is used for that purpose for some, but not for everyone.

Are souls down here created with the flaws or a tendency to, or is it our exclusive, very personal botch?
The buck stops hard and cold with each of us. That's a very painful realization for a whole lot of folks when they reach those pearly gates.

There are many types of souls far different than human type souls. Human type souls can be and are placed into animal meat sacks. But there is something else going on inside of animals that I have yet to touch on (can’t say anymore). Nevertheless, there are some new life forms that are silicon based and will need to be put through some kind of boot-camp.

You say we are judged, well reviewed really, on our progress, being that we are shut out of our past memories and what/who we really are is it silly for me to ask if we are actually also involved in our own review process.
We are involved in the judgment process and have input on what we plan to do about it. Otherwise we choose between hanging and firing squad. But little angels like John get passed right on through without judgment.

Most Earthlings do not get to play or understand that inconceivable concept for many soul lives? Is it a soul life? Is it a group get together play date science project? Yes, yes, no.

Do we have the same soul throughout our many different existences? Yes.

Is anyone’s soul just an aspect, part or is it all of the whole picture?
The whole picture is far too large for one soul, but we can nibble around the edges for a time before we become part of it, or not.

The soul is not anesthetized and the soul is not the brain, which can be drugged up.

At the pearly gates many will claim that they didn't know. Then they are shown hundreds of examples that prove otherwise. There are speed limit signs everywhere. Many choose to ignore them.

Does it add to our baggage in wanting to know these things about ET’s?
Baggage is our emotions, like hate, envy, bad attitude, and ego, etc. Everything else is fair game.

Are the centers of galaxies the realms of higher ET, the places where souls are created and the 3d "space-time" fabric originates?
That is one facet on a diamond with billions of facets. The fabric thing is a myth but there is an element of elementary particle truth to it.

Souls and containers are matched ethnically and some other variations too. There is no negative connotation with such divisions, and races do interbreed, creating other types of containers.
Is there a reason why a type of soul will fit better in a particular race?
Sometimes its culture, specific learning arrangements etc.
You once said that people tend to stick to their own kind of container types, and yes, that is evident in the broad landscape of our planet. But why is it that we tend to stick to this norm? Pure prejudice. Some truth to that but it has to do with past lives, family connections and where we originated.
Is there something special about a container that is a mix race?
All containers are special, and yes.
Like fingerprints we are tagged by our race for reasons we can only know when we die.

Does the average Joe trying to move up the ladder get to look back at his previous lives? Between lives we stand naked before truth. That same truth we are all clamoring to get a hold of while we are here. Some of us are scorched by the heat that truth puts out.
Are those memories kept locked up?
Those that are pure, like everyone on this board, can see whatever they want to see.
When one is on the 'other' side (provided they are moving up) do they look back at this particular life on earth as a distant memory? Because their current existence is just soooo overwhelmingly kewl?!
Those that want this life to be a distant memory are those that might volunteer to come back and try and undue the reasons they wish it would just go away. Volunteer in the way the military volunteer’s people. That's why turning our sorrows around and making them blessings instead, is a great investment in our future. Things are way kewl when baggage is not an issue.

When we are on the other side, how do we choose which container is most suitable for us? Very carefully.

To get to Utopia, do we have to be born again or can we just be teleported into a new body already grown up?
Both scenarios and more.
Do people ever grow old there?
Depends on the plan. There are many kinds of utopias, and they are all good.
What’s a normal day like?
Everything we would like a day here to be. There is no 9 to 5, no workday as we have here. We choose what we wish to do. No sickness, poverty, hate, envy or fear. Endless billions of souls live such lives now and forever. Humans on these levels have no idea what waits for them out there.

When souls are created by higher entities, are these new in their individuality, but made from pre-existing elements with levels of awareness on their own right? Kind of.

Are souls created to exist within the multiverse with the purpose of shaping particular, though infinite in number, experiences for a given level of autonomous awareness (pre-existing, everlasting and transcendental)?
One could say that.

When a soul is created to what planet do they go first, must they go to earth type planets before going to utopia?
Only certain types of souls are put through hell.

We all can sell our souls problem is their true value remains with the soul---there is nothing tangible to say a Satan, in a person's soul.
Selling a soul in the literal sense of the word is not a possibility.
Now cheating yourself out of a good and prosperous life is allowed, but never encouraged by the wardens---any warden abusing their powers will lose them immediately.

The only way to get something in this universe is to earn it---there are no deals or selling your soul---no one wants or can have your soul.
Your soul is nonnegotiable and only has value to you. 

Near Death Experiences (NDE) & Out-of-the-body Experiences (OBE)

Near death experiences are great for getting basic insider information----like there is life after death-----but they are very brief journeys into the next life----like entering a hallway of a house but not seeing the actual rooms in the house.
Most people that have near death experiences don’t remember much about them but do remember feeling unconditional love----which is real.

Out of body experiences (near-death) that has been led by terrifying entities into a hellish nightmare. Is this just a test/trick by the extra-terrestrials?
It’s not a test or a trick but a real place---a real destination on the wrong side of the tracks--how long one spends in that real hell depends why they were sent there in the first place.
It certainly may feel like this hellish place is for all eternity for those who go there---and for a few it might be, but for the vast majority that goes there it is only temporary---there are many variations and levels of these hellish chambers---a few of the minimum security ones are located here on earth.

In these out of body experiences do you feel the "dropping" sensation as if you were on a rollercoaster while re-entering your body?
More of a tingly feeling, but it depends how long one is out of their body.
Re-entering the human ball and chain is a drag once you feel the complete freedom, weightlessness, and no pain that is our souls.
When this is done during sleep we don’t feel the same trauma of re-entry, although sometimes we feel like we been worked all night in a salt mine.
When this is done while fully awake the trauma is both physiological and psychological---it’s freaky stuff to say the least---I always need a glass of that special wine afterwards---

Is it a great relief being out of your body?
Indescribable freedom---but never try it alone---

Is it dangerous?
For one it can’t be done alone, they are there but keep out of sight. It only becomes dangerous if you push passed the barriers they set up, and go to places you might not be ready for. Most of the time they don’t let you go there---depends on who the guides are---and that’s the trick---are they evil, are you evil---evil people are fair game.
Sometimes friendly relatives are the ones who take us to the holding pen, so we see them only briefly---which sucks big time.

The things that keep us from hellish deals like soul isolation is a clean nose, a good soul, a happy soul, gets us out of the loop and into real life.

We have every reason to be happy because life is a very short side trip---unless we are ingrates, then all bets are off.

We are created with a happy soul---but to keep it we must earn it by being happy---is that so much to ask---
Sure, this happy stuff can be draining for those that have lost touch with it, but it grows on you after a while.

I have had a few OBEs, and most people have them, all people do. Remembering them is not pleasant for most, and remains blocked.
People "never" create their own OBEs. People are taken out of their bodies by higher or negative lower beings. We can call up an OBE but those who do so never know who will take them for a ride. Those whose souls are not up to par can get a nasty ride. The memories might get blocked but not the experience, which will be stored for another time.
I try to keep my OBEs down to a minimum helps keep me grounded. OBEs are fun when given to you. Trying to make one happen spontaneously could create unintended problems. 

When I'm having an OBE, how do I know I have been taken out by a higher being or a lower being? You don't.

How can I make a higher entity to help me and thus have a great OBE?   We can't make anything happen. What we are makes things happen, opens doors, or slams them shut. 

How many humans on the planet actually have conscious out of body experiences? 
How many people actually have real control over this aspect of their lives?
No human has that freedom to do it consciously while awake or unconsciously during their sleep time without the assistance of spirits or other paranormal type entities.
We humans have “real control” of squat, but we have freewill on how we deal with squat. Back in the 70’s it was LSD that gave people the illusion of freedom to fly alone.

What’s the point of a NDE?
Get our attention for a brief moment---sometimes it can start an avalanche and a perspective shift.

There are many kinds of chambers we are put into while we wait for our next gig. Some are more tormenting than others, some are tranquil.
However, being inside of an alien ship while still alive has similar sensations.

Why do 30% of people who have NDE have a hellish experience of torture and torment? What are they really experiencing? Is it real? 
Not real but a hint of what may be should the person not make changes.

Being out of body, how does it compare to being in body?
Like a ton of bricks or not, the human body is truly a ball and chain.
Is it more perfect than this body? 
Infinitely more perfect, zero illness, knowledge up the wazoo.

How do you travel - are you bound by gravity like in the physical?
Depends on the soul baggage, those who lose all the luggage have no restrictions whatsoever, be it gravity or barriers like physical objects.

How do you feel getting back into body?
Like crap, but then you get used to it again.

Can OBEs (always given to us) be trips for fun?
They are treats most of the time.

NDE are small glances into the other side and very little information is captured. Once we are over there after death, we see things more clearly.

Can you speculate on why I have such a strong ESP? I have at times told a person exactly what they were doing and what time they were thinking of me. Being aware of it is part of the equation.

I guess I would say to anyone who may ascribe the word "powers" to this phenomenon, would benefit more to see it as a gift.
It's standard equipment on human brains. Some know about it, most don't.
Does it make sense that I lose this gift when I am being judgmental or critical, or behaving in a hostile way?
Our attitudes cloud many blessings.
Are the guides attempting to let me in on something?
They got nothing better to do. But they love it when they don't need to do anything and we do it right, on our own.

What happens when our souls show back up and there's someone in our skin?

Best to be on the good side of the coin, makes it easier to overpower any squatters.

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