Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Galaxy's Huge Black Hole Puts on Spectacular Fireworks Show

  • Galaxy's Huge Black Hole Puts on Spectacular Fireworks Show (Video)
Some time in the future scientists will come forward with exciting new theories that black holes create and spit out gobs of star clusters and individual stars as well, and he, she or them, will be praised for their new and profound discoveries. That will provide a quandary for physicists but lucky for them few people have a clue of what is going on in this bizarre universe and could careless. All that gas flowing out of Messier 106, is star magic and will add enormous amounts of star systems to Messier. So fret not scientists, Messier will grow and prosper as all galaxies do thanks to massive black holes, the creators of the billions of stars that make up the endless trillions of galaxies.  


By Kelly Dickerson, Staff Writer

The supermassive black hole at the center of a far-off galaxy is putting on a fireworks display of cosmic proportions.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Is Earth on the Aliens' bucket list? Why the Aliens Want Earth.


Ever so slowly, humanity, or some members of it, are coming around to understanding that Earth is nothing to write home about, one in a gazillion rock lassoed to a typical run of the mill yellow star. Duh! LOL Earth is a prison planet, one of billions of similar prison planets in the Milky Way galaxy. Why would anyone come here if they didn't have to? Yeah, I had to, as is true with everyone on this nothing to write home about planet. Sure there is a whole lot of nice stuff here, beautiful places (that most will only see on a postcard, or on the internet), but still, life is good... Good for some, great for some and nothing but a hell-hole for some. It's all perspective, really. Nevertheless, Aliens do come here, have been coming here (this star system) even before there was an Earth, and will continue to come here and hang out...not because they need stuff from earth but because it's in their job description, thank you very much, Seth Shostak.


Senior Astronomer, SETI Institute
Expedia's galaxy-wide website must be offering Earth at a major discount. In one movie after another, aliens decide to pass up competing Milky Way attractions -- including neutron stars, antimatter clouds, hot Jupiters, and a 4 billion-trillion-trillion-ton central black hole -- in favor of our planet. The small speck of rock we inhabit is more popular with tourists than Disneyland.

Friday, July 25, 2014

How did this happen? Iraq, Syria, Gaza and Libya all in flames

CNN) -- Each day, they live in fear.
Sometimes it's the fear of rockets dropping from the sky. Sometimes it's violent fundamentalists taking over their cities. Sometimes it's the barrel bombs stuffed with TNT and nails.
Exactly what horror they face depends on which border they live within.

It happens because of religion. People throughout the ages have been brainwashed into believing in fairy tales, which are used to unite people to overthrow governments, nations and competing religions. Nothing has changed and nothing will change as long as religious institutions hold the cards and call the "shots" (literally). People need to get their heads out of their arse and stop falling for religious propaganda, which has consistently pushed nations to the edge of despair and ruin, not saved them from it. Sacrificing children by slaughtering them on the altars of hate and vengeance has been a religious rite since the dawn of mankind. It's time for people to change their ancient archaic ways and look up to the stars and away from naive platitudes. If more people read my material and realized that everyone is accountable for what they do on this planet more people might be inclined to walk away from the hateful crowds that have ruled over their lives and minds like festering plagues. Life in this vast and endless universe is a never ending feast for those souls that come to realize that hate and vengeance is the merciless enemy, a trap for the souls who bite into it. Those sticking with the status quo of ignorance will find a future in this life and the next life to be nothing but a lengthy horrific nightmare. The horrible sight of children suffering should be a heart wrenching wake up call for those with a thread of compassion left in them to get away from the lure and the lust for vengeance. Karma is behind the pain and suffering but everyone is allowed to break the cycle and move up and out of hell.


Israel warns Gaza residents to leave
Middle East surging in war and terror

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Scientists: We're 'very close' to finding another Earth

A team of astronomers announced April 17, 2014, that they have discovered the first Earth-size planet orbiting a star in the so-called "habitable zone" -- the distance from a star where liquid water might pool on the surface. That doesn't mean this planet has life on it, says Thomas Barclay, a scientist at the Bay Area Environmental Research Institute at Ames and a co-author of a paper on the planet, called Kepler-186f. He says the planet can be thought of as an "Earth-cousin rather than an Earth-twin. It has many properties that resemble Earth." The planet was discovered by NASA's Kepler Space Telescope. It's located about 500 light-years from Earth in the constellation Cygnus. The picture above is an artist's concept of what it might look like.
I have said years ago there are billions of planets just like earth, so similar that if a person from earth were placed on anyone of those planets they would not know it wasn't earth. Unless it had more than one sun. Humans are not unique in any way, shape or form, put that in your pipe evolutionists. Nevertheless, there are billions of planets that are far different from earth and earth's present life forms. Life forms that are far superior and would not mix well with humans, humans who are used to believing they are the dominant force on earth if not the whole universe.


By Suzanne Presto, CNN
updated 10:37 AM EDT, Tue July 15, 2014 
(CNN) -- Scientists looking for signs of life in the universe -- as well as another planet like our own -- are a lot closer to their goal than people realize.

Monday, July 14, 2014

How Today's Technology Is Rapidly Catching Up to Star Trek

A measly hundred years ago the horseless carriage was all the rage in the high tech arena. lol
Wow, we humans work really fast... creating space age technology at lightning speeds shortly after falling off the horse. How did we humans do it so fast? Human ingenuity? Back engineering Alien technology? The average human can't back engineer our own stuff, like a television, for instance (not that a television is our own stuff, as is true with everything television is off the shelf, extraterrestrial shelf). The average person could not recreate from scratch the micro electronics inside the most basic of electronic components, and that is what top engineers are when it comes to back engineering Alien stuff (the average person). Neither back engineering or human ingenuity is to blame for the quantum leap from horse and buggy to Star Trek in a few short decades...yes, Star Trek is here now. Star Trek type ships are common as acorns and populate space in numbers that would astound any conscious or semi conscious human being. People come into this life with advanced knowledge preloaded into them from galactic places, carrying technological seeds that are mixed into their DNA after they are born (or during an abduction). Schooling wakes up the seeds and people follow their dreams literally into predestined career paths, mostly clueless of the process behind it all. Technology in copious abundance permeating the universe turns the wheels that create today's magical electronic gadgets and toys on this planet. Gadgets that seem new, exciting and leading edge to most people, have always been part of existence...blocked out after earthly incarceration.

There are no technological gadgets at higher levels as there are at lower levels, still, Alien class ships are out of this world and mind-numbing fun to be in, as will be space travel in the coming decades for those in the human dimension.


In a distant part of the galaxy, 300 years in the future, Starship Enterprise Captain James T. Kirk talks to his crew via a communicator; has his medical officer assess medical conditions through a handheld device called a tricorder; synthesizes food and physical goods using his replicator; and travels short distances via a transporter. Kirk's successors hold meetings in virtual-reality chambers, called holodecks, and operate alien spacecraft using displays mounted on their foreheads. All this takes place in the TV series Star Trek, and is of course science fiction.
This science fiction is, however, becoming science reality.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

'Revolutionary' Physics: Do Sterile Neutrinos Lurk in the Universe?

The mass that makes up matter eludes 3d minds to no end. It's there, here, everywhere and nowhere, all at the same time, confounding the brightest minds that spend their lives chasing after mysterious and elusive mass that might as well be pixie dust. Everyone, well, physicists mostly, presume that matter, the thing that makes up what we can see, taste, feel, hear and debate over endless cups of coffee, at the lab, has real mass (whatever the hell mass is, that is). Let's just simplify things, there is no mass honey (not even in honey). Everything we humans can see, taste, feel, hear, grow or build, and whatever else, has no mass. So put that in your massless cereal bowl. Sure, particles interact, and act as if there are particles that have mass (magnetism, polarity, weak and strong forces, gravity bending of photons (light) and an endless string of other slacker-type and bizarre particles that seem to have no purpose in life whatsoever). The illusion of interaction via magnetism and other strange phenomena has all of humanity fooled big time.  However, chasing the little quantum gremlins pays well all the same, thank you. It's so funny when you hear people (vast majority) say that they don't believe in paranormal stuff, and only believe in tangible things, those things they can see, feel, hear or eat (and are dam proud of being blessed with superior intellect and able to discern between real and hallucination). Hilariously (or not), such so called real things are spawn of the strangest paranormal stuff in 3d land, neutrinos. lol


 A completely new subatomic particle — one so reclusive and strange that it passes undetected through ordinary matter — could be lurking in the universe.
If so, a detector set to turn on later this year could find the first convincing evidence for the particle, called a sterile neutrino. The new experiment, whose 30-ton detector was recently lowered into place at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Illinois, will look for traces of this elusive particle transforming into another type of neutrino.