Monday, November 24, 2014

Are we heading for a new 'Mass Extinction?'

They might have a point. Too bad we can't bring back the dinosaurs, they could chomp away at the human race and in no time clear this planet of the dreaded human infestation, and save Earth. It's been done before according to a new book, so there is precedent. The book is by a leading authority on the subject and is called, "Mars and the lost planet Man".

Go buy the ebook at Kindle and help save the planet. No trees will be harmed (unless you buy the paperback version).

Lou Baldin
 Five times in the history of Earth, life has been extinguished by cataclysmic events. In one of them, the K/T Extinction, a six-mile-wide asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs, and in the earlier Great Dying, fallout from massive volcanic eruptions annihilated 90 percent of the Earth’s species. Could it happen again? The Smithsonian Channel special "Mass Extinction: Life at the Brink" explains why and how these catastrophes occurred, and why humans now pose a greater threat to the planet than any geological disaster.

Extreme shrimp might hold clues to alien life, NASA says

That explains why shrimp is at the top of the menu up on Europa. And on Tuesday nights, they have all you can eat, shrimp night. And kids eat free. Free because kids don't eat shrimp, at leasts my kids didn't. They prefered hot dogs and buckets of ketchup to soak the hot dogs in. The hot dogs weren't free and not cheap! "Import duties" said my server. "What a crock", I told her. There was no hog in those hot dogs, probably ground up shrimp and other fillers, and dyed red. She bent over and whispered in my ear, "that is true with the other guys down the street, but not this place, hot dogs were from certified hogs, shipped fresh from a farm on ganymede, everyday".

There you have it. I have since recommended, Milton's shrimp and dogs, place, to everyone visiting Europa. And for those going up there anytime soon, you got to try their imported Callisto brew! Goes great with that shrimp. (I get no kick back from Milton's place for this endorsement)

Lou Baldin

Friday, November 21, 2014

Physicist Claims Evidence Ancient Nuclear Explosions Ended Life On Mars

Brandenburg believes nuclear events wiped out all life on Mars.
A parade of books about Mars and Martians has begun. Some on the very heels of Mars and the lost planet Man, book...Oh stop (waves hand and blushes).  I gave notice nearly a year ago that this book was due to be released near Christmas. Would have been out sooner, in late September or early October, for the spooky nature of it, but the wife insisted on taking a vacation.....

The interest in Mars is heating up due to the possibility of humans having a chance to be shipped there free of charge...(but postmarked with a no return tag sewn onto their uniforms). Thousands of people have volunteered to go to this desolate planet (presumably for the fame and glory), with no clue of the difficulty and extreme danger they will encounter. Unsuspecting guinea pigs, given to the Martians as peace offerings (ransom). Ransom in exchange for a squad of black ops dudes that were captured, while drunk and with their pants down, in a seedy off-limits Martian district, and are now being held hostage by a splinter group of hybrid Martian freaks. Freaks that are experts at camouflage. They could be standing right next to you and you wouldn't see them, until they ripped your face off and ate it as a horderve

Mars holds and hides some mighty interesting things under the shroud of its destruction and scattered ruins. Mars is a feast of wonder, danger and intrigue, that will entice and lure humans to that planet for centuries to come. And oh the books that will be written about the place. Cover up books that will hide the facts, the kind of books that make the best sellers (if earth be any indication of what types of books sell the best).


PS, guess I would have some splainin to do if any of my books became best sellers. Nah, I'd be too busy hobnobbing with the reptilian elite.
Posted: November 21, 2014
A plasma physicist is advancing a theory in which he claims to have evidence of two ancient nuclear explosions on Mars, events that he believes wiped out an ancient civilization on the red planet.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Were Neanderthals a sub-species of modern humans? New research says no

A Neanderthal skeleton, left, compared with a modern human skeleton. Credit: American Museum of Natural History

Neanderthals were tougher and smarter than humans and yet humans survived and Neanderthals expired (purposely expired). Kind of throws a monkey wrench into the evolutionary mumbo jumbo of survival of the fittest. Get it, monkey wrench? Oh, forget it.

I keep forgetting that we humans are hairless apes. And we all know how smart apes are, we being ape progeny. No offence to the apes. I just wish they wouldn't throw monkey poo and then scoop some up like peanut butter out of a jar and...oh god no, eat it...I loved taking my children to the zoo, and wouldn't you know it, the monkey section (where the largest crowds of people with children were), is where my children want to go too. I tried to avoid the monkey sections (seeing our kin caged up like that), and it was kind of uncomfortable to try and explain monkey doings, to the little ones, luckily I didn't have to, for them monkey antics were hilarious, even if gross as hell. Where was I.

Servival of the fittest my a ss, It's survival of whoever the gods want to survive. The gods caged monkeys, Neanderthals and humans and whoever threw their poop the furthest (out of the cage) got to move up the evolutionary ladder. Go, humans! We won the poop toss. We're number one!!! Or is that number two?

Someone needs to tell these scientists that Neanderthals have Martians origins. And do it with a straight face. lol


ps So, so sorry about that mental pic about monkey... doings...shouldn't talk about our kin that way. But we humans are number one!!!!!
In an extensive, multi-institution study led by SUNY Downstate Medical Center, researchers have identified new evidence supporting the growing belief that Neanderthals were a distinct species separate from modern humans (Homo sapiens), and not a subspecies of modern humans.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Leonids' Peak Early Tuesday Morning


Wow, what a timely coincident after launching my new book! Some of planet Man is falling on Earth tonight! Yeah, sure, whatever, they call it "Leonids", the dandruff from some old comet that needs head & shoulders shampoo really bad. Is that shampo still around? It never worked on my dandruff...drifting off the subject again.

To be truthful, I'm not saying that the Leonids is from planet Man. Man blew up a very long time ago and most of it has settled on planets and moons in the solar system by now. Still, there is Man dust and many Man chunks of meteors from Man, that are still flying around the solar system at god awful speeds that could incinerate Earth, if some of the larger pieces should hit this planet. Sam said, in his gangsta imitation voice, don't worry about it.

For those with unobstructed views of the night sky, the shooting stars can be really cool to see. Light up a joint and enjoy the cool colors... Did I just say that? I haven't smoked weed since I was an army dude, 40 some years ago. What I meant was, light up a bonfire, to ward off the bitter cold, like we have here in the midwest, and check out the night skies, you never know what cosmic wonders you might see. Like swamp gas or test dummies, or black ops triangle ships. Well, depending on where you are, and what the heck you been smoking. lol      


The annual Leonid meteor shower will peak just after midnight Tuesday and will provide an enjoyable stargazing experience for viewers staying up late. The Leonids will not feature the fireballs of the Orionids or the sheer volume of the summer's Perseids, there will be about 10 to 15 meteors per hour, NASA reported.


Some feedback I received about my new book is disturbing. Most of my books have had similar responses by people that were duped into reading them, and their whole lives turned upside down because of them "devil books".

I empathize, but I have often warned people of the content of my books and blogs, and I dare say, most people, the vast majority in fact, have taken heed of my warnings. And regrettably avoid my books and blogs like the plague or the more current fiend, ebola.

Shucks, a guy can't make a living if his books don't get bought and read, or at the very least, used as tp. I'd organize a book burning but how do you burn ebooks? In the old days, people had to buy a paperback book so that they could burn it. It was an ingenious idea to increase publicity and book sales.

Granted, not everyone is scared off by the contents of my books, some think the contents a joke, or boring.

Either way, those who have read my latest book, please leave a 5 star review, less Milton or Sam makes a visit to your abode. (not meant as a bribe, btw)