Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Vikings came from Mars? Yup.

 Mars Used to Be Way More Earth-Like Than We Thought

 Mars Used to Be Way More Earth-Like Than We Thought

Vikings came from Mars? Yup. According to Lou Baldin in his book, Mars and the lost planet Man.

 Excerpt from the book, Mars and the lost planet man:

Before the downfall of Mars, Martians battled Serpents relentlessly for control over planet Man and its four moons.  Over the centuries, Mars made significant inroads into Man, spreading their own breeds secretly on that doomed planetary system.  Martians were able to remain hidden from the humans on Man and avoided detection by the Serpents (so they believed).  Serpents were always aware of Martian intentions for planet Man, and the Martian penetration of that planet.
            Planet Man was dominated by a pure breed and a solitary race of humans.  Humans remained mostly untainted for the greater part of Man’s multi-million year existence.  But fringe beings including Martians managed to hide within planet Man and its four moons.  Mysteriously, Serpents and the gods permitted the worms in the apple of Man.
Nevertheless, Serpents had no intentions of allowing the Martians to gain a permanent hold on planet Man.  But knowing that the planet was destined for destruction, the Serpents bide their time, and patience, with the Martians, and other infestations on Man.
            Planet Man had the largest human population in the star system.  One that was spread out on other planets, moons and the thousands of space cities that were incorporated inside of massive star ships.
            Man’s extensive network of outposts, connected every segment of the star system together like that of a spider’s web.  Humans from Man collaborated with various other entities and races throughout the star system, providing services and trading goods with all the planets and moons in the system.
            Humans, above all the other beings in the star system, were trusted (and manipulated) by all.  Nevertheless, the humans were protected, for the most part, by the gods.  That protection came to an end after millions of years, when the gods forsook the humans of Man, for a greater interstellar purpose (demands from higher beings that were above the gods, and residing in the cosmic realms).
            Serpents were chosen by the gods to pull the plug on the pure-breed humans on Man, its moons, and the whole of the human network across the star system.  One of the reasons (but not the most important of reasons) that humans faced annihilation, along with their extensive network that connected all the beings, and the various races on planets and moons, had to do with a parasitic Reptilian strain of beings, which had leached on to the humans for their near perfect genomic biological structure.  It was an ironic paradox because the Reptilian race was permitted to do what they did by higher echelon galactic rulers, for millions of years.
            Cleansing and keeping it untainted (the human genetic material), inherent in humans of Man, was past its prime, and no longer paramount to the Serpents, who had been instructed on the future plans for humans on Earth.  In the aftermath of the reform in the star system, a pure breed of human was no longer the objective or desire of the overseers of that particular branch of humanity (the humans of Man).
            Post-destruction of Man, and two of its moons, Serpents directed their wrath on Mars.  Sparing the planet but killing off large parcels of Human/Martian hybrids, which were inhabitants of Mars.  Before the destruction of Man, a number of Humans had been taken to Mars by Martians and were bred with other beings including Martians, to create a diverse Martian race that had human attributes.
            Martians intended to use the Human/Martian hybrids to create and expand Martian colonies on Earth.  A few colonies and outpost were created by Martians but eventually they too were rooted out and exterminated by the Serpents.
            Serpents enslaved the Martians that had survived the brutal attack on Mars, and most of its space colonies.  An assault that simultaneously destroyed every Martian city on the planet and most of the Martian colonies off the planet, in a single blow.
            Earth experienced a similar cleansing, and restructuring, to make way for a portion of the surviving humans from planet Man (spared by the gods for the reason of seeding and sowing the Earth).  Humans were stored in large container ships as big as a medium-sized moon, and released in batches, periodically, onto earth and other regions (planets, moons, space cities) within the star system.
            Star system overseers (the gods) did little to interfere in the squabbles between renegade clans (which were many).  Instead, they encouraged and sanctioned processes that engaged renegades against each other, stirring the pot that affected the affairs of humans and other races on Earth.  It was a recipe concocted by the Serpents, and approved by the gods, to hasten the decimation of existing races in order to pave the way for new and diverse breeds of humans.
            Humanoid species of beings replaced the spiritually depleted beings and creatures that roamed on Earth for eons, and whose endless billions of carcasses, over the centuries, fertilized the soil of Earth, millions of years prior to the entry of humanoids.
            Human type containers (humanoid bodies) were used to store souls from various star systems in the Milky Way, for a multitude of reasons, including extensive incarceration and psychological manipulation.  Like a seed bank, various types of souls were collected from far off star systems and crossbred in the furnaces of surrogate star systems, by spiritualized beings.  Where souls resided and flourished in the bodies of humanoids and other types of containers, on the planetary bodies of that star system.

Serpents were commissioned by the overseers (gods) and received approval and privileges to establish kingdoms and population centers on Earth.  Earth was destined to receive a series of races from various star systems in the galaxy but also from Mars and Venus (Serpents called Venus, home).  Races from other star systems were crossbred with Martians, Venusians, and humans, and make up the primary races that are only the traces of the ancestors of modern humans.
            Multiple races were kept inside of container-ships (spaceships) in orbit around Earth.  Bodies, and sometimes with souls inside of them, were/are suspended in a soup of mysterious fluids until reanimated and dispersed, periodically, onto planets.  Vikings (from Mars) are one of the most recent concoctions that were dropped off on Earth by the Serpents.

Excerpt from the book, Mars and the lost planet man:

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Humans are a dime a dozen in this never ending universe

2nd Director Of Lockheed Skunkwork’s Shocking Comments About UFO Technology

All the technology humans have and had during the whole of time on Earth is Alien technology. But try telling that to some people and they will start throwing punches at you, mock you or roll them eyes, laugh and walk away. Humans need to feel important, needed, appreciated, special, smart and totally capable of building machines that will take them to "where no man has gone before". Problem is no such places exists. Every square inch of this mind-boggling never-ending universe is occupied by beings of one sort or other and some that are infinitely and far more intelligent than humans. And there are a lot of human type beings out there. Some technologically equal to Earth humans, and some far less advanced than Earth humans, all swimming in the same cesspool of clueless. Humans are a dime a dozen in this never ending universe. Hardly unique. Nevertheless, the universe is a gift of unbelievable wonder and a playground of endless delight for those souls that mature and move up the celestial ladder. .

Lou Baldin   

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Are Space Aliens on board with DARPA's plans to "Stave off Intergalactic Threats"? Yes.

DARPA Plans To Build A U.S. Military Space Base To Stave Off Intergalactic Threats 

DARPA has hired a specialized team of illegal, undocumented, space Aliens, illegal because no one knows about them, they have no social security number and they are paid under the table to avoid taxes and the fact that they work cheap (far below minimum wage). The space Aliens can work cheap because a dollar goes a long way back in their homeland (planet Uranus).  That cheap labor will deliver huge dividends in the space industry and create untold opportunities in space exploration and whatnot. There will be a whole lot of whatnot that most humans on Earth will not know about. Been that way since president Truman put a lid on all the Alien whatnot stuff happening here on Earth under everyone's noses for decades, hundreds of them decades btw. "Intergalactic Threats", talk about the wolves watching over the chicken coop. And why not, the wolves have built the chicken coop and they can do with it as they wish. But the chicken coop will be so cool when it extends into certain "allowed" places in Space land!  It will be like a Disney Land theme park with alligators.

Are Space Aliens on board with DARPA's plans to "Stave off Intergalactic Threats"?  Yes.

Lou Baldin

Monday, June 20, 2016

Planets are literally the spawn of stars and carry the star's "DNA" within them

Discovery of exoplanet sheds light on planet formation

Planets don't form from gas and debris on the outskirts of the sun as is believed by astronomers in lockstep with each other throughout the world. Planets come out of the sun, spit out of the sun, emerge from the sun, birthed by the sun whole. Some planets are released near the sun and eventually over time migrate away from the sun and grow larger as they are bombarded over millions of years by space dust and asteroids.  Some planets are ejected far from the sun and migrate back towards the sun where they can grow into gas giants or crash into other stellar material, matter, planets, moons, asteroids, and comets in the cosmic soup and therefore enriching and adding to that soup. Some planets end up outside the solar influence that spawn them and drift to other solar systems, and are captured by other suns, or forever drift in the space between planetary star systems. Planets are literally the spawn of stars and carry the star's "DNA" within them.

Lou Baldin   

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Zuckerberg, get your ass to Mars!

Zuckerbergs Make First Investment in Quest to Give Away 99 Percent of Their Facebook Fortune

 PHOTO:In this file photo, Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg attend the Breakthrough Prize Awards Ceremony at NASA Ames Research Center, Nov.9, 2014,in Mountain View, Calif.

Little projects here and there certainly receive media attention, public gratitude and tax right-offs. But they accomplish little in the way of creating lasting prosperity for the masses. When you control enormous wealth you should use that money to expand frontiers. Frontiers such as space. Governments are too wasteful and bureaucratic to accomplish anything significant in the field of Space exploration. Pumping money into feel-good earthbound programs are just as useless. Getting people into space, creating space cities on planets and moons will generate jobs on earth like no other private or government earth-based programs can. Humans are destined for Space and that will expand exponentially endless opportunities and wealth on Earth that will benefit the billions of humans on this planet immensely. Few people are "given" the abilities to make huge changes on this planet, if they don't squander and lose their way in the penny ante game of life.

Lou Baldin       

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Condominiums on Pluto? Yes!

Newest photo of Pluto stuns scientists

While scientists are stunned the public only sees a fraction of the photos taken of planets in the solar system. The average person without the VIP designation isn't allowed to see the real stunning pictures available only to NASA designated VIPs. Why doesn't NASA show us the zoomed in photos of Alien artifacts, condominiums and bizarre cityscapes on Pluto and other planets and moons?  They must think people can't handled it, would crap their pants or something. Millions of pictures are taken every year and only a handful are released to the public. Few people question that. Our appointed leaders certainly don't. Some say they will until they get the special VIP designation and realize they are special.  

Lou Baldin