Thursday, April 17, 2014

Is NASA a bit apprehensive about the kinds of life lurking in the cold, dark, deep recesses of this solar system?

  • Dwarf Planet Discovery Could Help Show Life's Spread Through Solar SystemDwarf Planet Discovery Could Help Show Life's Spread Through Solar System
NASA "people" would never admit to fearing the stuff of science fiction that has haunted the minds of humans even before the advent of fiction books and movies, all the way back to the stone age. NASA's sole existence is to deny all intelligent extraterrestrial shenanigans...and the realities of such capable beings existing in our solar system. And are well compensated (paid) for keeping the lid on all things paranormal and unexplainable to the human masses. NASA protects humans from knowing anything about the hood.
NASA believes there could be lots of space objects (moon and earth size planets) out there (on the fringes of this solar system). NASA has no idea how they got there or what they are or made of or what purpose they might serve (In NASA's defence, they are truly clueless of most of the facts concerning "everything"). NASA postulates several theories in this article about where planets and other strange objects originated from but miss the target by light years and are nowhere near even an inkling to reality. These solar objects "all" came out of the sun (and some of the planets), which has been belching, birthing freakish material into the solar system and beyond for a long long time (as I have been saying for a long time). All these "planets" and other things, regardless of size have life on them (as NASA is starting to realize...with some apprehension). Some of that life came preexisting with no natural biological tags or crosshairs for understanding. The kind of life that most humans would not enjoy making acquaintance with, I might add. Me be pitching a book that has yet to be written, NEVER!


On March 26, researchers announced the discovery of 2012 VP133, an estimated 280-mile wide (450-kilometer) object that lies just beyond the Kuiper Belt of icy objects that swarm outside of Neptune's orbit.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Audacious cosmology

Expansion of universe is measured

For the past month humans from nearly every major country using all the leading edge technology available to mankind to find a plane that is equipped with all the leading edge technology haven't been able to triangulate its whereabouts right here on good old planet earth. But cosmologist have triangulate something that "theoretically" happened 13 billion years in the past from galaxies that are multiple millions of light years away, so far away in fact that even the gods have a difficult time traveling such distances. Too bad that someone already bought the Brooklyn Bridge, because if anyone believes any of the stuff that's been coming out of cosmology lately, they would make great candidates for buying the Brooklyn Bridge. Or, perhaps they should recruit cosmologist in their search for the missing jet. Heck, them cosmologist people have been on a pulitzer prize searching frenzy the last few years. And for what? They haven't discovered anything.

Btw, everything in the universe has a spin, meaning things go round and round, kind of like a dog chasing its tail. Galaxies do move, in circles. The universe is not expanding and it will never contract. My "theory" is just as good as anyone else's, except I don't have the big fancy doohickies to play with...nor a snowball's chance in hell of snagging a Pulitzer. They don't give Pulitzers to UFO nuts...not fair.


Astronomers say they have made the best measurement yet of how fast the universe is expanding during the 13 billion years since its formation.
They have discovered that 10.8 billion years ago the universe was expanding by 1% every 44 million years.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

NASA Captures Solar Flare

Solar flares are a regular occurrence on the sun yet highly mysterious happenings for stargazers and more so for the scientists who study the sun for a living. The sun (star) creates all the matter (planets, moons, asteroids, comets, etc.) in its vicinity (solar system and a tad beyond). Humans don't have the technology to see or understand what is happening with the massive amounts of star ejecta that the sun flings into space willy-nilly. Scientists still believe that planets and moons came into existence from a protoplanetary disk that formed around the sun soon after the new sun began to cool.

That theory is starting to lose its luster but for now it prevails among scientific minds...until someone (a certifiably scientific type) comes up with a better theory, idea, on how it all works (or find evidence). If you don't know, pretend is modus operandi in most if not all fields. And so, they contrived a god particle and pinpointed the time of the big bang. A quantum and cosmic feat surpassing all scientific discoveries combined, if they were true.

That scientific formula applies to the sun and its spawn. If the sun spawned all the matter in the solar system then years of scientific work would have to go into the trashbin. That's why it was so important to "find" the nonexistent Higgs boson and fudge the truth about the Big Bang. Good thing the masses are fast asleep and could careless about scientific mumbo jumbo, religious hyperbole, and last but not least, swamp gas, weather balloons and little green men.    



Saturday, April 5, 2014

Atlanta Archbishop Bends to Internal Pressure to Sell Buckhead Mansion


As far as I'm concerned everyone should live in their own mansion, and those souls that escape earth will live in something exceedingly more extravagant than a brick and mortar building. However, those that have chosen to live the catholic traditions should at least attempt to follow their own rules. Catholic priest and nuns take a vow (oath) of poverty. Presumably meaning that they will live their lives while on earth modestly. But as we all know, and has been true since the beginning of time, priest of every persuasion and belief system have lived and been treated like royalty wherever they set up shop. Who can blame them, as long as you can fool the people into turning over their hard earned money (for godly causes) what's the harm of enjoying a percentage of the take, the fruits of that cold hard cash? Hey, Jesus said the poor will always be with us, so why waste all that good money on the poor, who will always be with us anyway.


Atlanta Archbishop Wilton D. Gregory announced today that he will be selling his $2.2 million mansion due to growing criticism and to appease parishioners.
The Archbishop has only lived in the home for 3 months, but during the past months he has dealt with a constant outcry from the catholic community as a result of the building and purchasing of the Buckhead mansion.

Friday, April 4, 2014

The billionaire who wants to harvest the moon

  • The billionaire who wants to harvest the moon
The only way to get people motivated is the carrot and the stick. Gold was used for that purpose here on earth by the extraterrestrials. ETs didn't come to earth to steal gold to save their own civilizations or aid in their ships, well a few did. Gold was used primarily to build nations and get people to do things like traveling to far off lands and risk everything just to have a chance at becoming rich (finding gold in them thar hills). Without motivation shit doesn't happen.


As a child growing up in rural India in the 1960s and 1970s, Naveen Jain would gaze up at the moon and imagine a life beyond his modest surroundings. Today he's still gazing at the moon, but for far different reasons.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Bill Clinton on aliens visiting Earth: "Wouldn't be surprised"

In this file photo, former President Bill Clinton delivers the inaugural William J. Clinton Leadership Lecture at Queen's University Belfast on March 5, 2014 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. WPA Pool, Getty Images

Bill Clinton did know about Aliens visiting Earth, as most presidents do get some briefing on the subject (not that they are allowed to admit it). He had more important issues on his mind during his presidency, no, not the Russians and Chinese, but something even more pressing, a secret weapon under his desk, a Monica Lewinsky, searching for government secrets in all the right places. With that kind of action going on, who gives a hoot about space aliens. Jimmy Kimmel didn't ask the right questions. 


Former President Bill Clinton never saw evidence of aliens when he sat in the White House, he said Wednesday, but he wouldn't be surprised if they show up some day.