Wednesday, November 23, 2016


The Real Reason for Viking Raids: Shortage of Eligible Women?

Charles Q. Choi Live Science Contributor

Vikings from Mars were brought to Earth to spread their seeds and mix them with human seeds. Best way to do that is kill human men and take and mate with their women. It's been done that way forever and still goes on under the pretense and protection of religion and politics. The way to change and get rid of your enemies is to infest their culture and replace it with your own. Often this is done through wars, conquer, displace and sometime assimilate parts of the conquered culture into your own. In modern times it's easier, faster and less messy to infiltrate, move your people into foreign countries and slowly take over their lands; and replacing your opponents, those whose ideas and religious beliefs differ from your own. Which is happening big time all around the world today. Most people seem to be clueless of that fact. As clueless as humans are of the invasion from other planets in the solar system that have taken place throughout human history. Humans are nothing more than a Heinz 57 mixture of beings from various planets and moons in this star system and the cosmic beyond.

Lou Baldin 

For all their infamous raiding and plundering, the Vikings who attacked from Scandinavia might have been just a bunch of lonely-hearted bachelors, new research suggests.
During the Viking Age, which archaeological discoveries and written texts suggested lasted from about A.D. 750 to 1050, shipborne crews from Scandinavia went "viking" — that is, they started raiding. However, the causes of these invasions remain uncertain.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Don't bogart that joint my friend

Cannabinoids control memory through mitochondria
November 18, 2016 by John Hewitt report

Cannabinoids control memory through mitochondria
Cannabinoids and memory

"Don't bogart that joint my friend". Been there done that mostly during my army days. I have also said many times way back when that marijuana should be legalized. Mostly because the drug wars are a farce, don't work and are making a lot of undesirables rich. Since we are stuck with death and taxation might as well legalize marijuana and put those tax dollars towards rebuilding infrastructure and perhaps even some towards space exploration. There is a whole lot of money to be made just sitting there waiting to be picked off the marijuana mother load.

I've also warned many years back that marijuana and sister drugs will delete some primal memories of those who abuse it and those who claim not to inhale... Everything comes with a price tag. Studies as this one have confirmed the warnings I have handed out at no charge to people who had argued with me on certain websites and internet forums about the safety of naturally accruing drugs (cannabinoids) and such. This study is looking for loopholes to fix the "memory loss" issue. They may succeed to a point but there are memories lost that will never again see the light of day, regardless of what experts might say.

Having said that, I will repeat, don't bogart that joint my friend...

Lou Baldin  

Humans Need Cosmic Space

I published this video on YouTube Apr 3, 2012. Not a whole lot of interest in space back then. Most people believe it a waste of money and use the dumb excuse that it's better to waste money here on earth than to waste it in space. That's why America has sat on its butt and done practically nothing in space for the last few decades. Governments are far too bureaucratic and often not motivated to do the "right" thing. But China and a few others not constrained by democracy because they are communist, has plowed ahead in space exploration while the American government fell fast asleep, due mostly to public apathy about space exploration. The only saving grace of America is that it still has a dedicated-to-space-exploration free enterprise system CAPITALISM...the most dreaded word for Earth dummies. China and other countries know about the riches and endless possibilities that surround planet Earth like a yoke in an egg. Humans of Earth can feed on that yoke material and grow exponentially into the cosmos.  
Enormous prosperity will never be realized on Earth until humans from Earth get off their slower-than-molasses jackasses and get into space. End of rant....

Lou Baldin    

Monday, November 14, 2016

Somewhere on Mars, They’re saying, ‘The Earthlings Are Coming! The Earthlings Are Coming!’


My book, "Mars and the lost planet Man" is a big hit up on Mars. But not down here in ape town earth, where most of my message is avoided like the plague by the powerful media corps because it has too much truth and not enough fiction in it. Most humans have been dumbed down and thoroughly brainwashed by religion, political stupidity, and scientific retardation and therefore couldn't recognize truth if it barfed all over them. Sorry, was I ranting? No, seriously, we humans love being entertained with bullshit and that is why we have to swim in it until we drowned in it and die. No one will ever receive anything resembling truth by human institutions who force feed crap to the masses nonstop, because we humans thrive on crap and can't get enough of it. Sour grapes because their stuff sells like hotcakes and my stuff don't? You bet.... lol 

Lou Baldin

David Hinckley Writer, Bob Dylan fan, memorized every line in ‘Casablanca’

Sorry, Orson. This time we’re invading Mars, not the other way around.

National Geographic’s ambitious six-part series Mars, which launches Monday at 9 p.m. ET, presents a full-throttle, all-in vision of how we Earthlings might actually, seriously, really open a colony on the Red Planet.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Will Clinton's Americans ever be the same again?

What happened? Change happened that's what happened. In many countries when political parties are overthrown life instantly becomes chaotic and many people lose their lives, their livelihood, their freedoms as their countries spiral into the madness of turf wars. The world witnessed such turmoil during the change of political power and leaders in the unfurling of the Arab Spring. The world then stood by and was forced to take in millions of displaced refugees from war-torn and devastated countries.
America has an advantage over many countries when it comes to changing leaders, in the fact that we have systems in place to keep the peace when political parties are overthrown. Unfortunately, there are those who wish to destroy and subvert that system of the peaceful change of power, a system that was written a long time ago into the constitution. A constitution that has created the larges safe haven in the world for personal beliefs and freedoms to pursue whatever citizens of America want or need without the fear of anarchy taking over the country.

The only constant is change.

Lou Baldin     

Thursday, November 10, 2016

First ever Mars show home goes on display in London

Not bad accommodations for prisoners. Solitary confinement inside a stone igloo on a frozen and desolate planet. Sign me up! I don't think so. Considering that the indigenous Martians hidden in caves, crevices, and massive caverns under the surface and many stealth surface facilities have far better living conditions. Not to mention the 5 star rated accommodations for human VIPs stationed up there. Oh well, it's customary when countries wish to establish a foothold on other lands to populate that land with desperate people, indigents, criminals, suckers, malcontents, and those who don't like the way certain elections have turn out. In other words, people wanting or needing a "new" place to call home, hang out; volunteers and "volunteered" as in prisoners, alike. Many countries here on earth had their beginnings, built their foundations with such groups, hords of people. And after some time passed, decades or centuries and a bunch of bumps in the road, ended up just fine. America was one of many such success stories here on earth. Mars will be a success story too...............after a bunch of foundation stones are put in place and paved over by time and a few frozen corpses. Well, for those not invited to the warm and cozy VIP lounge.

Lou Baldin

Your future house on Mars: First ever Martian show home reveals what life would be like on the red planet