Compiled by Olivier Colpart

Lou Baldin has reached the public
through threads opened on the American website Above Top Secret (ATS). He has
written several books, most of them are about UFOs and extraterrestrials.

Under the username Sleeper, he opened
those threads in order to voluntarily answer questions from internet users who
had read his first books (A Day with an
and In League with a UFO) and
to widely develop the information of his "alien contact" that Lou
baptized Milton.

His two major threads, "Are ETs as real as the nose on your face?"
and "I'm coming clean on extraterrestrials"
met certain success on ATS, also
attracting many skeptics who vainly persisted to debunk his words and tried to
make a crook out of him.

His various treads and blogs exceeded two thousand pages of
questions and answers to this day. This guide is an attempt to concentrate the
vast majority of his answers and revelations under themes. 

Happy reading

Note: This guide only contains about 50% of all Lou Baldin's
answers that can be found on treads and blogs, and nothing from his books. It
will be completed over time by other answers but already contains the bulk of

Contents in this blog have been collected from various
websites, blogs, threads and forums by Lou Baldin, and were published between 2006 and
2008. This material is raw and unedited and has not been reviewed by Lou



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conflicts & Renegades

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the book "In league with a UFO"

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Government & Aliens

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in Black

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X / Nibiru

3.      2012

4.      End
of the World

5.      Future
of Mankind

6.      Climate
Changes & Natural Disasters

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1.      DNA
& Blood

2.      Drugs


Lou Baldin's Books

- I -




the username Sleeper? 

I signed up to ATS website, I entered many words and names the one I have is
the one that took.

don’t consider myself psychic, I don’t meditate or go into a trance or use
chicken bones, nor do I read the star charts to predict the future.

I have
a political slant, I am the opposite of aliens, i am very political in my

not straight line conservative politically speaking, mostly in the commonsense
issues like personal responsibility, standing on your own two feet, and things
that count for the long term, like eternity because life is forever and we
carry our baggage with us wherever we go.

why some of us sink into the bottomless quagmire of hopelessness. Know any
people like that? This world is filled with them.

not a religious person so that’s not where I’m going with this.

I was
a Catholic, and when I married I changed my religion to one of the protestant
ones---the one my wife and children belong to-----I even thought my children to
be good Christians---yet I do not adhere to any religion or secular beliefs.

mother was very Catholic in her beliefs and I did believe in Christianity but I
never was good at it----I went to church as a child but stopped when I became a
teenager----I started back up when I had children just to give them something
to chew on.

I was
never afraid of going to hell----it never made sense to me that a loving
father---god---would send his children to eternal damnation----I never
discussed religion with my parents---they had their beliefs and I had mine.

respect Christians----my family is Christians---I raised two children in the
Christian beliefs---they go to Church every Sunday.

would say my Christian beliefs have been upgraded to a higher operating
version--- I did three or four years in Catholic grade school---the best
education I ever received, discipline goes a long way in the learning

I was
raised a Catholic and my Christian confirmation name is Michael.

I did
go to the church while my children were growing up to give them a sense of
community and love for others.

I am
not a Scientologist, nor do I prescribe to any earth religions or beliefs---but
I’m also not against most of them.

not Scientology; they have attacked me many times as have others

I did
not dabble in the occult.

don't meditate.

in college I did some bio feedback that helped me relax, but I don’t have the
patience to meditate anymore---

you are asking if I take drugs----I do----an aspirin once in a while, and I
have a glass of wine with my meals---one glass.

I am
not allowed to take drugs.

don’t know my IQ

not concerned about the army tracking me down and putting me out of commission,
I’m a veteran, and not in hiding, they “know” where to find me if they want me.

have experience aliens many times since my army days-----if the military or
anyone else is watching me I am not aware of it. Maybe after this they will.

have never been regressed-----and personally I know it would be
pointless----since they can place whatever they wish in our minds.

have been shown a few things [of what is to come] but for the most part I have
to take one day at a time.

will not returned to this planet for a long time, unless I am sent back or
certain other circumstances pull be back

I am
planning a long vacation before deciding on my next assignment.

have no concern about dying----that would be the end of my exile----I came from
a truly cool place to this planet---not that I have it bad but it’s a whole lot
less than what I had.

In my
previous existence I have seen much but nothing as I have been shown while in
this life----forgive me if I don’t give details---I don’t have the time---I
have to make a living like everyone else.

have an optimistic outlook on existence and my life.

to me is like school there are good times and bad but overall I enjoy the
learning curve and look forward to graduation.

only thing I worship is a good cup of coffee in the morning

I am
not a scientologist. I'm a Contactee, perhaps I should see it that qualifies as
a tax exempt religion---

 I don’t share this stuff with those in my
social circles.

have normal dreams---find myself in crowded places in my underwear---so

health is great; I'm not concerned about anything--- implants and other objects
inside of me.

going back to that uninhabitable planet I came from---, but I will take a break
first and hang out in a very bright spot near the center of this galaxy, in
spirit form---for as long as they allow me.

I was
going to be taken at the age of fifty but asked for an extension because I
didn’t want to put my children and wife through the anguish---at the very last
minute they extended my stay--don’t know for how long but I can go anytime I
want, my family is what is keeping me here. I’m not going to take my family
with me, they are on different paths and we are not due to cross paths again
for some time, so they cannot go with me.

did know the date of my original departure which was a few years ago, but it
got extended for reasons I’m not complete sure about. Don’t know my next
departure window yet.  I don’t know when
I’ll be departing from this earth. 

have my occasional cup of Java, and a drink of wine at dinner---that’s about
all my head can take---lol

far as raising my vibrations I use to do it with regular coffee---and have
since switched to decafe---I don’t like the higher vibrations---

love nature and spend many hours walking in it---preferably alone.

like nonfiction and history books.

never liked sci-fi books, and may have read one or two my whole life. I like
true stories and history books.

I buy
all my books and literally have hundreds of them, many I have yet to
read---very few are fiction

source is me and Milton and I hold the Copyright.

everyone gets their cut there isn’t much left over for the writer, only those
that make it to the top of the sellers list make a living doing it---but I’m
not complaining I didn’t get into writing for the money because I have been
doing it for many years and have yet to make any, I write because I was asked
to write---not told---and I enjoy writing.

my “soul category”: I’m in voluntary exile---lol

have a shop in my basement, it’s filled with old radios, something about vacuum
tubes and old circuitry gives me goose bumps---lol

love crusty bread and eat it all the time.

I used
to be in construction, built houses, and those glasses and several other pairs
have saved my eyes from flying nails out of nail guns and wood splinters and
other shrapnel in the heat of battle at constructions sites.

pair I have now are much smaller but they too have been marred by molten copper
when I was doing some rewiring in my basement and I cut into a live wire.

So my
eyeglasses have served me well---

question do I most want the answer to?

do any of us merit being born into this magical universe?

tried to explain it to me once and my mind went blank from overload---it’s such
a strange deal the brain locks up---Milton said I had to upgrade my spirit-ware
before I could run that advanced program, concept---

no secret that there are people who don’t like me---lol

are a couple of possibilities for my next hangout but they will not tell me
until the last minute--- I’m on borrowed time since my stay here was extended a
few years ago by my request. Therefore my options have changed, and now my time
of departure will determine where I go from here.

let my lack of enthusiasm and casual sentence demeanor fool you---I write this
way so as not to appear hyperbole in my descriptions because I’m already way
out there for most people’s taste.

have no collaborators, or links to substantiate my claims, experiences, or
points of view. My info is from my perspective and no one needs believe any of
it. I’m not here to change the world---lol

I am
emotionally comfortable in my life and I don’t have anxieties.

 I have to get out and earn a living; Miltie is
no help in that department.

54, and my last human physical was in 1973 by the military when my stint was
up. I don’t have a physician; never have other than when I was in the service.
As a teenager and a young adult I smoked and drank with the best and worst of
them, but two years before my first daughter was born ETs told me to stop
smoking and reduce my drinking. I did. Now a glass of wine or two is all I do.

don’t want to write fiction, and I’m working on how to get way out there while
remaining within a degree of respectable reality---if there even is such a

have lots of trees on my property, my neighbors on both sides of me have
none---they told me it’s because they don’t like raking the leaves in the
fall---yet they end up raking more

than I do because most of my leaves end up in their yards--- Yet they still
talk to me---lol

not coming back here on earth to live, but I will visit now and then in one of
those ufo gizmos.

expect nothing [from people to believe in me]

don’t have the time to read every book out there, I’m doing good if I can read
two or three books a year, I’m not a speed reader and it takes me awhile to get
through a book.

I don’t read books about ET and UFOs because I have firsthand knowledge.

read plenty, just not as much as I would like, I have hundreds of books but
books are only one avenue for the printed word---we have this thing called the
internet, journals, newspapers and a host of other media to keep people like me
busy---on top of that I have written and published books, have written
countless manuscripts that are still first drafts, dozens of other half
completed manuscripts, and a first draft screenplay which is my ATS blog.

have sold hundreds of books all from word of mouth, I have never advertised, or
did seminars or talk shows, therefore very few people know me.

self-published and the libraries in my state bought many of my books---that was
the only time I actually made a profit because they paid list price and they
ordered directly from me. One of my books has been on for ten years
regardless of the sales numbers---and I often find my books in book stores.

There is also something called POD
print on demand, which is the way many books are going in the future, I sell
quite a few of my other books that way through Barns and Noble and other

have shipped books around the world and I’m not concerned about them making me
immortal---I’m already immortal---so are you btw.

have never made a penny on a book yet I have sold thousands of them. Making
money from selling books is a myth; only 3% of writers make a living selling
books---the rest like me have to earn a living so that we have the money to
spend on publishing our books.

human, with a thirty year mortgage, who fills up his gas tank with the same
expensive fuel as everyone else. I raised two children that are grown up now; I
have a sweet wife, and the extended family on both sides, I mow the lawn once a
week and take frequent walks at the local park---this morning after typing this
I will get my car inspected and renew my license tags---afterward I might meet
the wife for lunch---if she’s lucky---lol

have no obligation to tell my experiences or answer questions, I can stop
anytime I want.

I don’t look forward to finishing all those books I have started, or writing
more--this is hard work especially since I don’t have to do any of it.

not the poster child of integrity, I am human and have to deal with all those
things humans have to deal with----and I sure peddle that “integrity” thing a
lot on this thread don’t I?

I do the best I can when it comes to integrity, even though I was only a boy
scout for about a week when I was ten, until they arrested our scoutmaster for
racketeering and shut the whole thing down---and we ended up roaming the
streets----looking for trouble----and found plenty of it----sorry for that side

was I---oh yeah---not only have I told the truth but I haven’t even scratched
the surface of most of the truth that remains hidden from most humans---
scout's honor.

personally, I like hot weather but I’m sure glad that the “gods” created
air-conditioning for us monkeys down here!

level of human Am I? 

many notches below the janitorial crew---or more appropriately known as
maintenance engineers---

Do I
know who or what I will be when I expire here on earth? I’m still negotiating
that---so are you.

have been around a few and then some.

have been on this planet more than once.

serenity doesn’t perturb easily------but my serenity certainly perturbs

neither a psychiatrist nor physician therefore not qualified to speak on such

was I picked to be enlightened about this true reality that I speak of?

not for my peachy personality------my uncle Guido got hold of one of them
flying saucers that landed in his back yard----back in Italy when I was still a
kid, and when ET came out of the ship and asked “take me to your leader” he
took him to the local Don, who made the two ETs in the ship an offer they couldn’t
refuse---and the rest is history.

of them, like Uncle Guido, have a purpose and a job---it takes a special kind
of guy to be able to stuff a bloody body into the back of a car trunk still
alive and then sit down to a huge plate of pasta and bottle of wine, and then a
noon nap before finishing the job of disposing the body later that night.

do I think their brains were hardwired with cruelty in the first place? 

entice others to cruelty---notice that movies and shows like the Sopranos are
number one. All of us crave blood and power---all we need do is delve deep into
hate and envy and we can have it all---right?

of sting operations going on as we speak.

Were my construction skills and
writing talents from previous existences?
I got them while here.

You know, beyond a shadow of a doubt
what awaits after death. You have the knowledge to keep yourself on track.

I do
have that “unfair advantage”, that’s why I do what I do even knowing that
“most” will laugh at me and think me a kook---

I was
born with my eyes wide open----which is both benefit and burden.

not vegetarian, although I like vegetables too---

am Libra.

remember my trip to earth in a ship as if it happened yesterday, I have always
known to one degree or other about the other side, and there are many other
sides to the galactic coin

Do black ops still keep tabs on me?


allowed some info on my own “family”.

not ready for primetime, or perhaps primetime is not ready for me---

Time is not ready for a "broad brushed drip", nor does anyone really
want it, or need it for that matter.

not very good at making money and have only lost several thousands of US
dollars---since I got in this crazy get rich quick money making scheme, back in
1997 when my first book came out.

wish I could do it for free, or at least break even, but apparently nothing is
free, and it is costing me plenty to get this free info out.

still have dreams, not much but yes.

Are you untouchable since you know
Milton and retribution would follow?
Hey, I’m Italian, we don’t believe in retribution.

discouraged from taking any drugs even prescriptions. And my wife and children
do the same for the most part.

Do I
fear the unknown? Well if it’s unknown then what is to fear?

know some about my past but not all---there is a lot to know but I don’t need
to know it all.

Let's say you work for a big company
and have several bosses, how would you look at them knowing what you know?
I have worked for bosses and I did
the job I was paid to do. I don’t feel superior for the simple fact that I know
I’m not----

actually a regular Joe and not the “sleeper guy” that I am on this thread.

can change gender, but it never occurred to me to do so. I don't recall ever
being female in the few lives that I do remember.

human and I have to roll with the punches, which is not easy since Milton is
short and hits below the belt.

not much of a psychic

When you lived in ancient Roman,
maybe you were taken to visit places in our solar system and beyond, is that


These planets were related at the
Roman style living?

Roman style living as was true with Greek and Egyptian was far superior than
most realize today.

name is not sleeper or Lou, those are temporary names. Earth names are

would never do regression and I never have.

How many past lives can you recall? A couple (can’t say anymore).

What do you consider yourself?

simply one soul out of endless bazillions of other souls, and I go by Lou or
Luigi for now.

Is this your first time in America?
If it's not, when were you there last time?

not my first time in America, that's all.

How does it feel to remember all
those things? Do you recognize yourself or do you feel that they are completely
different people altogether?

only allowed a few peeks.

dad had a wine press in the house and grapevines in the backyard. We were poor
but we had wine lol. I visited Italy in 2001, the first and last time since we
moved to America, and got the grand family tour. Wine, fantastic food and more
wine and more fantastic food day and night for a month. It took me a year or
more to recoup and re-acclimate when I came back. They certainly know how to
live over there, but considering how reckless they drive, must be all that wine
they drink.

first language is Italian, and was so up into my teens. I still speak Italian
but my dreams are in English. Apparently English is a universal language.

Can you name three politicians, past
or present, that you really respect?

Kennedy, Reagan.

What do you enjoy the most here in

four seasons are really cool.

Have you ever been to England?




I was
born in 1952 and I did a three year stint in the US army, not sure if that
qualifies as ex civil servant. 

I am
Italian, born in Italy, grew up in the states. US citizen. I was born a few
years after WW2.

should stir the pot; I was dropped off on this planet on Oct. 7, 1952, in a
small Italian village---where I lived in dirt poor poverty for several
years----wasn’t I special--- More like punishment---

I was
born in Italy, my parents move to America a few years after WW2 and became
citizens. I was a US citizen through them and eligible for the draft----I
choose to enlist.

have some college.

hands have not had it easy, I have been in construction for 35 years as a
carpenter and have built many houses in freezing winter weather and roasted
during the hot summer months. I have also built lots of free houses for Habitat for Humanity-----those were the hardest on me----working
with amateurs can age you before your time.

upon a time I was in the United States Army and I not only seen alien space
ships UFOs, but I was in one.

military never told me why they gave me access to the ship---my guess they
didn't know. My military rank and clearance had nothing to do with my
involvement with the aliens; it came about because of my previous contact with
aliens from childhood. My clearance to enter the ships was from the aliens, not
the military. I was not a military experiment taking drugs and having
hallucinations. The military was curious of my involvement with the aliens ----
they know aliens are real. The military brass never gave me permission to enter
the ship even when it was on a military installation----it wasn’t theirs to
give, they accepted it.

military knows more than I do, they also know how helpless they are in
comparison to the aliens-----the worst part they only have contact with a few
of the visitors to this planet.

in Italy during my early years of life, post WW2, I was in ships that flew into
space in a blink of an eye and I saw earth and the other planets from these
ships----looking through portholes. Those were my first experiences----Italy
was like a Third World country at the time, devastated by war----the village I
lived in had no radios, televisions, or any concepts of space
travel----bicycles and horses were the main form of transportation.

later in American I was in the military in the early seventies----I was privy
to much of the leading edge technology we had, ----the SR-71 spy-plane used for
reconnaissance over Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, China, and the USSR was secret and
leading edge technology at the time----the general public wouldn’t know of it
for many years after the war was over. The SR-71 was a toy in comparison to
what I was flying in back in the early nineteen fifties, many years before the
SR-71 was even on the drawing board.

in the military overseas I was in a severe car accident ET stepped in and fixed
me and the other occupant up and left before the police and ambulances
came----we were in perfect condition without a scratch----the car was a mangled
twisted pile of metal----I was the driver and it was my fault----the passenger
didn’t remember anything that happened but couldn’t believe we were alive and

lived in a small village with no modern conveniences, televisions and radios
and books of fiction didn’t exist for us-----there is no way my mind could have
created what I experience without having some reference-----like TV, books and
stories. My parents didn’t and don’t believe in ET, so they didn’t tell me
stories. And how would they have described a fantastical ship when the bicycle
was our main form of transportation.

never had a near death experience-----I experienced it while alive----in a
ship----those things call UFOs.

I was
involved with some secret military stuff, many of us were during that war but
it had nothing to do with the aliens that I was aware of.

I was
in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos [wars]; I never said where I was sent to----or
what I did, for reason I would rather not elaborate on.

I was
never debriefed by the military because I never entered the ships on behalf of
the military or the government.

they didn’t trust me to tell them what they wanted to know.

is nothing spectacular about my military service, I enlisted in January of 1970
and my tour ended three years later in 1973. My rank was spec 4, primary mos
was tank crewmen, secondary mos was supply. My basic training was in fort
Leonard Wood, Mo.

I was
stationed in Fort Knox, Kentucky, Fort Ord California, Fort Hood, Texas, and
did a tour in Okinawa. 

I was
stationed at several military installations, I received my joy rides more than
once and at more than one base. I was able to observe the exterior of the ship
on a military base----not going to mention which one for obvious reasons. 

entering the alien ship took place mostly away from military bases, and I found
myself inside them, in other words I didn’t walk into them, I was taken into
them. The ship I remember the most about had corridors. 

was a main corridor that circled around the main compartment like a hallway
separating the portholes or viewing area from the interior of the ship. 

I was
able to walk around the interior circumference and look out of the ship from
the many portholes. Never noticed it they were tinted, the view was crystal
clear. The ship was not a large open space, there were rooms or

never seen the engine or propulsion system, I’m guessing that it was magnetic
because in certain parts of the ship I could feel a strong energy force around
my body, electrical or something like it, difficult to put into words.

my military days I was involved in a near fatal accident, someone ran me off
the road while stationed somewhere overseas.

car was a mangled heap of junk with the doors crumpled shut---by the time the
authorities arrive I was standing outside of the car without a scratch---before
the local authorities could question me the military showed up and took me
away---without any questions---and returned me to my off base apartment.

had a hard life but overall I have been blessed big time---lucky bugger works for me---lol

in 1957 we moved to America and Paterson NJ was the first place we
lived---moved away two years later. 

I was
very young when we lived there but I remember a convent behind our apartment.
My brother, cousin and I spent many days driving the nuns’ crazy; we got into
their flower gardens and they didn’t like it. There was also a waterfall near
us because I could hear it even from inside our house. We hunted for frogs and
turtles at the lake. I have many good memories of Paterson and a place called

preacher that married my wife and I is named Paterson---he retired
afterward---come on there is some mysterious meaning here---lol

is only reserved for those bad asses I talked about earlier--- 

1970 I was in the army training for combat, not for Vietnam but here in the US,
thousands of us were on the tarmac in Fort Hood, Texas waiting orders to load
up on military cargo planes and be shipped off to Chicago.

orders never came and they sent us overseas instead.

I lived in post war Italy food was hard to come by and we ate pigeons now and
then--people actually came around selling them---chickens were for the wealthy
and rare in our part of town.

grew up in poverty in Italy, and when we came to America my dad’s business
failed and we were back to square one, I had to join the army to get three
meals and some shoes without holes in them. Until I joined the army I went to
bed hungry for seventeen straight years.

had two of my own business fail---but overall I still consider my life a
blessing---my point, a lot of us get dragged through the hot coals of life---I
didn’t think I was sent here for punishment or to learn a lesson yet I got

missed out on the Age of Aquarius back in the sixties due to poverty and the
rough neighborhood I grew up in. I joined the army as a way out of it. Didn’t
do the hippy thing, pure survival was my goal. I was never much of a dreamer
because life was hard and real. But unlike many of my friends, and later army
buddies I never feared death, and ironically I outlived most of them.

have always been aware on one level or other of extraterrestrial beings in my
life but didn’t quite understand why until later in my years. I’ve never been
regressed never needed to because my experiences have been clear and memorable,
the few they allowed me at the beginning.

As I
got older more memories were left intact and that’s why I decided to write
about them. Still, I’m not a new-ager trying to bring enlightenment to the
world, I tell my real story, and answer some questions that I’m privy to.

find it curious how many people can’t make the mental leap that souls,
extraterrestrials, afterlife and what we see as magic----as real. To me it’s so
obvious, and I’m as straight and level headed as they come with zero flights of

not sure that I’m here to learn anything but I definitely had to endure plenty.

came down to earth from utopiaville what more could they do to me? I should
have read the fine print---

I was
dropped of in war ravaged Italy after the Second World War, we moved to the
states where I grew up in poverty in a part of town that the police feared
coming into, where people were shot and stuffed into car trunks over unpaid
gambling debts.

on more than one occasion walking home from school I found myself dodging
bullets from gun fights between gangsters. My first job I was nine years old
and whatever I made I gave to my mother, I have worked ever since. I joined the
army at seventeen to avoid going to jail because of the thugs I hung out with,
and for a pair of shoes that didn’t have holes in them---lol

I had
a hard life, and some of my friends were the spawn of Satan, criminals looking
to outdo each other just for kicks. It was in those days that I received my
first assignments, because I was on the inside of the gang I was able to keep
certain crimes against individuals from taking place, I did the same while in
the army.

hate and evil that swirled all around me never rubbed off on me and I remained
above it while in the midst of it---but I had plenty of reason to fall, I was
always hungry, always cold in the winter, in grade school I was made fun of
because of my language differential, and my clothes were shabby, there was no
shortage of people trying to hurt me or bring me down to their level.

trudged through plenty of darkness, the real stuff, because my memory of who I
was was blocked.

spent a year at a Jesuit college, but moved on to one that wasn’t so expensive.
I had veteran’s benefits that paid for my schooling but I still couldn’t afford
to pay that tuition. I have regretted it, the teaching was superb.

our bakery went under all our utilities were turned off except for the water.
We lived on stale bread and coffee heated with a candle for more than a month.
We were poor in Italy but we had family for back up over there, but here in the
US we had no friends after we lost everything, not even welfare because we were
not citizens yet---nor the money to go back to Italy. I lived in poverty until
I joined the army.

I was
raised by clueless parents, clueless teachers, in a clueless society that views
anyone who has invisible associates as a menace to society------my life has
never been a cakewalk.

Europe starvation and sickness was an affliction of the aftermath of the First
World War, Germany suffered more because they lost that war---and were cut-off
economically by the other countries---which was the seed planted for the Second
World War.

my parents lost all of their teeth shortly after they moved to America from
Italy because of malnutrition and hardship that was rampant in Europe after the
second war.

On your Viet Nam stint: Were you black

I was regular army with a side order of the covert---black
ops like the mafia doesn’t exist. Any
chance you could tell us about some of the things you did in there? Or is it
above top secret? 

put it this way, they don’t give out medals nor punishment for those
involved---because they don’t exist---

parents were very smart but neither of them picked up the English language
until their latter years. Not soon enough to be helpful to me. Many in the neighborhood
spoke Italian so the need was not immediate.

my dad was given a book by immigration so that he could learn enough English to
take the citizenship test, and he would sit at the dinner table reciting “How
now brown cow” over and over again that I had nightmares about brown cows even
though I didn’t quite know what a brown cow was at the time.

I lived in Italy as a young boy, my dad devised a way to keep me out of the
basement, where he had his tools. He had me follow him to the basement door,
and he would open it and a hand reached out and grabbed him and pulled him down
the stairs. He would yell and beg for help. I was five at the time and ran to
the kitchen and grabbed a broom and hit the hand that was holding my father
until it let go of him.

later he told me that the hand was his, and they use to get some good laughs
with me, even inviting the neighbors over to watch. But at the time I was
horrified by that beast in the basement, and the hairs on the back of my neck
still stand up whenever I think about it--- Dreams are real places, just as
real as the stunt my dad pulled on me---he did it to make a point and leave an
impression, and they “ETs” do likewise.

kids are grown up and on their own for the most part.

I was a young lad of ten to fourteen years of age my dad dug a basement under
our house and he had me carry buckets of dirt out into the yard. He always told
me just ten buckets and then you can go play. After the ten buckets there was
ten more and by the end of the night I ended up carrying more than a hundred
bucks of dirt, two five gallon buckets at a time. In grade school, my arms
looked like those of Popeye the Sailor Man.

and me

have no idea why I am involved with the aliens-----but it began from the first
day I was born----and possibly before-----I have vivid memories of my early
contacts----not sure what I can talk about. The military did not select
me----they knew about me----before I knew about them. 

experience began before I was born on this planet. I don’t know if I came from
another planet or if they took me out of my mother’s womb during her abduction
(no one in my family believes in aliens including my mother). My mental
awareness was not that of a child but near to that of an adult. The ship I was
in was all over the place like I was being given a tour of the solar system
before they dropped me off or returned me to my mother’s belly.

remember leaving this solar system and then returning. It was like a train ride
I could see planets in the distance some shrouded in the haze of the sun as we
made our approach to the earth----at that time I did not know that the planet I
was looking at was earth and my new home? The glare of the sun did not bother
my eyes---presumably the glass or whatever it was blocked out harmful

haven’t had any bad experiences while I was young, I played with others my age
inside the ship, sometimes it was parked above earth other times it flew around
the solar system and we got to look out thought the portholes.

knowledge came mostly while out of the military----in other words my military
service didn’t interfere with my ET contacts.

is not my native language but that’s the medium ETs use with me.

I saw
earth from space more than once-----not a dream, not an illusion. When I was
very young some fifty years ago before the USSR and the US put people into
orbit, before any television shows like Star Trek, and many alien movies, and
books-----I was running around a space ship with other children----I often
looked out the ship and saw huge globes hanging in the darkness of space.

experience that I described while in the military happened thirty-five years
ago, I have advanced a tad since then---a few more privileges have been made
available to me.

have been aware of ET for all of my life----I even remember then dropping me
off on this planet.

for the first four decades of my life I didn’t want to know about them and I
did my best to block them out of my life----totally impossible.

have literally taken me kicking and screaming into a life I didn’t want----in
short they forced me to clean up my act----I wasn’t always the nice guy I am

beings wouldn’t have gone to so much trouble to make me respectable…..or would they?

these ETs have shown me leaves no doubt in my mind that they are on the same
level as deities-----they are not out there trying to figure things
out-----their cities are beyond fantastic---everything is magic-----and love
radiates from everything including them----when they don’t have their bad face
on----which they only put on while on earth.

didn’t want to divulge this but here goes----I get their communications from my
bowl of cereal every morning----just like Gonzo did in Muppets from Space-----well, maybe not. We are in the same place
when they give me the info.

I am a mixture of whatever concoction the aliens implanted in my mother's womb
and taken on several test runs around the solar system before being let loose
on this planet, and they bring me in for an occasional tweak, or checkup, or
perhaps to clean the bathrooms on the ships---I don't know.

it was over we were split up and sent to new units, names were aliases, but it
didn't matter I had no desire to get back in touch.

be surprised if anyone came forward to collaborate, if they are still
alive----they were a rough bunch anyway----doubt that they cared about

can hypnotize anyone, any place, at any time-----those soldiers on the ship
were being trained for other things----not sure what.

that have seen the ships one would presume would be a few select scientists,
government officials, and certain military people.

I entered the ship there were a few people standing behind what was a
protective? Glass partition, no guards near the ship, they were posted outside
the building.

is on a need to know basis----if it didn't concern me I wasn't told. It's the
best way to keep secrets.

not visited by only one race.

But I
don’t know much about the others yet.

entities have the fun jobs and my interaction with them remains obscured, I
don’t have all the details on them but when they drop in it’s party time and we
are off to some exclusive and mysterious destination, I hope they open up to me
with more details someday.

come mostly in the early morning hours (Usually between 2-6 AM) -----I am
usually awake in bed. When they enter the room my whole brain becomes
electrically aware similar to a florescent bulb when placed in the vicinity of
a high energy field----it picks up the energy and lights up, and a loud sound
fills my ears----no one hears it but the intended----my wife sleeps right
through it, they keep her sleeping.

have met them during daytime and they were garbed as humans and their energy
field affects me---sometimes causing stomach cramps. They affect certain
electrical things including my car when I took them places.

is no preparing that I am aware of-----I have known them my whole life and they
still scare the heck out of me, although, I also have comfortable encounters.

don’t have details but when I have a question in my head they give me
round-about answers. The way they do certain things makes it obvious they are
bound by rules and policies----those I have contact with are not a band of
outlaws----however, alien outlaws probably are out there----humans are not
shooting down alien ships.

don't know which aliens are dealing with me-----I do know that nice friendly
ones have----and some very ugly personality types too.

I don't feel they are malicious----even the ugly ones-----because I believe I
leave with a bit more of something after each encounter.

have experienced more than one alien----don’t know how many-----for some reason
I cannot retain what they look like. Most of the time they are not near me but
at a distance, and they communicate with me----I don’t ask them questions they
know what is on my mind and sometimes they answer.

faded but I was always aware of my extraterrestrial rides. When I was young my
mental state was not altered while in the ship. I was not a prodigy child, I
hated school, did bad in all my subjects.

I never ask or know when Milton or
others stop by---they come day or night---always unannounced as if this was
some kind of clandestine program---lol. My visits are fairly frequent, and they
usually end up off earth.

I can
ask but don’t always get answers---I have asked about others and only received
vague replies on a few---privacy issues---lol

can make things happen at a faster rate if they want to---I think it's still up
in the air what they will do.

give it to me and others to put out there.

definitely have a spaced-out sense of humor---which is a good thing believe me;
you would not like them if they were mad---lol

been off planet recently, yes, and every so often---some places are still
blanked out.

If I
did saw Mars, it remains blocked, but I did a flyby.

assumed most people understood that ET fixed me, I didn’t fix myself, ---at
that time I was not aware that I was repaired by ET, that fact was revealed to
me many years after.

have all my human memories---and overall I have been blessed with two fantastic
children and wife---and fantastic times with them----all intact, and many ET
memories—the ET ones are equally as real.

else do we have to go on?

I was young about a billion years ago---lol, a hole opened in my bedroom wall
and they came out of it---talked with me a bit and they took me into the
hole---which led into a ship, and then we flew into space---and I wasn’t even
allowed to cross the street on my own---lol

have always been aware of ETs on some level but they started getting busy with
me around 1995, and then again in 2004 at the age of fifty. Every time we meet
they open up more stuff, the human brain has limits and that’s not where they
put the bulk of the info, a lot of it is in the ship, and I have access to some
of it via some kind of telepathic hook up---kind of like dish network---lol

don't remember ever asking for physical contact---they happen out of the blue,
day or night--

I’m directed to go for a walk at a park, or nature trail---like in my

Blue beings came over one morning and rushed me out of my house in a big
hurry---put me into their vehicle---ship and took me to a city I was not
familiar with---blanked me out and an hour later returned me home---one of my
most enjoyable abductions---but I don’t remember why.

I’m a
little familiar with them. There are blue entities ---they were small (less
than two feet tall) with reptilian and human features, and radiate blissful

move rapidly like hummingbirds and when they, there were two of them that
visited, took my hand I moved at the same rate they did. They took me and
brought me back two hours later---I don’t know who or what they are, or why or
where they took me.

entities are shy and very hesitant to enter anyone’s private space if they
detect the slightest bit of resistance for an encounter.

though many don't believe this stuff, they asked me to clam up on certain
things they are involved in.

heads are large in proportion to their bodies, their eyes are smaller than that
of greys. Skin is blue with iridescent white spots.

blue beings ooze magic and joy and they are still around, really short, not
like the tall ones in Vegas.

have never seen a dark figure---in the beginning they were small and playful
beings that simply appeared in my room---as I got older and I tried to block
them out of my mind---but they would hit me over the head with a beehive---and
take me away. They then started meeting me in human form and we often had lunch
at a local restaurant, or met at other public places, or at my home---now
anything goes---

I never look for them---and have in the past tried to avoid contact---it is
them that intrude into my life---but I’m not complaining now---especially since
they opened up things like they did in my blog !

me is secondary [for ETs]

relationship is extremely complex and becomes more so the more they open up to

I was young and even while in the military I knew just enough about ET to scare
me--they were doing things I didn’t quite understand and then they blocked
things from me. I tried to drown them out by partying and drinking---then they
warned me to cut back---I didn’t listen and they took me behind the shed---so
to speak---and it took me a few years to get over that one
experience---however, I had changed my reckless behavior soon after that

I see
both worlds, ET’s world and human’s world---which would I choose? Hands down ET

and Milton are not Illuminati, Satanist, wife beaters, or child molesters, etc
Milton and I do not belong to any secret society or empire or whatever else.

the ETs in involvement with me, looking back, only been a positive force in my
life or are they still at times disruptive?

have been one hundred percent positive, even the ones I perceived as negative
turned out positive---I’m positive---lol

of the time ETs are specific with things I need to do.

sometimes speak in parables when they want an element to remain ambiguous,
that’s what I love about them---not---but I find myself doing the same thing
too, will it ever end ?--- ETs talk in parables because a lot of info is
transmitted in small bites---for those astute to read between the lines that
is. So I do the same---

[abductions] have been very strange and difficult to relay as I did the one in
the blog, that’s why the next one isn’t written yet. The rest of the encounters
remain mostly blocked except for a few moments at the beginning. There are many
people going on similar trips yet so few talk about them---cowards! ---lol

is no rhyme or reason on when they stop by, but they do frequently.

the ones I have seen are small below four feet.

story I wrote "A day with an extra-terrestrial" is a fraction of the
experience that happened to me.

tin foil hats are to keep aliens from reading our minds and influencing our
thoughts--granted, they will keep microwaves out and tin foil is cool for
roasting corn in and it has a million other uses, but believe me it don’t stop
ETs from reading our thoughts.

Ok I
have tried it once, I wanted to block Milton out for a short time just to see
if I could but the burger appeared next to me---mocking me and wearing a tin
foil hat too---both of us in tin foil hats and he still talked to me
telepathically while drinking a glass of water---shot those theories all to

ETs I know about don’t eat food unless they are in human form and then they
only do it to be sociable and not stick out.

I get
more tours [with Milton and ETs] but I don’t remember all the details other
than they are more mind blowing fantastic each time---and my little human brain
can’t handle it all.

had some harry scary encounters, plenty.

I get
unwelcomed visits, comes with the territory.

visits can get hairy [raises a few hairs] and seldom cordial; also there are
some that have tried to discourage my big yap.

don’t have any implants in me, I did but Milton took them out, nevertheless,
they still keep on eye on me---if only I could get them to mow my lawn----

I was
always aware of the ET critters on some level, and then around 1995 they
dropped a bunch of info in my lap and told me to make sense of it. I put what I
could down on paper and then into a box in my closet where it remained for two
years. I forgot about it then got a call on the phone from some dude and he
wanted to meet with me at a restaurant. Normally I might have hung up the phone
instead I got in the car and met him and we talked over lunch about my writing.
I had written a few things but nothing anyone knew about. I went home took down
the box that had the first draft of my manuscript in it and rewrote it a dozen
times then had it published in 1997.

 What a waste of time and money, my money and
my time. My advice, if some weirdo stranger calls and tells you to write a
book, tell him or her where to stick it---

thread is about extraterrestrials. I know that many people can’t get their
minds around that possibility.

I don’t
contact aliens if I can help it. They seem to know where to find me even though
I have moved often.

tells me things even if I don’t want them, and I can share them if I wish.

Do you get all your information from
Milton and the ET's directly or is some of what you say your own personal

of it is what I remember and know.

If you go for a walk or a drive are
you able to see cloaked UFOs?
No, but I know they are there.

Do you have contact with any other
ET's? Where are the ET's from that you are communicating with?

kind of a "we will call you don't call us" deal. I don't know where
Milton is from, I don't think he knows either. He looks lost most of the time.

have lived with the knowledge of these beings from before I came to this
planet. Those memories were not erased or implanted. I have always been aware
of them on some level.  Time is an
illusion as is much of this life. But those things are peeled away on the other
side of the curtain where there is no illusion, time, or memory implants.  Yes you can claim that too is an implant. In
that case believe what you will.



is not his real name, I gave him that name.

have access to “Milton” now as I did in the blog---but he is not always
available. He contacts me telepathically every other day more or less.

real name is---nah, it sounds way too silly so I’m not going to say it, trust
me Milton is much better. All perceived sarcasm is unintentional.

contacts usually take place both physically and telepathically

He is
not my only contact---can’t yet go into the rest of them.

has some sense of humor... Many of them do---they love their work. We go way
back, me and him. (Connected since a long time)

involved me in disclosure, that’s his job, and at a late stage, not sure why.

like Milton can do it at will, I was taken out off my body and then put back
in---I felt an inexpressible freedom coming out and the reverse going back
in---I immediately felt the burden and weight of my body---the body is truly a
ball and chain, at least the ones we have to wear here on earth.

didn’t call Milton my guide---he is a slave driver---lol

talk in person and telepathic, I can’t describe telepathic other than words and
concepts appear in my mind.

don’t think Milton is helping me, heck I’m the one doing all the work---lol

not sure what his range is, or how many people he has under his charge.

knows, that’s his problem he is a know-it-all---lol, but Milton doesn’t share
much, also, he can’t interfere outside his domain---sort of like the mods
talking between themselves and not stepping on each other's toes---lol

don’t think Milton controls me much because I sometimes don’t listen to his
advice. For instance my wife and youngest daughter took a vacation to Denver
two years ago and my wife wanted to go to Colorado Springs since it was nearby.
We had been there when our children were younger and climbed Pike’s Peak, and
visited the Garden of the gods. I was told to enjoy my vacation in Denver and
to stay away from Colorado Springs. 

wife insisted that we should go because it might be a long time before we came
back there as a family---I didn’t tell her about Milton or his advice because
at the time I didn’t know it was Milton giving me certain info.

spent two days in Denver and I decided we would spend the rest of the vacation
in Colorado Springs about three days.

sooner that I enter the city I was pulled over by a traffic cop and he wrote me
up with five violations---I had a perfect driving record for thirty years until
that day.

to say that ruined the vacation---my wife and daughter were crying and could
not believe what had just happened---they both lost a lot of respect for the
law that day because I had done nothing wrong. We headed home.

home I contacted the city and the prosecutor dropped the charges.

wife has a high security clearance---she is a civilian who works for a company
that deals heavily with the military, and she travels to many military bases,
and often to those located in Colorado Springs---so I thought we would be
fine---not so for me.

will not tell me why the military is uneasy with my being there.

police officer was only following orders---when I didn’t take the hint from
Milton to stay out of that town they took evasive action.

I had
been to Colorado Springs twice before in earlier years and we always had an
escort. The first time I was not sure why two air force officers had a room
next to ours, and then they happened to be at all the attractions we went to.
My wife has been to the base many times, she works for a medical company that
supplies most military bases, she also has been to CIA headquarters, she has a
high up security clearance---not easy to attain---they not only investigate the
person but also the spouse---me and they still gave her the clearance---lol

my female cousin is married to one of the officers on that base---my cousin
does not know about me and my off world connections---we were going to visit
them until we got run out of town by the cops.

reason they dismissed the trumped up charges so easily was because they had
achieve their objective---they didn’t want me near their air force academy---I
have no idea why.

Was Milton created as is, by some even loftier being, at a certain point
in time? Did he evolve gradually to its lofty position? Or did he simply always
exist as it is now, neither evolving nor having been created? 

has yet to reveal that to me, but he is middle management right now and can
ascend to higher realms.

does not drink coffee nor does he swear.

one thing about Milton; he is so clear on things that it completely confuses me
at times---if that makes any sense. 

pebble thing is what I believe Milton has in mind.

are the employers of the Miltons and what is their role and nature? I report to
Milton---that’s all I know for now

is lower management; he doesn’t get invited to those highfalutin parties at the
center of the universe, so he is kind of out of the loop about the big guy that
plays with the pearly dice---should there be one.

is occupied by genres not of this earth [not like Sci-fi] ---how many of us
would be entertained by reading material suited for 3 year olds?

has yet to put fear in me as the nuns at my school did--- I still have ruler
marks on the palms of my hands---I guess I was no angel---

can say there are similarities minus the fire and brimstone, and no worship is

has a message for you: take good care of yourself---

is much older than a few hundred earth years---way older. But he looks really
good for his age---his body suit doesn’t age.

He is
from many planets and a few other dimensions---he has been around the block
quite a few times.

his level goals have no meaning; he has assignments for lack of a better

know what exactly he does, I assume he has a cadre of people like me he works

not aware if Milton listens to music---if he does it’s nothing like what we

except Milton knows how much I like to walk through forests---he highly
recommends it---but he has not given me the time or means to do it--if he has
it remains blocked---much of everything with him is business oriented---and if
he can't write it off he doesn't let me do it---lol

mode of communication: It is given to me as instantaneous knowledge, verbal
sentences, mental pictures, subconscious feelings-- morning memories, and in

is a lot of things but not a linear “Time Lord” ---lol

in ET form: I wouldn’t say he was naked, we don’t consider our dogs and cats
naked. Nevertheless he wasn’t wearing anything other than his skin that I could
tell---yet there was no sense of nakedness about him---there are male and
female facial characteristics but I was not aware of things below the
waistline---especially while in the fluid kind of reality inside an alien ship.

rarely spills the beans on others ---mainly because if I open that door there
would be no way for me to handle all the requests.

have made plenty mistakes while on this planet so if he is my guide he has
dropped the ball several times----he insist that I dropped the ball---lol

I see
Milton often enough, and class trip maybe, but if so it will be early in the
morning between 3 and 4 AM. And only those that pay attention will remember.

is pretty scary.

is a free agent.

is not Lucifer.

doesn’t have any teeth.

I did take six hours of art in
college but my paintings and drawing skills would do no justice to what Milton
looks like nor anything else I recreate through that medium. And for some
reason I hate to draw, I would rather chew on nails---

is high up the food chain, and is free to go anywhere he wishes inside this
galaxy. He still takes me places but blocks out some of it because he doesn’t
want me talking about it.

knows there is right and wrong in human hearts.

is not me from the future, we are individual entities, and the future and past
is not play dough that can be molded or manipulated by mortals, or even those
at Milton’s level.

So Milton's creative abbreviated
process is an idea...boom...there it is? 
He wishes---lol---those higher up than him yes.

and those higher up only indulge in one emotion, joy

has my home phone number I never give out my cell phone number, especially to
Milton; otherwise I would never get any rest.

tempted to talk more but Milton could pull the rug out from under me and turn
the egg shells I'm walking on into hot coals. He's a character that goads me to
push the envelope of believability---the things dreams are made of, yet those
are the things that get scoffed. So until I get things packaged properly, tone
things down, or Milton backs some of it with a bit of substance I will continue
walking and talking like I'm on egg shells.

lets me fall when he thinks I’m telling too much or hanging with the wrong

is a collaborative effort and although Miltie keeps the lid on some stuff he
many times insists that I reveal more, in other words stick my neck way out
there---I don’t want to---lol

Milton have anyone one else he watches over? Yup, but specifics are lacking.

is one of the members of the board of directors overseeing planet earth, and he
is in the minority concerning certain operations taking place here and perhaps
even a bit on the rebellious side with some of his ideas.

If I
believed for a second that Milton (ET) is just as much a pawn, actor or
involved in our polarity, dual, right/wrong movie as we humans are, I wouldn’t
waste my time doing this.

and those in his league neither gain nor lose doing what they do here on
earth---earth is not about them and all about us.

they or others continue to rise into the hierarchy is way beyond this thread.

is not messin' with us neither he’s being messed with us also.

shows me way more than I want to know believe it or not---lol

He is
more of a friend/slave driver kind of ET.

can take on human form at any time and does while on earth sometimes---does he
want to be human---? Do we want to be Neanderthals? Same difference---

I did
ask Milton for a glossy, they can take their own pictures even though we can’t.

he said his picture would be worth millions to the tabloids and he doesn’t
think I’m worth that kind of money, besides he thinks that money would go to my
head---I can’t believe I put up with him! Money would not go to my head---silly
alien, it would go to my bank account--lol

those little things they just don’t understand about us humans---anyway I will
keep pestering him for a picture----but certainly not for the fame---strictly
for the fortune----

Milton read this?

slave driver does pop in every now and then unannounced to check-up on me but
I’m a step ahead of him, I have a word document screensaver I click to when I’m
goofing off like this stuff.

I’m supposed
to do the reading and give him a report of any interesting materials that might
surface---concerning anyone getting too close to sensitive ET stuff that the cleanup
guys didn’t get too fast enough---

doesn’t do much abducting.

don’t know who else he associates with---

answers my questions by Telepathy or in person over lunch.

still uses the freaky alien costume in many of his visits.

can’t refer people to Milton to get taken.

you pick the name 'Milton' because it was William Cooper's Real name?

picked the name “Milton” out of a hat---but Milton could have filled the hat
with that name--lol

would I call my communications with Milton?

like channeling or voices in my head---the only voice in my head is me. Not
even telepathy, our communication method is a secret

don’t hear voices in my head nor is it telepathy, it's something humans haven’t
yet heard about and I have no way of describing it or comparing.----well maybe
I do but I don’t want to reveal it---my bad

takes lots of time off.

Do I
feel anything physical when in communication?

----no, nothing at all---as I once did.

is like a CEO over several franchises, planets, and mostly lives out of a
suitcase, his ship.

is without a home planet, he simply exists and goes wherever he wishes when he

is the reality of countless billions of entities, and a reality that beckons
all of us.

is not political, I am, and we disagree all the time but I usually give in
because I learned long ago to never piss off a space alien---they have the
temperament and strength of Chewbacca.

keeps carping about I don’t have insurance---the same thing my dad used on me
when I was sixteen and wanted to borrow the car to take my friends out for

knows why Milton does what he does? He is not on any diplomatic duty. 

alien form is not related to the Zeta aliens in any way.

and his cadre have no subconscious thingy---it’s below them highbrow types.

loves Mexican food.

shows up every now and then and we have lunch or some other activity---in human
form, and we talk normally.

is a straight arrow, he wanted me to point that out. He is not homophobic.
Matter of fact he doesn’t have any equipment at all, he is a eunuch.

body was designed without the family jewels; they don’t need them because they
don’t procreate like humans do.

don’t need to log on to ATS and create an account, he has me doing it for him.

Is he enjoying this thread as much as
we are?

more so.

He is
not sexual in the human sense but they have a higher version of what we might
associate as sex---and like birds of a feather higher entities stick with their
own kind.

Milton’s favorite show.

looks about sixty, claims he is thirty, but I know he is much much older than
those two figures, perhaps as old as dirt---but that kind of talk can put you
on his bad side---

Why does he get to communicate with

I had
written some profound reason but he made me erase it and insisted I write “his
streak of bad luck” in its place.

is totally untrue, he is the luckiest funny looking thing from outer space I
have ever seen.

said he is no genie and no way is anyone going to stuff him into a bottle.
Thought I would throw that out there---

knows a whole lot more than he is telling---he keeps telling me I’m not
ready---he is so condescending!

is both physical and ethereal and he comes and goes without ever saying goodbye.

thinks we need more coffee breaks---I think he watched the movie “Office Space”
one too many times.

thinks food is our biggest weakness and we don’t get enough exercise.

Does he think your thread is having a
positive influence on those of us who read it?

beginning to wonder

Is there ever going to be a point
where he would like to ask some of us questions via you?

That’s not on his agenda. What
are his curiosities?

brings out the snobbishness in him---he has none---

appearance could and do change per a situation.

thinks I’m too ugly, so he would never use my appearance --- Would he make an appearance to a child as
another child?

remember very small beings when I was a child perhaps two feet tall, much
shorter than Milton.

goes invisible a lot so I never know if he is coming or going---he has a very
tight schedule.

is pretty fearless for a small fry, and he can be a tad intimidating even at a
tea party.

puts on a human suit now and then. He said he was something like a human once
upon a time but never a human.

has always been in the background [of my life] and made his appearance a few
years ago--

it seems I can’t get rid of him.

have come and gone, mostly remaining hidden.

says they threw away the mold after they made him and he “defies”
description---he is pretty proud of the word “defies”. I told him maybe they
should have kept the mold and threw him away------he’s trying to figure out
what I meant by that----

What dimension is Milt from?

freeloader’s dimension, every time I go into my kitchen the fridge door is wide
open and he’s rummaging through it like a shark having tasted blood. Yet he
never gains any weight---

Milton in front of a television and give him the remote control and there is no
need for a baby sitter---he likes every movie, every sitcom every
commercial---then he makes a long list of things I need to go out and buy to
keep the refrigerator well stocked. But he hates football, the way they handle
that pigskin gives him the willies

would think his voice was squeaky but he sounds more like “Lurch Addams” in the
monster shows.

family don’t get to see my “imaginary” friend--- And they have no desire to---

Is Milton helping with this thread
because he wants humans to learn and grow and the higher ups are loosening the
strings for him to do that?

likes that.

His family is huge as is true with
all of us humans here on earth, the difference is he is always aware of them
where we humans are barely aware of the ones right in front of us---how sad.
Milton is family.

Milton doesn't like his human Dude
body? Does it just suck kind of like driving a GEO metro compared to a super
comfortable standard class Ford Crown Victoria Taxi?

sure a Crown Victoria is a fine car, but it doesn’t work for comparison. More
like going from a Lamborghini to a GEO.

there is more to it than that.

fuzzy ball of energy [appearance] can’t be beat [it’s his favourite] and he
spends most of his time in that state---he only puts on his alien suit when he
wants to raid my refrigerator---

What is Milton’s favorite earth

was ice cream until he watched that “My favorite Martian” movie with
Christopher Lloyd playing the Martian---and saw what ice cream did to him---

doesn’t need clothing, there are no private parts to hide, nor is he affected
by temperature and perspiration, and he doesn’t have any human type bodily
functions---I don’t know where the heck all that food and drink goes--- ---he
certainly doesn’t burn it off, the lazy bum---

has no sense of smell, nor much of a sense of humor because he never gets my
best jokes, come to think of it few terrestrials do either---I know it's not

know about Milton, but they haven’t met him, nor will they according to him.

can stop a bullet, stop time in a localized area. I don’t think he could do the
whole world, but sometimes he acts like he can---

like Milton are not from anywhere specific, they just are.

kind of reminds me of that angel in the movie “Michael” starring John Travolta,
good movie btw.

enjoys the questions and the people, he even will visit with some in their dreams---it
will be real but they will think it a dream.

not lonely at the top, nevertheless Milton likes working alone.

He is
luminescent, like a light coming into a dark room in our mind.

Could Milton for example create a
table in your room just by thinking about it?

can do many things including creating a table but he is best at making things
disappear, especially in my kitchen---he’s also not good at creating money for

types are formidable to say the very least, like superman times a thousand. But
they have an almost childlike quality like Clark Kent.

is extremely comical and laidback because he can be---he has no human type
hang-ups to weigh him down.

never was at our stage; he came from a different angle. He didn’t intern on

won’t say how many Earth years more advanced he is to us.

What percentage would run and what
percentage would stay and or attempt to make contact with Milton?

percent would freak out completely, some would run others would be too
paralyzed with fear to run or move.

If we
were as highly evolved as Milton on another level we wouldn’t be here, not even
the vacationers.

Since Milton is giving you your info,
is his race more advance than the other ETs that are involved with Earth? 


likes all animals including the human ones.

How many times a week on average does
Milton appear to me?
too many.

He is
not a pleiadian.

is able to travel to the other Universes quite easily.

Do Milton and Ra know each


How do you perceive / view

tries to make himself presentable and not freaky, but it doesn’t work, he
sometimes takes on the appearance of a small quirky looking Albert Einstein.

originates from a place near the center of the galaxy, but he will not say.

He is
not alone, there are many more like him.

loves the Wizard of Oz, especially at the end where they trade the broomstick
for the human qualities that they already had deep inside of them.

happens to be gregarious, more so than most higher entities.

doesn’t follow any human concept of spiritualism and neither do I.

doesn’t talk about himself much.

type entities can access higher dimensions.

is not from Uranus nor from this solar system, he only works here, well, work
is a relative term, distant relative.

Milton is on the side that wants us to progress technologically.

He is
a Capitalist at heart----sorry I know most people have been misled about
Capitalism and that it is a very dirty word around here---but that is how it

ship moves through time and space as if it didn’t exist---how he does it he
will not tell me.

doesn’t drink booze of any kind.

and entities of his stature are more real that both you and me and the rest of
the human race on this third rock from the sun.

will continue to be on earth and other places when most of us are far away from
this planet and doing hard time on other rocks or taking vacations across the
Milky Way Galaxy, enjoying the good life.

likes Pat Metheny, I think he lifted that CD from John Lear’s collection.

be real, the real deal in a world filled with confusion and illusion, but he is
not available for signing autographs or making personal appearances to prove
himself. He could care less about the skeptics and what they think because they
live in illusion and they only understand illusion type things.

can’t sustain damage of any kind, the dude is unbreakable.

Has Milton ever been to prison in a
human life form? If so why?

is perfect in every way like Mary Poppins, and doesn’t admit to being in prison
or in human bondage so I’m not sure.

has been to earth many times in the past but not as a student or prisoner.

is not a god.

hangs around this star system a lot.

doesn’t belong to any particular race he is a free agent, or perhaps he meant

will upgrade at some point. The galaxy and a bunch more stuff he has seen and
tasted, a mere grain in the scheme of things.

How many Earth years has Milton been
visiting this rock? 


Milton is Millions of years old?

can wad up a million years and get two points hitting the basket every time,
the show off! Time is tricky stuff for 3D land.

liked this place when it was a real zoo, the Dino era. Now he has to go to
another star system to see them.

Are we not to know the true name of
Milton, or are we not to know the true name of God?
As far as names go, as Shakespeare
once said "A rose by any other name is still a rose. I suppose that goes
for Milton or god or Joe blow down the street for that matter.

is not androgynous. 

Is there any special reason you give
him the name 'Milton' on the boards?
No reason at all.

Though he's blue, is he with you in
human form a lot?

that much anymore.

When you decide to leave this prison
planet and go back home to Utopia what will Milton do?
What he always does, not much.

Is Milton one of your spirit guide?

and no, mostly no.

does seem to make his own rules, a rebel searching for a cause. 

You describe Milton as a very strong,
powerful entity. Is he messin' with us through your messages in order to wake
us up?


Are you one and the same as Milton?


you drive by one of those road construction sites and fifteen well-dressed
people are standing around drinking coffee, eating donuts and trying to look
important while one or two guys sweating and smelly are in the ditch doing the
work. I'm one of the guys in the ditch. Milton is drinking coffee snickering
down at me Woe is me!

doesn't negotiate terms of the visit, should he make a house call.

is not a guide; he is more of a freeloader.

Did Milton ever being child?

never stopped being a child.

This kind of ET’s developed
themselves the same as us, babies, child, adolescents, etc.?
He never would say.

has many dimensions under his hat and he doesn't even wear a hat. The higher
dimension rules and those dimensions under fall easily into place. It's really
cool to see them on one page.

Would there be a source of intel that
is above even Milton’s level that he wouldn’t know about?

than likely, but he says I wouldn't understand.

Do you think it is possible that we
all have our own Milton’s who cater to our personal situations?

they are known as our guides and know our hearts desires.

The 'factions' Milton represents wishes, a more progressive approach to
conditions on our little prison planet. This 'beneficent' approach requires a
covert approach - can we consider Milton's 'faction' the good guys?

Milton is the good guys, he don't wear a white hat though.


Has anyone in your family ever seen
this unquestionable evidence that you claim to have? 
They have but they are not aware of it now.

dad while he was still alive never believed in extraterrestrials but told me
that when he was a boy he saw huge flying disks, had no explanation for them
but adamantly did not believe they were aliens.

didn't know it but he was being abducted. So there is evidence that many
abductions run in the family.

one in my family believes in ETs.

family likes terra firma, they don’t like it when I occasionally bring up the
subject around them----so I don’t.

took me a long time to come out of the closet, my wife knew (She
believes-----there’s been a few things she was able to see to convince her),
but I never told my offspring until they were older.

wife wants to believe, she has seen things that have no explanation yet she is
not allowed to know, same with my children they are involved yet they don’t
know nor do they want to know..

family knows about my connection with ET.

wife was curious like most people about ETs, I told her they will scare the
hell out of you---she didn't believe me, and was positive she could handle it.

got her wish and caught a glimpse of one in our living room one night. They
were there for me and they decided to let her see one of them, knowing about
her wish they granted it---she’s been a firm believer since and does not want
to meet any of them again. I never seen the women so frightened in my life, I
thought she was going to have a heart attack. Debunkers are going to say I
played a thick on her----I didn’t.

day my daughter came home from school, she was in the fourth grade and rode the
school bus. We lived in the typical neighborhood in one of the suburbs that
were sprouting up all over the place.

on the bus ride to school a boy older than her came over to her seat and told
her that he saw a UFO hovering over our house the night before----he lived
three houses up on the other side of the street and had a clear view of our

didn't know what a UFO was, but she was in shock that an older boy spoke to
her, she didn't respond to him and he returned to his seat without saying
anything else

asked me what a UFO was and why was it over our house---- I told her it was an
unidentified flying object, I didn't elaborated and she shrugged it off.

I was
tempted to get her to ask that boy more about it but not wanting to put her
into a position of talking about "those kind of things" I decided not
to. I don't regret my decision; stigmatizing young children with strange
phenomena can be detrimental. High school and above is a different story.

children are much older now and I have mentioned a few things about ETs to
them---however they don't seem that interested, if and when they become curious
I will tell them whatever they wish to know.

have two adult children and they have no such stories---their memories remain

children both of them are part of the program-----but they have no idea or any
memories of their contact with ET.

have several brothers and sisters-----none of them are involved----that I know
of----none have shown the least bit of interest in the ET phenomenon.

is a notable difference between myself and my siblings----we get along very
well, yet I see the world differently than they do, I often wonder if I am related
to them.

as most people, are fixated on this planet and can't imagine the existence of

are absorbed in the 9 to 5 everyday existence that makes up the grand allusion
many live out their lives in.

wife thinks I’m an ET but I’m not.

Does your wife believe you? 


wife likes fiction, thrillers, and romance novels, but I hardly ever touch the

What did your wife say about the
sperm donations? 

is fine with it, as long as I don’t stay out too late---lol

kidding, I'm not sure she believes it completely or at all

My daughters when they were young
would come into our room at any hour of the night when they got scared and
stand by our bed---not wanting to wake us up but hopping we would wake up.

usually sensed them and woke up with no problem but my wife jumped out of her
skin every single time especially if they touched her.

walked in on ET once and nearly died of a heart attack---so they don’t do that
to her anymore.

my wife walked in on my meeting with ET, she didn’t get a chance to talk to
them, they left and I calmed her down, she remembers the fear but not them.

mother is a saint and I’m not the one who said it, everyone who knows her say
it---yet she believes she is not worthy of heaven---she is a devout Catholic
and nearly goes to church every day because she believes herself a sinner---yet
she has never had a bad word for anyone, she doesn’t even know the meaning of
hate, ego, or envy.

envy and ego were issues she resolves
in a previous life, she in fact is not here to learn anything, she is here to
assist others whose lives she touched---certainly family members but mostly
people who she remains in constant contact by phone as they languish in nursing
homes now---I have taken her to visit them and they light up and come to life
when she enters their rooms and nearly drop to her feet.

we moved to the city in America that I grew up in we were looked down on by
most of the people in the community because of our poverty, “there goes the neighborhood”
was often heard---the parish priest at the beckoning of the community tried to
get us to move out of the area and into public housing---we rented a house that
was due for demolition but my dad fixed it up and eventually bought it---people
continued to treat us like dirt for many years after---but things changed and
many of the people whose noses were turned up began treating my parents like
royalty, my father has long passed away but my mother still gets that
treatment, and she still lives in that old house but not able to get around as
much---she is a saint!

mother believes she failed because some of her children are not practicing
Catholics ---the steadfast Catholics in my family believe the rest of us lost
souls---I don’t speak much about this subject with them because they are not
ready for it.

have told my stuff to my wife, but like many people she gets a chuckle---this
info is not for everyone.

The extra marital sex too is

are some benefits that offset the laughing we have to put up with---but hey,
someone has to do it---

is no greater joy than having dinner and discussions with our children---I’ve
had many of those blessings while they were growing up---and still do---the
good memories are keepers and we take them with us forever----glazed eyes and

I was
one of the lucky parents that never had to tell my children who to hang out
with they made those calls on their own---and as far as them shunning anyone
they never did---but some of the other kids did shun them.

they got older they were appreciated more---or should I say used---as
designated drivers for their friends who did smoke and drink. I guess we all
have a purpose in this life.

mother is still alive and I visit with both of my parents.

warned my father when he was alive about his anger problems but he was unable
to resolve them while here. He is now working on them elsewhere.

wife will not read my thread because she doesn’t want to have nightmares.

mother is very much into Christianity, and so are all her friends. They know
nothing else and every time they hear about an apparition of the Virgin Mary
they are on cloud nine with excitement. There are millions of people in the
same boat, and that boat will be kept afloat.

Why would Milton show himself to your

walked in on him one late night, and he let it happen.

mother believes in the Virgin Mary, and so do many in my family. I would never
take that away from them and is not in my power to do so, thank God!

Was your wife jealous after reading
your book?

doesn't want to have anything to do with space, go figure.

Was your wife jealous about the

she was she didn't say anything.


Story and Mission

thread is for those curious souls who want a peek behind the stage doors.

tell what I know to be the truth: free will, reward and punishment, a galaxy
filled with earth type intelligent life, extraterrestrial visitors and
overseers, and eternal life.

have difficulty seeing the little picture---the big picture is out of our reach
completely---but we can see bits and pieces of it if we dare to look.

not selling anything and I’m not interested in making ET believers of anyone

telling it because I was told to tell it----regardless of whether people
believe or not information is being put out there----people talked about flight
way before it became a reality. I take my orders from ET----they decide if and
when. [ETs told me to write about all this] about eight years ago-----what do
they achieve by having me do it? -----They can handle just about anything but
rejection and ridicule-----obviously that stuff doesn’t bother me or I would
have abandoned this thread long ago-----I could have said they chose me because
of my superior intellect but that probably wouldn’t go over very well.

answers are sincere and from a higher source than myself----when my connection
cuts me off I hang.

don't post to change anyone's mind about the subject, but to tell what I have

don’t write fiction----I get my information from the horse’s mouth---ET. My
experiences are genuine.

material equals dozens of manuscripts.

not much of a new age follower even though many accuse me of being one---lol It
may sound strange but I have little desire to read spiritualistic books.

know because I have seen it------believing me or anyone with those kinds of
claims is simply a choice each of us have to make-----if they have nothing else
to go on.

know that I’m writing all this, it’s their way of communicating information to
those able to hear it.

don’t intend to mess with people’s belief, that’s not my job.

But I
think I am free to express my opinions and share with those who might be
interested---some of my experiences.

have no problem with people believe in hell, or Jesus----I only tell what I

don't meditate----everything that I write that inspires readers is from
ET----they refuse to claim the rest. 

intentional paradox in my story, however I’m only human, and humans are the
essence of paradox.

can presume what I write is fiction---no law against that

don’t speculate or do wishful thinking, I write what I have experienced and
seen with my own eyes. 

I can
talk about my experiences and nothing more, at least for now----I continually
ask them to let me show a few things, I’ve even had the nerve to ask that they
let me land a craft in a large city----they thought that was cute.

the aliens were concerned about this story getting out they would stop it.
Perhaps they know most people will not believe it and are unconcerned.

on my thread can be hazardous to the beliefs which are standard issue from our
learning institutions. Unfortunately we can’t have it both ways, you either
believe in one or the other----its oil and water, they don t mix well.

don't know what my role is, perhaps I'm the dishwasher on the ship and when I
leave they blank that part out. Maybe to tell this story.

have read books, magazines, and the internet, hoping to find something like my
experience----I haven't yet.

I put
off telling my story for 52 years, that’s how old I am. I had alien contact
from day one. I haven’t talked about it because of the stigma place on those
who have-----at my age I have decided that what people think doesn’t matter
anymore----I know what’s out there.

account (all true) and those of others are harmless because the vast majority
will remain unconvinced---as it should be.

all it’s only my word----it's not in my power to provide proof.

not blowing smoke for the simple reason that where there is smoke there are
firefighters to put it out before anyone discovers the fire.

telling my story and will be allowed to tell some of it as long as I keep with
the no smoking rules---

are lots of hints dropped in my stories and those of other contactees, but for
now no fire, no proof, and no smoking.

psychiatrist, no hallucinations, or mental issues. The strongest drug I take is
an aspirin now and then. I am married have two children, started two
businesses, live in a nice neighborhood, own four cars, and several rental

know the difference between a dream and real life-----I suppose there are those
who don’t----which is tragic.

I have written is mine----my experiences----if not I put quotes on it, if it is
similar to someone else’s experiences, then I can’t help that.

is not a run of the mill tale; it’s to say the least very complex phenomena.
There is a reason people like me don't tell their stories, much cannot be told,
and what is told has to be done delicately.

visited a star system much further than Alpha Centauri----don’t know which one
and it didn’t take more than a few weeks, if that. I don’t know how long the
journey was, but it was under a month that I was away. It was like taking an
ape into New York city and showing it the town and taking it back to the jungle
and letting it tell the other apes what it saw.

have been placed into an area that was underground like the Dulce caves, in a
large cavern filled with strange machinery enclosed in huge metal containers. I
was left there for a long period, day or more----alone. Why? Don’t know but it
was not a fun time.

the cavern was a huge metallic room. The room had machinery as that seen
perhaps under a large city, like a power plant or water treatment, don't know
but it was completely silent. No city was on the surface only desert.

machinery or equipment had metal skins or casings covering them. No gages,
pulleys, wheels, levers, valves, only large odd shaped things. I call them
machinery because that's what they reminded me of.

like having my three squares a day, yet I don't recall ever eating or drinking
while I was a possession of the aliens.

place was lit up but I don't recall the light source, whether it was florescent
lighting (human stuff) or alien. 

were no doors that I could see or find, I was in the cave and then I was in the
metal building, compartment, cube, or whatever it was. Once I was in I couldn’t
get out. I wasn't panicked but I had a bad feeling about it the whole time I
was in it.

walked and explored it for hours---it had no end to it. I wasn't punished it
was like I was misplaced or left behind by accident. It felt like a void, I
never felt that alone, like I was the only human alive.

that container the energy we humans give off could not penetrate it; nothing
could penetrate it, not even superman’s x-ray vision. It wasn’t like I felt
alone----I was alone---there is no worst feeling than that. It could be they
were testing me to see how I would handle being away from other humans for any
length of time----like a mission to another planet. Perhaps the military or
NASA, needs certain “volunteers” before they subject their astronauts to long
voyages----like Mars.

I said, the nearer I get to telling the truth the more bizarre it sounds and
the more people that will think me nuts----so how the heck do I tell my story
and make it believable short of dragging an extraterrestrial out into public?

So I
tell my story for those who are interested in knowing the fantastic
possibilities that are out there----no one has to believe it, but it’s true.

this a great country, we are free to share our ideas, theories, and personal
experiences. If I have done anything less than that let me know---I have never
lied, or fabricated, and never will. But I do tell things that are hard to
believe, that I’m guilty of.

sharing my experiences and nothing more, until or unless the figments of my
imagination--ET---tell me otherwise---

As we
have all heard “the truth is stranger than fiction”. Well my words will test
those waters. The truth is also hard to swallow and will be discarded easily by
those living happily in the status quo. By the way, nothing wrong with living
in the status quo, and nothing wrong with taking a peek behind the big curtain

not sure what my role is----if anything.

would think, however take a look at how well we humans communicate with each
other----there are wars all over the place----always have been.

have problems communicating with our children (not bragging but I was lucky and
had few problems with mine) but I was a pain as a teenager and so are most

changing someone’s mind about anything-----communication is not what its crack
up to be.

entered UFOs on military bases (walked in).

I have a clear memory of something like a worm hole opening up in my bedroom
wall, and an alien came out of it, we talked for a while and then it took me
into the hole and we were in the ship.

did not occur from a sleep state----it happened before I went to bed. I was one
hundred percent awake and cognizant-----until I entered the ship.

in the ship I have patches of memory----with many empty gaps. They took me
places away from this planet-----much of the time I was asleep or knocked out.

talk about what I remember-----they obviously don't want me or others to come
back with more detailed accounts-----but just enough to know that there is
something big going on in our solar system, and that the galaxy is swarming
with civilizations millions of years ahead of us.

military never “officially” gave me more time off than the thirty days per
year-----but since there is missing time, at least in my mind perhaps they
allowed extra leave. I could not come and go as I pleased during “normal” duty.

can't recall being debriefed-----it may have happened I don't remember if it

early encounters were casual almost friendship like. As I got older they became
distant, they were around me but not face to face while on the ship.

have had some horrific encounters but it may have been my misinterpretation-----they
may have been showing me some type of disaster----or something in the
future-----like an earthquake or battle scene-----I’m not physic, and can’t
predict things but I have felt the pain and fear and seen some strange things
like I was watching a movie while on the ship. Perhaps it was only movie night
with ET and the feature film was some horror show---otherwise why expose me to
situations I can’t do anything about?

only reason I can give this information is because most people will not believe
it-----most people shouldn’t believe it----distracts them from the life they
need to focus on here on earth.

come other people don't tell stories that are similar to mines? Maybe they
don’t have the real hookup.

heroes don’t go around hocking their war stories like confetti-----those who do
all the taking are usually the ones that had the easy and safe jobs far from
the fighting. The real heroes didn’t come back and brag about their
service----they died fighting a war. And they didn’t die so that people could
come back and throw their arm out of whack patting themselves on the back.

didn’t get picked up for a book deal because I haven’t looked for a book deal.

I say is 100% true or I wouldn’t say it.

don’t play off anyone’s fantasies-----nor do I feed off of peoples
curiosities----a large number of people who respond to my thread are not
nice----they call me all kinds of names and have insulted me left and
right------I don’t feed on people constantly questioning my integrity----but I
recognize that many of them have agendas that have nothing to do with UFOs or
ET and their sole purpose is to stop me from telling the truth.

never said that I was the only one [with the knowledge of life, and everything
about it].

don’t believe it I know it.

where do I keep my stuff? If you don’t want the food to spoil you keep it in
the refrigerator, if you have ET stuff you keep it in the ship.

As we
all know everyone able to read is invited on the internet and on boards like
this one---whether everyone is capable of digesting what they find is another
matter----certainly there are dangers physical and more so
physiological----should we protect our children from threads like this one?

young minds handle some of the stuff that is written and discussed?

is only one answer-----yes they can----in many cases more so than mature,
set-in-their ways, adults.

I put
my disclaimer----you’re better off not knowing----for those who need to keep
their existing belief system intact to get through the day. All beliefs have
value, and no matter how you view the world you will get through it one way or
another regardless of the validity of those beliefs.

most people are looking for new ideas and realities, hence the popularity of
Hollywood and writers willing to fill every need and desire.

I am not here to cater to the lost souls desperate to find the holy grail of
their existence

simply tell my story, my experiences with the supernatural----not to entertain,
not to enlighten, but because they are true and real----if by doing so
entertains some and enlightens others----so-be-it.

Am I
aware of others that have shared my experience(s) but have chosen to stay mum?

is it that makes me believe what the ETs tell me?

do you know that your mother, father, preacher, president, boss, closest friend
is telling you the truth? Sometimes you don’t----but family members are less
likely to lie.

feelings change over time, I don’t know if they fine tune themselves to us or
how it works. In my early years they seemed normal to me and I don’t remember
feeling any different around them verses around my family and friends

I became a teenager they dealt with me differently and fear came on me when
they showed up---even when they were invisible

As an
adult their powerful energy affected me and I knew it was coming from them,
also if I was asleep when they came my brain lit up like a lightning storm and
my eardrums buzzed---and then they made their appearance as if they came
through a vortex and permeated into my room

Now I
get a mild buzz whenever they show up----sometimes nothing-----and they emanate
euphoria----and as I stated in an earlier post that feeling rubs off on me and
lasts several days If only they could bottle up that stuff!

you work for some clandestine government project where mums-the-word no one
could care less about stories of ET coming from the general public.

other than a few posters trying to shut me up few know and care that I
exist----and I

often talked about UFOs on military bases that I personally witnessed----no one
really cares because they know few are going to believe this stuff-----and for
those that do believe---so what?

government knows about me and if they are reading my email----cool----I’m
flattered that they would take the time.

ET "discuss" with me how I’d deal with the experience, most people
think I’m just a smart as-s with nothing better to do, but the fact is this is
part of my job on this big rock called earth during my exile.

I can
only share what they give me to share.

are not keeping it a secret they have told and showed thousands of people what
they have and can do---I’m one of the few who talks about it.

should I get the glory for something I have no control over----the fact that
they let me talk about it is ground breaking.

suppose that if they wanted me to have a bigger audience they would make it
happen, otherwise this is it...

because I’m privy to fantastic things don’t mean I hold the key or the cards to
that phenomenon.

give me new stuff all the time and they tease me about letting me show things
but so far its only been talk and no action---I can’t imagine what they would
let me put out there because anything from them would be earth changing----I'm
not sure I would be up for that kind of challenge or assignment.

Do your experiences depressed you in
any way?

in the least, I wish I could go full time with them.

feel like the Lone Ranger----but he had Tonto.

have only recently been able to get a good look at two of those who are in
contact with me---for the last fifty some years They have incredible powers
it’s hard for me to imagine that they could lose control of what they are doing
here on earth.

purpose is low keyed if that, I contribute to this thread but not sure what
effect if any that has.

not the one true Contactee I’m only one of them.

would I run to Whitley Strieber when I have contact with the horse----ET?

are some things that defy learning-to-live-with and are best left in the
shadows---granted I often give more information than is asked but I’m also
accused of not giving enough information

problem with information is that it’s never enough---it’s like heroin the more
we get the more we want and need----It’s a vicious cycle----and I’m only human.

not a psychic that does predictions---they sometimes show me things but not
material for the tabloids

let me talk on this thread with certain messages that are subconscious
friendly, whereas--the rational mind, the conscious mind, needs physical
proof---touch, see, and taste---as a bare minimum.

don’t like to be teased and therefore I don’t like to tease---now on the other
hand ET is big on teasing----so I’m going to use the age-old copout---ET made
me do it.

wants it out there it will be put out there, I’m not hogging information for my
own consumption----what would be the point?

I am
a voice for ET but I have to adhere to protocol.

rule of protocol is to not let the ego of the messenger subvert the message.

said why I am allowed to post on here : to
answer the big question, “is this all there is” with scraps and bits of
information for those who know how to use them---no this life is not all there
is, most only see the small tip of the iceberg and not the massive structure
that lays underneath it.

do I get out of it? Perhaps nothing more than the privilege of having this connection--and
all the good and bad that goes with it.

intervene often especially with those they are in contact with---I have been in
two car accidents where no one understood how I walked out alive, I have fallen
off a cliff over a hundred feet high while in the army, I have fallen off
scaffolding at a construction site, and fallen off a roof, and never broke a
bone---and I don’t get sick.

what I have seen that’s impossible [for me to have been used by them].

I did
have witness to my account, but I had to kill them---they were going to bring
proof and everything--- lol

provide info for a few who want this info---those that don’t want it need not
throw tantrums because it shakes their world or other beliefs---the info is
coming whether they like it or not

will be many new sci-fi blockbusters coming out---but if mine gets done it will
not come out as sci-fi.

not looking for galactic brownie points; I’m simply telling what I know.

job is not to enlighten anyone---only to tell my experiences.

tell my experiences, what I have seen, what I learned, what ET tells
me-----that’s my story and I’m sticking with----it’s never going to
change----if it’s too crazy or ridiculous to believe-


I offer no proof for my statements I have little credibility to loose, however,
what little I have would be forfeited if I self-promote my books from this

apologize if I sound condescending with some of my statement, it’s

If I
sound crazy then I am on the mark because describing things people can’t see,
feel, or eat---is crazy talk to them.

can claim anything, with near impunity, on the internet”

people claim away, and then let the chips fall where they may. One hundred percent
of what we humans believe as real is perception.

chose to remain in the illusions they were thought at school and in
churches---nothing wrong with that.

those wanting reality they will have to take a chance and push that envelope
with their minds first---everything else comes later.

they can remain safe in their core delusion----nothing wrong with that.

not here to convince anyone of anything---it’s simply my .02

bleak scenario? If anything it’s less bleak than what is being peddled by many
other belief systems.

talking stuff you can’t possibly understand---I apologies for that.

How many times have you roamed around
outside of your body?
No way of knowing because many things remain blocked.

Have you been able to have a
telepathic communication with your Grandma since you last met her? 

that I’m aware of---but some of those encounters are blocked because they can
break our focus on things we have to do while here.

to Milton I have good defense system in place as long as I don’t go to certain
places here on earth, where the other guys have the advantage---makes my
vacationing more challenging---and that’s my biggest concern---

Am I
worried about other groups that don't share my optimistic approach towards this
subject? Not in the least.

think they exaggerate the danger, I have been to places they have advised me
away from and nothing happened. They have opened up this info so that I can
post it; the military knows where I am because they have sent people to my
house---for tea---lol ---they have followed me without making any attempts to
hide the fact and renting rooms near my room at motels--sometimes they even tip
their hats---they are often in uniform.

usually not aware of them until they make it obvious---they go about their
business and I go about mine.

think if these entities really wanted me they would eventually get me---I don’t
believe deep down inside that I’m that important.

government officials most certainly are watching and following me but as long
as I don’t cross certain lines they leave me alone---I know when I’m pushing
the envelope, and if I forget they remind me---for instance John Lear is
hitting some nerves and I have been told not to back him in certain areas---

have only seen so much and not everything has been made available to me

Even though
I have toned my story down, it’s still too much for most to handle.

I do
know that all the insanity is temporary and for a purpose---and I feel privileged
that I can tell my true experiences---regardless that many will refuse to
believe them.

If my
story only helps one billion people out of six and a half billion people I will
feel I accomplished something---

What has Milton instructed you to do here?

to tell my story and let the chips fall---others are telling their stories too,
eventually more people will come forward---and someday this ET reality will be
mainstream instead of fringe.

school friend of my daughter---in grade school---who lived across the street
from us told her he saw a flying saucer over our house the evening before while
riding the bus to school. After school she asked me about it---I don’t remember
what I told her but she shrugged it off.

Is the "experience" you're
describing something that all persons should read and be aware of?

not---we don’t give first graders college level books to read---and you may see
this as a slam on non-believers but it’s not---I really don’t mean any
disrespect but most people regardless of their academic credentials are simply
not ready to believe that extraterrestrials are on earth---

have no such plan to present this information to the masses, if the powers that
be want them to get this info they will receive it---I’m not the “powers” I
just work for the company---and at the lowest level---lol

certainly not here to make the world a better place---the world is perfect,
it's the people that are not.

I am
here to let a few people know that they can make their lives a better
place---because that is why they were flown here in a spaceship---for that very

I have vivid memories of my “imaginary” friend---except there was nothing
imaginary about him---he opened a hole in my bedroom and we sat and talked for
minutes sometimes hours---we even played jumping on the bed or with some very
interesting toys he brought with him. I was dirt poor and had no toys, books,
television, electricity and hardly enough food---but I had my friend and he
brought me candy and took me on rides into space. I never told anyone, I
assumed it was normal even though I lived in a world that had been reduced to
Third World conditions because of the war.

the loose lips that they can shut down anytime.

I don’t know the full picture and it
could all end tomorrow---I may only be one revelation away---the straw that
breaks the camel’s back thingy---I’m surprised I haven’t gotten there yet---lol

of the stuff was not unlocked---my memory was not altered completely when I was
inserted into this world---I remember my trip to earth and being placed into
the baby’s body and fully conscious of my reality while a baby---I was not left
alone and they continued to hang out with me and take me off planet---otherwise
I would have gone insane---can you imagine being stuck inside a baby as an
adult?---it took lots of nectar and frequent trips of R & R off planet to
get me through it---oh but the nectar was so sweet I can still taste it---pure
heaven !

not trying to save anyone’s soul---there are plenty already trying to do that
here on this thread and in the billions of churches, Synagogues, and Mosques,
not to mention all those other fringe religions out there. I’m simply telling
my experiences.

You mentioned one time that you got
to speak to your father after he passed. Were you allowed to see him or just
speak with him and was it in this dimension or were you taken to where he was.
Does he know it's you talking to him?

were on some neutral ground inside a ship, sometimes we talked and other times
didn’t say a word---that I can remember.

have not travelled backwards or forwards in time.

sure if primetime is ready for what I have---lol or even if I’m ready for

I meet loved ones again but I have those memories blocked---home sickness and
all that stuff.

thing I never asked or even looked to get involved in this crazy stuff, I was
drafted--and running to Canada was not an option.

not here to tell people what to believe in, I’m telling my experiences and what
I have learned about the galaxy we live in.

people believe doesn’t change any of that---and it will not affect them in the
big picture unless they take their beliefs to the extreme and become martyrs.

I was
allowed to have some memory of my past lives when delivered to my mom at birth,
because ETs intended on keeping the lines open from that point on---but soon
after I went dormant, until they picked me up---on a frequent base throughout
by early years.

is a lot of info coming my way and condensing it is a full time job.

How do you know that which you claim
to have experienced is real or is an implanted memory?  

question but how do you know your experiences are not implanted memories---how
does anyone know?

only time I get into trouble is when I don’t listen to the wisdom of Milton.

Why are you talking here and

a few people need to know that there is more to this life than super bowls, the
drudgery of work, and the illusion that the world is going down the tubes.

childhood, my imaginary friends visited often when I was growing up and have
never stop coming around, it wasn’t for my toys, I didn’t have any, but they
had some cool ones. Now I suspect Milton comes over because he has a thing for
my wife---but she doesn’t’ believe in Milton so I’m not worried.

don’t confuse my attempt at humor with sarcasm.

I saw while in the military that has nothing to do with ETs and everything to
do with pure unadulterated hate from both sides of the color line makes me
wonder how we humans have managed to last this long.

now the information is for the few who know there is a bigger picture, and want
some kind of confirmation no matter how diminutive. For the purpose of baby
steps---the vast sea of humanity is nowhere near ready to give up their comfort

of my experiences are not sieved out of dreams they happen in real physical
time---like face to face meetings in my house, at a park, a restaurant, coffee
shop, etc.

Milton allowed me these memories and why I have been given permission to share
my experiences with you?

is no one answer or reason to why other than there are some people that need
and want that info even if it’s only delivered rhetorically.

reading many threads on ATS and other boards one thing stands out for me when
it comes to extraterrestrials, the carrots I dangle have little lure, in other
words I’m not selling what most want to buy. If I was in this business for the
money I would write what people want to read and believe.

mission? To dangle carrots in front of carnivores---

have received information from sources belonging to different sides than that
of my spirit guides, but they remain anonymous.

Are you convinced that everything
your spirit guides says is the truth?

else do I have to go on? The media, Hollywood, our elected officials, our
scientists, one of the hundreds of religions or other belief systems, our
educational institutions, my first grade teacher Miss Miller---lol

live in a world were few if anyone knows anything of substance---outside the
meager workings of our simple lives here on earth. Which is fine and by design,
and does that rhyme? When ETs are around me they are not spirits, they have
physical bodies too. These beings have been around me even before I was born on
this planet; they dropped me off here after a tour of the solar system in a
ship. They continued visiting me in physical bodies on a regular basis while I
was a child bringing me toys and things to eat. Whatever they are, I’m a good
person and I know they are also.

measure my responses to try and keep them in the somewhat acceptable zone.

stuff is not for everyone---most are fast asleep because that’s where they are
most comfortable.

Wouldn't this info alter the missions
for some?

for those who take notice and then take advantage---a hard and difficult life
is not written into stone for everyone.

and bad information is available to everyone, and it comes from many sources
and outlets, and like in a grocery store we pick what we put into our basket
and take home with us---to use as we see fit for our good or our detriment.

my extended time here with earthlings:

I was not buying time for myself, my wife, two daughters and other family
members have made leaving earth a difficult proposition for me---I really like
them and they seem to like me---lol---otherwise I would have been off this
planet when my tour was up. Earth is a great place to visit but pales big time
to what is out there amongst those billions of stars in our night skies.

yes, Miltie increased my workload in return for that privilege---

fact is I held back way more stuff that I could have added to the blog because
I am already pushing the believability factor as it is---

If I
ever add to that blog or write another one I may push the envelope a little
further, but I really don’t need to because most believe this stuff is fiction,
and I’m not interested in being a fiction writer---I hate fiction---

have done my darndest to minimize how big and fantastic it really is, and I’m
not joking!

are many people who feel bad [due to my info], and I often wonder if telling my
story has done more harm than good---

vast majority likes their bubble of illusion that is this life, my blog is
still looked upon as fiction---most cannot make that kind of leap in their
thinking---life can’t possibly be that fantastic---lol---and it will not be for
those that can’t think it.

of bullshit in this world to burn through, but no one need wallow in it like a
hog in heaven, or hell for that matter.

of us have been burned in this world by falling for something that was “to good
to be true” trap, and unfortunately that is a sound measuring device for those
that don’t want to get burned over and over again.

the things I talk about are not in the category “to good to be true”, most of
it is simple common sense tools to get through this life and remain standing
rather than letting this life grind us into the ground, only to be recycled
again and again.

for those who remain standing, metaphorically speaking, they will see for
themselves what this kick-ass universe has to offer.

try to be politically correct---but then again that is one of the big problems
in this world we don’t want to hold anyone accountable.

assignment is to rock the boat and piss off some people while doing so---lol

reason for being here was on many different levels from day one on this planet,
I haven’t really gotten into that much of it because some involves my military
time and remains off limits. This is only my latest stage and it required that
I remember more details than the other ones, it's all need to know basis

stuff is for that minority that knows it to be true simply by hearing it, the
rest will get there in their own sweet time---there is no deadline to beat.

of the opinion that anyone intelligent enough to read this stuff or other stuff
on the internet are also intelligent enough to make up their own
minds---otherwise we will have to give people tests before we let them out into
this big bad world by themselves---

everyone who reads this thread respond with a post---many read it and
know---others get a laugh---because this message if one wishes to call it that
is not for them.

I do
care [whether people believe me or not] otherwise I would not waste my time

don’t want people to believe anything they are not ready to
believe---everything in its time is a good motto.

of us fear ridicule, we don’t want to be anyone’s fool therefore most will
remain with the crowd with the prevailing and acceptable beliefs---currently
belief in ET is crazy talk---so even those that do believe or want to will
remain quiet and wait for more of the crowd to cross that line before they
do---I have been inside ET ships and have known all my life yet have done the
same thing---this ET stuff is way too strange for the human brain, and I have
one of those---lol

message is “that we are not alone” for those requiring a peek behind the
curtain---you would be surprised how many people only need that little bit of
info and no more to get it. Understandably there are many that need that
joyride fix every day, they are sick and tired of this life and want to fly off
into space and live in utopia---and who the heck can blame them? Certainly not

why I do what I do to let those people know that those things are real, they do
happen--but not for everyone at the same time, and not for everyone in this

I’m in disagreement with Milton, I think too much info is going out, especially
if more people are not allowed to remember more of their trips---what’s the
point of telling anything?

best stuff is in this thread and my blog---yet most don’t want what I
offer---they much prefer all that other garbage because it doesn’t come with
silly-goose ethics and uncommon sense junk.

didn’t have preconceived notions for this thread other than for it to be
informative for some.

you find it difficult to handle this current reality do you believe you are
ready for the next challenge?

Milton could be pulling my chain and if my info is perceived as evil, then I
humbly advise not taking it.

infant body was built exclusively for me---it is my body----same with everyone
who enters this planet and gets placed into infant bodies.

of my purpose is to subtly release this info---whilst being the laughing
stock--- What the heck.

came here voluntarily---I did a lot of volunteering in the army too. ---lol

mine choice, not “theirs”, but you are expected to fulfil a certain quota of
duties. I knew what the assignment was in advance, but I only knew a fraction
of the gory details; I don’t believe many would come down here if they knew the
whole enchilada.

1970 while in the military they showed me a vision of me hunched over a
computer keyboard, twenty-five years in the future. They told me I was going to
write stuff.

way they operate is classic clandestine, a shell game of sorts. I received info
sometimes years in advance, and other times only moments before I need it.

have an idea where I’ll be going from here, but now they are trying to convince
me to piggy back on this assignment, so I don’t know whether I will or not---I
was looking forward to a long vacation. It all depends on when they pull the
plug on this one.

reason I don’t mind answering the same questions over again is because there
are many facets to any question depending on the perspective the question is

is no such thing as pointless questions, now, pointless answers is another

answers come from both me and Milton----And his don’t come to me through
telepathy, it’s more conventional---

don’t have to disclose anything at all----I know I said this was my job, but it
is voluntary, I could spend all my time fishing at the lake.

don’t get any brownie points for spending hours like a Borg in the matrix wired
to this internet thing---

I am free to enjoy my life here
anyway I wish---and so too can most who are stuck down here---I just thought it
would be cool to let “some” who may be interested, in on that little obscure

Do you have another purpose other
than to give us this info? 
Yes I do.

Did you go through a phase of
exhaustion when the reality of your ET past experiences came to your

because I was always aware at some level.

I get
new info on a regular basis but I have to sift through lots of it.

really not for me to tell anyone what they should believe, or what they know to
be true in their lives.

if you ask for my opinion or perspective then that is what I give.

stories are all true and I have yet to scratch the surface and not sure that I
want to---way too much stuff and info---which most people don’t really need

admit I have been caught off guard by how reluctant some can be to this stuff.

those glued to their religious or “scientific” realities are the ones who would
suffer the most problems because of the identity crisis they would have should
those “solid” foundation liquefy under their feet.

few respond to my thread and many don’t because they have the same quandary.
And with good reason---why upset the apple cart when the apple cart serves them
well? Really there is no need to.

from the cart what is useful---if anything--- and leave the rest in the cart.
This world is filled with bazillions of ideas and there is no way to swallow
many of them---take what makes sense in your life and no more.

talk ET stuff with people who think it a nutty subject otherwise you come off
looking the fool and some people don’t want to be around fools.

fact that I have taken the time to answer all these questions speaks volumes
about me--could be suicidal for my career here on ats.

many notice the zip files beneath the surface of simple statements and words.
Sometimes words are worth a thousand pictures because words can’t be touched up
only blotted out. As is the case for sensitive information released via the
“Freedom of information Act”.

testament that nothing is free unless you value blacked out pages that hide the
simple words from those who know. Should those words ever come out into the
open they would be more proof than all the ufo pictures combined, simply
because of the stature of the persons who wrote those words.

Now I
can write some of those same words---for free, as I have been doing here, but
few would believe a fellow named sleeper---

Sometimes it's hard to figure out
when you're joking and when you're being serious?

because ETs and UFOs are such serious subjects that far too many people simply
laugh them off, because of deep rooted fears from childhood boogiemen---I’m
only trying to lighten up on the fear factor---

I might be tempted to think that your
jovial replies to tough questions were examples of the psychological defense
mechanism of humor (one of the healthiest, if you are going to use one!) to
tough questions that you really don't have answers for.

also get many people who are a tad envious that I answer so many darn tough

not above being an ahole, but I don’t always intend it. I forgo giving details
for numerous reasons---concerning what people experienced or may have
experienced or are only looking to trip me up---oh yes it does happen---

for those who have real experiences my telling them---even hinting might cause
them undue distress because some ordeals are samples of what’s to come in their
lives--should they not make certain changes---I’m not allowed to tell what
those changes need to be-

in essence I can’t help.

don’t change anyone and certainly not the world---it’s for each one of us to
change ourselves with any information that may come our way---or via hard

I do
this strictly to get schmoozed not to change the world---I guess I will have to
work on my ego thingy---

people interpret information they receive is part of the conundrum.

didn’t communicate with symbols and I don’t know why that is.

makes me so sure that I haven't been taken on a big ride of lies and deception?

tell me to do the right thing in every situation---if that is bad advice then
we are all in a bad situation.

Did you have a say in choosing this
earth gig?

picked this gig.

one need to go with my humble or not so humble perspective of things---

sane man in a insane world would appear to be insane." (Spock in Star

true, the insane believe themselves sane, and make up the majority of the
population that has full control of society, the people that put them there.

times are a changing and UFO nuts are a tad main stream now and at least
tolerated more than before.

integrity nuts that’s a whole different and far too strange an animal, and such
nut jobs are certainly square pegs in a round world. Try talking integrity at
work and see how quickly people’s eyes gloss over and they point the finger in
their mouth thing---friends stop calling and you find yourself isolated---and
looking for acceptance on internet chat boards---but enough about me---

two children were stigmatized as goody-two-shoes while growing up in suburban
schools, in so called good neighborhoods, where many of their classmates were
into drugs, drinking and smoking. Although they were shunned by their peers
they managed to turn out just fine. I seem to go from bad---UFO nut---to
worse---integrity nut job----have I no shame---

How I
get the info I don’t know---I just know it when I need it.

have no clue what we are dealing with behind the curtain; it’s not child’s play
by any means.

last time I said something really profound a disgruntled poster slapped me
down, so I’m trying to cut back on my profoundness a bit, I don’t want to
appear like “I’m all that and a box full of chips”---even though it’s Milton
who says these things I end up getting the flack.

What reason should anybody believe
what you have to say? 

question, why should anyone believe me---they certainly don’t need too---it’s
not required that I’m aware of.

Why should anybody believe your
comments to be the truth?
The vast majority doesn’t believe my comments to be true.

retain the right to stop participating out of the blue---in other words when my
unemployment checks run out and I have to find a stinking real job---

this juncture they [government] don’t see me as a menace, and if and when they do
I will cross that bridge when I get there.

To which extent can we unlock that
info? Up to us or up to them?

only unlock what we can handle or what we have merited.

The info is off-limits because it
would detract from our purpose here?
Some are allowed a cheat sheet, most are not.

A lot
of what I have delivered is politically incorrect.

Your memories of your past existence
has you somewhat jaded about what most of us are feeling.
That’s why they spared no expense in
rubbing my nose in the dirt of this planet during most of my growing up years.
They did their dandiest to break me, and have gotten really close many
times---but the game is not over yet.

You have a base, a memory that we do not have--at least that we are
allowed to remember. 
Very true, but I have attempted to
paint a sliver of the big picture with the very few tools they provided.

not the only one on earth that has been places.

hardly think my story will change the course of mankind.

If I
was mainly here to sell my "story", I have failed miserably, since the word on my book got out a few
months ago I have sold 15 books---

entered after the birth, I came here in a ship, was shown the baby and then I
was the baby in a bassinet at the foot of my parent’s bed. I continued to
interact with those who brought be here until my sixth birthday and then they
faded into the background.

Sometimes we think we have a grasp
when it is only a glimpse...
That was Mike's problem.

Do you know why you took on this

made me an offer I couldn’t refuse----

a long story and not many have the stomach for it.

Did you complete your mission? In
your blog you said to Neppti "Earth is a tricky gig". Were you
referring to travel?

more of an adventure than a mission. It’s a tricky gig because of the high
numbers of vultures flying in with the influx of undesirables.

is part of my assignment.

grew up under unpleasant conditions, poverty, gang violence, hate, envy out the
wazoo, and created some baggage along the way. I failed to read the fine print
when I signed up for this gig! And was taken on a few "correction"
trips off planet. 

people choose not to believe this stuff; even many that hang around my forums
and make comments are only here to find cracks or weaknesses in what I say.

has billions of followers and I have 3 and a half, more or less. 

too is no accident. The illusions in this world "must" stand! A heck
of a lot has been invested to create all these illusions and some freak dog and
pony show by a certifiable ufo nut like me isn't going to change that. Good
thing I like the attention, otherwise I wouldn't waste my time typing on
internet forums.

or give my books as gifts, it will be the best gift they ever get. They'll
either get a big laugh or a rude awakening.

have manuscripts of other non ET subjects I would like to get done. I do most
of my writing when the weather sucks.

is hard work and I avoid it as much as possible, hence it takes forever for me
to get a book out.

Are you experimenting with a new way
to build ideals for the future world to follow?
My ambitions are not that large,
assuming I even have any ambitions; I'm doing good to answer a few questions
now and then.

I was
dropped into the lion's den lol. It was part of the training for this
particular assignment.

Why have you been shown/told certain
things that are really not fit for general human consumption? What is the

all about having enough time, "desire" to tell. My job was done with
my last book. Everything else is extra. If the higher ups wanted me to crank
out more info and books they would have given me more resources. 

Do you find it personally enjoyable
or do you feel duty bound to answer these questions?
I was asked if I wanted to do it, I
said no, but then relented.

You say you 'tone down' some parts of
what you say - which parts are these?

a time thing, I just don't have the time. Every little bit I let out opens up
more questions. Therefore I tiptoe through the tulips.

wish I could just download everything into the computer but they prefer I
didn't. If I had the time and ability I would anyway. I should stop answering
questions and write books nonstop, or go to Cancun and lay out on the beach
sipping margaritas.

the weak link in this whole deal. Imagine a cup of water, now imagine the
ocean. So far I have dripped perhaps a cup or two of the ocean water.

I believe that you are not lying
about it and telling the truth, BUT is it also possible that you were being
deceived yourself?

is possible.

Why do they give you the answers to
the test and have you hand it out to us? 

Do they think no one will believe you

will ignore things that are difficult or painful, and more so if there is no
clear prize for making those tough changes.

Do they let you tell us all this
because they can hear and understand our thoughts and would know if we were
faking being good?

can't be fooled.

Are "vessels" like (y)our
body essential for the playpen or just for this stage of human civilization?

the dense pixie stuff our bodies is made of is used for lower level realities,
even a few notches above us.

struggle with what I should put out there. I control the drips, sometimes I let
out more than I should. It's not easy being me :-( But guess what, no one need
believe any of this stuff, and since I can't prove it, it's all opinion, so
there. My wife will not read my stuff because she can't handle it. Please, if what
I write is disturbing and painful don't read it, don't believe it. It really is
that simple.

I did
need to work on a few things/flaws.

When you’re ET experiences started
being in the military all the way down to your day with an extraterrestrial experience
did you question what role God plays in all of this?

I even attempted to become a minister/pastor. I was raised a Catholic, but
never practiced it much.

a Methodist in my later years and wrote a book to try and prove the reality of
Jesus. After starting the book I was shown the real story behind the story. I
finished the book anyway, explaining many of the miracles Jesus performed and
some of the meanings behind many of the stories in the New Testament.

Did you ever pray to God about all of
your experiences seeking answers of why? 

I did, I liked that part about "Seek and the door will
be opened to you". That's what I did. Did
you ever second guess yourself and question or even pray about it before
believing everything you were being told?

asked for the truth and demanded to be destroyed if there was any chance that I
could deceive anyone or cause any soul harm.

Even after the day with an
extraterrestrial did you ever second guess or wonder what if you were somehow
being deceived or not being told the full truth by your contacts?

certainly was visited by demons/renegades and taken places I did not want to
be. I was rescued.

In some of your answers, you mention
staying or being politically correct. Is that because it would be hurtful and
would not really be of service?

have to admit many of us humans are anal in our beliefs such as equality,
racial and gender issues, superiority as a species, that our "rights"
get violated, our positions or stations in life, etc. Some stuff you just can't
talk about.

Since you remembered that you came
here in a spaceship and you remember having contacts with extraterrestrial
beings wouldn’t that be completely against any religions theology?
Angels and demons fit perfectly in
the extraterrestrial realms. I was aware of many things but not everything.
They continue to feed me information now and then.

Were you very confused at the time
and searching for answers to everything? 

No, I
thought that I was on some kind of mission but wasn't quite sure what that
mission was. I'm still looking for it lol.

Can you be in a higher dimension here
on Earth and does it have to do with the "energy field" that
accompanies you since before birth?


How have you been made privy to
historical events on this planet and in the solar system?

have great Internet connections!

Is it all things that you've been
told or remembered somehow? Or is there an element that something was opened in
your mind that allowed you to see the truth in events when focusing on them?


Why communicate to such a small
number of people and in this manner?

echo is much larger than it seems and neither Milton nor I get much of the
credit for the echo.

Do they favor the English-reading,
Internet-accessing, book-buying people of the world to receive this

certainly haven't favored the book buying on my end. I should have delivered
this message via romance novels and science fiction books like the DaVinci
Code, that's what sells. For the most part, people prefer fantasy to reality.

If we are on this planet to rectify
our past failings, then why are people such as yourself allowed to disseminate
the truth? Surely this would be counter-productive if everyone knew the

laws of the land are not hidden. Those who obey the law usually have an easier
time/life than those who don't obey the laws. Information that helps us is all
around for those who choose to pay heed.

don't meditate, I don't channel, I don't mind meld nor do I use telepathy, I
just type a few answers here and there for the heck of it.

How does the tool work? What is the
experience like?

is no tool and no experience or special feeling unless I have more than one
glass of wine, which I rarely do. John can back be up on that.

The Sleeper info/trip is not for the
weak.... but, I guess by noticing this stuff, I may be on to something

mine to answer.

Did you talk to your friends about
these memories all your life when you were a child?
Never told my friends.

If it happened to me when I was a kid
I think I would explode if I didn’t tell people!
I was not your normal average kid and
I didn't speak English very well.

Did you tell your parents about your
abductions and memories?

Only recently.

Did you tell your army buddies?


Can you please open up the box a
little on the stuff you say you can't talk about.......

box is wide open, the mind on the other hand is timid, shy and cautious as it
should be.

We need all the help we can get even
if we end up hating you for it.

have our cake and some get to nibble on the their dreams, or so they

There are a LOT of different stories
out there from a lot of different people who all claim to have experiences with
ET's and UFO's and abductions and know these things that we seek. What makes it
hard is that a lot of things they say are different and contradictory. How are
we supposed to know who to believe?


How do we pick the 'truth'?


Do we listen to the person who seems
to be the nicest to us?

not that nice, have you seen me on ATS!

Do we just pick the one we like the
best based on our own personal life experiences, prejudices and desires?

how we pick our presidents, our spouses. Don't always work out though.

What makes your story different from
all the rest and why should we listen to you rather than all the others?

good question. There is no reason to listen to me.

What is the right way to determine
who is right?

the 64 billion dollar question due to inflation. It used to be only 64 million
dollars for that question.

Will reading this forum in any way
affect the process we go through at death?
Yes, we have the ‘go to the head of the line’ clearance.

What actually did make you tell us
what has happen to you and the ET's, what was the thing that ring you in the ear
and said, ok I will tell my experience online or to people? Did Uncle Milton
have something to do with that or was by free will (Uncle Milton pushing of
It is part
of my gig on this planet, not a large part. Milty does most of the work. 

You mentioned the idea that one of
your experiences was of a planet or space ship city within our solar system
doing a scenic cruise ship "watching the whales" sort of
thing.....Please, elaborate on that cruise?

wasn't ready to spill that, I need someone to edit my stuff before I release it
to the public (can’t say anymore).

Does the government monitor all of us
who visit this website?


Are they concerned we know the truth?That's what they are
looking for too.

I don’t want to end up in a FEMA
concentration camp.

one on this thread will end up in such a place. They are looking for people who
wish to over throw this country, not people wishing to do the right thing in

I have read a lot of things written
by a lot of people, but none who wrote things that totally agree with what you
say, so they must all be wrong.


I have never heard of one other person
who has been chosen to share this knowledge with humanity. How does it feel to
be charged with that task?

still manage to live a normal life, well, somewhat normal lol.

This isn't something that you chose
to do right?

I was
hoping for more money.

Is it a burden? A blessing? A joy? A
weighty responsibility?

more than reading the newspaper every morning, it has its ups and downs.

How do you feel about the information

info is solid yet watered down more than a tad.

Do you feel that it is vital that
people know this literally Earth-shattering stuff?

really, but if more people knew that doing the right thing had real value, this
hellhole would be a better place to live.

It really has the ability to change
the course of people's entire existence! Do you have the urge to tell everyone?

or how many hear this message is not my call, I just work here.

Do you not care whether people know
or not?

I do

How much do you know about these
"fiction" worlds?

What’s that? lol there is no stinking fiction except on sleepy planets like
Earth. I know a lot more than I'm willing to talk about.

have plenty of books in me, most will remain there. The cat is in the bag for a
reason. Can't make things too easy that would spoil all the fun and purpose of

Has Milton shown some of that stuff?


With friends like that, you don't
have to go to movies!

hint at what really is out there, even the horror ones.

Or is it just too hard to explain on
a forum?


For a
large percentage of the population of Earth the little that I have shared is
totally nuts. This is not an easy subject to breach for the sleeping masses who
love their sleep time.

In your Viet Nam tour, your
experience with that vehicle accident where you survived...was that a near
death experience for you or just a spontaneous outside the box watching it

accident happened on a small Island called Okinawa, which was given back to
Japan when I was stationed there. I didn't have a NDE. I experienced the whole
thing as it happened, albeit in slow motion.

How much of the concepts/intel you
refer us about is from Milton?

I did drip some of your stuff to
someone and he was physically reactive, but blew it off by changing the

something is placed into the mind it don't get blown off; like a seed it grows
into a flower or a weed.

is the name of the game, orders from the top.


the one called Jesus used parables. Very little in the bible and other ancient
texts is straight forward. Much of the knowledge available to us today in our
universities and labs is way off and theoretical mumbo jumbo. 

truth is hard to swallow for those that stumble on it, and unwanted by those
happy inside their bubbles. Many people are coming out or being forced out of
their bubbles due to the economic storm, only to jump into other bubbles or
safe havens.

I said many times, the more I push the limits of this illusion the more incredulous
the info, and people flock back to their bubbles. Nothing wrong with that.
Ambiguity allows leeway and possibility of other possibilities to chew on.

not here to change the world, or anyone in it for that matter.

might find this hard to believe but I am not privy to some of the information I
freely give out to others. Why do ETs use a middle man for dispensing info?
Because the chatter inside most peoples' heads is so loud that they don't hear
the important things.

Slowly I am starting to get a
different slant on your writings. The initial stuff was mind opening. The
second wave hits the internal or personal aches....Can't really put into
The third
wave could be a doozy or not.

I'm sure due to your time in the
military you have been to many third world countries. But have you lived in one
outside of a military base?

Yes I
have, but I'm not telling, so there.

no sin not to believe in ET’s and certainly it's not something you want to put
in your resume' if you do believe lol. 

beliefs, whatever they may be, don't add up to a hill of beans, only our
actions do.

How many who are asking questions of
you on this board are, understanding what you are telling them?


How many are actually here for
personal development, and how many are ATS'ers and others intending to catch
you slipping up, force you into a lie, or whatever?

know if anyone is here for personal development, most are here hoping for a joy
ride with Milton. More than 2 and less than 100 are trying to slip me up.

To what extent is what you teach
influenced by your current experiences as a human and your current ego?

it's all ego, 100% lol.

Are your words the pure, refined
wisdom of Milton or Milton's wisdom as interpreted by Lou?
Wisdom? From that freeloader Milton?

I can
talk about anything I want to talk about. Time is the problem. Every can of
worms I open requires more time and explanation.

Were you allowed to remember (in bits
and pieces) your past lives because (aside from this life experience this time
on Earth) you asked to be put here on earth now to drip out info--to a select
few on board...who you know are reading it loud and clear?
Or I had the short straw.

Is ET making a statement about you
and what you are doing with all the drippings?

In a
subtle way.

Is this a possible signpost of things
to come in the near future?

a sign of things that have been going on for a long time, right under our

Just how absolute is the information
you reveal, and how do you know it is such?
I'm just guessing that it might be.

military is a well-oiled machine, and highly bureaucratic. Every second of
every member’s life is accounted for-----you don’t sneeze without a requisition
order. Nevertheless of my three years of active duty nearly eight months of it
is unaccounted for----totally blanked out of my mind-----most of that blank
space was while I was overseas.

I was
fetched by an NCO, dropped off at a hanger and told to go inside----I was
mentally briefed by ET beforehand.

of the time I never saw the ship, I walked through plywood corridors that led
into the ship. Sometimes there was no one around----not even guards-----which I
could see.

of what goes on in the ship stays in the ship----sometimes I have a clear
understanding of everything I did but when I try to put in on paper----I can’t
make it happen, nor can I verbalized it.

it or not [my day with an extraterrestrial] was all in one day, during that
trip they opened up a few more projects I was involved in and I will write them
down some day. Also I have the rest of my life before that visit, things while
I was growing up, and then the military--which I have been told to keep quiet
about for now.

know why I am here, and personally I’m looking forward to moving on---off

you like it here but things move so dang slow for me on this planet---

have entered into the alien's body, a live body is simply a vehicle, a
car---Milton could easily drive my car—body, but I would have to get a
learner’s permit to drive his---if I went into his, it remains blocked---but it
seemed so alien that I doubt I could simply go into it without having some wine

It would be like going from a basic
car cockpit to that of an airplane cockpit---you would need some initial
instructions to operate it. ETs have more bells and whistles---in other words
more abilities.

Does the fact that you were born in
Italy have something to do with your past life as a roman soldier?


How do we know that you are not being


Do you ever get tired of answering
the questions that are posed to you?

Yes I

What questions would you rather

religion and human sexuality. The three scourges of humanity.

If we are not supposed to know, why
are you telling us with their blessing?

teachers give the answers or a variation of the answers before the test---no
one needs pay any attention.

"A Day with an extraterrestrial"

About the “hot alien space

looked human, and she was in a human colony but she also had powers that the
average humans on earth lack, she healed my sore head instantly. Not ready to
divulge other experiences on that colony other than to say there were more
super humans like her there.

cities I speak of in my blog were built by a race exponentially more advanced
that what human are.

cluster of stars is one of the thousands of similar places in this galaxy.

"earthly" men found in on Uranus are part of a black ops thing, most
have volunteered to go but they are from a human mixture a tad more advanced
and they are learning new technologies that they may bring back to earth or
other places. They are supplied via ET ships by other humans such as them that
are in the program.

"nectar for the gods":

far as a recipe we don’t have the kind of vineyards here on earth that would
produce that kind of wine---and that sucks!

nectar had a purpose other than bring me to ecstasy, it was bubble wrap for the
items she put into my mouth.

I was
never completely blocked as far as memories go, I remember some of the trip
here, and entering this planet, and waking up fully conscious inside of a
baby’s body---my consciousness faded thankfully but they kept in touch with me
throughout my life leaving me with many sneak peaks of the big picture.

escapades as in the blog are not under my control, therefore I have no moral
quarrel with them.

transcribed what he wanted me to remember and I put some of it in the book.

book was a first draft and I did not put in all the details because it was
written as a screenplay. I originally wrote it as a screenplay because
screenplays are much easier and quicker to write.

Milton dropped his suit he was an orb of pure energy, and when he popped me out
of my suit I was a smaller orb---but there was no mirrors around so I could not
see what I looked like---I felt normal but seemed to lack my extremities---yet
I was able to pick things up as if I had arms.

didn't give blow by blow details of everything that happened otherwise the book
would be more than a thousand pages---I don't have much patience for writing
every detail---have you noticed how brief my posts are---

You spoke about your partner who took
the assignment on Earth (as did you). Do you mean that your current wife is
this same person or that the one you knew before Earth is somewhere else on
this planet? Have you met up with this other partner since and did you
immediately remember the love you had for this person?

person is not my wife, and I have not met up with her nor will I while here.
---the dimensions of love above what we have here on earth is so vast and
difficult to explain---but the love we have for each other is the love of
mother, father, child and spouse all rolled into one---for everyone we come
into contact with---that is for entities higher up than what I have mentioned
so far. Only pure love exists at those levels---and the shades of it diminish
as we ascend higher.

scenario is only a hint of what is going on in this solar system---not even
touching on what is happening in this galaxy---reader’s brains would melt---

scenario is my dumbed down version---and still many don't buy it---but then
again I'm not selling---only telling a sliver of the big picture of what exist
behind the fog of this existence---for those interest.

pool table had pockets and was part of a demonstration/ test, one of many tests
and demonstrations I participated in. Btw, not stuff I will expand on or talk
about on this thread.

blog is written as a screenplay, and kind of gives a three dimensional feel to
the story---

know that my blog comes off as fictional fantasy but I did all I could to make
it believable by not including the really far out stuff---the things we are
forced to do to avoid being laughed out of town, or put into a straitjacket.

You mentioned something secreting
special enzymes. Was the object animate or inanimate? Do these enzymes that you
spoke of have to do with information? 

objects were animate, and were coded to react with certain specific
enzymes---and if the balance of enzymes is off by a smidge the things rip out
of my chest and eat me up like a Praying Mantis. Well not really but Halloween
is right around the corner---

Why was it necessary to conceive
& collect new samples of sperm and ova? 

they want the DNA to create other humans, hybrids and clones, for earth and
other planets or areas in space.

Why humans were taken to populate
other places if there were already other species living there, such as in the
case of Uranus.

many reasons, some similar to why we have Americans, French, Italians, etc,
living in countries like China, Africa, Japan, etc.

I have heard from Neppti but briefly.

certainly do remember something else besides what I wrote in my blog, but they
haven’t given me the time to write it all down yet.

was plenty of intrigue in Milton’s ship hallway, more than I care to mention.

Who was Milton referring to when he
said "we have made you difficult to track you down"?

not difficult to track down anymore, well, for some. He was referring to humans
and ETs. The first few decades I was here finding me was near impossible, I
left little if any signature. 

Who are others like you? 

don't need to know 

"Each member has unique
information": Member of what? 
And that info is confidential for a

Is it possible that we are in danger
too because of seeing this information?
In danger of ridicule.

What did he meant with "you are
a code, so we keep you people scattered all over the solar system"? Are we
part of this code?

code is not traceable by human means and those on this board are not part of
the code...if they know what's good for them.

Your current incarnation on Earth was
an option. What other options did you have?
I could have remained where I was, in a utopia
existence, coming to Earth is like a stint in the Peace Corps except that you
fully immerse into the tribe and become one with them.

Are Terrans on Uranus being trained
for black-ops duties? Are they doing time, quarantined?
Some are black ops, all are
quarantined and controlled to where they can go. Some are doing time.

Do they mingle with Uranus beings,
ET's and other entities there?
They have intermediaries.

When Milton took you across the
galaxy as an orb, you said you were the size of a quarter: do you actually
remember visiting your grandmother until now?

memories are clear, the ones I'm allowed to remember. I felt like I always
feel, legs, arms, body, yet I was out of my body and had no body. Plenty of
energy, light as a feather and flew like superman and could go much faster.
There is no describing the excitement of flying. Many dream they are flying,
and they really are but think they are dreaming. The exhilaration is much more
intense than a dream state remembrance.

and then bliss.

with inexhaustible love and positive energy is beyond human comprehension. Here
on the rock we get very little of that, we really are stingy with our love down

You mention that you remember being
on a spaceship and brought here and placed in a baby so does that mean you came
from somewhere else in the universe or was it a direct flight from Uranus?

wasn't a direct flight from Uranus, I took the scenic route out of this star
system and then to earth/hell.

Does that all seem real to you or is
it more like a dream now?

don't seem real because they take place in higher dimensions. This took place
in this dimension, it was real, and I remember it as such.

Are you sure it happened?

know it happened, it happened many times during my time here. I have yet to
write many of my encounters while growing up and those in the military and
after. I remember the locker but not everything that was in it. Most of my
encounters remain blocked.

How come you are not in the
"shell game" anymore, you are out in the open, exposed and exposing
all these things. Why do the other side of the ET forces let you do what it is
you do?
I'm not much
of a threat at this stage.

Are they, the other side, weaker than

weaker but they have much power on this lower planet.

Are they evil ET, renegades? Do they
want us down for dark reasons?
They cater to the majority, they pander to ignorance.

I thought both sides wanted the best
for us, even if they wouldn't agree on "the treatment"?
That was my politically correct line.

When you were on Uranus in the tube city
did it feel like a 3D reality or was there something else?

was a higher consciousness. No confusion of what is real and what is not real.
This book is a watered down version of what is going on in this solar system.

Did you happen to see any bug-like
creatures? Or Bigfoot perhaps when in the space station or Uranus?

didn't see any bugs or walking carpets during that trip that I recall.

When you were in space, was it still
dark like seen from Earth or did the stars light it up much more than we can

places in space are darker, but not dark matter, something else is going on.
Inside the ship the glass makes everything brighter and magnified. Outside the
ship, for me anyway the stars seemed to light things up, but the sun also made
things brighter.

When you were out-of-body and went
from Uranus; the panorama vision is actually reported by people who have OBEs
here. Did you live on that planet before you were a legionnaire here in past

I did
live in that city but the city moves around and orbits other planets.

Did you mention that everyone there
is bald - or did I misread that?

where they live in the city, there are other entities including hairless apes
with hair like here on earth.

Do you know much about the
unfortunate people that were taken from the crowd into the separate ship by
greys? Were they to do with that operation you were in?
I don't know what happened to them.

You were on some family planet where
you saw you Grandmother...could she see your Grandpa where he was? Does she get
to stay there for however long she wishes?

Were you, in your previous life in
that utopian city, also within a level of illusion, although much more aware of
the "real" existence?

existence was not illusion.

Has anyone ever approached you about
making "A day with an extraterrestrial” into a movie?


The human colonist on Uranus, Joe,
mentioned there was black op's upon black op's working there, who did all these
groups belong to? Countries? Renegades? And what are their purposes?

yes, and they do have a purpose.

Milton said your purpose was to drop
hints to those who are ready for a bigger view; your message obviously helps
our souls and development (by us doing the right things in life) but is there
something more to it than that especially the stuff you drip that raises the
mystery curtain a little bit?

is a lot more to it than that, mystery and intrigue are part of the mix that I
have yet to touch on, if I ever do. I love my coffee breaks you know.

What was the activity going on in
Mars? Milton said he would share it with you later, what did he tell you?

told me to keep it to myself.

Milton said the Renegades might try
and put you into storage....what is that? What happens?
It would involve removing me from

Milton said you and others like you
contain pieces of a code? What is this code? And what are all of you to the
greater picture of things? What is the difference in the information you carry?

not telling.

book scratches the thick surface of what is going on in our galaxy. And yet
many people believe it fiction, the very people who believe Darwinism's shit
just happens theory. LOL, what are people smoking on this planet anyway.

the truth

on earth as we all know the truth is difficult to come by----and most of us
wouldn’t know the truth if it fell on us like a brick wall----the truth is a
tough concept down here. But it’s not on the other side.

are people making lots of money selling books about alien stuff that is
completely wrong yet many flocks to buy their books, fiction sells very well.

can make a great living selling gloom and doom---for some reason many people
enjoy hearing about the dark side of things.

I have lost thousands of my hard earned dollars with all of my books and
writing endeavors---few writers make money unless they are on the payroll of
some newspaper or they have best sellers---the vast majority of writers do not
make money selling books---some will not admit it fearing that it would reflect
on their credibility---lol

I had
to get that off my chest because I hate it when retards accuse me of writing
for the money---

everyone can comprehend the idea of extraterrestrial life and sometimes its
best not to try and convince them -- the vast majority of normal people are not
ready for the big picture---and that’s OK.

know because I was told and shown, why----that I don’t know----------------but
you will have to decide for yourself what you know and are willing to
believe-----everyone has the capacity to know the truth-----however, knowing
the truth is not requisite to achieving a fulfilling and productive
life----knowledge is a two edge sword-----too much and it can disrupt things.

want to share the proof but the proof is not mine to give----it’s patented and
belongs to ET, I have asked----they said no---so you are free to ask
them---maybe they will give it to you. ET hardware is proprietary and not mine
to give or show, also if they want themselves to be known by the general public
that’s up to them.

now proof is dealt out to individuals---one human at a time.

is no solid proof because they run a tight ship with zero tolerance for
breaches in the system. I can get around some of that because of Milton

not mine to give I didn’t create their stuff----even if I wanted to their stuff
obeys them.

do I give proof to someone who is looking at proof in front of them and all
around them? If I took a microchip and showed it to anyone 75 years ago they
would have thought it was a bug.

If I
showed you something out of Milton’s world it will be the
same---incomprehensible---it would fly in front of you and you would think it
an insect.

tangible evidence would be considered hostile without a full disclosure. ---it
would create more questions, more confusion and ultimately paralyzing fear.

wants proof, and why not, but proof requires something in return, one has to be
able to get their mind around a thing before they can grasp what that thing is.

pet dog will never understand your computer or why you spend so much time on it
because its mind can’t penetrate human concepts and contraptions.

of us have a difficult time crossing a similar barrier, therefore what good is
proof? If a UFO landed at the White House most would believe it was human black
ops or some Hollywood stunt.

don’t appreciate when others plagiarize so I don’t. I do not read science
fiction books. My experiences are real.

understand that it is difficult if not impossible to believe that
Extraterrestrials are here without being able to see them----but the true
mystery is not why many don’t know about them, instead it is why so many do.

most that know about ET will never admit to it.

don’t want to know the answers [to some stuff]---nor could they handle the
answers---Some of this stuff can be a burden if you chose to believe
it----because you still have to live in a world that is fast asleep---and being
one of the few that is awake----is a challenge not suited for
everyone----especially as a teenager.

long as you keep this stuff in the realm of philosophy you’ll stay out of

is something wrong about writing fiction and claiming it’s the truth----I wish
people would stop doing that---but if they did much of what’s on the internet
and written in books would have to be discarded.

are several possibilities, perhaps life never ends and we continue
forever----we go somewhere or come from somewhere else when we die or get
transferred, or relocated or stationed like some kind of covert military
garrisoned on earth. Oops, I let the cat out of the bag.

truth is as clear as the nose on your face, but we can't see our own noses very
well unless we look in the mirror.

heard the old cliché "truth is stranger than fiction." Most people
don't want strange, or truth, they prefer fiction, it's easier on the digestive

prove nothing----people want the meat and potatoes before they will
believe-----ETs have to land and come out and ask someone to take them to their
leader. If that's about to happen I have been left out of the loop, darn!

can't prove god, ETs, the tooth fairy or Santa Clause.

is a tooth fairy I have seen her on more than one occasion----she had a strange
resemblance to my wife and put money under my daughters pillows when they lost

Clause was more difficult but he exists too----I once had to fit myself into
one of those red suits and bring gifts to put around the tree while the
children peeked from the other room with my wife.

Everything on this level of existence
(earth) is an allusion-----something or someone is behind the
allusions-----children don't know who is behind those fairytales-----they don't
care-----they are real----the presents are real-----the money under the pillow
is real.

scientist has problems with the proof thing, that’s why they are full of
theory---to put it nicely---

A few
words are worth a thousand pictures---hence how many pictures have been
debunked--every single one of them---but words and experiences are not so
easily discredited.

Reality? Which reality, the one that
kept people believing for thousands of years that the earth was the center of
the universe----like many still believe today. The one where for thousands of
years everyone believed earth was flat?

know those analogies have been over used and apply to everything including
grandma’s secret cookie recipe, but they are hard to beat.

live in the world that makes senses to you----what else do you have to go on?

people have more to go on----or different experiences-----and therefore their
reality is changed.

can’t project your reality to anyone else-----some people live sterile
existences and wear the blinders prescribed by the particular society they
happen to live in.

are six billion people on this planet----ETs have removed the blinders from a
few million of those people.

may say that I am brainwashed or delusional-----however, I’m not the one who
believes trillions of solar systems are devoid of life-----I know better.

this big bad world you have to get your own proof-----no earthling has the
authority to hand it out.

have proof but I can't share it so I look the fool-----still, since I am able
to remember many of my experiences I take that as sign that I can speak about
some of them. Many know something is going on-----so I tell a few things to
validate that there is something going on. What is proof for me? I have listed
some in this tread, I have been in ET ships----most of the time I find myself
inside them with no idea how I got there----I leave the same way.

gave me proof----and I never asked for it-----they give proof to thousands of
people---most will never admit to it, and many will take what they know to the
grave with them. It took me fifty-two years to talk about my involvement.

proof is not "out there" it's here on this planet-----for thousands,
maybe millions of people that have tasted it.

is forbidden to show evidence----not a copout, it's just the way it is, but I
do have a stone, it’s a meteorite that was given to me many years ago when I
was younger. I even tried to break it open to see what was inside it when I had
one too many drinks, again many years ago. Obviously the stone is not proof of
anything, meteorites are everywhere but they never told me if it’s from this
planet or some other planet or moon---or other star system. The rock is cold and
hard, it is 2 ½ inches by 2 inches. Weighs about a pound.

had that rock for a long time and I never gave it much thought until last week.

don’t remember if I asked for it.

sure I will get lots of flak for posting that I have a meteorite from an
extraterrestrial but ET would not let me video tape or take pictures of their
ship. So bring on the laughs and snickers.

rock is a meteorite-----testing it will only prove that----which proves

they wanted me to present proof they would have given me something more
believable, a rock is a rock even if it’s from another planet or solar system.
This rock is not proof of anything; it’s only part of my story.

holds more truth than what people call reality.

talks about space travel, other inhabited worlds, magical star ships---all true

talks about what can be observed----for thousands of years humans observed the
sun going around the planet---so that was reality.

those with both feet firmly planted on reality believe that billions and
billions of star systems are void of intelligent life simply because ET hasn’t
picked up the phone and called us.

little stories and those of others are thrown into the mixture of the alien
scenarios---- which is mostly slanted towards the frightful aliens from science
fiction books and movies----strangely more people are comfortable with those
types of aliens because they can be defeated, unlike the real ones.

reason why people hate to admit to believing in god or a higher being is
because it makes us feel foolish and weak---and no one likes those feelings.

know about this curtain [behind reality]----most don’t----even many that have
seen the curtain----have not seen the curtain---or have failed to make the

those of us that know about the curtain we have to live with ridicule should we
chose to speak about it----by those who are oblivious to its reality. It’s a
tough job but someone has to do it----

one hundred years ago everything that we call common today was pure magic and
crazy talk back then

I talk about today is pure magic and crazy talk----but it will not be in a few

only truth most of us are looking for is why our team never makes it to the
super bowl? Is it the players or management?

of people write books and sell them I have written and posted hundreds of pages
of fantastic material all for free and in so doing have stirred up a hornets
nest of jealousy, hate and lies against me---I doubt Hitler was so

my blog is free of money making ads---

little bit of info helps someone get a glimpse of the big picture, some will
get it faster than others, some will never get it and remain stuck in the
egoism, war mentality and evil.

truth is out there, and has been under everyone’s noses for a long time.

have told things that have blown people away---and they refuse to believe
because it’s too crazy.

instead of exaggerating my experience as some suspect---I have instead toned
them down big time---the truth is so much more mind boggling.

not called the big picture for nothing, we live in a universe whose size
remains undefined--where physicists and astronomers remained dumbfounded by its
perplexity, and have yet to come up with good enough theory that is
satisfactory to any of them. It’s that good!

real truth as we have seen throughout the ages here on earth usually brings
with it a major shift in belief systems---it's never abrupt, but it slowly
trickles in for months, years and sometimes decades and many people are not
even aware it happened.

like mine are subtly penetrating into the public consciousness---some will take
notice others will take an Advil and hope it passes---

of the leading ufologists should be called “sandmen” instead because they
perpetuate the status quo by debunking the real stories in favor of the
“scientific method”

wrong with the scientific method, especially with the moon pictures, but the
meat and potatoes will not be found with that method---the mind will have to go
there first.

minute I tell anyone I’m going to provide proof you will not hear from me
again---funny how some people on ATS want me gone---lol

can't kill me but Milton will pull me out.

“common knowledge” for most people that extraterrestrials can’t possibly be
visiting earth. As you know there is no such thing as common knowledge, now
common illusions there are plenty of.

truth about anything? ---no one can handle the truth, or more likely they don’t
want the truth

so strange most humans can’t take that much enlightenment in big chunks.

how much resistance I get from spoon feeding it here---most spit it right

though most know this basic truth, truth stated in certain ways can be shocking
for some, however, this thread is about revealing things hidden away in our
minds due to superstition.

becomes more evident when those that detest it stink with hatred for those who
reveal it, when truth is not the concern few who are against it make any noise.
Make no mistake the stuff I reveal is the truth.

flower follows the sunshine; those looking to improve can see the signs more
clearly all around them, and are less likely to stray off the path.

who are always looking for pieces of the big picture (or the puzzle) and have
been contacted or have had "weird" unexplainable occurrences:

because they have too much time on their hands---

they simply know that there is a bigger picture, in the same way that birds and
Monarch butterflies know there are warmer places to hangout during the cold
months and head south.

can never be compromised or minimized by any guild---but most are not looking
for truth, they are looking for “what’s in it for me” and that’s what the
guides deliver.

humans could see the big picture they wouldn’t be here wallowing in the little
things which hold many of us down. Unfortunately and by design all we humans
can expect to get while here on earth are crumbs of the big picture,
nevertheless, only few are resolute to partake in such feasts.

before I was given the opportunity to reveal more details [about the sun being
pregnant] two mods scoff at the breakthrough idea and moved it to skunk
works---granted that concept is way out there and perhaps they put it where it

are ready for the big stuff but far too few, so I will continue to drop small
clues now and then, I don’t like giving away good stuff to rabid sceptics, you
know pearls before swine kind of thing---lol---it offends to see pearls
trampled, belittled, and dragged through the mud by the hateful, the envious
and especially the fools. 

free flow of information is not an easy task because there are too many that
don’t want the real stuff out there---and why put stuff out there that so few
are ready for?

truths in this world do not necessarily set people free---because truth is
subject to the twists and turns of people’s tendencies for bigotry.

have at least on occasion, the real stuff. The movie “Men In Black” for
instance, gets their best tip-offs from tabloids---lol. Nevertheless a
fascinating story filled with solid material and un-provable truth.

are searching for more info for a variety of reasons and all who seek will find
“some” of what they seek. Some will find more than they can handle and go into
denial or simply dismiss what they don’t want to be true, because it may
require them to change a lifestyle. Truth is not for everyone and most can and
do live without it just fine---

are many paths to the truth; they only differ in their complexity to finding

in a rat maze, the smell of the cheese always throws off those who are led by
their nose, rather than their intellect and their heart.

nearer the truth the higher the ridicule factor---because things get way too
strange for the human mind.

can’t fly so we created steps to reach high places---the higher up we go the
more steps we have to make to get there.

dimension has its own truth and there are many dimensions.

our reality one truth does not fit all----and it never will---have you ever
tried to change anyone’s truth for them?

Are you answering questions for the
sake of answering questions, or should we let you open your Pandora's Box? 

a few “think” themselves ready is it right to subject others who are not ready
or even aware, to the potential horrors they may perceive from the opening of a
Pandora’s Box? The lid of that box remains tightly sealed, and has not been
opened yet.

few alleged crashed ships and dead alien bodies that few people have seen means
nothing but speculation for the masses. Pandora’s Box is not open.

Most cannot or perhaps should not
grasp a lot of the concepts or knowledge that you and even more so Milton,
posses. Why not try us? 

get tried every now and then, the searching stops for those who pass---they are
few but they also have conditions they will abide by.

is a heck of a lot of stuff going on yet most walk right on by because there is
no crowd. We want what everyone else wants----the drama, lights action and end
up missing the real stuff in life.

you think that, using human logic, something is not so right here, that’s a
sign of waking up---which could make things easier or more difficult depending
on one's point of view--most people prefer to sleep though this life---“wake me
when it’s over” kind of deal. To each their own.

is a double edged sword---to get it we must give something up---like cherished
illusions---most will not make the tradeoff. Most would argue that they would
make the tradeoff but when given those options in dreams on real alien ships
they don’t.

human mind is a strange animal we think we know what we want; we believe the
absurd and easily discount what is right in our hands.

the tradeoff is a complicated affair for most, and there are stipulations to
making those tradeoffs---nothing is given for free. Certain tradeoffs require certain
actions to take place first.

soul embroiled in turmoil has a weak hand at the bargaining table.

is of huge importance in our lives here on earth---if souls can’t be family
friendly how can they possibly handle bigger issues---spiritually speaking.

is extremely important to our wellbeing while we are here and doubly so when we
return to the other side. All of us should remember that no one owes us
respect, but we owe everyone respect. Enjoy the family as often as possible! 

sympathy, people do and believed what they want or can, no rules or galactic
laws against it. We will all get stamped with the truth at checkout time. So no

Are there times you think you have
pierced the veil, just to find another behind it?

who have it can see their way through the hall of mirrors we call life with
little difficulty, but it’s not a trait we acquire overnight if at all.

you know without a doubt what is behind the curtain there is no excuse.

Isn’t life scary enough without
trying to pry open Pandora’s Box?

Box is open but things don’t fly out of it like in the movies, they creep out
slowly otherwise they would disrupt the order of the universe, and we don’t
want that.

truth is not the same for everyone, just take a gander at the myriads of truth
on this one planet concerning politics and religion---which one of them has the
truth ?---they all think they do.

the truth would crush us.

only comes to those who are pure or at the very least going in that
direction---not many are.

would be rare that anyone got hold of info that would make top dogs nervous,
besides they have ways of dealing with those who do way before leakage

need only worry if you have tangible proof and threaten to bring it into the
open, then it becomes more work for the missing person’s bureau.

Is it just a sick game where things
that actually happened are released in a way where they are easily debunked, so
the truth is told but it isn't kind of thing ?

processes info at different levels so a lot of different type of info is thrown
out there.

What is the religion or way to truth?


not really hard at all---simply do the right thing in every situation and
slowly things will fall into place, including understanding.

the secrets in life are available to everyone who wants them and are ready for
them, for those who find them in this thread so be it.

old saying is that “the truth hurts” and people are killed for much less than
the truth, and

not talking about stuff on silly conspiracy boards like this one. I’m talking
political and religious truth around the world.

only truth most people can handle is the truth that they can agree with, or
favors them--no other truth is accepted.

problem with truth is that if we find it then we have to change to conform to
it---most on this planet don’t want nor intend to conform to it, therefore the
truth is not for them.

truth doesn’t set anyone free, it binds us---in other words once you know the
truth you can’t take the “Fifth”, in Fifth Amendment speak.

are many truths. The individual true concerning each one of us exclusively that
concerns why we are down here on earth. And then there is the truth that
concerns places of hemorrhage like Iraq and other countries in distress across
the world.

Those truths are not for human
consumption. And then the ancillary truths like communism, capitalism,
republicans, democrats etc. They all believe to be the bearers of truth---but
that’s impossible----

few will ever know the truth, and fewer still will ever become enlightened
there is only one thing left to do.

actions speak louder than any truths or knowledge we may think we have
attained. In the checkout lane of life the only thing that will matter is our
actions, or lack thereof.

information that is useful, if and when found, is not envy, it’s just plain
smart. Life is an Easter egg hunt.

Should we be just focusing on what is
in the plate in front of us instead of wanting to know these things? 

these things are interfering then yes.

know how when you wake some people up from sleep they jump and look confused,
and some get mad that you woke them up, and then go back to sleep. That's kind
of the same situation with ufo nuts, and the people who are too smart to
believe in this stuff. They don't want to be waken up from a sound sleep.
Everyone will wake up "on their own" when they are ready. Most will
go to the grave and then wake up. That's cool too.

want the truth, because it hurts, hurts the ego. Truth is much stranger than
fiction, but fiction is fun and tangible when sold as truth in a 3d
environment. Like any commodity in a free enterprise system, demand creates supply.
Real truth is not a commodity that is in demand.

sleeping masses don't know and in many instances don't care about the
"bells and whistles", the diluted human versions. The stranger the
info the less believable it becomes. The honchos have nothing to fear that
their little secrets will be believed, even if they did get out. 

your family don't believe you, don't tell them anymore. Most people have not
reached the level of UFO nut. Their loss. 

people will find the answers they seek in their own sweet time. If they have no
interest in what you tell them, talk about things they are interested in.

Why the deception? Why not just keep
it real and let the people of those worlds find things out on their own?

do we tell children about the tooth fairy? The Easter Bunny? Santa Clause? We
tell them and show them the things they can grasp. As they/we get older we are
given bigger fairytales to make us happy. We have to graduate from 3D to get
the real meat and potatoes.

But at the same time, you can tell a
two year old the truth about the Easter Bunny and they would believe you
because you didn't tell them the lie in the first place and it won't affect
their lives.

is truth for a two year old? Whatever they are told by the parent. What is
truth for an adult? Whatever they are told by the society they are raised in.

know we are not alone; admitting to themselves or others is a whole other
story. For the ego to feel its worth we need to believe we are it, number 1, a
bag of chips. Funny thing is we are number 1 under all the baggage we carry

is a point that most of us will reach where we "know". The moment we
die no matter if we go up or down we "know". Granted just because I
say I "know" don't mean diddly squat to those frozen in 3D mode. So,
you either believe me or you don't. Those who haven't experienced supernatural
stuff can't really know about the supernatural. They either believe or they

of us believe what we want to believe, proof or no proof. And what is proof? Is
a tree biological, or a machine? Or is that the same thing? If machine then
that implies something created it, if biological implies it created itself via
the pond scum theory of the origins of life. How can one or the other be proven?
Can't while in 3D land. We simply believe whichever life "concept" is
nearest to our way of thinking and seeing the world.

truth is filtered by our prejudices; therefore few people will ever see the
"truth". We are not here to impress the higher beings we are here to
prove to ourselves what we are made of. Every ordeal is a testament to what we
are made of.

We all seek for truth at our own
unique level of understanding. That's why attempting to change other people's
perceptions about anything is nearly impossible.

one it's not our job. But we can certainly share ideas. I'm not here to change
or alter beliefs, only put out some weird info, people can do whatever they
wish with that info.

love, are the only truths that count. Everything else is stage props.

is a gift, it cannot be given, borrowed, stolen or acquired by any human means.
In other words we only know an apple is an apple because we are allowed to know
that. But is it really an apple? And what the heck is an apple anyway?

taste of the big picture is beyond explanation, it can only be experienced by
those who have tasted it.

knowing too much information will make us crazy. After all, we are only human.

to good questions are for anyone who reads them, not directed to those who pose
the questions.

problem is that we try and mesh those few great truths we stumble over with the
great lies all around us. The two puzzles don't fit together well.

There so many people that if given a
tiny micro peek at the big picture, could change their lives and so make this
world a better place ...well kind of.

that were true the world would be a better place. Everyone gets more than a
micro peek, over and over again and yet little happens to wake them up. That's
why they have drill sergeants with army boots looking for butts to kick.

truth is some wicked stuff that most of us only think we can handle. The
"truth" is peddled by everyone and their grandmother on the Internet,
Hollywood, politicians, and academia. The so called truth bombarding us every
minute of every day is much easier to swallow than the real stuff. The real
stuff gets little press for a reason.

wants the truth. And everyone receives their own truth. The problem is we are
not here to get the truth. The truth is none of our business. We are here to do
the right thing in every situation we are "put" into. And that's the

are blocked from seeing and grasping the big picture. We can peek under the
curtain now and then but that's all. 

If we know we cannot know, then what
is the purpose of this life?

prison for most, a learning experience for others.

are many beliefs and theories out in the world but none of them can be proven. That
too is part of the obscurity of the learning process.

How do you know that your
"truth" is relevant or transferable to others?
My truth is irrelevant.

is persistent and will eventually breakthrough the toughest barriers----some
people find it early and therefore move forward sooner others take longer and
require more life times on planets like earth before they make contact with the

only see what we are ready to see. Some want to be ready, most do not.

For those who get this individual
wake there a specific reason for this or just a stumble into it for a
heads up? Or, is this a wake-up job interview?

and the next few generations will get some glimpses behind curtain number one.
The reasons for this "temporary" glimpse remains a secret.

are plenty of curtains, we are in one now, and yet most remain behind it due to
their own blinders.

people walk around like zombies because they don't know how fantastic existence
is. The leaders don't know either.

from the gods is privileged info and has never been a right---nevertheless seek
for the right reason and you will find everything you need to know to get
“your” life in order---those who do that may then get additional info
afterwards---impatience is not a virtue but a stumbling block for those who
drink too much from it.


tell my story----granted----a little at a time----for free, and for some reason
it really bothers a lot of people.

far as I know no one is forcing anyone to read this stuff----change the channel
if you don't like what I am saying. When the questions stop----I will stop.

I do
use humor sometimes - I know the level of skepticism so I try to accommodate
with humor: not everyone gets my humor as is evident by the childish attacks.

know that skeptics think I am making all this up because my mom neglected me
while I was growing up and I compensated by creating these imaginary friends.
Well my life was not that bad, and my mother didn’t neglect me. My life has
always been fairly good, and sometimes great----so far I have been fairly
lucky, if one wishes to use that word.

fundamentalist believe there is a hell and they want to save people from
hell----and apparently from me---because I know that hell is a story to
frighten people----to control people.

an infant mind can believe ETs don't exist. Billions of planetary systems equal
billions of inhabited planets. Inhabited not by microbes but by people like
us----some less advanced and some far far more advanced.

up little children.

that believe we are alone in the universe need to see a psychiatrist. Then
again lots of psychiatrists believe we are alone in the universe----that fact
alone should tell you something.

understandable that some people need proof of things unseen. But much of what
millions of people accept with little hesitation, natural selection
(Darwinism), has no proof.

had many good ideas about the origins of life yet he never came up with proof.
To this day none of what he espoused, theorized and believed strongly
towards----is provable, although much of it makes sense. His lack of proof
doesn’t receive the same criticism from the scientific community that other
disciplines and philosophies seem to garner.

unlike religion and its secular counterpart (Darwinism) both pretty much based
on conjecture, thousands of people have experienced extraterrestrial
contact----real physical contact----yet those who haven’t experience this
physical contact refuse to believe them.

can one prove they hugged their child last week, the hugging can be recreated
but that does not prove you hugged your child last week----can we take the
child’s word for it? How do we know that the child wasn’t having the same
delusion----perhaps their deep need for a hug is behind this delusion?

believing in something because one lacks personal experience is not rational.

that concept was applied across the board there would be few things left to believe
in. Just a thought.

see authority figures as real jerks, police, school principal, parents, the
boss and ET.

diagram proves nothing, there are hundreds of diagrams out there and anyone can
draw whatever they want.

am I on this thread? Because I enjoy all the insults by people who believe
themselves smart

have dug down deep into their endless bag of wisdom and proclaimed with
absolute profundity that sleeper is wrong because they say so----

far that has been the best argument against me---

bad if they can’t push the envelope a bit and stretch their mind around stuff
like that-----I guess they’ll have to wait until it happens to them before they
can believe-----nothing wrong with that.

some skeptics I don’t look down on non-believers but I sometimes respond to
them when they attack my integrity, which happens often.

In my
first thread I was still putting together pieces of the puzzle, every day more
pieces are added, should I withhold them if they contradict things I have said
in the past?

people would poop their pants if they ever met an alien---most do, and would
remember nothing about their experience because of the fright---yet they talk
big on these threads--- Some skeptic’s eyes are wide shut to the UFO phenomena
and therefore anything I say is going to be goofy for them.

people don’t become physicist because it’s a difficult science to comprehend
and therefore they don’t waste their time with it.

people can’t get their heads around the idea of extraterrestrials and they
don’t waste their time with it.

why do skeptics come here? For the attention, or just to pester those they
don’t agree with? They may be an intellectual and even a scientist but they are
sometimes acting like a spoiled child---

are party crashers that bring nothing to the party; they come for the free food
and drink, kind of like leaches and fleas---lol

you notice many of them have little luck with their own threads so they go to
the hot threads and try to look cool---

you are looking to amplify a few minor discrepancies and there will be some,
then you are not open to the big picture---the one I have been giving away free
of charge vie the graciousness of ATS. ---I would give you your money back but
you and no one else has given me any---you take my mind boggling information
for free and still complain.

your life free of discrepancies?

living in parallel lives and see how well you do.

blog unified many of the fractured things I talked about in my first thread---I
wrote the blog six mounts ago when the story was clarified for me and I waited
for word to put it out there and that’s what I did.

know a heck more now than I did a year ago and I will know a lot more in the
days, weeks, months and years to come---info is ongoing.

told us the world was flat---they lied! They said man would never fly---they
lied! They say that it’s impossible that anyone can cross the vastness of
space---they lie!

vast majority still believe that last one.

like books are updated when more or new information becomes available this new
thread and blog supersedes the last thread.

and when I do another blog should I hesitate to publish it if some new
revelations in it contradict this one?

wrote it as I remember it, and what you find between the lines stays between
the lines for those able to pick up on it. Nevertheless the big story is “as
plain as the nose on their face”--- The truly blind like some skeptics will
never get it---

all my venomous and hateful detractors, thank you, you are good for one thing,
you keep my thread on the front burner---

all of the lies you people come up with to stop me from putting the truth out
there is wasted time for you all---my blog is up and running and getting plenty
of hits! The blog can't get hijacked as threads do, so it remains untarnished

can’t be infested with publicity seekers attempting to peddle their superior
intellect-- Certainly your lies to try and stop my words are somewhat
useful---I guess I’m grateful---

of the crowd that run with certain skeptics are fast asleep and they wish to
keep others fast asleep---good for them---


are skeptics and then there are firefighters only interested in putting out the
smoke before anyone can see the fire ---believe me it's not easy sneaking
information out in a world preoccupied with keeping the masses fast asleep.

those who don’t believe-----everything I said is bogus.

in my story is not integral to my existence.

What all-encompassing
secret to you think I am holding out on?

are lots of people that would like me torpedoed----it’s what makes life worth
living. Obviously super-duper technology doesn’t necessarily translate into
high intelligence, otherwise why would the aliens pick a bone head like me to
indulge in their magic?

apologize for putting so many people through my agonizingly cryptic, detail
lacking, boring and tortuous account.

not peeved at the skeptic, they made fair observations of my lack of
information sharing.

understand everyone’s frustration with my hit and miss accounts-----my quandary
is do I keep torturing those who wish to know more about my “insanity” or have
mercy on everyone who has been snarled by this post and bring it to an end.

where I am right now. If you think I’m doing this for attention think
again-----I would pay if I could undo what I have started on this post.

doesn't take much education to be a skeptic; even a child can be one.

level of skepticism [on this UFO board] tells me that the general public is not
ready or interested in knowing what is going on. People live in a cozy bubble
and have no real need to leave that make-believe world.

anyone really be proven sane? Or for that matter insane?

have attempted to get my story out----no one is interested. So I post bits and
pieces on this thread.

nearer the truth I get the more preposterous it sounds so I keep it toned down
and somewhat believable----still few believe.

I don't
have a picture of ET handing it to me, and even if I did who would believe it?

don't speculate or conjecture about extraterrestrials, I know they are real,
and are here. Because a lot of people don't know does not negate the fact that
they are real.

can go ahead and believe we are the center of the universe if you wish---you
have lots of company.

people wouldn't know a diamond if it weren't polished and in a display case at
a jewelry store.

if I was to ask the ETs for the cure of major illnesses, and they gave it to me
and I posted it on this thread----once verified I would be considered a genius,
a god, or possibly that I was telling the truth about aliens.

If I
didn't experience this stuff I would be the biggest skeptic and probably would
never visit UFO boards.

fascinating that some self-proclaimed experts on ETs are those that have
admitted they have no experiences with them.

to know what others have seen or not seen or experienced or not experienced is arrogance
in its purest form.

there is lack of proof for many does not negate the fact that thousands have
the proof----been there---done that.

those of us that know about ET-----should have known better than to talk about
our experiences-----knowing how we humans get mighty envious of things we don’t
have and can’t get our fingers on.

is a big difference between healthy skepticism and spiteful jealous tantrums.

know I am only one in thousands that have this information but the so called
skeptics have outdone themselves in keeping most experiencers silenced, and
they claim they want the truth---lol

naysayer are running scared as their world crumbles around them---the leak in
the dam has begun and there is no stopping the truth from flowing out---

that pixie dust metaphor out into the
mass of unbelievers ignited a flurry of skeptic rebuttals that I’m still
smarting from---some people have no sense of humor.

happens by chance and even the skeptics have to admit that things are getting
interesting---albeit, slowly.

have been and continue to be so called professional ufologists attempting to
thrash my threads---my info threatens their bread and butter.

unscrupulous and illegal means some members want to release my identity on this
internet site without my permission.

info might actually benefit me because it would disclose a book about the
Roswell incident that I self-published in 1997---I have not advertised that
book and it languishes mostly unread. 

they release my identity they could be defeating their purpose to shut me up
and get me national exposure.

have been misquoted so much by detractors on this thread that I would have to
spend all my waking hours just to prove them wrong---

spend a huge amount of time defending myself against people that have not read
my posts and assume I said something that I didn't---either they don't take the
time to actually read what I write or they are only trying to gum up my threads
with nonsense---most are trying to gum up my thread by misquoting me
intentionally. And other people come around and read their intentional lies and
believe them---it’s a free country and they are allowed to do that.

counterproductive people convince themselves they are being productive.  That’s evident with many of the skeptics on
this thread---lol

can’t conceive in their wildest dreams or nightmares the 99.9% of existence
that remains unseen.

because someone makes noise on an issue doesn’t necessarily mean they are part
of the solution, and often they may be the problem.

skeptics do have a purpose and that purpose is to keep as many people in the
Dark Ages as possible---and that is a legitimate purpose---there are millions
of people in this world with the same job as they have because a lot of people
are not ready and they need sheep dogs like them to keep them from straying
away from the flock.

is useful for the blind test thingy it’s also the skeptics’ mantra, where
anything of value must ooze proof---lol

realities of others unlike some skeptics doesn’t really change how we live our
lives because as you know perceptions will always be slanted by the perceiver’s
point of reference. That’s the great thing about individuality we all advance
or decline at our own rate regardless of what the rest of the world is doing or

selfishness comes into the equation via perception by others, that too is a
burden which ultimately determines whether one advances to higher planets or
declines to lower planes of understanding and existence.

is no debating with scoundrels and cowards.

the good stuff in this universe requires either faith or experience---and
neither can provide proof to the skeptic.

are two kinds of nuts in this world, the UFO nuts and the sceptic nuts, the
sceptic nuts, those in denial of the big picture, have always ruled the world
and will always rule the world. The UFO nut numbers are simply not there.

you can't see “what your ball of light would benefit from your life
experiences”, then perhaps you should change occupations and find something
that adds to you---otherwise you are wasting valuable time.

came clean with the blog and with my threads and was accused by many ufo
believers of writing fiction.

category that is not on board are diehard believers of ufology, the Hollywood
version and who detest my coming on here and raining on their parade, and as I
stoke their anger by putting holes in their boats and sacred beliefs I create
more ambassadors against the sleeper guy---lol, which is counterproductive

have to believe that there is a heck of a lot of information that can’t just be
“dumped” so easily. Things have to make sense, they have to be plausible
otherwise they become or remains in the fiction category even for those who are
on board---no one wants to be made a fool---even though Hollywood and
politicians make fools of many of us every day.

some of us it’s as clear as the nose on our face---lol, but we can’t see our
nose unless we take a look in the mirror---and when we do we may see other
things as well, like flaws, pimples, hair, blotches, etc, so we have to cover
them up somehow because we don’t want the world to see us as we truly
are---naturally I’m only describing myself here---

It is
that obvious but it’s also easy to ignore and pretend it’s not so, because to
acknowledge it means we have to change, and that takes work---it would be more
preferable to most if someone would just simply change the world instead---lol

more concerned with those who believe me than those who don’t---I’ve already
tasted the wrath of one ATS believer who turned on me, and there have been

So my
dilemma remains---and grows the more I push against the envelope of perceived
reality---some people’s minds don’t stretch as far and as fast as others and
they snap.

a real experience but it drives the sceptics nuts when people like me talk
about this stuff, that’s why most like me keep it to themselves I presume

if Milton and I did go on webcam would you believe it?

seem to cause pain to many people who don’t get what I write---yet they follow
me and my threads for more of what they don’t get and gives them indigestion---I
don’t get it---

don’t have time to read because I’m always writing, most of what I write
remains unpublished and only a fraction of it ends up on threads like this
one---whether anyone wants to read my books or not I’m going to publish
several, so even if you or others manage to stop my threads my books will be in
libraries and bookstores long after I’m off this rock---

the vast majority non-disclosure is about all they could handle, that’s why
when ufo nuts talk about this stuff to non-ufo nuts the non-ufo nuts scream and
put their hands over their ears and say, “I don’t want to hear it”---lol---some
of them don’t believe us crazy, they just don’t want to go crazy thinking about
that kind of stuff---it’s upsetting to them.

bad if you can’t push the envelope a bit and stretch your mind around stuff
like that-----I guess you’ll have to wait until it happens to you before you
can believe-----nothing wrong with that.

think it has been proven that hypnosis requires a willing subject----in other
words most people can be hypnotized if they want to be----like quit smoking, or
other human modifications.

do check the oil on skeptics too you know---

I’m not here to make everyone happy, the pay is just not high enough for that.

can breed false courage and real stupidly---

are not in the minority when it comes to laughing at me.

Do I
exaggerate? Quite the opposite, I dumb down so much of the stuff I have seen
and experienced it’s hardly worth posting.

still I have to suffer moronic insults from numbskulls ---I’m not sure why
people like me even bother---the biblical parable such as “don’t cast pearls
for the swine to trample over” certainly applies---

only bothers me when a “book burner” feels the need to keep others from reading
material they don’t like---where do these people come from?

of the knowledge that eludes humans today had at one time been written down on
stone, papyrus, and good old paper----and now the internet. Yet meat heads of
old and of new continue to try and stop the written word. 

this is not always the work of humans, but many humans willingly participate in
obstructing knowledge out of pure unadulterated ignorance, envy and hate.

sceptics are kind of like new babies when they come into this world and are
faced with a new reality---they need to be slapped on their bottoms to get
things going----and some wail louder than others---

will always be children at the back of the room shooting spitballs at those in
the front of the class when the teacher is not looking. Makes them feel cool---

It's certainly convenient that
although there are many different alien species none of them are willing to
divulge the universe's greater secrets to the thousands of people they contact.
If that were true we
would still be eating moths around the campfire and grunting on how much life
sucked---I guess we really haven’t come all that far.

everyone is interested in knowing what’s out there because they are neck deep
in this life-

some people’s past lives are baggage they need not carry while here.

those that need to know there are plenty of hints if they care to look for

thread represents a clear and present danger for certain cherished beliefs;
therefore some are not happy with it, plain and simple.

people who read this stuff laugh it off--- they don’t understand the concept of
panning for gold, nor do most have the tolerance for that tedious work that it
takes---plus some are perfect and don't need improvements------they have their
hate and envy down pat.

that can’t get their way in the real world give it a shot in the virtual world
of the internet thinking that childish tantrums might be interpreted as
strength and daring by their colleagues.

people who know are the ones that have come up with terms such as swamp gas to
make people feel silly so that they will go back to sleep with the rest of the
sheep---it's very surprising how well those tactics work.

are people that don’t want the truth out and their job is to stop it by
ridiculing it.

don't understand Milton types, Milton types are real and not illusions.

and animals don’t comprehend the human world, humans don’t comprehend the human
world nor the paranormal world.

believe me it’s a tough curtain to lift up because of all the people standing
on it and keeping it from being lifted, they like their illusions---

people love their illusions and I have no right to wake them up or break their
bubble--when they are good and ready they can do it themselves.

it’s the logic angle many use to avoid seeing the truth about their nature,
unless they are forced to change. In other words, life after this one simply
doesn’t compute, therefore go for the gusto and screw anyone that gets in the

fun, cool, and popular to make fun of ufo nuts.

If my
life is what one might call anointed then god help us all. I'll go back to ATS
and get on the gloom and doom bandwagon with the rest of the paranoids because
there would be no point in life or in living. If you want validity talk to the
United States president, the Pope in Rome, or any number of the World leaders,
or better yet the scientific community. Don't hang out on a silly ufo nut
website. LOL. 

Well, I certainly would not consider
the words of the President or the Pope to be valid. Who on earth tells the

human knows the truth, none, zero, nada. Milton does but he keeps most of it to

not here to teach or preach only to tell my experiences and answer a few
questions to those interested---those not interested need not drink from this



  1. Thank you Lou for your willingness to come and giving humanity a great service. The sharing of your personal experiences with extra dimensional beings have confirm my personal experiences. I don't only believe, I know.

  2. I am so happy to get this info...last night about 4am my brain was filled with lights i cant wait to see what tonight brings.

  3. I am so happy to get this info...last night about 4am my brain was filled with lights i cant wait to see what tonight brings.

  4. Hi Mr. Baldin, thanks so much for your guide and also to Mr. Colport for compiling the info! There is so much information in your guide to absorb, and I try to read a little bit of it each day. Your information about the soul is really mind expanding. I'm very glad that I discovered you through an interview of Mr. John Lear at his home when he mentioned your work. I've also had a chance to read A Day With An Extraterrestrial and I felt that it is a gem and it answers the question on where we all came from. Thank you sir for all that you do! =)