Compiled by Colpart Olivier

Contents in this blog have been collected from various websites, blogs, threads and forums that were written by Lou Baldin, and were published between 2006 and 2008. This material is raw and unedited and has not been reviewed by Lou Baldin.


The Universe

There is no end to the universe ---the human mind cannot grasp these things.

There is one universe that is so forever that its edge will never be discovered, but there are infinite dimensions---some may say that dimensions are universes, works for me.

This is a huge galaxy we reside in even our best cosmologist have no idea just how big it is. Earth is a very small detail in the huge picture called a universe.
Can any mere mortal comprehend the size of a single galaxy let alone the size of a universe with gazillions of galaxies in it?
Most of us have a difficult time managing two or three people.

The idea that the universe has always been is harder to swallow than the existence of one all-powerful god----or that ETs are real, or that we are intelligent apes.
We humans get comfortable with something and would rather die that give it up.
The idea of a perpetual universe would throw monkey wrenches into many beliefs (religious and secular), overturning the whole concept of what matter is.

The body you reside in is like a universe----every cell renews itself and every few days you have a completely new body-----the universe is the same it constantly renews itself.
And as far as why----no particular reason-----because there could be an infinite number of reasons----and yet not enough to satisfy everyone.

In our galaxy there is no shortage of any material and those with the technology can harvest whatever they need------indefinitely.

This universe is so large that the edge will not be found by human instruments, ever.

New planets and stars are created every second in every galaxy.
But there is no tossing the dice as Einstein once said of god. ET doesn’t toss the dice either.

Everything the human mind can imagine----and that is not much-----is being played out in millions of star systems throughout the galaxies.
To say the least----galaxies are never ending wonderlands-----created for us.
Energy did not come into being-----it has always existed and it will never cease existing. Energy existed forever-----we are energy-----energy can changed into many things but we have always existed in one form of energy or other.

We have energy vortexes on Earth.

Stars and planets are being created by the billions as we speak----a process that has no beginning or ending----new stars and planets replace dyeing ones.

The nearest star to earth is only four light years away----no human will ever visit that star while alive or in a human body----way to far----can you grasp the size of the universe? ----the best human minds can’t-----the universe is thousands of times larger and more complex than any human mind can imagine-----the possibilities are endless-----the ability to comprehend those possibilities while residing in a human brain are finite.

The whole idea of random is nothing but a human toy----something to play with while in this playpen called earth.

Many solar systems are isolated for many reasons, which would fill hundreds of libraries if written down. Most solar systems have limits but that still leaves billions that don’t.

Everything is created by the life force that is made up of ET, humans and all other intelligent beings in the universe.

There is no unexplored part of the universe

How do you describe something without end----infinite works but then how do you describe infinite? ----the human mind will not accept concepts that are called infinite because there is nothing infinite in our limited three dimensional existence on this planet-----so I use terms like really, really big, even a thousand times bigger than what we believe it is, is pretty dang big----and nearly impossible to comprehend. It took hundreds of years for the reality that the earth moves around the sun to sink in----and some people are still not convinced because it’s obvious that the sun rises and sets, and if the earth moved we would feel it-----it’s a conspiracy.

There is a mysterious energy at the top of the heap but like the size of the universe is unknowable so is this energy.
The energy at the top encompasses much of everything and remains indefinable, and if one chooses to call that energy god it certainly is not the god clumsily portrayed by us humans in our books and literature.
There is a lot of energy at the center of the mind-boggling universe that humans will never be able to see from here on earth.
The center of the universe and the center of each galaxy emanates mind boggling positive and loving energy---have you notice that earth and our solar system is in the outer reaches of all that positive energy---it’s no coincident that we are so far away.
Is there a consciousness which looks or is aware of the whole world/universe/infinity? It’s difficult to see the center of our galaxy because there is so much energy and other stuff going on—the center of the universe is more crowded with mindboggling energy and it’s difficult to see if there is only one power or billions of them having a good old time.
And those who know never give a straight answer---but they hint, and what I can make of it there are many individual entities at the party.
Energy of love (center of the galaxy) is where all the souls come from; what happens in reality?
The exact formula is kept in a secret vault.
Many of the ETs based around this solar system have not even seen the center of the universe--and yes there is a center---they know that much.
Whatever is at that center few at these levels know---we are free to call it god if we wish—or not---we will not be judged on our beliefs.

Earth is only one of millions of penitentiaries in this galaxy, there are also holding pens on some of the moons and planets in this solar system---from minimum security to extra maximum security---there are some real monsters in them.
There is a heck of a lot of stuff in our solar system---how many of us can do Disney Land in three days? There are several lifetimes’ worth of stuff in our solar system alone.

If you only knew just how many possibilities there are; just imagine an atom---what magic keeps it going virtually forever?---all those electrons flying around a nucleus at mind boggling speed---for those that can wrap their minds around that---they will get a glance at eternity--that’s how long most of us will be around.

We humans have lots of theories and conjecture---but few if any facts, about our solar system.

Milton knows more than anyone here on earth that a massive amount of love emanates from the center of many galaxies because that’s where many enlightened souls reside---and certainly that would be true at the center of the universe as well---but the source of that energy has not been explained to me in a way that I would do justice in my explanation of it here. There is a very large energy that emanates from the center of the universe but Milton doesn’t say one way or the other what it is.

If you look at your desk it seems like a solid surface to you---yet there is nothing solid about it, the human mind sees solid---the Milton mind sees a variation of energy---and he can play it like a piano----ultimately even what we perceive as energy---is not even that---we have entered into the freaky zone----mind over matter stuff, the physical universe is missing a lot of matter for it to make any sense to our scientists---our great minds.
Every galaxy in the universe is like a synapse connecting to other galaxies and dimensions--the universe is a huge schizophrenic brain---yet it remains perfect in every way---it is us at these low levels that are out of sync.

What is going on in the center of galaxies is beyond human comprehension, the center of the universe and beyond is that much more so.
According to Milton there is no “pinnacle [of existence]’ ----can any human mind grasp that little nugget?

Our galaxy is nearly twice as large today as it was a year ago---lol----no one knows how big and fantastic it really is----we humans lack the technology to see our galaxy and assume and speculate about its true size and shape, and the theoretical numbers change frequently.

The whole universe and its infinite dimensions is a heaven if you will, just because many on earth don’t feel like they are is such a place does not negate that fact. Earth is at one level of it, some can call it hell if they wish.

A large part of this galaxy is way beyond fantastic yet how many here on earth know that?

There will always be more questions than answers because of the immensity of this eternal life in this huge universe. Most of us are in kindergarten and wish to understand college algebra. 
The answers to all the mysteries in the universe are in plain sight of everyone---but so few take the time to look.

Are we just incapable of seeing the existing dimensions of Saturn and the other planets or we being deceived?
No one is being deceived most everyone likes the bubble provided for us.

The universe as far as physical beings “human types”, is concerned is infinite---there is no edge to it and none will ever be discovered by humans, ever. But once we have moved out of our human restraints and become pure energy we have access to many more dimensions and can leave this universe at will, and some of us will find that there are infinite universes, and dimensions a plenty.

A universe that has no ending or beginning yet there are endless universes and dimensions--defies human logic---how do we bridge that relativity vortex kind of gap when most humans can’t even conceive the obvious---that earth like planets populated with humans make up much of the universe ?

Paradoxes exist in many places and especially in other dimensions because there are many levels of souls in need of exotic learning centers and opportunities----that make our rat maze here on earth a laughable joke.

“Fantastic” doesn’t begin to describe what’s going on out there while most remain unaware in this big blue nursery hanging out in space---clinging to a star that is clinging to a galaxy that is hurling through the universe at mind-boggling speeds without ever hitting a speed bump--which would certainly stir up the millions of nurseries if it did.
The fact that we don’t feel any movement, and the night skies look the same with all those billions of stars predictably where they should be---who is to say, and more so, why should anyone believe that things happen that way ?
Scientists know that galaxies move, and move very fast but they cannot see them moving--way too much space between them. But millions of people believe because scientists say that it is so, at least that is partly how things work in the cosmos, and that is true.
The cosmos is like an ocean filled with mysterious bodies some moving like schools of fish, others hiding in nooks and crannies but how big is this fishbowl anyway? That’s got the best minds puzzled because in the human mind infinite does not compute.
It takes some knowledge and big leaps of conjecture for things to begin to makes sense in the cosmos, and right now cosmologist are up against a very thick brick wall with no rope to climb over it or battering ram capable of breaking through it----where to from here ?

No need to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes because space is a pretty thing to look at and not much more for the vast collection of human minds that even bother to look up at night.

Is the planet earth expanding, getting bigger physically? 
Most large bodies in the solar system get bigger by the oodles of dust, meteors and solar that falls on them every second of the day and night.
There are no other forces at play, the earth is not expanding from within like a star going supernova---although the interior does fluctuate creating volcanic and tectonic activity---and expands and condenses from internal and external pressures depending on solar activity, the wobble of the moon---and to a far lesser extent gravitational ripples from nearby planets like that stunning Venus---lol

Just like Chinese goods, we import more than we export---in other words more stuff is coming into our planet than is going out.

Many of us have trouble getting out of the right side of the bed every morning let alone be part of some huge multiverse type schemes.

What is beyond the universe?
This universe is forever---but there are many forever’s.

The universe is not an experiment, neither are humans---experiments are concepts and practices mostly indulged by lower echelon dimensions as is wizardry and black magic, and other types of matter worship.

Everything imaginable exists in the universe.
There are oodles of planets, dimensions, galaxies, races---no end to them.
Everything imaginable is real and everything unimaginable is real---somewhere.

What is the end purpose of creation?
The party has been going on forever---and keeps growing---why? Why not?

What about the new planet that they have found beyond Pluto?
There are more they have yet to detect----nothing we need to worry about.

Why are snowflakes unique? Out of the endless billions of galaxies not one is the same---or so they say---

There really are bigger and better hamster wheels in this galaxy and some hamsters down here don't like that idea.

Our solar system is moving out but eventually it will migrate back in.

Like shoes, solar systems wear out---but there are many shoe stores in each galaxy.

Is the physical universe/this dimension always growing and expanding?
The only thing that expands in our universe is our ego----and the physical universe is matter a fact an illusion because it is matter and all matter is illusion---but it makes for a very cool playground for our entertainment.

If a planet up and disappeared there would be some psychological mayhem, which almost happened when Pluto went from being a planet to a moon. Planets don’t disappear they fade away and get recycled at the furthest reaches of the solar system.

Matter repels and attracts just like we humans do via our personality, but matter does it with a negative and positive charge which combine to repel like the solar wind, or attract like the gravitational pull via electromagnetic force, the magic behind matter.

A comet is a heavenly body looking for a planet or moon to call home. Some of them bring essential building blocks or other materials to places where they are needed like cargo ships. Heaven's gate type.

The universe is not expanding or contracting and for all practical purposes it goes on forever, and past forever are other dimensions that go on forever. Once on the other side this will be clear as pie for many.
The only thing that begins and ends is our illusions when we are born and when we die. Everything else has always been and always will be, without end.

All planets are way cool, or way hot, but I’m not onboard with some of the views that are out there and since few humans will ever know there is no point in ruffling feathers.

Earth is not the lowest level planet in this Solar System, that’s all I can say. Which is the highest level Planet in this Solar System? 
Most of us here on earth would like to think it was earth, so why rock the boat?

Every planet in this Solar System has mind blowing spectacular scenery.

In this dimension there are no constant planets, they all get decommissioned and eventually recycled.
That only happens when an abandoned planet gets heavily infested with undesirables and ceases to produce good seeds, earth is not in that category because it hasn’t been abandoned yet.
Do people inhabiting them reincarnating on them?  That’s what happens.

There are multiple Universes.
In what way do Universes differ from each other?
Let’s say that an apple tree represents a universe, and a cat represents a universe. They didn’t appear from nothing; they have always been and always will be.

Are all the planets in this solar system the same age?
Not a single one.

Our Universe doesn’t wrap.

Our Universe is infinite in size.

Dimensionally speaking, there is an infinite amount of Universes.

There are twin planets but not in this solar system.

The planet expands and also shrinks during and via celestial phenomena---the sun plays the planets like a flute.

This solar system is typical and virtually identical to millions of other solar systems in this galaxy, nothing special or unique about it.

The Milky Way is a typical galaxy with much the same stuff as most galaxies in its class. The size of a typical galaxy is beyond human comprehension---and so are the wonders in them---and there are galaxies that far exceed the never ending wonders we have in the Milky Way.

Higher entities have access to other galaxies, the rest of us have our plates full with the mind boggling little things on earth---not even the solar system----our galaxy----well lots of baby steps to go yet.

Everything comes from a much bigger place than galaxies and dimensions, which all fit nicely on a rolodex.

Are planets just super advanced space ships? or space stations ?......
They sure are, and moving through space at a pretty good clip, well the sun is, and all the planets are cozily nestled in its invisible shield, which helps keeps the bugs out of our teeth.

The Doppler Effect is way off and inaccurate because it doesn’t show us the circular motion that galaxies are moving in because it can’t. This is another bit of info that will go ignored-----but you can bet a cosmologist and perhaps an astrophysicist that reads this will run out and see if they can prove it somehow and then get the coveted Nobel Prize.

The universe is like a hive of bees, the bees buzz around the hive or nucleus but some will venture off and then come back.

That certainly is an understatement to say that it is a big universe(s).

Everything in the solar system, for the most part, came out of the sun. So the planets are siblings. 
Much of what comes out of the sun ends up in the fringes of the solar system, and remains unknown and a mystery, even to Astrophysicists.

Not a planet not a moon, but something new: 

It is common. But so is human life all over the galaxy. 

Where is it headed? 
Not at a theater near you. Common stuff is not for common folk, just ask NASA. 

There is a rule that the planets orbit in a similar plane, kind of a centrifugal rule when applying currently understood physics. All such rules are bendable when unknown physics are at play. There are such bends going on in this solar system. 

Do any planets in the solar system have libraries that provide information on everything about the universe?
Does a cat, a dog, need to know or understand what a car is or that there are many countries on this planet with cultural differences? People don't need to know but a fraction of what is in the universe. Heck, most people freak when you tell them extraterrestrial are visiting this planet.

Space and time are infinite for low-level thinking. In existence, such infinite places are not even a grain of sand, a grain of sand in the entire known universe. 

All solar systems don’t work by all the planets within revolving around the mother star. Others work differently.

Is perception and consciousness EVERYTHING in this reality in the universe? What about beyond? Concepts infinitely beyond?
How can we see the trees when the forest is always in the way? We can't.

Some big comets that hit the sun are not comets.

Darkness is not an illusion; it is real in the absence of light. Light is the illusion. 

Besides Ego being the largest thing in the universe, other large objects can't be imagined until we can grasp the size of infinite space, which holds a heck of a lot large chunks of matter...that hasn't collapsed within itself from shear mindboggling size.

The universe has all the time in the world and can print out time sheets almost as fast as the Federal Reserve prints money. People can snooze as long as they want and come back for more.

What’s the largest planet in the universe? How many earth size planets, would it take to equal its size?
A few billion earths.

Our solar system is common but there are billions of solar systems much different, unique and with their own version of astrophysicists and physics.

Is our meteor belt a blown up planet?
Yes. Some believe there is not enough material there for a planet, that's because a lot of it didn't stay there and rained down on other planets, and moons.
It was no accident.
What the hell happened to have a Planet destroyed?
It was rotten to the core, and a direct hit.
Was it a war between Mars and that Planet that left one Planet Destroyed and the other like it is now?
The whole solar system was undergoing major renovation and upgrades.
Why do they make a decision to destroy a Planet over just wiping the people and starting again as they have done on here and Mars?
Depends on the density of infestation. Destroying whole planets and moons happens in these kinds of neighborhoods, solar systems.
Was it a Human type people that lived on the Planet that was destroyed?
They had human type bodies and some other strange stuff in the hybrid zone.

Will war type planets like Earth always exist in the universe? Yes, they are parts of the machinery.

Comets and Asteroids: Do they hit other planets for certain reasons?
Planets and moons are sponges for much of the litter flying around in space.
Are they from a planet/star that has been blown to pieces?
They are debris from old planets and moons.
Are any of these coming for earth anytime soon, and what do they contain inside of them? There are some big ones that will get close. Those on a direct trajectory [to earth] will be nudged away. Iron, other minerals, water, and a secret ingredient. Secret being the key word.

Is something special going on near the Orion constellation?
There is much going on in Orion province and other places too. But don't blame Microsoft, Google, or NASA. They do the bidding for others, mostly unknowingly. Like a child confined to the backyard of his house we are.

Stars are ejected in mass, in clusters and individually, from the core of the galaxy, and continue their formations and development as they travel away from the center--not toward the center as many believe. Star birth is rapid, but we blink and miss it.
Stellar nebulae, which we can observe around us in this sector of our galaxy, mostly consist of stars, normally in small, open clusters, sucking up part of that shroud of gas and dust we can see in photographs. When these stars are ejected" from the center of galaxies, are they fully immersed in a gaseous nebular cocoon?
Yes the cocoon is like amniotic fluid sack.
Can stars be born inside those matter-rich environments, away from the centre of galaxies? 
They grow there but are not born there, the star seeds comes from the core.
Why are stars inside nebulae so young, even if they are far away from the centre of the galaxy, as this solar system is?
For us in 3D land it may look far. But like popcorn in a huge kettle stars are ejected outward, some further than others.

Supernovas ignite new life onto old and new stars that have laid dormant, like placing seeds into soil and watering them.
Are supernovae responsible for the "creation" of elements heavier than oxygen, thus playing a crucial role for us 3d life forms?
They add an element or two to the 3D soup bowl.

Are elements heavier than helium produced inside stars via thermonuclear fusion? Well kind of but not necessarily via thermo.

Are stars "giant balls of plasma" powered by fusion, or of an entirely different nature? Neither electrical nor fusion, but a quark of both.

Are stars "birthed" at the core of the galaxy, set for a long permanence in orbit around that core in the spiral arms or not, made to reach the outer rim maybe, and get recycled there, or die within the body of the galaxy in the various known ways?  Yes.

Star seeds are created in black holes at the center of galaxies.

Are densely packed globular clusters the realm of very ancient stars and grand ET outposts? You mean the exclusive stellar country clubs.

How do the Suns/Solar Systems manage to not collide with each other?
For the same reason that planets don't fall into the stars, stars repel matter not attract it---for the most part.

Is there is a geometric pattern to creation?
In the physical realm most certainly. The soul however is not of that mystical realm. A watch is a physical item that tells us how much time we waste. The information it imparts to us is the sole reason for the watch, we don't want to be late for that meeting kind of thing. The mechanics behind the mechanism of the timepiece is secondary and of little importance to that meeting. In other words matter is not all that and a bag of chips when it comes to the big picture, it's simply a small element, get it, a small element. lol I know, don't quit my day job.

Some ancient texts speak of 'spiritual planets' (namely the Indian epics). Does this mean there are worlds which are not as physical in the sense that we understand it? Many such worlds exist.

The universe is pure unadulterated love, and wishes to share this love with as many souls as possible.

Is everything in the universe matter/different forms of matter? And different forms of ethereal.

Is every universal creation a part of a huge tech data base, and at 3D we will never be allowed to understand its complexity until we pass our own tests?  Yes twice.

Are most dimensions in the multiverse created, to a certain/large/total extent, by very high up ET?
Everything is.

Were there, eternities of eternities ago, precursors, or much simpler, states of this universe or the whole multiverse? There are infinite modules.

Is ether sentient or only the entities in it?
It's alive! But unlike anything we could comprehend.

Are certain areas or dimensions in the multiverse "beginning to exist" and evolving, even without ET intervention?

Is Energy/ether pervading most of the multiverse, except in certain areas or dimensions that are "empty" or a real "nothingness"?
Yes, but does anyone really appreciate that fact?

How many planets are beyond Pluto [in this solar system]?
A bunch, but most are moon size or smaller, but not all.

All planets and moons grow via tons of new mass that falls on to them every day, dust, meteors and such. Over time with the new mass comes pressure changes inside the core, which pushes back creating changes on the surface and weather patterns.

"Creation is based upon the 'Three Primary Distortions of The Infinite One'." Free Will, Love, and Light - is this how the system works?
Way more complex than that.

The universe has order in its disorder.

Can't it be said that all planets and stars of our galaxy are in synchronicity with the Earth? They are not.

Every moon in the solar system is a magical unique wonderland. But they are not all fun and games.

"The universe was created"? it has always existed? There is no beginning and no end to the universe and if you say it was created, that would imply a beginning. Can you clear this up? When I "created" a play area in my backyard for my children to play in I didn't "create" the backyard, the trees, ground and such, I only "created" a play area by installing a kiddie pool and sandbox. The gods create and destroy illusionary worlds like Earth all the time, but this universe remains unchanged.

Is the Universe a Mathematical construct, in that the vibrational patterns/colors can be represented numerically. So it’s like a matrix (the movie) and we are plugged into it!? Only in this "physical" realm. Which is really not physical at all.

What is the purpose of moons as opposed to the planet they orbit - is there any special reason moons are there? Especially multiple moon planets?
Prime real estate. The views from moons are orgasmic to say the least. But they also have other purposes (can’t say anymore).
Moons get shuffled around and eventually recycled in the boondocks. Some star ships cloak as moons or other galactic mass.

Our solar system with all its planets is merely a single cell inside a human body, which is like a galaxy filled with stars or cells.

Can you elaborate on the hiding process that is used to blur planets?
It's done with huge mirrors. There are planets and moons not seen or known about in this solar system. And I'm not talking about only those out in the Kuiper boonies. Not all celestial bodies have mass as we know it (can’t say anymore).
Are there more planets or huge structures that cannot be detected (by us) because their makeup is only partially (if at all) connected to our lower 3D realm (or our perception of physics)? Our physics has much to do with it. But there are covert human elements aware of some of these invisible systems.

Moons, planets and stars were created to do what they do. Nothing simply "happens", not even shit, or doodoo for those that don't like the work shit.

Are certain surface features in our moon and some of the planets camouflaged via optical devices or is it achieved through complex ET dimensional magic? Also sloppy photo shopping.

Neo, if you have been given the gift of seeing through the matrix, how do you know that your superior position is not just another layer of matrix, and thus your perceptions as equally useless or useful as a primitive tribesman sitting in a mud hut? How do you know that Morpheus/Milton is real, Neo?
They don't like calling it the matrix after the movie came out and gave all the secrets away. They prefer calling it what it is, dimensions and such. But even dimensions is not correct.

Would you say that it is possible that there are Planets out there that are the size of our Solar System?
Would people on Planets of that size be the same size as us or would everything be super upsized to a huge scale?

Considering that the very small area of the universe we are aware of, could fit on a gnat’s ass, yes there is a lot of partying going on that we are missing out on with our bickering.


The Sun

Many believe that without the sun there is no biological life possible on this planet, which is mostly true, but heat from the interior of the earth keeps a variety of creatures living around vents at the bottom of the oceans.
That same energy keeps many believed to be barren planets and moons in the solar system with life.
Nevertheless, without the sun this would be a dark and gloomy place where all biological life would cease to exist.

Few take the sun for granted because who doesn’t love a sunny day? Try and imagine living on a planet distant from a sun and not having the magnificent sunny days we all love and cherish----there are many such planets out there in this solar system and throughout the galaxy---and without the artificial sunlight I talk about in my blog.
However, the sun is not god; God is much more radiant and infinitely larger, equivalent to billions upon billions of our suns.
The sun does save us from frostbite, and lifts our spirits like nothing else can---it sure acts like a god.
People have always worshiped the sun, in the past and the present, and many symbols have been created for that purpose.

I won’t argue that there is a mighty intelligence permeating around us from many realms--- but the sun will one day expire----we will not.

The sun has cycles where it sends out lots of flare ups and heat and most of these cycles don’t very that much during the ten or eleven years that they occur.
But every now and then there are extreme cycles when the sun gets real hot, and much less hot than what we would consider normal. Both of these infrequent extremes are devastating to life on this planet.
To state that a few of these instances "might" be supernaturally manipulated would get many eyeballs a rolling like this------so I will not say that.

Most astronomers have the sun as a nuclear reactor.
If the sun was a nuclear reactor wouldn’t our skin being falling off by now? ---lol
The sun is not a nuclear reactor---but my pregnant sun didn’t do well on my other thread so I will not go into what the sun is yet---I don’t get paid enough to be a comedian to the sceptics--
-----so until I can make it sound reasonable I’ll keep it to myself.

You know the saying you can’t live with it and you can’t live without it---isn’t that a nice saying?
It doesn’t necessarily apply to the sun---we can’t live without the sun period. Not only do our bodies need the sun but so do our souls.
The sun has its tizzy-fits every now and then---and the earth shakes like a dog trying to rid itself of fleas on a hot summer day.
The sun is all full of itself, perhaps it’s about to deliver something.
The sun is definitely in a mood---from all the hormones that were added to it in the past few months. ----Oh yes they do tinker with the sun.

Our sun orbits around a partner star every 24-26,000 years. Is it the star Sirius? 
Sol is solo.
The heat from the sun plays a major role in the dynamics of earth's temperature.
Certainly there are people that would like a place in the sun, but the sun is very exclusive and only the higher entities with an interesting vibration can warm up their heels and souls there. There are “entities” that hang out in and around the sun, they have a higher energy field than the sun and hardly tan at all.
Our star has H2o, oceans of it, and other oceans of elements. Everything and much more than we have on earth is in the sun. 

What other elements does the sun have? And how can it be? 
Human physicists understand and know ZERO about the sun and about anything else concerning physics. So how can that be, it be because everything is ZERO without the one. 

The sun give birth to plethora’s of things that will never be known to humans even as a smidge are caught on video.

Most people believe the Sun is a huge nuclear reactor that just happened. It was created like in a cotton candy machine in the center of the galaxy, and spit out like popping popcorn, cooled a bit and then began to shine and spit out planets of its own. The rest is history.

If there was no sun, would people stop aging, at least from their outside appearance? Psychological damage would outweigh any skin damage.

It seems your holding back something about the sun.
Yes I am holding back. The sun/suns are multi-dimensional things. Everything has life, but life to us here in 3D land is 1D. It's a long big story and I don't want to give away the details. Not sure that I can. There are entities within the sun and they have no tan lines. Wow baby!!! Are they hot!!

Many people throughout the ages have worshiped the sun as a god. The sun is special, all stars are, but they expire and souls don't. The soul is made of something much more mysterious than the sun or anything else for that "matter". Matter, get it? The soul is not "matter" as is light and everything else we see in 3D land.

Is the nature of its existence (other than a big heater) something we are not ready to understand so quit asking questions about the sun?
That too.
What makes these concepts so difficult to understand?? 
They are not difficult concepts to understand, they are difficult to put into practice, and that's the rub.
What makes me so different from people that I can handle these concepts and they can't? Some people just know, even if they don't know for sure.

What is the average population of people who live in the sun?
The sun is not like one of the planets with habitation, it is something very bizarre.

Is there an inner sun as has been described?
We interpret what we see or are shown by what we know. A sun is a source of energy, or a radiant being. I'm not saying that the sun in our solar system is a being, but there are some similar elements.

I’ve read about the evil doing followers being put into the sun for punishment, and you've stated that those who refuse to be redeemed will eventually get the shredder. Are the sun and the shredder one and the same?
Many things going on in the sun, in fact everything, matter wise. But souls are not matter and can take the heat.
Are these shredded souls actually being used to continue to power the sun?
Is it the life from ashes scenario all over again?
Some souls get reassigned from there or to there.

There is stuff about the sun that I can't delve into now.

The sun is not a ball of gas.
Better would be to send a space probe to the sun and measure its temperature. 
The dilemma is how to measure temperature without affecting the measure by the reaction of the instrument with the sun rays. But, obviously science already has made its mind and it would seem silly to challenge the idea of a hot sun. The high photonic concentration emitted as light makes believe that this light comes from combustion when in reality comes from atomic excitation in the plasma.

What are we not being told about the Sun?
Those who think they know don't know, so they can't tell us more than they think they know about it.

How it works, its functions, its nature, what’s inside it etc., etc., etc., etc. ...  I am really curious about the real story on the SUN.
That's one of my projects stuck on the back burner for now, a victim of my multitasking challenged abilities, or lack thereof.

What are pulsars?
Outside of the standard scientific definitions that can be found anywhere on the internet, pulsars are matter stabilizers, and so much more. Milton says I wouldn't understand.


Saturn is a fantastic thing to look at from here on earth---there is absolutely no way of describing the feeling seeing it up close---it’s truly looking into the face of god, your mind literally melts at the awesomeness.
There are millions of things going on in and around Saturn, and all of its moons as well, but Milton said he would kill me if I tell much more than that---perhaps in the next blog he will allow more detail.
There is sentient life but to what extent I don’t know.

What are the strange Hexagonal formations on the poles of Saturn? I will give my .o2 in a thread in skunk works.

Saturn has solid core.

The asteroid belt is that like a fence marking the bounds of the Prison planets?
The belt has a lot of living debris in it and it serves many purposes including protecting the nest as well as the prison yard.

Some humans in the past and even now here on earth know lots about Saturn, but they aren't talking for a reason.

Iapetus, is it real or fake if the latter then what is it?
Iapetus is real. Iapetus had a wicked spin when it was ejected from Saturn's womb and settled out in the dark and cold boondocks of Saturn's orbit. Iapetus has life on it and in it.


In 1994 a comet named Shoemaker-Levy crashed into Jupiter.
The alien dudes zapped that shoemaker thingy with their ray cannons trying to deflect it, but it broke up in many pieces and hit the planet hard killing bazillions of people on Jupiter.

I don’t know if there are humans on Jupiter. There are ETs all over that planet and on many of its moons ---and they would not be affected by comets or anything else.

Jupiter is pregnant.

Jupiter has solid core.

What wonders exist on Jupiter?
Most of us would have a complete emotional meltdown from a mere whiff of the wonders. It has a solid core, and the storms are like large cotton candy type devices collecting residue, the things moons and dreams are made of.

What is the population of a planet like Jupiter or other large planets in this solar system?  It changes daily, earth days that is. Much of the population is transient.

The Moon

They asked me nicely not mention things about the moon---they are so picky---lol
Without the moon life on earth would be a calmer place, too calm for the indigenous life forms that are on it now.

The moon is not hollow and it did not break off earth and distill into what it is today----the moon was no accident or freak chance it was deliberately put there as a counter balance to the earth's rotation and to stir the oceans----not to mention something to fill the night sky and to look up at and marvel at the sight.
The moon is also a huge repository of minerals and metals that will be used to build cities in space, and there might be some government cheese up there----well maybe not.

U.S.A and former Soviet Union suddenly stopped going to the Moon because ETs were already there watching us and 'warned' us away.

They have been using the moon for a number of things, less than one hundred years ago they had activity on the side facing the earth but with the onset of powerful telescopes they had to minimize and camouflage their actions---they also have been cleaning up much of the infrastructure and returning the landscape back to the way it was in preparation of human exploration.
I’m not allowed to talk about the moon but humans have been there more than the official line states.

There are ruins on the moon.

I’ve been to the moon, yes there are bases out there, and yes there is gravity and a flag. The moon and details is a forbidden subject for me.

Is the moon really an old space ship and it got "towed" into earth's orbit? Well, yes and no, and perhaps something in that order.

The light of the moon affects the hunt of some nocturnal carnivores, wolves, dogs, foxes, hyenas, man, etc. A full moon is also a focal point that draws attention like a campfire does for both man and animal.
It is a rock but it was put into place via artificial means, it remains an ET outpost, and that’s all I can say for now.

The moon remains an ET outpost so they limit what we can see or do up there until they relocate some of their stuff.
Our view of the moon is much easier to manipulate [by ETs than Earth illusion], as are other planets because we have no access to them other than telescopes and probes.

There are some humans on the moon--- not near the numbers I have seen tossed around on ats though.

What’s up with the back side of the moon? Does “mooning” have any meaning for you----?

Plenty of things are going on up there on the moon, John Lear only touched on a few things.

The moon is not earth’s fetus.

There are bases on the moon with extraterrestrials and a few locals, but not like loco crazy types.
They are up there making preparations for humans who will be living “openly “on the moon in a few decades.

Colonization of the moon is a given---given to us that is, and will begin sooner than most people know.
Those up there now have been told to pack up and leave, not all of them but enough to give us some space and a bit of freedom to explore and settled down in.
Many of the structures are like Winnebago’s, only larger and they will simply move off into the darkness of space and work from there as we arrive in larger numbers at the turn of the century.

Japan and China will find nothing with their satellites as most of the 'anomalies' have been removed?
Much has not been removed yet, and what is left behind to be found will be used behind the scenes for use on the moon by those who find them. If not everything has been removed, who prevents them to not disclose what they film? It’s like an average guy finding a million dollars of unmarked bills, not likely to disclose that fact---but all of a sudden he is doing things no one else is doing and driving some cool ass cars.
Moon missions and other missions happen all the time. In the old days people were made to believe they would fall off the edge of the world if they ventured to far in the ocean realms, assuming sea monsters didn't eat them first, kept people from venturing too far from home. Same dif. 

Was our moon at one time a prison or currently is now?
Was and is.

Why the moon is the only "body" that doesn't spin?
The moon is a mechanism in synchronicity with earth, ecologically speaking.
Most things spin we simply don't see the spin as with the moon.

What about that Richard Hoagland’s photo of "Data's head" how many of those dudes are about the place. Or is his Data's head just an old outdated model. There is some "real" meat in baloney.

Did Armstrong receive a welcome or was he warned away from the moon?
Armstrong and other astronauts were allowed a peek but not much more. And that overt program was ended.

Do the people living on the moon look like us?
Some do.

Do the majority of people living on the moon know about us and if yes what do they think? They know, they think we are such snobs, big fat blue planet and all. I think they are envious of us earthlings.

Is the crater Aristarchus on the moon really a reactor?


Mars hosted an abundance of life in the past, and still harbors life now but the diversity is less and not as abundant, much of it is subterranean---it’s amazing the things going on, on Mars right under our noses---lol---Again the proof is overwhelming yet most people refuse to believe.

Pyramids on Mars were built by the same type of beings but not the same beings were involved in projects, with pyramids here on Earth.

Much of Mars is still off limits [to us humans], NASA likes to push the envelope to see how much they will allow, and that’s why we and others lost probes.
The pyramids and face on Mars are Martian ruins. Mars is filled with surprises and many of them might be exposed in the next decade.

Mars will be a fantastic adventure destination spot for many humans by the turn of this century.

Mars has life on it more advanced than what we have on earth but they are not very pretty or sociable. They know humans are coming “officially” speaking, and so things are a bit tense. The powers don’t want the details out.

When will life on Mars be officially declared?
Perhaps in the next decade [2010-2020], latter part.

Would they be more likely to announce that there was an ancient civilization there first and confirm the ruins that are there? 
There has been plenty of opportunity to announce that now and in the past but that would be like admitting to alien life and extraterrestrials---would be discomforting to too many humans still. 
The "face" on mars is an “alien” artefact in an ancient Martian city.

There still are Martians on Mars but they are ugly----and live underground---but can’t give more details.

I’m not supposed to talk about Mars or the moon, but there certainly is pockets of nice people everywhere we go, and there are also those other ugly types.
Some are hiding out there, those ugly ones I spoke of. And not all are free to come and go.

There is a reason that some of that planet is a wasteland, still they do have some above ground structures. But no details allowed.

I saw activity on Mars, beings coming and going from that planet.
I don’t recall spending much time there, but they also didn’t want me talking in detail about what I did see.

Mars: Total Recall?
Well not total recall, but certainly some disturbing recall, depending on what they allow to be seen.

Mars is populated with a variety of life forms and entities some of it on the surface, much of it below and in space around it.

Mars was a habitable planet like Earth sometime in the past.
The planet experienced a bit of fire and brimstone and lost a major battle.

Why and how did the war on Mars start?
They didn't invite the right entities to the party.
Mars is currently under quarantine.

What's going to happen to the renegades and other ET's on Mars, once they're defeated, if they do get defeated?
Most will remain there, incarcerated, out of sight and out of mind deep in the interior.

Could we breathe unaided on Mars and survive provided we had the clothing for whatever temperature there was at the time?

What are the tunnels / tubes that have been photographed on the surface or just under the surface of Mars?
Martian infrastructure still in use.

Are the newly born people on mars, in the veil just as we are on earth? No.

Which race on Earth is the closest or most directly related to the last major civilization on Mars?

Martian and moon life will be explained away with the jargon that explained how life diverged here on earth via continental divide. The planets must have nicked at one time and shared some meteor semen. Yes there will be some DNA connection.

Why Mars is on quarantine? 
It has a certain kind of undesirable galactic infestation.
They are Martian Aliens and they do mess with our probes from earth, sometimes destroying them.

Mars has more than one species.
There are many species of Martians. Look at the vast variety of plant and animal life we have here on earth, and we only know about a fraction of it. Some we will never know about even though it’s right under our noses. When we go to Mars "officially" most of the life forms will remain hidden from us there too.

At one point did Mars have human life?
It had human type life mixed in with some weirdos and still has some.
Mars has undergone many cleansings and battles. The war is not over.


That subculture that Joe [character from A Day with an extraterrestrial] lives in has no poverty, or open warfare as we have here on earth and they live much better lives there than most humans do here---but they do have their problems because they are human---most from earth---

The city I came from is perfect in comparison to earth life---but some of the intergalactic intrigue comes from that place.

How do I put this gently---there is no way, even though I am a citizen of that city from a previous life and will return to it, I cannot go back to it while in a human body---they don’t have bathrooms for one---and we can’t be trained---lol
The tube cities I talked about are huge cylindrical vertical columns thousands of feet high and many miles wide---and there are several stacks of them in patches.
Truthfully while in the sub city there was no way of knowing where the surface was, but there was a solid core---how large I have no idea.

Uranus being gas giant doesn’t mean there is no surface---our scientists can’t even determine if there is water on the moon and it’s next to us---do you really believe they know what is going on in other farther away planets? Certainly they know some of the chemical makeup of them but they remain clueless of what the planets themselves really are.

Uranus has plenty of gas but also a dense core.

Uranus people are not born, they come "grown up"? How are they made? 
Are they grown like pod people?
I was not made aware of that part of the operation but their handle on biological machinery is far more advanced than anything we can imagine on this level. For us humans such things are what horror movies are about, to higher entities it’s more in line with buying a new car from a showroom---minus the pressure sales team---

Uranus people are in the same dimension we are here on earth.
They know everything that is going on in this solar system, they do travel out of this solar system and they can access higher dimensions. They interact with all the other planets including Earth.


Pluto like all the other bodies in this solar system except earth and the moon, remain forbidden fruit---

If I ever get around to my next installment of the blog they might give me something on Pluto, so far I have no go ahead to write more on it---

Pluto is a planet just a little shriveled and compacted, it will eventually become a moon and lose the remainder of its own satellites, but it could get busted up.
Promotions are much nicer than demotions and Pluto is not all too happy right now about what earth thinks of it.

Is Pluto harboring a deep dark secret? 
Yes it is----but not anything that will affect earth or life on earth as we know it. The myth must live on and the secret must remain intact.

NASA will send a probe to explore the Kuiper Belt beyond Pluto. 
What will the ETs do about it and what is the real purpose?
Some of them jokester ETs will throw snowballs at it and make funny faces at the NASA people. However, NASA will not share those memorable Kodak moments with the rest of the world. 
The real purpose is to take some pictures of extraterrestrials and a few of Pluto, so they will have something they can show the public---the Pluto pictures that is.
The Kuiper Belt is huge, and we are not invited to partake, our little probe headed there has accumulated an entourage of delinquents and tricksters.
There are many central spaceships meeting place/docking port in the Kuiper belt.


Personally Venus is not a place I would want to go.

Venus is no Aphrodite but certainly a seductress because of her proximity and visibility to earth. Venus is not a destination point for those leaving earth for bigger and better pastures, although some can visit Venus the same way we can visit Alcatraz except Venus is still in operation. Venus is not all hell, but neither is it a tropical paradise. Nevertheless, it’s a big planet with many hidden secrets above and below the surface. But they card, must be a hybrid, a spirit, or ET to enter.
Venus is off my radar but I've heard that it has its good districts as well as its red light seedy districts.

I haven't been to Venus that I can recall. 


Mercury is one hot little planet, not one that the meek shall inherit.

Big Bang

It's a big universe trillions of times bigger then what is speculated---it will not keep expanding and then like a slinky fall bank to square one and start all over again----the only big bang happens on the fourth of July----it never gave birth to the cosmos.

The radiation [that scientists claim coming from the big bang] is from massive stars and galaxies being recycled which gives off enormous amounts of radiation across the spectrum---this radiation comes from what scientist believe to be the edge of the universe because that is the furthest their instruments can pick up these exotic particles, which is about thirteen billion light years away----they think
They are so off base it’s almost embarrassing ---I’m not going to get into that here.

There was no big bang, the universe is not expanding nor will it contract and fall into itself---it will never end. And because time and space are illusions so is Genesis.

There is no genesis in the literal term unless you are speaking about every time we are born anew on this planet or another.

It didn’t really start with a thought or a Big Bang---everything coming out of nowhere in an instant is grasping at straws when nothing else makes sense.
The Big Bang theory is way off base and never happened, and there is no need for Dark Matter, which is a good thing because there isn’t any.
And because it wouldn’t be scientific savvy to declare ET said so, I will use scientific protocol and call it a theory.

There was no Big Bang, the universe as we see it through the Hubble telescope has been here forever---when talking human perceptions anyway. Galaxies are self-perpetuating, they can grow by combining and they can end by being swallowed by other galaxies---but it’s a process that has no end---beginning is another matter and will be more of a challenge to explain and I can’t do it in this thread.

The big bang theory satisfies for some the need for a beginning and ending, but there is no such thing concerning the universe, the universe has always been and will always be, much like we see it today---the very little that we do see.

Black holes

Billions of black holes-----the universes’ recycle bins.

Black holes can’t be used by any living entities including ETs -----those that are at our level of existence-----which is way low in the food chain.

Black holes are not dangerous to any life forms because life forms have long become extinct by the time solar systems enter into the gravitational field of Black holes.

Black holes are key to the remanufacture of matter and without them and their powerful gravitation to stir the pot galaxies as we know them would be impossible.

Galaxies are self-perpetuating and can exist forever----the hearts of galaxies are Black holes.

Galaxies can merge and become bigger and parts of galaxies can breakaway by close encounters with other galaxies.

If the breakaway star clusters are large enough they will eventually form their own Black holes and become baby galaxies.
These baby galaxies get bigger as they journey through the universe sucking up matter of failed star clusters----those that didn’t have enough matter to form Black holes----they also merge with other small galaxies and grow bigger.

Black Holes are things dreams are made of---or was that the black falcon? Bogart can you help me here---lol

On a less serious note Black Holes gobble up the wrenched refuse of old star systems and recycles the matter into fertilizer for new stars and planets---nothing goes to waste.

They are not wormholes to other dimensions---I would give more detail but why should I give Nobel Prize information out on an internet thread---

Black holes are what’s under the hood of every galaxy, they are the engine that is powered by debris of expired suns. They are also dimensional vortexes---they don’t lead to hell.

A black hole is an extraordinary machine sucking up dead stars and at the same time spitting out new stars. It certainly manipulates energy and matter---one and the same, in ways human understanding cannot begin to grasp, because it defies the human concepts of logic and the laws of physics.

Energy at the star level is a constant with no beginning or ending, it changes shape and form and can be ripped apart but it will always regroup and become whole again. A black hole manipulates and facilitates energy but it doesn’t create energy.

Matter is energy, energy is electricity, electricity is magnetism, magnetism is matter---it’s all one and the same but on different levels.

Black holes don’t crush anything, especially matter, everything is stack and put into it proper bins until it gets recycled back into the galaxy as new stars.

A black hole is like going through a car wash, old junky stars go in one side and shiny and bright ones go out the other side, back into the galaxy.

Black holes do not create universes; they recycle old stars into new stars and spit them back into this dimension.

They reconfigure old star matter and then spit it back out as new stars. Kind of like American Idol.

All matter spins more or less, but it doesn't collapse within itself as some people assume or theorize. Black holes do exist and they are all around us in the cosmos and in the far down reaches of quantum mechanics. How they truly operate is beyond 3D understanding, but nevertheless it is very entertaining and exciting to chase those little buggers down the Higgs bosom rabbit hole.

"Black Holes" at the center of galaxies? Some Vacuum cleaners for debris others spewing out babies, or just suck and spit energies...? Creation/destruction at one time?
Isn't that how it works in the microcosm here on earth too? Thousands of babies are born every day, thousands of people die every day. Life is an assembly line be it macro or quantum.

Black/Dark Matter

The theory of Dark Energy presumes that the universe is finite and not infinite---finite is a lot easier to explain than something bordering an infinite.
Cosmologist believe that the universe is expanding and it is somewhat, and some scientists believe that eventually it will collapse back into itself.
Dark energy is necessary to explain the expansion and the falling back of the universe otherwise nothing makes any sense.
Well, nothing in this existence makes any sense if we run it to the nth degree----everything breaks down and we enter into the land of Alice and her wonderland.
Although there are numerous exotic energies out there and in here Dark energy or matter is a myth.

For the Big Bang to be true and the universe it hatched to be expanding---in which theoretically would then have to collapse back into the hole it came from we need a whole lot of Dark Matter, or any matter for that matter---lol---and they are looking for it so that their theories about the universe will make sense and everybody would be happy and someone would get the Noble Prize.

There is no dark matter or dark energy.
All the dark matter in the universe is hiding between the ears.



Time and space as humans understand it doesn’t exist.

Funny thing about time and distance, they are both illusions and things are not as far as they "sometimes" seem to us earthlings. 

Time is an illusion-----get out into space away from planet earth and what do you use to measure time with? Our twenty-four hour system is based on the rotation of this planet, and its movement around the sun-----I know that you know this, I only point it out to demonstrate how fickle the whole idea of time is.
ETs are not constrained by the illusion of time-----they don’t have time clocks-----they don’t have to be anywhere at certain times-----most of the life forms in this galaxy do not conform to time and schedules. It’s a fairly new phenomenon on this planet; it became important with the industrial revolution at the turn of the nineteenth century. Eventually it will not be important for the vast majority once we enter the next transitional period-----possibly in the next few decades.

Time is not what it seems to us---it’s a difficult concept to explain.
On earth we get old and our tomatoes rot---therefore we perceive some kind of linear thing going on---how else are we going to sell wrinkle cream?
In the big picture where earth is not even one pixel on a screen gazillions of light years squared---past and present are all one----there is no future and there is not past--- Ok drum roll them eyes people----lol

We have the illusion of time, nevertheless, there is linear point A to point B in our 3D existence otherwise everything bunches up---and that would throw a kink in the free will and those monthly rent and utility bills---things would really get confusing---unlike what I just wrote---lol

Time stops when it doesn’t count, and is an illusion when it does.

Time is freaky stuff that keeps things from piling up on our end of existence---but things don’t pile up on the other side like they do here---still looking for words and concepts to explain the unexplainable.

There is no future or past, only segments of reality or illusions.

Time is real on this side of the fence, and we know that because we waste a heck of a lot of it worrying about the little things in life.

We can’t interfere with time in any way shape or form.

The funny thing about time is that it doesn’t exist, but our minds can’t comprehend existence without time, therefore we can’t comprehend how things are set up ahead of time.

Is the perception of earth time speeding up for all, some, or none of the above? 
Those who are going through a hard time, time has slowed considerably, and those who are having a good time, well, time is slipping away too fast.
What is the purpose of time as we perceive it?
To let us know that time is running out.

Can humans understand the concept of what time actually is?
Time slows us down a bunch, that's why we never have enough of it when we want it, and too much when we are bored. Time exists mostly between the human 3D ears. Only humans are trapped in time, animals and insects are not.

I could not imagine life without time.
Disorienting for the 3D mind and an impossible situation, a fish out of water thing.

This 3D planet (as well as many other places) use a time frame. The more prevalent universal dynamic is a timeless dream world state? We get glimpses of this state while recharging through dreams?
Dang close.

Time is illusion and a place for delusion. But it helps us get to point A from point B. Seconds only count in physics and the Big Bang. The biggest illusion of them all.

That has happened frequently with thoughts of the infinite and infinitesimal; I conceive of ways that makes this planet disappear in terms of working out thoughts of the infinite and infinitesimal.
If you want to make things disappear multiply them by zero. We are only ones and zeros right?

The thing about time is that there is never enough of it or there is too much of it. Those who enjoy life for all the right reasons don't have enough of it, those who don't enjoy life and see it as a burden, have way too much of it. For some, their next destination will be to a place where time will no longer put limits on pleasure/fulfilment/ contentment. Being stuck in a time zone is not the best place to be. But some don't mind it.

Time certainly seems to be necessary, it keeps us from not gagging on our food and gives us ample time to tell off that jerk who thinks he/she owns the stinking road. And time helps us grow old and enjoy all those great memories we made with family and friends, thanks to time. What is a good wine without time? MD However, no time is the best time. But it's also difficult to extrapolate from the 3D mindset such a concept. For now the Bubba version is all I have to offer. No time clock, we are where we want to be when we want to be there. No aging, worries or demands to deal with. We never lose loved ones and we always know where they are even when they don't call. No highs and lows, love remains constant, pure.

Can one erase past? Can one predict future? Can one understand and do both in the present? Does seemingly magical life stuff flip around? Is this ET generated?
The past can't be erased, but it can be built on like a foundation. The future is not ours to predict, but it is known by higher ups. Everything flips around, everything is magical. ET’s have many, many powers.
ET manipulation? Honestly, I still don't get that?
Do you get how DNA makes things happen in the make believe land of the physical world? Same principle.

Time travel

Time travel is a mind boggling concept but I have been shown a few things before they happened so it must work on some level.

As with Santa Clause, time travels with ET’s-----a concept without explanation.

In many respects something similar to time travel is possible because there is no real movement through a time envelope as we understand it.
Milton has not offered to take me back into my past so that I can undo some minor indiscretions---or even to look at my past as in the story of Scrooge---however---those things do happen.

Humans have no access to time travel because time as we understand it does not exist--scientists playing with molecules is not time travel.

There is no time as we know it here on earth on the other side, so it’s a difficult concept to relate in mere words. Nevertheless humans cannot travel from the future to the past, or the past to the future---completely impossible.

No one [ETs or humans] goes back and changes time---it’s not allowed.

Have you ever travelled back/forward in time (our time)?
No, because time is “irrelevant” ---
Time is a vibration linked to matter as we know it and we don’t know matter. You must understand matter to understand what time is.
Time travel is a misnomer---time comes in cubes and no human can access those cubes.

Time travel as we understand it doesn’t exist but we can be shown future and past events.

With ET help we can cross into certain dimensions that may appear to be time travel, same with our quantum particles that act like supernatural phenomena during experimentations---if we look real close at these particles they are giggling at us.

How do the ET's fix up things that the govt might have screwed up when on time travel missions?
We can only do so much damaged in our playpen, nothing ET gets worried about.

It’s impossible for humans to manipulate time but there are minor exceptions that have no major consequences that have been allowed.

Time travel technology is possible but not for humans.


There is no end to dimensions---the human mind cannot grasp these things.

The human brain sees multiple dimensions the ethereal beings don’t.

There is no set number of dimensions---they are infinite.

Dimensions existed even before the universe, and the universe has always existed---a paradox beyond human comprehension.

How many higher dimensions are there?
The human mind is not equipped to handle those numbers, there is no number big enough in mathematics to describe how many dimensions we have---therefore, dimensions are infinite, without end, as is the universe.

There are many levels and dimensions and how things amalgamate or not for various higher up entities is anyone’s guess---way too much stuff going on and nothing can be pigeonholed.

Multiply universes and realities exist exclusively and independently of each other in a quantum multi-dimensional vortex of relativity.

There Are Millions of worlds parallel to ours that are mostly identical aside from minor details. [Referring to The Milky Way galaxy---and other galaxies]

How many dimensions make up the multiverse?
Slightly more than every snowflake that fell from the sky since time began.

Dimensions are not numbered, they go by names, and those names are secret.

Would it be more correct to say they have harmonic identifications? 
We understand our 3D world with up, down and depth---and we can look out and see 3D because our brains have been upload the means of coordinates of physical things. But naming and numbering things our perceptions can’t understand is meaningless. To say something is at a higher vibration makes sense, but there are a slew of higher and lower vibrations in our 3 dimensions---and have nothing to do with higher or lower dimensions above or below our 3D circus. So call them what you will.

In our dimension, are there laws that are completely different and unable to work in other dimensions and vice versa? 
Some things but not all things, you just got to be there for it to make sense.

Dimensions are more than speed. In 3d we are aware of speeds speed of sound, speed of light. We also have trees, and the fact that the chair our butts sit on and the keyboard we type on are alive with molecular/dimensional motion. 

Dimension is a relative term and in reality exists not but in places such as this lower illusionary dimension. What we experience as reality is a blurry figment of what is real. Things become clearer as we become more in tune with the song of life. Eventually we will permeate out of so-called dimensions, which we are filtered through as we mature or rot on the vine.

Some dimensions interconnect, but things change the deeper we go and nothing connects. Higher entities can make the connections.

Can you explain the 4th, 5th, 6th dimension?
Explaining 3D to a 2D entity would be impossible, they simply don't have the 3D perspective, which is very important. Nevertheless, our 3D mind operates in higher dimensions, we just don't know it. Our mind, our soul, can think outside the 3D box, however, verbalizing and illustrating higher dimensions is a whole other story. When you're inside of their ships it's a bit easier to grasp, until you leave and come back here and then everything turns to mush again.

How many Dimensions are available on Earth?
Earth and the universe exist inside of higher dimensions like Babushka dolls.

What's the most painful dimension to live in? What's the most pleasurable dimension to live in?
It doesn't work that way. Earth has much misery on it, it also has much happiness on it. It's not the conditions or the places we are, it's who we are that determines our pain/pleasure level. Even hell doesn't need to feel like hell, at least not the one at this level. But there are exceptions.

3D is infinite as far as our human mind is concerned. Nevertheless it is contained, a paradox in 3Dville.
What does infinite mean in terms of 3-D planets?
It means that they go on forever like television reruns. To understand we need be out of our 3D mind, literally.
Are the other, higher dimensions, "modules" that encompass the lower ones, being the universe infinite modules with all possible characteristics?
Yes, but some entities can step out of the dimensional box thingy. Where a whole other ball of wax exists.

3-D is an illusion?
3D is 3 dimensions inside of illusion.

In reality there is no physical anything, only another variation of ethereal.
Is the matter realm (or physical realm) the lowest dimension on the totem pole?
No, lower ones can be a combination of both physical and ethereal---and that can really be freaky!

- III -

Meaning & Rules of human life on earth 

 Why existence does exist? 
For pure pleasure and for no apparent reason----existence has no beginning or ending.

Why do we even exist at all?
No reason at all, life is a gift that can be rejected but not at this level.

Everything has a vibrations, humans, animals, insects, and plants. Humans like to be around other humans, that’s why people gravitate to large cities. There is certain energy around humans and their activities. The level of energy corresponds to the size of the crowd. But even in a desert alone you can feel and know that there are other humans around, a few miles away, in some town.

We are created and the reasons we are created would fill volumes of books---but the short of it is that it’s the most fantastic gift in the universe, even though it may not seem like it to some on this level at this time.

Humans are very generous-----do you remember the tsunami? Most humans would give you the shirt off their back-----when they believe the need is real.

Everything on this level of existence (earth) is an illusion-----something or someone is behind the illusion.

This planet is in the incubation stages---- ----humans share identical DNA because that is a requirement of this planet-----but that doesn’t mean all humans originated from one place, but from hundreds of places in the galaxy.

As I'm sure you know that not everyone agrees that humankind has progressed. Most people consider anything less than utopia unacceptable-----especially if ETs are real and have the means to solve all our problems.

Earth is an incubator-----and like any nursery there are lots of incubators----millions of them just like this place. Good help is hard to find-----therefore there are good caretakers, and bad caretakers.

Only those with a load of frequent flyer miles chose where they go, the rest are sent to planets like earth, some kicking and screaming.

I'm inclined to believe that what we see as good and bad is not necessarily so-----when looking at the big picture.
The reason I believe this is because I have learned more through adverse situations than desirable ones.
Few of us will chose to go through hardship-------so all of us are thrown into it at some time or other-----some would call it chance or bad luck.

Everything already exists; there is no technology that we can imagine that doesn’t exist.

Sickness, poverty, war, pestilence, hate, prejudice and a host of other calamities, are simply apparatus of planets as this one-----and not a permanent condition of mankind.

The only battles we are being thought to fight are the everyday battles of life.

Have you seen Star Trek the movie? That movie is a perfect metaphor for existence-----in the movie it’s a space probe that collects infinite knowledge. We are containers of knowledge and experience; the only difference is that after each life we are clued in to what we are.

The funny thing is we don’t bring people into the world, they are sent in or they volunteer to come into our lives----most of the time they are life changing blessings.

Are [ETs] allowing our society to become more and more violent?
More violent then when----WW2----WW1, Napoleonic wars, Dark ages, the Romans, the Crusaders, the Moslems, the Greeks, Vikings, etc.
Believe it or not these are very peaceful times compared to the insanity of the past.
Why do they allow belligerence? -------Several reasons,
1.  Humans enjoy violence
2.  it’s easier to take than create,
3.  Successions of peoples and societies create a sense of history-----which legitimizes the human allusion that we originated from this planet----savages evolving through the ages.
4.  Because more than one ET is involved on this planet they introduced competition between the races------for a reason.
5.  Everyone on this planet chose to be here-----to be challenged by a void in their being, greed, hate, and the need to quench a thirst for blood------are but a few of the reasons.
6.  We use fertilizer to get healthy and beautiful plants and vegetables----the best fertilizer is manure.
7.  To appreciate love, peace and tranquility----some have to experience hell first.
8.  ETs accommodate those needs and requirements. 

Nothing goes wrong in a positive state of mind.

The illusion of what many perceive as life----is only that-----an illusion.

We all see the world from unique perspectives-----someone you think is suffering may in fact be experiencing something pleasant-----it works the other way around too. However I am not denying that suffering and pain don’t exist-----in fact it is rampant----but I can’t go there.

Free will comes with conditions we can’t choose to not pay taxes, or to earn a living, or when we die. Ok we can choose any of those---free will---and pay the consequences.
Where is the free will? In choosing not to be controlled by bad habits, deeds, or desires---even if they are from Milton type beings---remember the best way to catch a criminal is via a sting.
What about smokers? The addiction is punishment enough don’t you agree?
All humans have free will, they may blame it on booze, drugs, ex-lovers, bosses, politics, the black arts, or whatever but the bottom line is we all choose our poison.
We have free will-----although it doesn’t always feel like it.
Free will is principal to our development, and regardless of our lot in life we are completely independent.
Free will is not a myth but a solid as steel reality that no one can connive their way through.

Planet earth is ET’s playground; humans are more alien to earth than ETs.

Are we humans very special and quite unique? 
Not---in this universe.

You are free to choose any path to “enlightenment” you wish, they all lead to the same place. Evil done for any reason leads to the same place also-----not to everlasting damnation as some wish to believe----but everything will be made right-----the easy way or the hard way. If you have done something wrong and wish to change your ways they can help you get the encouragement you need without face to face contact.
They hear every thought you have and you can communicate your wishes to them that way. Bottom line go about you daily business and don't worry----they will do whatever job it is they have to do----and you don't have to be aware of it.

The ETs in charge of this planet have a mandate, and they are carrying it out.
The mandate involves each sovereign country and each country has their own unique challenges and requirements, the mandate can also involve individuals and their problems or inner needs----but they only facilitate people that know what they need to make the next step---there are six or so billion people on this planet---ET is busy.

ETs are not attracted to our personal spirituality, intelligence or good looks---ET works with everyone on some level.

Most people don’t need to understand what makes the engine in a car operate---to operate a car---ET works in a similar way---ET is the engine that makes thing go---hidden underneath the hood.

It’s best that most don't remember who they are and why they are here, for one that information would detract and add nothing to this experience.
Without the aid of ET there would be no escape from this planet, no moving forward, no advancement in technology and no hope for mankind, earth would be a dead zone.
Humans helping humans is like the blind leading the blind, yet few people understand that or are aware of that reality.
The vast majority need not know any different that's the way ET wants it.

Humans have a soul, the animal part----the body is only a vehicle, nevertheless because of the soul every human has immeasurable value. People in prison have immeasurable value also yet they are not treated well---they believe and in many cases it’s true.
Our situation whether bad or good is not a statement by ET that we are nothing but animals or commodities.
However, our lives are not accidents, or coincidences, everything we go through or experience on this planet has a purpose.

The physical realm is an illusion and is only an extension of the spiritual realm. 

Everything is spiritual or plain energy.

Considering that the universe is without beginning and will never end----and that souls have the same inextinguishable qualities reincarnation is a vehicle for many kinds of adventures--learning, vacation, growth, punishment, reward and a gamut of other motives.

Since there really isn’t any physical---everything we accomplish is through our spiritual energy----the soul can tap into a vast energy source----some people like to call it god.
Everyone has the ability to tap into that energy----most deign it for a multitude of reasons.
Some faith/psychic healers have discovered it.
I think we can all agree that the state of mind is more than half the battle to any achievement.  However, most people will not buy it----it's far too simple a concept.

Aliens can make things a lot easier for many people but everything we go through is by design---sometimes you can renegotiate a life change during abduction---most of the time you can't.

We run into fake humans every day----figuratively and literally.

Unless you are here for some kind of punishment you chose to be here----you just don't remember signing that contract

I go through the same stuff that bothers everyone----but I consider myself fortunate that they let me know the small details. Same with philosophy it’s nice to have if you have nothing else.
I don't let many problems get to me because I know they are illusions and finite.
Since everything on earth is an illusion it's unlikely that your nose is going to take a hit from something real.

If you wish to get a small peek at reality you will have to step out of the box that the vast majority remains trapped inside of.
Stepping out the box is not easy---and very few people do it----those in the box call us crazy for leaving the box. Imagine that....

You know exactly what you are signing up for----most of the time it is 100% your call. Random is on a crap table or slot machine and is an illusion, if you win it was given to you if you lose it was taken from you.

Earth has something for everyone but complaining will do you no good---chances are you signed up for it.

If life as you know it suits you, you need not search any longer or at all.
The illusion of life was created for a purpose and it serves that purpose very well.
However, there are those who are allowed to know a few other realities and those people know who they are.
The rest only see nonsense----nothing wrong with that.

Not all of us are here by choice. When you sign up to improve yourself for whatever reason---you sign up for the whole ball of wax----otherwise where is the challenge? If you come down here and become a bum, a criminal or what have you then there are consequences.

Why do we sky dive, race cars, swim near sharks and do many other stupid things that can and do get us killed or injured? ----- For the challenge perhaps.
Terminal illnesses is a huge challenge----assuming someone pick that----maybe its punishment for a past life infraction.

Even the most harden criminals have compassion, but compassion alone will not clear you of your infraction with the law.

Most souls while on earth don’t know they are illusions---we put up with speed traps and sobriety check points because even good people will break the law if they get the chance to do so.
You can often get away with things on earth but nothing slips by ET and they will point out your shenanigans.

You know that all radio and television signals are perpetually drifting out in space.
Vibration live on forever---every thought---every action----and though we can hide behind names such as sleeper or any other moniker everything that is mine can be traced back to me or whoever it originated from----for eternity.
Data is not collected----whatever you generate follows you wherever you are or go----and whatever you are is known by ET and those at that level. The moment you die depending on who you are you may be at that echelon.

Probabilities and possibilities are human level concepts.

When you talk to yourself in your head you can also talk to ET---in a conversational voice.

When I said to sit alone in the dark I was referring to the fear factor one will encounter when they are face to face with ET.

Concerning people who pray, many believe that being in a church or on their knees or spinning a prayer wheel will enhance communication with their deities.
Incantations, rituals and chanting not only annoys humans it annoys ET----straight talk is all that is required----they hear your thoughts while you drive to work, go shopping, taking a bath, while you are having dinner, etc Humans have zero privacy.

Humans do have freewill and they can abuse or misuse their bodies---look at how some of us treat our cars, houses and other things entrusted to us.
However, many things are programmed into the body----like a car assembly line----different things go into certain cars.

Everyone is tested on this planet----to prove to themselves what they are truly made of.

There will always be wars, rumors of wars, famines, and natural disasters----otherwise we will never get off this planet.
Life and death is one and the same----you die here and live somewhere else.
It’s been that way forever----and it will be that way forever. But don’t despair----most of existence is really fun.

Suicide for no good reason is unacceptable---and those who do it will be returned and presented with additional challenges----more difficult than what they ran away from.
If you commit suicide -----without just cause----- you will be returned back to this planet very quickly and placed into much more difficult circumstances-----no ifs, ands, or buts.
Hardships are not the cause of suicide if it were there would be no people in Third World Countries----where BTW suicide is low compared to the rest of the world.
Many people commit suicide to get back at a parent or lover----they do it out of anger and revenge----and it works----suicide is devastating for those left to pick up the pieces.
Many people have thoughts of suicide but the vast majority doesn’t carry it out-----there is no suicide loop.
All suicide is not wrong----terminally ill, and other circumstances like honor---- Samurai warriors and others defeated in battle----the reason behind it makes a difference.
Killing ourselves to get out is the quickest way to get thrown back in---and with the lights dimmed a tad more.
We’re not on the big rock to plan our escape---most are here to do their time and with good behavior perhaps move up and eventually out.
Steps on soapbox.
If you are at a point where this life sucks and you want off this world---that’s not a good thing----people in those situation need to change what they are doing and find something meaningful----those that blow this life and any opportunities sent their way will only have to come back and try again.
For my two cents---and you did ask for them---- I think it would be better to take the medicine now than put it off and have to come back and do it all over again---and sometimes it’s a crapshoot where they put you.
Look around the world---the bad places one can end up in far outnumber the good places. Earth is a prison only few can choose to leave---the rest can only escape by killing themselves---but if they do without just cause they are instantly returned to the big house--earth.
Suicide for selfish reasons to get back at someone verses terminal disease, one is acceptable the other not. Many young people who do it end up in a self-induced hell because they have to endure the pain they cause to those they left behind. Some are sent right back to earth instantly with a whole new situation to endure.
Those who do it for legit reasons are not penalized, besides no one is “judged”, we are not here to be judged, but to learn and have as much fun as we can squeeze out of this life---or not.
Fun is optional, learning mandatory.
Suicide is serious business and not a loophole off this planet except for extreme cases, and those cases are decided on the other side. The entities on the other side know us inside and out more that we know ourselves, and they cannot be deceived, not even a little---in other words, we can’t talk ourselves out of anything, there is no prosecutor and defense, like in the movie “Defending Your Life”. It is a good movie because it gives a believable fun perspective that there is something after this life. Plus, they could eat all they want and not gain weight!  The moment we do what we do it’s a done deal, the why and why not is known to them that instant.

Why are suicides so unmercifully treated (sent back into harder circumstances)? 
Earth is a pain zone, we deal with it and try to move beyond it to a higher spiritual level. What do we do when people, inmates, escape from the hellhole of prison?

Souls at school wouldn't/couldn't commit suicide?
They can and do.
Suicide crosses everyone's mind, some more than others.

Like souls that reach levels of awareness, their infringements get smaller and their life gets better and with appreciation, an upward spiral once awake.
Those who come to the understanding that there is a bigger picture know better.
For healthy normal people suicide is a big deal and they are shown the agony they have left behind---for some that torment is infinitely worse than the reason that cause them to kill themselves.
They always beg to undue (undo ?) the travesty but it’s not allowed---most are returned to earth within minutes of killing themselves and given a whole new set of challenges---most of the people on this planet don’t have it easy and most live in real hellish conditions---for those who can’t handle the easy stuff---it don’t get easier.
There are exceptions for suicide---terminal illness, coma, honor, are a few.
Most suicides are done out of spite---to get even with a parent, lover, friend, society etc. Suicide is mostly a selfish or vengeful act and not a sign of giving up. Some suicides are from desperation, pain, and other reasons. Our guides know why we do what we do and always put that into the equation.
The guides do attempt to derail the suicide with fear and guilt tactics, whatever they can do they will do including placing other options into their minds, but they will not remove the reason to do it---until the person makes the choice to abort their plan---then the reasons usually melt away---as do all problems when confronted.
Suicides without a good reason are unacceptable and in some cases are returned immediately after they are shown the pain they caused to others who may have loved them. They are not returned to their old body but have to start over again as a baby. When we originally come in we are destined to a certain life, if we try and escape vie suicide our next life could be in a much worse environment, like third world.
Freewill allows for suicides by “some”---and some humans can make those calls. Once we make decisions we deal with the consequences of those decisions. It’s a perfect system designed for imperfect souls.
Suicides are seen for what they are and nothing more. Some suicides are legitimate. Most are not. Breaking out of prison before doing our time does come with penalties and additional prison time, not less.

Suicide bombers
Souls are indestructible and survive completely whole. Most of them watch the explosion while out of their bodies before it happens. Only those who cause the suffering will suffer the full carnage of their own doing---over and over again----it’s truly a never ending hell for the suicide bombers.
If these people had any idea what kind of hell they are going to enter into they would never in a million years do such hateful and deranged acts.
Innocent victims assuming they are not carrying evil baggage of their own will be instantly transported to a place we know as heaven---zero pain and surrounded by pure love.
Those who survive these horrendous attacks and remain on earth will have to work through new challenges.

I paint a nice picture of what’s to come after here to encourage those who believe that life has nothing to offer----but this life is very important and what you do with it will determine where you end up next---use this life wisely.

Everything is a machine---plants, animals, even basic matter----souls are the only exception.

This planet is fine but it is way low on the intergalactic scale concerning things to do---like comparing a small town of 200 people with a city like New York.

Most people living in the western world are clueless to how bad many people on this planet have it, more than four billion people live way below poverty---- So the rest might count their blessing if they live above the poverty line.
Strangely enough more people in the west and well-off communities commit suicide, and sit around waiting for death than those who live on the edge of hell in Third World countries.

One can say that the model T Ford has evolved and split into many lines of Ford cars over the decades----humans were behind that evolution---not luck or chance.
Humans haven’t evolved over the centuries----there were different species of humans throughout the centuries and there still are.

The Homo sapiens of today were the homo sapiens of yesterday----humans haven’t changed only their surroundings, cultures and technology have.

ET doesn’t do everything for us we are here for a purpose----but that purpose is not necessarily the occupation we find ourselves in----but it may be.

Our purpose is anything that helps us move forward in this life
If you can get through the illusion of difficulties we all are presented with and remain happy and content you have achieved your purpose everything else is filler.

We are not a civilization we are individuals living in a civilization-----we are not a colony of ants or a herd, or robots, nor zombies-----we are each unique individuals with souls forged in celestial furnaces by the gods.
We enter this planet alone and we leave it alone----we don t come and go as a society, herd or colony.
No civilization acquire anything on their own, intelligence or technology----just like we have children, and our children have children, each generation of parents takes care of their children----otherwise there would be no children.

Individuals are free to get from point A to point B however they choose-----how they do it will determine their next test and eventually their next hunting ground in the galaxy.

There has never been a day without wars in some corner of the world----
There are dozens of wars going on as we speak
The only wars that make headlines are the conflicts super powers get involved with---because those are the ones with the most consequences.

If you manage to dodge all the bad things life will throw at you and maintain a healthy and positive perspective on life-----you have achieve more than 95% of the world population---and that takes some doing
Effective people are those that don’t lose their cool in the battle of life
Most people lose their focus at the first hint of trouble and never regain it----living the rest of their lives as unproductive and cynical people-----in effect they have wasted their lives and opportunities to help themselves and others----not a good thing in the big picture.

People on this planet are here because they are not perfect
The trip to perfection is a long and treacherous journey----and not achieve easily in one life----most people require many lifetimes to get there.

Much of the world is focused today on what they perceive to be the wicked witch of the west---sixty years ago ET used the west to stop Japan, Germany, and Italy in their tracks.
Now the West is the bad guy.
Anyway, there is no bad or good-----only learning experiences----it’s really that simple. What you do in any situation you find yourself in----determines what you are made of The blame game is an earth level activity-----child’s play with no winners.

Reaching perfection on earth is a rarity----but you can move on from here to other more challenging planets.
How many perfect people have you run into or read about throughout history? I’m not talking about those who think they are perfect----that would be at least half the population if not more.

Do you think that the human mind is perfect? Evolution’s greatest masterpiece?
In the big picture the human mind is no more than a calculator----processes numbers and probabilities----human minds are barely conscience----their only purpose in life is to ask questions----who am I----what’s my purpose in life-----is this all there is-----what does that remind you of?-----perhaps an inquisitive child----and I’m talking about adult minds. I’m not denigrating----only pointing out facts.

Search and you will find----is a legitimate statement----everyone is searching and most will not find-----and that’s not important----but they will get a big surprise when they wake up from this life.

High IQ is a gift as is everything-----those who use it wisely are better equipped to deal with this life----and therefore if they chose to, influence in positive ways other travelers on this journey called life.

All life forms have consciousness but to what level I don’t know-----many machines that accompany ETs have the same kind of awareness that animals display yet they are nothing but smart equipment that perform services-----in a way similar to what pets provide----companionship, protection, entertainment, and helpful like seeing eye dogs, or beasts of burden like horses, mules etc.
All life forms are sophisticated machines without souls, however a soul is a soul----and a soul can enter into any machine including pets and insects-----for a verity of purposes including entertainment or punishment----the machine one enters into determines what that soul can or can’t do-----anything less than a human life can be a very boring and tedious existence for a soul
Most machines are autonomous robots and function without anyone at the controls-----the human machine is the exception, it is designed specifically for a soul.
Most non-human physical bodies are soulless they operate on a high level of intelligence what we call artificial intelligence or instinct-----one and the same btw-----yet souls can enter them-
---but usually for a short duration
There is no such thing as soulless behavior you are either a soul or a toaster-----insects and animals are complex forms of toasters.

Humans are wired to reproduce and have fun with sex----breaks the monotony of this life. Lust is a form of love and it takes two people to create a baby even if it’s by accident or invitro.
Humans don’t create souls----and creating a baby is a no-brainer----some don’t even know how it happens.
Not important, the body knows how to procreate without much human input.
Humans did not create the human body----the human body is self-perpetuating----sex is the mechanism.
Transsexuals are in the correct body, they are simply unconventional while on this plain of existence---it’s not a soul issue, it’s more of a character choice that some get to make when entering this world---some get to make---not all.
We humans were created with many sexual bells and whistles with lots of biological hardware and software to run those sexual desires and fantasy programs, all normal humans have them, like it or not.
For humans and some other higher brained mammals like dolphins, sex is more than a procreation mechanism, it’s made for fun---and like drinking it should be done responsibly. Sex as any human emotion can be abused and perverted. But we do more harm to others when we over do the love emotion---how many lovers have fallen into zealous love traps? How often do we spoil and ruin our children with love? ---love has done more harm than sex ever will.
Everyone is someone’s orgasm.
Sex is a pacifier for the lower level entities like humans.
There are two reasons why sex was created---procreation and fun---there are no restrictions on either other than law and common sense.

Breeding is the cheapest way to get physical living stuff into this plane of existence and keep it propagating---so insects do it, animals do it, plants do it, humans do it, and so do we. Sex is a gift not a temptation---and is only evil if used for evil purposes----sex itself is never evil---however, people can be evil with anything they think they have control over.

Is sex a bad thing when over used?
When we over eat we get fat---sex burns fat. Nothing wrong with sex or how much we have. Sexuality is a large part of life on many levels above human, where it is pleasure without the procreation angle. The higher up we go the less work we need to do and there is plenty of time for the fun stuff, sex being only a part of the large pie of delightful diversions.
Sex is the most misunderstood and maligned human emotion in all of human history. Certain religions have misconstrued the original writings and confused the sinful lust for multiple pagan gods for human sexual relations---somehow that got twisted around and created havoc in the minds and lives of millions of people in the past as well as today.
What we call sex is nectar from heaven, some of us feel squeamish about it because of upbringing or other beliefs.
The fact is our sexual bodies were created by higher beings, beings who resided in places we refer to as heaven or nirvana or whatever.
Our sexual pleasures are but a very small taste of what these entities exist in all the time---we touch the hem of heaven while in sexual ecstasy
Can sex be misused and perverted---like all good things yes it can.

Why all the disease and danger created around sex? It is contradictory. Why has sex become a cesspool for the germies?
Earth is not heaven, and is more like hell, and not everyone is allowed to touch the hem of heaven just because they have the sexual equipment.
Sex is a gift for most and a nightmare for others. It doesn’t add anything to the soul other than some temporary delight, like a candy bar. In other words lots of whoopee doesn’t earn us a favored place in heaven---- only a taste of higher delights.
Sex is not a sin, but what we do with it can be because many problems in this world are sex related---jealousy, hate, envy, perversions, rape, and murder.
Two reasons for sex, procreate and entertainment
Sex is not the big deal some humans have made it out to be---it’s hardware that comes with our bodies, and our desires is software loaded into us---some people have perverted their software but overall most sex is natural---designed by those who created our bodies---the gods are laughing at how complicated we make the simple things in life. Ok they are not really laughing because it’s not funny, it is sad.
Sexual energy is not built up spiritually energy. Lust is normal human energy, nothing negative about it unless we make it negative.
Far too many humans have taken sexuality the wrong way. Sex is only one more element in the human tool box, not much more. There is nothing sinful about it.
Sex is not sinful it's a gift. We lose when we take advantage of others for personal gain or pleasure.

Are all humans; males and females, genetically predisposition to being a bi-sexual? I'm guessing yes. Considering that back in Ancient times, all humans' had was sex, kind of like now.
Yes, it's suppressed in most.

If the universe is balanced by polar opposites, positive, negative, male, female, yin and yang, why does homosexuality exist?
The universe is not part of the neurosis of positive, negative, yin or yang, that's a 3D deficit. Homosexuality exists in the animal world, and so do humans. It's a function, a glitch, in the sex hormone software. But it does have some soul element/ issue, too. Hey, I'm trying to be politically correct here.
Homosexuals move up or down the ladder of eternity for the same reasons as do all other souls. I speak as a heterosexual, not bi, nor have I experimented. We 3Ds place way too much baggage on sexuality because of misunderstood and deliberately manipulated religious stories. When fornication was used in biblical times they were talking about fornicating with pagan religions, had nothing to do with sex. But over the centuries sex was demonized because of it. Now we have AIDS, which would seem like punishment for homosexuals. But the fact is many homosexuals are not being punished by it and many heterosexuals are. It is a plague, and like all plagues throughout history it serves a purpose. There is something more to AIDS that I will not get into, but damnation is not what it's all about, well, maybe partly.

Porn is a reflection, a product of a sexually repressed society, Freud was correct. We can't repress our love for sex, it's unnatural.
Sex is a toy as is work, hobbies, studies, learning, etc., they are all toys. And have little meaning in the big picture. What carries meaning is what we do with the toys we play with. Do we damage others with our toys? Are we hateful, jealous of other people's toys? Stuff like that. Toys themselves are not the problem, how we act is.
Lust is software. How we use our software is where some of us get into trouble. Cheating on a lover is bad, I think most of us know and understand that.

There are many people brought into this world who already know about what exists and what the real truth is. But it will take many lifetimes for some to wake up.
No one can discover everything in a single life time----do first graders figure it all out their first year in school? And even after college or high school learning is a constant requirement to move forward in this life and all the rest.
Without ET’s help nothing happens----ET is the extended family
It’s a big universe and a very big consciousness----the higher you go the more you can grasp.

Humans are placed into baby bodies so that they have a new slate to work from without the distractions of other lives or experiences.

Everything is possible----but not while a human.

This planet is not behind [anything] it is exactly where is should be----all the problems in this world are here to be resolved----most will do good to resolve their own problems----if that’s all they are up to doing then that is fine.

Perhaps the only thing you have to do while on this planet is finish school, find something you are interested in and make the best of it, get married and have a family----enjoy this life as much as you can----and stop worrying about all the details
Isn’t that what life should be about? -----not worrying about every little thing 24/7.

Everybody is full of questions about life-----relax and enjoy the ride-----you're not going to know everything because human brains are blocked so take what you can use and move on with your life----life really is not that big of a deal.

No one is stopping you from enjoying this life but if you screw it up you will get many more chances to make things right
Just like in this life there are people that fail but they get back on the horse and keep going---that’s what it is all about----never giving up.

Everything you say is recorded for eternity and you will have to make amends for your evil deeds.

The human race is not doomed----it is made of up hundreds of generations and each generation gets to experience certain things----your children will venture further into space than your generation----and their children even further----your generation will be part of building the first structures on the moon and perhaps on Mars but the vast majority of your generation will not venture into space at all.

Human bodies are what they strap the soul into like a seatbelt on a car-----so that we can experience life on earth----the challenges and everything that goes with individuals lives.

We are here to learn and to prove to ourselves what we are made of-----and you can’t do that in a perfect utopian world.

Nothing happens without ET’s knowledge or input----sounds cruel but no one said this planet was heaven-----for some it’s like hell.

All humans have the capacity to know inside their soul, the first step to unlocking that information is believing it’s possible
The only danger is that if you become too enlightened while on earth you also can become on outcast because you still have to live around people that are not----and people are uncomfortable around people that are different.
Your true life is here also----what you do on this plane of existence is part of what you are---knowing the real truth is not essential but it helps.

Is there a common vision for the future of mankind that is shared by us collectively? Peace and survival-----which neither can be achieved.

Are we destined to become spiritually self-aware in our physical life?
Some want to believe that but how many of us see that happening in the people around us?

There is a lot of verity in music on this planet and a number of ETs from across the galaxy here, however we are in a primitive state of being and our tastes are much different-----I don’t recall hearing elevator music while going up.
Music is vibrations and so are we and ET too. All music and sounds hit a cord with someone. The higher we move up the scale the more vibes we become aware of and interact with, for no other reason than pure pleasure. We get but a mere taste of it with the music we love here in 3D land.
Music is a vibration, and so are we, that’s why we jive with it.
Is what we see as life a symphony to ET’s?
They love it when we finally tune out the distractions and tune in to the music of what life is really about, which is joy---finding it and holding on to it is what it’s all about.
Do we as humans with our ears get a sorry tiny little taste of what music really is?  Many of us get a sorry little taste of what life could be, and should be.
Music is energy---and depending on what kind it is determines if it’s good energy or bad energy---
Musical enjoyment is sometimes based on past experiences.

Yes, humans in a reincarnation type situation keep working at each life until they get it right and then move on to the next level.

On this planet pain, fear, terror, and psychopaths are part of the program----it’s an incentive to keep us moving forward and keeping our nose clean
Everyone will die it’s the only way to get to the next level----up or down.

Our situation is not by chance or just plain bad luck----which btw there is no such thing.
In ET’s world----which everyone is a part of----sickness and pain are tools
They know your predicament, and they know how to fix you-----and regardless of what you think that is what they are doing----sometimes they incorporate the medical profession but not everyone in this world has access to it.

We all are strangers in this land-----some have been here before others have been sent down here-----until they get it right.

ETs do expect you to do well----and everyone down deep inside knows what that means We are protégés, students, family----some of us have gone astray but no matter which road you take they all lead home.
Have you met anyone who couldn’t use more money? Money is a gift and a curse----but mostly a gift----life really sucks without it and billions on this planet know the sting of poverty.
Most that have money haven’t looked for it----those that look for it hardly ever finds it. Money is a funny thing---no one really knows where the bigger part of it comes from----nor where the bigger part goes. I wish some of it would come my way---

We are not here to impress ET or God, or anyone else for that matter----but if you do the drinks our on you-----

It helps to have someone on the other side----family or friends that have passed away and have achieved a level that allows them those privileges----they would be the tour guide. But that’s a two edged sword, they could use that time to chew you out----they call it tough love
You don't know why you are here-----they do.
We are not pawns for ETs; we are what they use to be.

.There are many false prophets, here is a short list: Stalin, Hitler, Jim Jones...
All these people promised that they would change the world-----and in fact they did-----but as we know not for the good.
Proclaiming to love god doesn’t make one special, and in some instance makes them good suicide bombers
They too are going to change the world.
Every time someone comes along and states that they are going to change the world what they really means is that they want to rule the world.

Each time you come back even with a purpose you still have that pesky freewill to deal with---if you choose to smoke or jump in front of a moving car you will alter the original contract. Remembering has nothing to do with anything----other than it can give you an advantage---sometimes you get them but mostly you don’t.

ET never makes mistakes-----humans make a career out of making them
Most of us know----it’s called gut feeling, instinct or intuition-----all of those are gifts that clue us into many things without giving us all the details of the big picture known as life.

If you avoid cancer causing things you may not get cancer, but if you did everything right and still got cancer, then it was part of the deal-----death is an exit from this board game and we don’t always get to finish the game especially if we have detracted from it to a point that going further is pointless.

Nothing is wasted, all that we have, money included is given or taken from us----according to our purpose in this life.
And millions die from cancer and a host of other things and reasons every day.

Everything in this game called life is an illusion-----what we do in this illusion is real and we take that with us when we leave.

There is no pitcher, we enter and leave this stage alone.

Earth is precisely a romper room proving ground.

Many of the people you meet in this life you shared lives with them in other planets and other times on this planet.

Life is a combination of fate and freewill----and there is no contradiction
We are pretty much all the same but at different levels of awareness----most that are free to
travel the galaxy don’t need to be controlled they know what is right and wrong Nothing gets under the radar for humans or ET from the collective conscious.

Earth is a playpen-----try telling a child that the toy he is playing with is a useless waste of his or her time
All the toys we get to play with do help us grow----so they are not a waste of time.

Most people don’t like the idea that earth is a playpen, they prefer to think of it as a hell-hole---it’s actually both----but no one has to believe what I write.

Life is not a reward for everyone, for some it is self-imposed punishment.

Your choice is your choice, and what you do with those choices will determine if you return to the hellhole you created for yourself or move on to something more to your liking the next time around----assuming you don’t figure it out while you’re here now.

ET is not going to fix your problems for you or the Van Gogh’s of the world----they gave him a talent----and they gave the world the painting he produced
No one grabs you and shoves genius into your head----you have to go out and work for it--and you might get lucky and they will give you something----but happiness is elusive----that is one thing you have to get on your own.

ET provides opportunities what we do with those fleeting opportunities determine who we are.

Our souls know that we are not alone and when we are in fear we cry out for this unknown power to help us----and they do hear because no one is ever alone in this world.

Conquering fear is the reason for being down here on earth for most people----everyone has to fight some form of fear
But fear and pain also have a purpose we don’t stick our hand into fire because it hurts, and we don’t do stupid things like walking on a ledge of a high building for fear of falling---unless those are specific things you wish to master
All fear is illusion and nothing can hurt our souls unless we are evil or pursue evil things and thoughts---hate and envy are the two main stumbling blocks that get people into trouble. If you are a good person and have no hate in you then you have nothing to fear----including silly spirits.

You have heard the term “life is a stage”----well life is a stage----so put on the best act you can while you are here.

You are not part of an experiment and ETs are not tracking you---they can follow us around and remain completely invisible.
We all belong to the same family----I know that doesn’t necessarily mean anything here on earth----but it does in the big picture.
Life on earth for the vast majority is not pleasant, neither is boot camp.
For example take one classroom full of children----some children are disciplined more than others---and some are not disciplined at all.
Same with life on earth.

Fully enlightened souls don’t frequent places like earth----not that they are “too good” for earth but they are occupied at high levels----most of the people on earth live in Third World countries-----do those humans higher up the food chain go live amongst them?----A few do but they do it for their own spiritual needs.

Existence, as we humans obviously don’t know, it is far stranger than anything we can imagine while in this life
Everything we call “physical realms” like what we have here on earth is really not physical but illusion and everything we call or believe to be spiritual, ephemeral, apparitional is in reality real and more physical that this existence or life.

Why ET shows things like the tsunami to some people before they happen yet don’t let them do anything about it is because for one nothing happens by accident----nor via the so called
“Act of nature”
Some people carry the burden of guilt perhaps believing that they could have done something to warn before it happened----some think these things are warnings from the gods to get our collective 6.5 billion people act together----like that is even possible----we all have our own ideas and we all see things a little differently----and most of us see hype in the camps we don’t agree with
ET shows these things as they do many other fantastic phenomena as a means to give a little peek behind the curtain of illusion that this life is, which most of those stuck in this life are clueless about.

Human brains are transmitters therefore every thought is picked up by ETs
They ignore most requests for obvious reasons; this planet is not a theme park and most of them are here doing certain jobs.
They understand our individual situations and they know that everyone will get their invoice or bonus points at the checkout counter.

ETs are behind our inspirations, our technology, and everything that makes the world what it is.

People are placed into certain situations----pain and suffering are secondary concerns to the broader reality of life experiences.

Regret of opportunities lost is the end result for those clothed in the muck of arrogance and stupidity----few escape the allure of those two great transgressions because down deep inside we all crave to be bad----that’s why we are here----didactic me my unintentional nature.

It’s no accident that the human body is a pain machine it was made that way----today we are fortunate, we can only take so much and the body dies----in the old days that was not the case---and the wardens could place an entity into a human body or even into the body of an animal----and they could be killed or tortured indefinably
This planet remains a prison, some have it easier than others----and no one escapes----suicides are returned immediately or sent to a similar planet elsewhere. But there are exceptions for some suicides and for others
This planet is a prison because few can chose to leave it---but many people are here to learn something----not necessarily to expand their understanding of the big picture----that’s not important for the vast majority----countless humans are not here to learn anything they are simply incarcerated, doing time and once they leave they will be returned to this planet without knowing or vacation time in between the two lives
I can nonchalantly talk about things of this nature because most will not or cannot believe---and that’s a good thing.

There is a fine line between punishment and proving ground----the best swords are those that get lots of heat and pounding.

You are here for a different reason than me or anyone else so the answer to your personal problems has to come from you----somehow you have to determine what is broke and try to fix it----fixing it is secondary trying to fix it is primary----but most of our problems are connected to some level of hate and some level of envy.

Some individual in this planet are free, many are not and most are simply doing time----one might call that pre-destination.

Because the universe is generous with us it only seems right that we are also generous with the gifts we have----not to say that we can’t reap the rewards of our labor
We can never be overly generous and each of us will reap what we sow---good or bad.

Here on earth the vast majority live no better than animals. The main difference is that those on the other side know that resources of the mind are limitless, here many believe that they came from slim and others believe they must live impoverished lives to appease the gods---rubbish
Each of us have the power of superman and each one of us is as wealthy as our brethren on the other side----filthy rich with unlimited resources
No one can make a flower bloom, the flower must bloom on its own----no one on this planet can hold anyone down---the power to shine or not too shine is within each of us.

Each soul came into this world alone and each soul will have to find its way out of the muck on its own----some people appear to have advantages and that’s because they do---they came in at a higher level.

Earth is not utopia, earth is a proving ground for those who want to get to utopia----however everyone is capable of improving their own lives considerably while here on earth if they pick up on the clues all around them.

When we begin to use our minds and not abuse them we become aware of the bigger picture---there is no need or lack, those are illusions to keep people in their place---wallowing in self-pity and despair
We can break free of those chains or remain in them with the rest of the congregation.

We as humans are aware of many things----poverty, war, hunger, greed, loss of loved ones---being aware of those things don’t make us happy---but those are things some have learned to live with.

Careful what you ask for because we always get what we ask for----sooner or later.

ETs could end hunger and poverty and wars and diseases and make this planet a utopia---but they are not going to----however they are going to slack up on it and make things better than they are now but we still have a couple of speed bumps to pass over before that happens. The religious wars are the main bumps----and like everything they have to play themselves out---many weak souls will get the opportunity to show what they are truly worth. Weak souls are not worth much and they will prove that to themselves by their actions---combat/terrorism brings out the worst and the best in people.
The other main bump is the resistance to change, too many people fear the future and are reluctant to let technology lead the way.

It’s a planet for many things as well as a prison and place for punishment for many souls that did not come here of their own freewill, they are incarcerated here.

Everyone, regardless of the reasons they are here are free to get off the roller coaster--mentally speaking if they chose to----but that can take a lot of will power for some.

Our experience here is extremely important.

Truth is persistent and will eventually breakthrough the toughest barriers----some people find it early and therefore move forward sooner others take longer and require more life times on planets like earth before they make contact with the truth.

Those who are here strictly for punishment are blocked from leaving and will depending on why they are here have to do several tours before they can get out
Many are in their last stages of their reincarnation cycles and many are here for learning purposes and will leave this earth once they achieved their goal, and some are on vacation.

If the horse your riding isn’t taking you were you want to go get on a different horse.

It takes power to restrain consciousness----once we are free of our bodies we become infinitely more aware.
The body is the power plant that keeps the brain alive and the soul entrapped---and restricted.

We humans have the ability to love----we just don’t have a good handle on it----and we are stingy with the little love abilities we do have.
Yes, we show our worth by displaying love to other Earthlings, if it true and only ET and the person know.
Love is energy on to itself which few humans on this level have yet to truly experience--because life gets in the way---lol
But we do “not” eventually become one large mass of love---we remain individuals.
Love is what we were made from, and we crave it because most of us down here don’t get enough of it.
Love is a tricky substance, we are willing to give it only if we get it---but it don’t work that way, we have to give it unconditionally to get it, and when we stop or cut back in the giving department we in turn get cut off.
Love is what we want to receive in abundance, but stingy we are sharing it. Love is not punching the lights out of someone that pissed you off, instead forgive them. Do that enough times and your cup will overflow, and people will love you for it. Love is not about receiving but about giving. Giving the little things to those around us, like understanding, forgiveness, be an asset, not a burden. Whatever makes life more enjoyable, go to the park with the kids, not the bar with the buddies’ kind of thing.
Love is something that develops over space and time. Infatuation is what most people get initially. If it's mutual, then you start building a relationship, one brick at a time.
Love is knowing someone near and dear are temporary gifts. Love is the fear of losing those precious gifts.
In 3D land love is more a selfish thing than a real deal thing. We love those who love us, and or we love to fill a hole in our souls. Yes we do care for those we love... but often on our terms and with conditions. Pure love on the other side is far different than the stuff we embroil ourselves in down here. Much hate and despair comes from broken love, or loss of love, or loss of a loved one. That could never happen in "real" love.
It's easy to give love, difficult to receive it. Focus on giving it and if you get some back it's a plus. We are all soul mates but that don't mean we can stand to live under the same roof.

Killing for reward real or imagined is a good indication of what a soul is made of.

How can a person know if they are on vacation or if they should involve themselves in a religious war? 
Most are not aware consciously but down deep they know.

If you think you are on the right track then most likely you are.

Certainly America is the only super power and can be clumsy with other countries here on earth but when compared to ET we are ants---the smallest ones.

Do we live in a fish bowl or a toilet bowl? 
Depends on one’s perspective, the fish don’t think they live in a toilet.

For any of us to move to other levels in this galaxy we will have to prove we care about our fellow man and woman---you don’t skate free---and if you do it will be into oblivion The world is filled with Lego toys and we can play with them and construct things with them--and also be proud of our achievements if we wish
I understand that sounds demeaning and condescending but it’s a fact that will be apparent to all humans before the end of this century---you find out now or later---that’s the way it is.

We learn about ourselves by the way we interact and treat others; everything else is entertainment or whatever else we manage to make out of our life with what we are given. External influences put us into situation that test us---but no matter how bad someone believes they have it, it's all illusion---and someday that soap bubble of illusion will burst and you will find yourself somewhere else, perhaps in another part of the galactic space we all live in

There is an advantage of knowing certain things like there is no death and life keeps getting better the higher we climb that ladder.

If you were in jail do you think you would feel like you fit in?

Still, it's way better to know what is going on out there than remaining in a bleak life and believing it will never get any better than this---man does it get better for most !

Nothing can easy the mind of a parent when it concerns the death of a child.

The whole gamut is available to people on this earth, only dependent on what level they are at---many will not know until they expire
We are all spiritual beings even here on earth, our bodies---ball and chain—vibrates at a lower frequency than our soul---we are being held in place by inferior matter---

You are free to achieve and pursue whatever it is you wish---but most of the work must come from you---and there is no guaranty of success.
To be fair I will tell you that many come into this planet with certain talents, privileges, and gifts that they have earned before hand---and they basically step into their privileged positions as they grow up.
There most certainly are those that are “Gifted” and “privileged:” Einstein, Tesla, Beethoven, Galileo, and the list is endless---they came to earth with their gifts intact---they only had to unlock them with a little key, the rest of us need a much bigger key to unlock whatever it is we have---lol
We are all free to reach for the stars, and many will catch a ride to greatness from shear blood, sweat, tears and determination---that’s a gift we all have
But those that come in with their gifts---they don’t have to make the same effort---because they have already earned it before coming here---
There is no free lunch, and everyone will earn what they have.
Talents and any advantage uploaded into our lives before we come down here is pure privilege and a gift to make the best with while here. Some squander their gifts and deprive themselves and the world around them of perhaps a new invention, prose, song, leadership, etc.
Some of us come here with all the ingredients ready to go, gifts earned in other lives---but they can be squandered. Others will need to work hard and long to do or achieve what they want---not having earned it---until they make it happen, which is allowed.
Are we allowed to carry them over to another lifetime?
Depends if we are advancing or regressing
We humans in truth are in possession of preexisting gifts, talents, not of our own doing---I like throwing around the phrase “there is no free lunch” which is true to a point, but the fact is everything is free and for the taking, or borrowing---most just don’t know that. You have full access to your abilities without entering into the machinery behind them. Where is the line between inspired acts (creativity) and freewill? If I consciously choose to hit a sequence of piano keys, how is this an act which a higher form of life has communicated?
Did you build the computer---your brain that sends those electrical signals to your hand to hit the keys? Did you or did your brain accumulate the info that got you to where you are now--experimenting with the piano keys?
Who inside your subconscious mind provided you with inspiration, choices to pick from, and ability to know what sounds right and what doesn’t?
You are free to pick the good from the bad---that is free will.
Some do come here with past talent or are given talent when they come to good old planet earth.
What's the scoop on kids and their talents...? 
Some of us come here with most of the software pre-installed and only need unwrap it to expose it.
Are we given talents and gifts borrowed from our most recent past life to use or fix? 
Yes and no, but most don’t, we usually get a whole new set of toys to challenge us, to make us better or worse.
Talent is a gift we enjoy and share, even in hell. Like Bob Hope would take his troupe of actors into battle zones to entertain the troops.
A gift from the gods is simply a job description, those who make music are not the “music”--they are only doing a job. Same with all gifts and talents that help or affect other humans. A super star gets a rude awakening when they wake from this life, and realize that their gift was simply a gift and a job, nothing more.

Are thoughts, the tools we are given in the toolbox of our minds?
Our capacity to love, hate or be indifferent are the tools of the brain. They are preprogrammed into our hard drive, and we use whichever suits us at any given moment.

Stealing is another matter and comes with consequences.
I don’t advocate snitching. I grew up in a neighborhood were turning someone in was a quick way to get hot lead into your head. And most people look down on whistle blowers unless it’s against a competing politician or corporate CEO---
In America those in need can get assistance if they want it---some people don’t want it---my parents for instance---they refused welfare even though we were always hungry and our clothes old. Interestingly enough, my friends who did live in public housing and on welfare have continued to do so.
All my friends’ shoplifted candy and toys, things they didn’t really need, I seldom had toys or candy but never felt the need to steal---yet it never bothered me that they stole---it was the norm.
The bottom line we all have to draw those lines on how much we are willing or able to tolerate in this life. Because there will always be a reason to do something if we really want to do it, or overlook it.
We have to make these crazy tough calls---and depending on our level of consciousness will determine how difficult those calls will be.
We are not here to judge and police every negative petty activity of others that cross our paths---the big stuff is another matter.

 Stealing is a funny thing unless it’s your stuff that’s getting lifted---
We feel it most when some thief has the audacity to enter our home and trash our treasured valuables and personal belongings----for a few items that will be sold for a few dollars on the streets for drugs or booze.
Even law abiding folk can justify stealing when it’s small like a paper clip from a filthy rich CEO, or an apple from a small mom and pop grocery store for a hungry mouth.
Robbing Hood is popular more so in our day than in the past when the need was more real. When I was growing up in my very tough and rough neighborhood some of the food on our table was provided by one of the dons in a “social” club across the street from where we lived. My parents didn’t take charity from the government but they did take it from some shady characters now and then, perhaps they made them a deal they couldn’t refuse---lol So where do we draw the line on the hot merchandise?
That’s for each one of us to decide.
Buying hot stuff knowingly is worse than stealing it. Those who steal take certain chances that those who buy, don't. Stealing comes with a high cost and few exceptions are allowed for it. Many of us have stolen something, mostly little things around the office at work. That doesn't carry the same penalties but it is dishonest, and that does. Catholics can go to confession and say a few hail Mary’s, the rest of us have to make amends somehow. Best do it while still alive.

The best way to happiness is making other people happy, but that’s not always possible. Nevertheless happiness is contagious and it’s a good thing whenever we can create it for ourselves and then spread it to others.
We are here to be happy and make others happy---if at all possible---even those under sentence are free to be happy if they so wish---even if being burnt at the stake---the mind is a powerful machine for those who figure out how to us it.

Earth is not our home, it’s a transition to other more fantastic existence---but our time on earth is extremely important, otherwise we may not make it to the other neat places.

From what I’m told it’s impossible for humans to leave this solar system while in their corporal bodies, and only ETs have the technology to do that on a large scale.

Earth is not utopia---people have to die and go through certain experiences---depending on why they are here in the first place.
No one is on earth by accident---everyone was put here for a reason.

It’s much easier to handle before the teens, it's almost normal---but once the mind becomes use to earth it blocks out much of reality and the past existence---and life becomes intimidating---and the ETs equation that much more so.

Believe me my friend you have seen planets too, and will again---they certainly didn’t create the solar system exclusively for my pleasure---lol

Certainly this planet could use a bit of shaking up---and in fact it gets quite a bit of shaking up with all the wars, poverty, and the far too many people with that couldn’t give a crap attitude. There is no easy answer for this quagmire, and I definitely don’t have one.

ETs mutate sperm/embryos to keep genetic generation weakness from happening---or to make it happen---there are several variations of human bodies in this solar system---everybody is customized to fit the person or entity---even here on earth---

There is nothing unique about earth; there are bazillions of similar planets in our galaxy alone Nevertheless, those that throw thrash out of their cars and pollute the streets of our cities will be sent to garbage dump planets to live---well they should be---lol

The great thing about this planet is that no one can be forced to do what they don’t want to do---tempted yes.
In the end we prove what we are made of by what we have done to, or for, others---in our everyday lives---no one need become a missionary to accomplish the simple things. Have you picked your colors for the new planet yet?

People have greatly under estimated what heaven is really about
Earth is part of heaven, one room in a mansion filled with bazillions of rooms---earth is like a hall closet---once you get into the living room and kitchen---you will be blown away---that where all the fun is

Taxes are earth base punishment---lol---and a means for inferior economic systems to operate with.

Inmates are free to lean, the smart ones get their college degrees via taxpayer dollars while serving their time---the others only complain that it’s societies’ fault that they are what they are and do nothing to improve themselves while they are in jail—most come right back once they are let out---have you noticed?
Earth is a school and many will make something of themselves while here---others will only complain about how bad they have it and not make any improvements while here---they will be back----

As a matter of fact when we serve ourselves we miss out on upward mobility. Nevertheless, our own wellbeing is principal to the wellbeing of those around us and those we touch.

Young children---some---remain connected to the other side and have frequent contact with people they knew before being dropped off on this planet.

Why the human race is here?
That’s the 64 million dollar question---do I get the cash if I answer? ---lol It’s so simple that many will only laugh and I have said it many times before
We were all flown here some in huge ships crammed into them like sardines, from various parts of the galaxy, tagged with work orders and provided with bodies and lives individually designed for each and every one of us---all six and one half billion people---for only one reason---drum roll please----
Not to prove anything to any god---wife, husband, children, parents, mother in law---wait, scratch mother in law---
Simply to prove what we are made of to ourselves, let me say it again---ah forget it---

The meaning of life is simply to be good-for-nothing'?
How many people during your lifetime that you have met fit that description?
Obviously life is much more than that, but to know yourself is paramount---and it will determine which planet you get to visit next.

Every one of us have assignments, they are mostly personal assignments, and when they are completed they---many get picked up by a strange craft and taken elsewhere for their next assignment---some---most---will get “beamed” directly to another star system.

This earth experience is fleeting---best grab the important things in your life and make them work---makes the next journey much easier.

Creativity doesn’t come from easy living, look at Van Gogh and other geniuses, some lived in horrible conditions yet their craft thrived
There are many on the path to destruction---part of the freewill often highlights

Each physical body’s contract is a private matter, and we are not being exploited by anyone or any entity---we rise and fall on our own.

None of us are here to lead anyone to anything, have you noticed how individualistic most people are?
Some of us have stories to tell, about our lives or the lives of other people or situations--history books are good examples---all anyone can do is give whatever information they have--and people will peruse the information and either discount it or take from it what they want or need.

You are in the Twilight Zone now as are most humans here on earth, believe me your next stop will be a much better place---nevertheless, no law against enjoying the Twilight Zone while you are here---it will make Rod Sterling feel good---lol

There is no barrier around earth, it’s not needed. Humans can’t leave their bodies without help.

Earth is a stage, and we put on our best show---those higher up than Milton will review your performance with you---like Simon

The massive lies/deception of the world's religions?
The true nature of world political leaders (evil, self-serving)?
The reality and scope of ritual child-sacrifices practiced today?
All those truths are self-evident for those inclined to understanding the reason for this life. Unfortunately the façade of evil is necessary for certain sting operations for those not so inclined to the purpose of this life. No one suffers needlessly more that fools.
Those doing are caught in their actions and some of those receiving have dues to pay from previous indiscretions.
All of us will suffer on earth that is the price tag for being here---even those on vacation will not slide completely by unscathed. Earth is filled with repeats from the first and second world wars---repeats that have done unthinkable horrors to others---they are in turn being paid back for past actions.

Everyone gets the best deal possible---no angels are sent here and the top brass allows for that reality.

Only a fool doesn’t want the best for him or herself---a poor and broken man helps no one--least himself.

Humans are, after all, just what God made them to be.
Well that’s the short and easy answer most of us want and will use as our defense while standing outside the padlocked pearly gates---lol

Have you ever been to a prison? How many inmates believe they have been set up? It’s not their fault they got caught hacking to death some old lade for the two dollars in her purse.

That little kid starving in Korea”: 
Even if and I say if, the child is here suffering for some past mistake---that does not preclude us from offering to help the child---after all, humans showing love to their fellow humans is one way to beat back darkness.
Shortly after my army days I was sitting in my apartment knocking down one beer after another while watching television. During a commercial one of those organizations came on showing starving children and pleading for people to make monthly commitments of fifteen to twenty dollars every month.
I was not making much money back then and thought to myself I would have to cut back a couple of cases of beer to make that payment---giving up my beer was not easy and I thought long and hard on that one. Finally I decided that one or two six packs a week was worth helping those children.
I’ve added several more to that list in the last 35 years, yet millions continue to starve. Millions of people contribute billions of dollars every year to offset this seemingly growing problem in the world to no avail
Do I advocate we stop trying because the problem continually overwhelms us? Of course not--nevertheless people are suffering not from lack of compassion but from lack of political stability. And evil is perpetrated via politics---and my positions on politics in this world is well known on this board---yet the world seems to be taking the side that perpetuates evil---in my humble opinion

We should never do anything because it will win us points and grease our slide through heaven’s door.
We should do things because it comes directly from the heart---if we become cold towards those we deem unworthy of our kindness because they have been bad in this life or a previous one---we demonstrate what we are made of.

Fingerprints serve a human purpose and lower level entities, higher ups know us via our non-biological soul tag---which is also imprinted in our DNA.

A leaf is a machine, your body is a machine, and the cells in our bodies are machines. The word machine has a negative connotation---perhaps because of the mob---lol. An atom is a machine and so is the universe and everything in it.

There is “a hidden, sleeping power that humans can activate in this life” and most of us hide it between our ears

If you are aware of past discrepancies and changed you are free to put more tire on the road---but how much road to becoming normal depends on the gravity of the discrepancy---in other words level of damage to other souls.

We all can sell our souls problem is their true value remains with the soul---there is nothing tangible to say a Satan, in a person's soul.
Selling a soul in the literal sense of the word is not a possibility.
Now cheating yourself out of a good and prosperous life is allowed, but never encouraged by the wardens---any warden abusing their powers will lose them immediately.

Life is our true education? 
Like one grain of sand makes a beach---

There is maximum security and minimum security on this planet, many people are in minimum security---and it may not feel like prison but they can’t up and leave without severe repercussions.
There is a forth category but those in it are not asking questions they know why they are here.

Many want to know if they are working for ET in a subtle manor, or if they are being primed for a future job---most of us are here to work out personal issues---slowly---over an excruciating painfully drawn out time period---they say patience is a virtue---and a tough puppy to earn, it is.

Awareness is gradual over time and depends on your level---the brain holds an infinite amount of information yet most people cannot tap into it while in their bodies---same when you are out of body. ---Info has to be unlocked for you---at this level.

There are humans on higher levels that are connected to a kind of solar system network. But that’s a whole other can of worms I don’t want to go fishing in.

Belief in a god or lack thereof are not paramount to what we are and where we will go---a shining soul moves up and a tarnished one moves down. It’s really that simple.

If you knew the size of your extended family on other planets and dimensions you would be walking on cloud nine all the time---but then you might get distracted from focusing on this life.
Depending on if we are advancing or descending will determine who will be our family companions---but not only family member are family many friends are true family from the other side also----there are no coincidences.

We should treat everyone equally and love one another as our brother no matter what race, religion, sex, etc. and love is the key...?
Seems like a great concept---but beware, if you talk such stuff many scoffers will attack you--few who try it will pass through those hot coals unscathed. The few that succeed will be kicked off this planet, no longer worthy of being here---lol

We are all dying otherwise we never get off this crazy planet---lol

What is love
Doing for others without expecting anything in return---nibbling on your spouse’s ear--reading a book to your child when they ask you----when you would rather be nibbling on your spouse’s ear.
Love is not something many of us get very often or very easily, it’s not a commodity to be traded for, nor can it be bought at any price---at least not the real stuff. You say no one loves you? Do you love anyone? Tomatoes don’t grow without first planting the seeds. Btw tomatoes give me hives so I don’t plant them anymore---lol

Those that don’t get to move on to better places often repeat another tour on earth or go to another planet more suited for their particular situation. Some people linger in these lower level type planets for long periods of time.
If I go into more detail everyone with a religious opinion will chime in and muck up this thread more than they are now so I will not elaborate further on it.

ETs can see with our own eyes and witness everything we do. Kind of scary that every biological optical device---eyes, including those mounted on insects and animals are transmitting signals that are picked up by ET---everyone smile.

If the human has been on earth awhile he or she qualifies as native, perhaps.
These three basic categories of souls in humans on earth seem reasonable:
1.  More advanced than human    
2.  Native human    
3.  Less advanced than human.

We are not all recycled souls, there are many fresh ones running around here on earth, you may even have bumped into a few and wished you had not----

Can we commune with all of our earthly family/loved ones and settle scores before taking on another body in another life?
Depends on what privileges one garners while stumbling around in this life.

You have a mission, and if it’s not a personal one it will make itself clear in time, but until then it’s a personal mission and only you can figure out what that is.

Oh yeah, some of us are soulless machines, there is no shortage of humans that have thrown in the towel because they believe the world cares nothing for them.
Unfortunately we are not here for the world to care about us----we are here to rise above our personal feelings and perhaps show some concern for others---to plant seeds we have no intention of reaping the fruit they yield---the more we do for ourselves the emptier we become.

Certainly there is plenty of gloom to go around and plenty of us hoping to be ruptured from this dreadful place---and we all will be in due time---thousands will get there leave today and every day more will follow.

It’s a smorgasbord here on earth concerning levels of awareness, many of us people like you and others that already know there is something going on besides the puny things of this world will retain these memories and more, and even have a choice on their next crib.

It all depends on the why you are here in the first place, volunteered, or sent. If volunteered depends on your credentials---most volunteers have no idea until they leave that it was their choice to be here.

People have always killed or sabotaged for ideals and beliefs---traits that go back to the bad asses remain strong and desirable for many weak souls

Are they humans from the future on Earth?
The only humans on good old terra firma are those from the past---I’m here now in the year 2007 from the year 1952---and may or may not plow through a few more years into that mysterious thing we call the future---

Some secrets must remain hidden, otherwise what purpose this life? Besides many answers are between the lines for those so inclined.

I think some of us can guess what category we fall under--nevertheless, category means little because everyone is allowed to enjoy their lives regardless of the conditions they find themselves in---every situation is 100% mental---and for those that managed to access that power in their head---they can change the terms of the contract.

Nevertheless the picture I painted of Milton and the galaxy we exist in is accurate once we upgrade to a higher version of mental software---however, ETs don’t give that upgrade out willy-nilly

Earth is a kind of soul plantation and as the soul grows it gets repotted in another container--planet.

There are many ways to cultivate souls here on earth one only need look at the many different cultures and standards of living we have on this planet.
Earth is not unique but it’s also not the only way it’s done---there is a lot of variation, some more pleasant and some not---but not going further into other types

Be suspicious of anyone claiming to be you from another dimension, here on earth we call it identity theft.

Each body all the way down to DNA is crafted to suit and fit each person---the ACLU is not going to like that one.

Don’t think that those [souls] volunteering [to Earth] all live in beautiful healthy bodies--many come in mangled up physically and mentally speaking---at least that’s how they are viewed by other humans.

Why you are here has nothing to do with ETs and everything to do with you.

You have the power to rise to the heavens or fall straight down to places like earth or other places that may be much worse---the key to the vehicle that will take you up or down is in your hands alone.

You are here---and where you go from here is up to only one person---you. You may not believe that or accept that but nevertheless, it is true.
Until we force that finger to point away from everyone else and point it at ourselves the problem will only get worse.

If you truly believe that the light side seemed like the bad guys if you looked deep into it, get use to feeling the way you do because it could be a long and dreadful ride.

This life is more about our connecting in to and being more honest and forgiving of both ourselves and others? 
It’s so simple that the bulk of regret when we move to the other side is how much we have wasted our lives in the small insignificant details, and needless worry.
There is no law against anyone enjoying themselves to the max---yet many of us feel guilty every time we have a little fun (Within law and sound reason, this excludes evil intentions or desires) ---go figure. 

You are being prepped, don't worry, be happy.
Why is that such a hard concept? Perhaps because misery loves company and those who have it want everyone to have it too.

A lot of people need only live well, and not step on other peoples' toes---not everyone is here to prove themselves, they have already done it---you can tell by how your life has been and is going---peace of mind is a key to where we stand in the scheme of things.

Is passive resistance to evil the right way to go against the overwhelming power of evil in the world today?
Only if they have a better and workable economic plan than the one they are trying to replace, which neither of them had---nearly a billion people starving to death is not a great legacy

There are several levels on this planet; there is no average time for the maturity of a soul, and no way of knowing how long it takes to reach nirvana.

Death penalty : No one dies they go elsewhere therefore there really is no death penalty and most criminals get sent right back---so they get a new start.
That’s a human issue and concept---death is not in the ET vocabulary---there is no death only new situations.

Clarity is relevant to our stage in life---and at this stage we are clear on death and taxes and everything in between.
If you are asking for clarity in Milton’s world you have to be at Milton’s level.

The only way to get something in this universe is to earn it---there are no deals or selling your soul---no one wants or can have your soul.
Your soul is nonnegotiable and only has value to you.

There is no higher self, you are it, and if you want something you have to create it yourself.

Very few humans that are sent here are at the level of what we call ETs. The exception are humans that volunteered to come here for one of a billion reasons or those on sabbatical---or vacation for lack of a better term.

Humans mostly don’t know who or what they are, some are hedging their hopes on finding the missing link to the apes to give them some assurance of where they come from.

I don’t think we need go as high up as Milton for that answer, most of us humans know, but we like it when we are on the winning end of lies and deception.

There are many foods that make you feel good and are good for you but none that will lead you to enlightenment, although chocolate nearly does---lol

At early ages we are not far from our past lives on other planets, and those that have come here from other planets retain some subtle memories of space flight. Unlike many who have been stuck on this planet for several incarnations they are the ones that have the toughest time believing that anything of significance is out there.

There are no coincident, many come to this planet with advantages earned elsewhere.

It’s part of the deal you worked out when coming here---you know more than you realize but being on this planet where such knowledge is frown on we subconsciously keep a lid on that reality less we offend those “normal” people around us

Family and situation we find ourselves in are designed to suit each person on this planet.

A higher understanding can facilitate a physical act, and give it real meaning---sure sounds like a fortune cookie answer---
A high school student can’t get into college without grasping concepts of advanced study; ok they can but should they?
We can skate through this life without learning anything or much of anything, but that ends at the exit door. On the other side, off planet earth, they expect and demand results. Higher understanding is not an easy gig, but it’s more fun.
No one can cheat or nap their way up the ladder of illumination. Nevertheless, many will not know or understand their level of enlightened while under the cloak of illusion here on earth--why we do the things we do determines our level of understanding---and that can only be done in a blind test ---

Before we take tests at school doesn’t the teacher give us all the answers or many of them? --only those paying attention will remember them at test time.
The answers are given to those that ask for them by higher beings than those here on earth like me---you know the old saying “seek and you will find”.---well sometimes the answers are put under our noses by humans and many of them simply get sneezed away---lol

There is no endless loop---everyone gets off this planet eventually---it mostly resides in our hands when that will happen---believe it or not

If we don’t learn from past mistakes we get to repeat them.

Many people do believe this life is futile and meaningless.
But the fact is this life is anything but nihilistic, every second in everyone’s life will be accounted for and will be the measure of where to from here for each one of us.
There is no such thing as nihilism on earth let alone higher up.
Is it truly possible to find deeper meaning in life in this way [nihilism]?
Yes for humans on this level, because most thinking people of any worth would dismiss such concepts as absurd.

Philosophy is the pacifier for the intellectual---but also a repository of wisdom

Flawed ETs have no power here on earth over souls---the ETs overseeing earth have societies’ best interest in mind---but this is a very complex prison system, with many levels to oversee or let be.

The definition of prison in the case of earth is that few can up and leave and go to other populated planets on their own or at will. Most humans are confined here for a certain amount of time---and once that time is up they can leave---some will travel from this planet in alien ships to other parts of the solar system or other star systems in this galaxy.
Many are here on assignment, some are here on a kind of vacation, yet they may not know it other than their lives run smoothly.
Some are here for things they have done in previous existences on this planet or other planets. No one is here by mistake; everyone is here for a reason---and knowing that reason is not important, and most will not know
You need not be in turmoil even if stuck in a turmoil ridden body---because it is the body that is defective not you.

You are you no matter where they put you
Some info from past lives remains in your subconscious mind the rest is in your hall locker.

[this life is] certainly new but you are the same---humans experience new all the time---a vacation in China is a very new experience for those that never been to China---but we remain the same soul with each new adventure only adding a new facet to what we are.

For far too many people refuse for one reason or other to smell the roses, or look up at the night sky and be awed by it---they are zombies, robots, lost in the fog of this life.
But they will wake up once they die and realize that they were the creators of their own stupor here on earth, and wasted precious time---at that point they will know---and will wish they didn’t---and perhaps beg that the memories they created be washed away---the only way to suspend those memories is to come back and try again.

This is not a utopia planet---although it was millions of years ago---and may be again, but not for awhile

Every smile cast onto the waters of fellow humans is sharing a part of the magic.
We meet some people that make our day and others that try and sink our boat---and sometimes the same person will do both---many of us fit that mold---those humans of a higher order do the heavy lifting on a regular basis---show-offs---

Miracles happen all the time yet how many of us notice?

I am because I think.
We are because a higher order granted us an opportunity to be---or not to be.

How many of us built the car we drive? We didn’t build it yet we can use it---how many of us built the computer we design things with, write books with, waste time on the internet with? Yet we take credit for what we accomplish using things made by others---which is fine and by design---
Likewise no human created the brain that helps him or her imagine, which also gives power to the hands that making building things possible.
In other words we are supplied with the things we need in whichever playground we find ourselves in.
And for those who find that demeaning they will have to work on their attitude a bit longer---

Are babies born with a soul or does a soul come after they're born? We can’t drive a car until it is off the assembly line---same with babies.

Do people get a one month assignment like when babies or young kids get killed?
Depending on how young they are there, may or may not be anyone in there. If someone was in there it was strictly for the parent or parents. For young children that leave early they had a short assignment---and moved on to a higher planet from here. For many with long and prosperous lives it’s a blessing and a gift.

Is there a law of attraction?
Perhaps to a certain extent but in reality we live in a world where hippies from the Sixties who loathed the corporate world, in turn became the CEOs of that same world in Eighties.
Sometimes our own negative energies propel us to do positive things, and it works the other way too. You have heard the saying that until we hit rock bottom we can’t begin our climb up---for many that is a true statement---that’s why they have rocky planets like earth--- Life on earth is more like an Alice in Wonderland contradiction---the more we try and make sense of it the deeper inside the rabbit hole we fall---
Oh---you probably only wanted a yes or no answer, sorry---

We only gain true knowledge from individual effort and experience---blood, sweat, and tears, and as much fun as we can squeeze in between those three constants---there are no short cuts to enlightenment.

Is suffering (duality) our job on this planet?
No, we have to make sense of our life the best way we can---if not we look for guidance in churches or political leaders.
Our beliefs are secondary to what we learn in this walk through life---what matters most is who we are---not what religion or lack thereof we hooked our wagon to. Is it our job to understand this duality enigma and rise above it? 
We have no such duty, it doesn’t matter if we believe in God, Darwin, or the tooth fairy---at the end of the day all that matters is what is in our heart---if we can keep that fire alive in all our hustle and bustle we are ahead of the game.

Why did we choose to go through this mess?
It’s in the eye of the beholder whether we are on a mess of a planet or a perfect planet---this is a perfect universe, and this planet is in the perfect universe---therefore this planet is perfect--hard to understand certainly, yet perfect nonetheless.

We humans are definitely in a hall of mirrors but that has nothing to do with our purpose as genetic incubators. A wise man once said “the Sabbath was created for man and not man for the Sabbath”----same principle.

Sometimes choice is based on past experiences but not always---some people can erase many things during each life, and build on their new found perspectives, and completely alter their destiny.

All experiences are stage props, we are the actors on the stage of life and it’s not the audience that is naked for all to see, but the actors.

Do evolutionary factors related to geography and climate contribute to humanity's diversity? That is part of the illusion geneticist cloak themselves in, geography and climate are minor factors

No matter why we end up on this planet once here the rules can change, sometimes towards the good, sometimes towards the bad. There is little rhyme or reason that will make sense to us because of the blinders strapped over our minds. Nevertheless, we do have a certain amount of power to improve our lives while here, regardless on why we are here---millions of people do it every day.
For most earth is what we make it, we can’t leave at will so it is a prison, but we are allowed to squeeze as much enjoyment out of our stay here as we dare try---or we can live the nightmare---it’s more a choice what our lives will be, more so than most people are willing to admit.

There is no lesson learned in suffering, only wasted time, and those who do it for no reason will pay dearly for their indulgence in it.
Suffering begets suffering, and for those sentenced to suffer they can’t do much about it, but most are not here to suffer, and therefore they have no justification to suffer.

To remember [past live experiences] means compromising your quest, and the reason you are now on this planet, you have been given the choice to compromise or not to compromise, and so far you have chosen not to concede.

Some people, the “zombies”, are here to do time for the crime they committed in a previous life or in this life---they inhabit every economic strata but some will get lucky and see the light before their release date. However many will simply be sent to other places in the galaxy to planets frozen in the Dark Ages---Gothic type planets where the sun doesn’t shine----much.
Once we are accountable to ourselves everything else falls into place
BTW, the zombies on the fast track back to square one seldom get reviews---ironically they are the ones that need reviews the most, but even a simple review must be earned.

We live in a world where expectations are “someone owes me a living” “someone must take care of me”, all the while demanding complete autonomy on how we live our lives. Many of us are walking contradictions immersed in the blame game----as long as the blame is aimed at others.
Until we examine our own delusions---life will not be worth living.
How many take criticism from others without getting offended? Therefore it’s your life and your responsibility to take a hard look in the mirror. Besides, that’s the prerequisite for a ticket off this rock and into the real game going on in this galaxy.

Don’t take this life so seriously, and steal away as much happiness as you can get away with--
-but beware too much happiness can get on people’s nerves---

All human actions are motivated by love, hate, jealousy, or something in between---and why we do things including fighting in battles will determine whether a soldier is a cold blooded killer or simply doing a job.

Can being laid back and generous with an almost constant feeling of thanks and being blessed go too far? 
Few people have that problem, perhaps they are on vacation here on earth---lol----and heck no they can’t go too far with it---the higher up we go the more awe we are in for about this whole universe thing---as long as we are moving up it keeps getting better and better.

Everyone is free to use whatever stimulant they wish to try and connect with the other side and make sense of this life.
My advice for whatever it’s worth----don’t go there

We have the choice to be master over the material world or slaves under it
It’s hard for those that can’t or will not get on the bandwagon to understand those that have. The world can be everyone’s oyster as it is yours; strangely enough not everyone wants it or believes they can have it.

Aren’t "special guys" that give a human race a good outlook, "seeded" souls to move the vibe higher? 
This is not a “special guys” deal or assignment; anyone can jump in and make this life a tad better for the next guy or gal with minimal effort---it’s not rocket science really.

Everything on this planet is a challenge

Love for this world and its people is a hard task, that’s the challenge those sent here are destined to bear and overcome if possible.

The human brain is not designed for the paranormal yet many find themselves entangled in it anyway.
But the fact remains that there is absolutely nothing in the paranormal world that can take us down, we hold all the cards---mentally and spiritually speaking. Fear is not an entity and only holds as much power over us as we let it. And I think you have figured as much.

Is the human lower-level planet phenomena time invariant, or has it had a beginning somewhere? 
It’s always been and always will be this way

Everyone on earth is on the clock---but the pay is not equal.

What is good without temptation? We are tempted by many things---food, drink, drugs, sex, money, sick days, the list is non ending---we have to develop a sense of self-control, that’s what this life is all about---the devil nor anyone else, has control of those choices that we have to make---and live with.

The only people that will be deceived are those that deceive themselves because it was the easy way out for them.
There are no shortcuts to enlightenment only to failure.

Sure you can decide to do the vacation now ---for those that manage to do so they are ahead of the game.

It doesn’t matter why people are here, or how bad or good their lives are, the fact that they are here is a gift, a privilege that none of us have earned or could ever earn, we have been given immortality and all the dazzling magic that goes with it.

We don’t suffer collective punishment, and if you did any [rape or killing in past lives] it would have been several lifetimes passed, otherwise you wouldn’t have the opportunities you have in your life now.

Choose to go through this life is better than being sent here without your ok.

All of us are unique, and our visas are from different places and for personal reasons.
Not everyone here on earth have been cast off other planets as degenerates, many are here on vacation, administration, and a host of other duties or reasons---and they live normal human lives---many unaware of the bigger picture from where they came, and quite content with their lives on this planet. Some of them have innate advantages; some are here for the challenge and adventure.
The concept of “Original Sin” is easy to understand in a world as violent and selfish as earth has always been. And earth is not a destination point for enlightened souls high up the ladder, nevertheless not everyone here is here because they are tainted. But have you met anyone that fits that profile?
The paradox is that people that are tainted see things with clouded eyes and minds and seldom see the goodness in others.

This planet is designed to bounce back from anything we could ever throw at it.
The earth was here before we arrived and will be here after we all leave, it will do just fine--and so too will all the inhabitants on it once they realize this life is nothing but a theatrical production with lots of drama, violence, sex, upheaval, and buttered popcorn for those smart enough to sit back and enjoy the show---

Some emotions are amplified for a reason, they are part of the package, part of what we are here to do. Certainly we can break free from those restraints---if that’s how we view them. But most of the software programmed into us like shyness, fear, bravery, maudlin, keep us from doing certain things and keeps us more focused on our strengths, rather than our weaknesses---for those who figure that out anyway. Not all of us are here to be public speakers, prime ministers, boxers, evangelist, soldiers, painters, etc., but we are all here to exercise and develop whatever talents we do have.
We are free to go down fighting against our weaknesses or to find what we are good at and excel from there.

Nature and nurture are excuses, and neither can hinder or override our initial program unless we kowtow to those beliefs.

There are nearly seven billion people on this planet, everyone with a slightly different perspective on life. Every one of us is unique, and want and need differently, so whose change is going to fit the best for all mankind?
Millions of people want to change the world---to suit their particular ideas of the way life should be---some of those people couldn’t stand to be in the same room with each other and have very different ideas of what a perfect world is---some people are perfectly happy living in mud huts, other in tiny apartments inside of skyscrapers.
And what about political persuasions or religious affiliations, or lack thereof? Some like communism, socialism, capitalism, Darwinism, atheism, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, Christendom, etc. Would you like to live under anyone of those? Many people don’t and many people do.
Have you noticed how many conflicts are in the world at any given time?
Thousands of conflicts and outright wars because most people are not on the same page---and many don’t want to be on the same page or in the same room with others that don't believe as they do.
You want to change “your” world---by all means do so.

The best thing about this life here on earth is that it ends, therefore why worry about things we can’t control?
We are not here to concern ourselves over every detail about living or dying, but to live as best we can while we are here, that’s how we grow. Nothing more required of us.

This world was designed to function exactly the way it is functioning with delicate balances of economies, or lack thereof---hence third worlds.

If we are not challenged on some level on a daily basis then life has no meaning---besides what else we going to do with all those illusionary brick walls ?---lol

Are there humans without souls?
Heck yes, we’ve all met soulless people---lol
Their sole purpose is to get under our skin and make life miserable if they can. All humans have souls, some threadbare but souls nonetheless.

Propaganda and fear mongering are two of the pistons that power the engine that makes life what it is on this planet. Unfortunately most people respond better to bad and inaccurate news and misinformation than they do to truth and good tidings. That’s why most are stuck in neutral or first gear.

When I was in basic training I hated my drill sergeants, but I did notice that they pushed some harder than others---those that could take more got more---in the end it worked out perfectly for everyone

We are not all the same here on earth; we burn at different energy levels but we are orbs of energy once out of our human body.

Many are simply doing time and have no mission or purpose; they may have a mission on their next trip here.

Not everyone has a specific assignment; many are here in a living storage type situation.

Tramps or criminals: If life has no or little meaning to us we are moving in the wrong direction and will be back for another round---again and again---until we make a concerted effort to step off this merry-go-round.

That accomplishment thing is not the same for everyone, but those that score are those that manage getting through this life by dodging everything that was thrown at them, with attitude intact.
Holding ourselves accountable for everything rather than looking for excuses and scapegoats is divine knowledge---and the payoff is true freedom.
The universe belongs to such.

Even though everything is an illusion in this life what we do is not and that is what counts.

This planet is nothing but a stage, and we the people the actors. It’s pretty much improvisational and we have to at a moment's notice be ready to change costume and roles. Out of this make believe stuff what we create becomes real, real pain, real happiness, for ourselves and for those around us.
There is only one person running your show, you.
Regardless of our lot in life or the hardships we go through, it’s the choices we make that will determine who and what we are in this life and where we go from here.
The world and those running it have nothing to do with anything other than create stage props for us to role play on.
So, break a leg.

Any human can become a mover and a shaker, a leader in government and industry we don’t really need androids running things at the top. We humans put people into leadership positions and sometimes we take them out of them.

ET doesn’t need to be in absolute control, the stage is self-propelled and people are thrown into situations almost randomly.

When we change course for the better that’s moving in the right direction
Those that are coming back for sure don’t even know they are leaving, they think this life is it, and so they are living their lives as if there is no tomorrow.

ETs and humans are not illusions only perceived situations in this life are illusions. Human bodies are machines and sometimes machines need tweaking, modifications, and repairs.

We make choices all the time out of fear, out of respect out of hate, out of love; we are a culmination of those choices.
If you decide to be a bad person because of peer pressure that is your choice. If you do it because you are afraid, that is your choice. Everything is a choice.
The straight and narrow path is the most difficult path to stay on otherwise there would not be testing ground planets such as earth filling up a good portion of this galaxy.
Doesn’t matter why we do the crime against ourselves and fellow souls once it’s done it will be made right, if not here and now then at a later time and another place---with interest tacked on---those able to rectify their behavior while here will be better off---earth is a minimum security prison, they get a hell of a lot worse.

Humans can think on their own but unfortunately it has all been said and done on other planets many, many eons ago. A great philosopher once said “there is nothing new under the sun”, but he got that from a space traveler who stopped on earth for a brief visit from a civilization a millions years older.
Our future is some other planet’s past; our past is some other planets future---it’s a deep rabbit hole we are in---

People are allowed to take the easy way out---that’s a trap far too many “fall” for
That road is a dead end and they will eventually have to do twice the work to backtrack out of it.

What we call matter---in this instance referring to our bodies, is pure energy, but it is energy with a clause, it holds and restricts our travel and our knowledge of the universe we inhabit. The clause I speak of as I’m sure you know is a play on words. Mass, matter the stuff we are made of is pure energy as most everyone agrees on, but energy, the stuff humans are made of is different from the stuff ET, souls, magic, and Bill Murray are made of. The energy field humans are strapped into, our human body containers, are designed to hold tight the soul--that thing you don’t believe exist. Anyway, the soul is placed into human body containers and can only be removed by certain entities with special keys. Death is never by accident, always by design, no one leaves their bodies permanently until their tour is up.

We all know that matter doesn’t matter once we put it into an atom smasher, particles break down into smaller particles and then into wavy stringy things and then they turn into pixie dust and become aware of us as we lose track of them---spooky stuff man!
So how do we stuff billions of universes into one universe when they are all equally infinite without beginning and ending?
It’s a consciousness thing, a certain number of higher up entities join together and create vortexes of illusionary reality---the funny part is the beginning and ending paradox, there is a paradox but no explanation for how they fold out the beginning and ending---there is no human way to elucidate it, even with two glasses of wine, my limit---

Everything has a beginning and ending because we are born and then we die---that’s how we rationalize it and nothing else computes.
But say that being born is an illusion and so is dying, which is true, just look it up in sleeper’s dictionary---lol
If our being born is not really a beginning and our dying not an ending then the concept of beginning and ending is false.

The games whether by the gods or man are played for specific reasons, to teach, to punish, or entertainment for us. There is no chaos or battles for domination in the land of the gods, only in the minds and lives of humans.

You have heard the term “It’s not the destination but the journey itself that matters the most”. Not so at the higher levels and lower levels of existence but very true for the vast majority on this planet.
There is no way to put an ass kicking into a good perspective, and those who are undergoing them will not see the light at the end of the tunnel even if they are near the end of that dark tunnel. But everything has its purpose whether we can understand it or not.

If you don’t get your money’s worth while in this amusement park called earth they will not refund your money, you get to do the roller coaster ride again---so try and keep from puking and hands over your head is optional----

ETs supply the means when we supply the will to reach for the stars, and there are plenty of reachable stars here on earth to try on for size. If we can make it here the afterlife will be a cinch.
Success is as much perception as it is physical reality; if we achieved it in our mind then it is valid.

The crazy thing about this whole existence is that even those that don’t believe or can’t make that mental leap concerning the big picture are nevertheless included in the big picture and receive the same benefits as everyone else---eternal life in one fantastic playground known as the Milky Way---no way around it.

Everything is real, our emotions are real even when they are not justified like in fear, hate and envy.

Why do all of my friends and me agree about the reality of this illusion?
You and your friends share the same reality as most of us do, if you and your friends go on stage and look over the props you will agree on the materials the props are made of and what the storyline is that the props portray, for instance a play about Red Riding Hood would have a forest motif
Yet we still see things a bit differently because we are not carbon copies of each other, chance are you and your friends don’t agree completely on many things like politics, religion, love and war, etc.---
And why don’t we agree 100% if we all see the same reality in this life? ---because it’s not the same reality.
Why do five witnesses of a crime give five different accounts to that crime? Why is it that juries of 12 people who are shown the same evidence come to different conclusions? Because we all live in our own little world of beliefs

Why should it be important for us to learn lessons based on experiences that are elusive? Because the canvas is easier to wipe clean after each use---

What happens when you start to figure your life out and start to take advantage of that knowledge?
Depends on what you do with that knowledge, but most improve their outlook on life and grab opportunities they may have passed up before their eyes opened.

Why some people are protected?

 They earned their stripes in a previous existence, brownie points if you wish, and can only fall so far or not at all.

Why are some families more open to this subject then others?
Why do some siblings in a family “get it” quicker than other siblings concerning attitude, and life in general? Any number of reasons including advantages earned elsewhere, same principle.
All families look out for each other, some more subtly than others.
What makes certain families keep things secret until they find out that their kids understand what they have known about since before they were born? 
It’s a judgment call and sometimes there is disagreement between members---most want little to no contact if there is any possibility of compromising a member’s reason for being here. They will not let you remember face to face contact but they know what you are thinking. So ask away and then look for the answers, sometimes they are obvious sometimes not; it depends on how bad you want them---which will determines if or when you get something. If you try and pull their chain they will pull your chain

Everyone on this planet is from star systems in the Milky Way galaxy

The bad apples need to be around other apples and oranges, otherwise there is no hope for them. There are good apples than can be corrupted by the bad apples---if so then they have a flaw that has to come out and be dealt with---the system may not seem fair from our point of view but it has been refined and tweaked over an incredible amount of time---even though time is an illusion and does not exist on the other side, it is an element they use in this human reality.
This planet is “The Best of All Possible Worlds” for those of us who are put here---this planet has a spectrum that spans good to very bad, and most on this planet have it bad, only a small fraction have it good. This planet of nearly 7 billion people is pure prison for 6 billion people; most are in maximum security, third world countries where they have no opportunity to escape their plight, the rest are in minimum security and they have more leeway to improve their lives and have a fifty-fifty chance to escape coming back here. Those who have it good are on vacation, or here to do jobs for the system, or have a few things they need to tidy up before moving to higher ground.
But the demographics of this planet do change often as those who are sent here requires--supposedly a better class of people are coming to live here in the next century and their living conditions will be an improvement over what we have now.

Death is the only way off this planet and the grim reaper will take us out one way or other--for most death will not be bad regardless of what it may look like to those that witness it. Anyway, this life is not easy because the payoff is kick-ass fantastic for those that persevere through all the bullshit.

On graduation day, high school for instance, the teachers, your friends and enemies, all the highs and lows of those four years---don’t matter anymore, you are out of school and have your diploma---that’s the bottom line, that is all that counts---but without all those elements you wouldn’t have gotten to that point

Happiness is so solitary only on planets like earth, happiness is the elixir of the soul and is what we are made of.
Technically everyone should be happy all the time---those that make it so are on the fast track to enlightenment---the stuff not easily shared with others

Punishment and reward are human level and below contraptions and devices---they have no real meaning at higher levels of existence
Punishment and reward are doled out to humans on this level and below---we spank or put our little children in time out, or treat them to ice cream or some other reward---those tactics don’t apply to older children and young adults.

Hitler as other leaders who made and make those kinds of calls are themselves following orders---if we prosecute people who follow orders then all soldiers would be accountable for their actions in war too
When Harry Truman said, “The Buck Stops Here” talking about himself he was mistaken, it was not his call to drop the bombs on Nagasaki, and Hiroshima

If you have the most amazing luck in the world and your life is extremely fulfilling, no fear of dying, no fear of being maimed, no fear of losing loved ones, no nightmares.  you may be one of the many who are here on vacation, and the clown, well there is a reason besides early birthday parties and circus acts that they put fear into many otherwise rational people---our extraterrestrial escorts like clowning around---and they look funny too.
Even those on vacation can’t wait to go home---and become inpatient and bored, but the moment we wake up it will all be a dream, and it will be over---the checkout line really does move faster than we realize, and soon we are home and remember there was something else we needed to do or get before leaving the store.
So while waiting its best to check that list twice and make sure you got everything you want before you get into the checkout line.

This life is big time important the blinders are made extra think so that the majority remain fast asleep in their daily lives---and it is important that most remain fast asleep otherwise they will fail at the reason they are here in the first place.
But there are many that this kind of info is not detrimental to, and will not affect their reason for being here and may add to it.

The worst thing that could happen to us is that we fall in love with this life because it’s only a temporary dream. You can feel the hole inside because there is one, our real lives are not here and most of us who are half awake and aware know that---but we can't leave the battle in the middle of the action less we lose the war. ---not making a political statement just pointing our facts of life that most should be able to relate to in their personal lives.

You are immortal with eternity to live out your life---if that’s not “some kind of experience” I don’t know what is. For most it’s straight up from here.

Stories of people experiencing superhuman strength in times of distress and lifting cars, etc.: Not rubbish but it helps to have a helper nearby like what we call angels.

Wonder no more all but the worst cases get to choose their families. The reason we fall so madly in love with our children the instant we see them after birth is because it’s a reunion of a loved one from the other side.

Everyone is being watched---and I’m not talking about big brother---lol
Forget about locking the bathroom door, they see all---but it's no different than us watching goldfish inside an aquarium---things we think is a big deal is not a big deal at all---so throw modesty out the door, they don’t care.

Peace of mind---that’s the big trick in this life and it shouldn’t be, because we are immortal and nothing can harm us---our bodies are disposable but we are not.
This life is a mind game, nothing more; fear and anxiety are illusions that exist only in our minds—nowhere else.

We are part of something really big and we are made of primarily the same energy, some have more others less, but nevertheless we remain individuals inside a nucleus or family, which is part of a larger nucleus---and from there on up it gets really crazy in a mighty fine way.

A great philosopher once said, “The only constant is change”. On the other side constant has a bit more consistency than here on earth, where change in attitude and character is the name of the game---

We humans can’t magically imagine things into existence but we shape our very being by the way we think. And the way we think is all that really matters---get it matter-s---

What if the most fun a person can think of is being falling down drunk....if they are drunk like this all by themselves and not bothering anybody else?
You mean like people who injure themselves for fun or religious reasons?
Those are not actions of fun but of hidden problems.
What about in the case of a seriously demented person who's idea of fun would be torture & or murder of innocents?  That’s why we have jails.
What is acceptable to us is a judgment call we all make, and that will determine what size cage we are put into.

The vast majority on this planet are not free to do as they please, which in many ways that’s a good thing, there are many nuts on this planet. Those that deserve more freedom will get more freedom but not while on this third rock.

Emotion is built into the physiology of the human body and mind, it’s not a dimension, it’s a chemical component with a purpose.

As one becomes aware faults become obvious, and we become painfully aware of them, so change is inevitable---that is a primary reason, but only one facet of the total equation.

This whole deal is not like in the movie K-PAX, where only one person can grab hold of the light beam, the real light beam everyone will ride sooner or later, but always and only when the time is right for each individual---we are all unique and will reach our destination in such a way.
I think it’s a good movie and it brings out some good points without having to be accurate---

Politics are influenced by guides---and yet ETs are politically neutral---ambiguity all over the place here I know but few humans are politically galvanized in one belief, instead they expect certain politicians more able for their causes than others---the problem arises when we vote for our own personal interest rather than the right thing in general.

The earth is a huge mess because most are stuck in the egocentric mode, but Milton and others like him can put into the mix additives that make things clearer, or cloudier--these things are not politics per say but sometimes that is how they come across.
Unfortunately I have to tip-toe around many things otherwise my info will be misconstrued.

Most of us have been around small children and we know that most of the crying and whining that comes from them is usually over nothing at all---but they believe it a big deal hence their tears and healthy vocal cords. The Miltons do what they can to soothe our booboos--sometimes

The universe is a library filled with everything we need, we check out what we need---and most of us believing that it is ours---that has been allowed in the past but things are slowly changing.
How do we cope knowing that we are not the geniuses our parents, teachers and society tells us that we are ?---not very easy for egocentric souls to accept---and few will, most will go to the grave clutching tightly to their ego.

This world will always need doctors, scientists, shrinks, religious and secular leaders, plumbers, garbage collectors, philosophers, writers, painters, sculptors, and good deed doers, plus a whole bunch more stuff.
Do what brings pleasure in your life, do it to the best of your ability, and never cut corners like I do with some of my answers---lol
Everyone has a gift they can share, what you talked about in the above paragraph is your gift I presume---it’s called a gift because someone or something gave it to you or us to use for ourselves or for others.
We didn’t create this planet, the air we breathe, or the flora and fauna we feed off of---nor the elements we use to build things with, nor the brain we use to think with, nor the hands and feet that gives three dimensional illusionary reality meaning, or our blinded eyes to see only what we want to see---yet most of us have free use of all those things---but we can’t claim them as our own, except for our temporary blindness----that is truly our own----

You can go to a shrink and they can try and get you back into the protective bubble with the rest of society, or to your Catholic priest and ask forgiveness for straying away from your old beliefs and perhaps he will perform an exorcism on you and warn you away from internet boards such as this one, where people like me lurk---
This world is filled with tough choices and plenty of hidden mental landmines.
Billions of people belong to one religion or other because they simplify things for them, all they need do is follow a few basic rules and perform simple rituals, and that’s it---they can then sleep at night knowing that the gods have been appeased.
The stuff you stumbled on in this thread freed your mind a bit perhaps---that is not scary in itself, but those middle men, those ET guys and gals, they are fine while they remain fictional characters in books and movies, but not if they lurk in dark places in our bedrooms.
Well, is it really that different than when our mothers tucked us in bed and told us angels were watching over us so that we wouldn’t be afraid in our dark bedrooms? In other words there were angels in our room hiding somewhere
That’s all ETs are, but if you prefer to call them guardian angels that works too.
Remember in the bible stories when angels appeared to the patriarchs---the first thing they told them was “fear not”---because angels were scary creatures not of this world---and they had to block people from the fear
We humans fear what we don’t comprehend be it angels, ETs, clowns or Nancy Pelosi---all of us know fear.
Fear is inevitable but we need not indulge in it.

As for women having souls it depends if it’s that time of mouth---lol, for those not amused by that comment, please forgive me, we men have our own times of the month when hormones get all bunched up in knots too.
To suggest that women don’t have souls is absurd, not sure where he is coming from to make that kind of statement.

Perhaps you wanting to bang your head against the wall is your test---everything else is only a stage, all those people that are frustrations in your life only extras hired by the film production company.
Why are you being push so hard? Because they think you can take it?

The rest of the world will get along just fine without me, you or people like Mother Teresa. Every one of us is here to face our own unique challenges without the aid of others.
If we happen to learn something from others that’s a plus for us but not a necessity, or requirement in the big picture
Those who see themselves as caregivers are doing good work---but mostly for themselves--that’s a tough one for most to swallow nevertheless it’s true
Your calling may be as a painter, golfer, or any number of things that might bring more joy in your life---if you are frustrated in what you are doing it may be a sign that you should be doing other things.
We are not here to make everyone happy, that’s an impossible job, we are here to make ourselves happy---and when we are happy people around us are happy---and then the whole world would be happy---unfortunately that is not the case because too many people get frustrated doing things they don’t want to do.

Life should be a vacation regardless of your occupation.
Even if your job sucks, it only sucks because you think it sucks---what sucks is not being able to see past the illusions we create in our own minds

You have heard the saying “if you don’t like where you are now change what you are doing”

A gift is just that, it brings pleasure to the one that has it and perhaps to others---a gift is a good thing, otherwise it’s not a gift
Most of us can’t handle but one gift at a time, choose one and make the best of it.

This planet earth is one dynamic ride for most people ever since people were dropped off here, it was created to be that way.

It seems like EVERYBODY wants to be in a movie.
Are these souls that don't get enough lifetimes and they need to act out additional ones? Are actors souls with too many lifetimes trying to get out?
It must be for the fifteen seconds of fame and lifetime of bragging rights should they score a role.

None of us are in our present situations by accident, or by chance, we all earned our spot in this long line here on earth. I know most don’t want to hear that, or believe that and they certainly don’t have to.

Pointing fingers and being judgmental towards others is also a test many of us fail at. Most of us are here because we also lack in the perfection gig, therefore if we can’t add or give help to those worst off, best to move along and let those who can and will---do their thing.

Infinite realities, dimensions, earth tv reality and games shows... Hillary--damn! Yeah, it’s enough to tempt a sober man to drink two glasses of wine---lol

Thinking can be over rated, and sometimes should be avoided if at all possible.

Why are we wired for this robot routine...sleep, eat, work, entertainment over and over and over? 
For no other reason but to piss us off---at least those of us awake enough to realize how monotonous this life can be---that’s the worst thing about this planet, and another movie that sheds a bit of light on the why---“Ground hog day”

On our level we don’t have lots of lives happening simultaneously, but on higher levels they do.

Everything we could ever imagine has always existed, and toys can reduce drudgery on planets like earth if put to good use, hence the computer many of us play on every day---they are portals into the minds of millions of other humans---that’s some toy don’t you think ?

I get a headache if I sleep too much---but some get headaches when they try to grasp the big picture---perhaps a happy medium somewhere in between the two extremes---we are all different and we need different amounts of information to get through this life—

Struggling and frustrations may be indicators that we are trying too hard---if you can’t enjoy the flowers and the other gifts all around us then we are wasting this life. This life need not be difficult, should not be difficult, especially for those who are aware.

All but the worst of us get a vote in all of our lives to a certain degree including the one we presently have to endure
No matter our perceived problems the sun will continue to shine---no law against enjoying the sunshine, that’s its sole purpose---pun intended---lol
If we can’t enjoy the little things in this world how we going to handle the big stuff that awaits on other worlds as well as on this one?

We must abide by human laws, other than that we are all free agents with exclusive dominion over our destiny.
Our freedom of movement and achievements is totally in our hands alone regardless of our lot in life, we rise and fall like a hot air balloon depending on the ballast---weight of our own egos.

The rich poor game played mostly by politicians with an agenda creates more hate and aguish than any other human malady in history.
They say money doesn’t bring happiness but neither does poverty. Money certainly doesn’t buy peace of mind, and neither does poverty.
Peace of mind is only achieved somewhere between the ears
But it doesn’t just happen, it takes hard work, mental work, the mind must push out the dynamic dual known as hate and envy, the two bums that have claimed squatter’s rights in our mind and soul.

The paranormal is more real than the so called normal.

Spiritual experiences, cosmic consciousness, bliss are all pretty much one and the same, spiritual awareness/ cosmic consciousness equal as much or as little bliss as we wish to take on.
Some of us cheat ourselves out of happiness because we feel guilty and believe that there in only so much of it to go around---
The fact is bliss is as endless as the sun, it will burn nearly forever---and the sun is nothing but a speck in the galaxy and the galaxy is nothing but a speck in the universe---and the universe is forever---as is bliss
There is no shortage of bliss, only a shortage of takers

There is no picking those locks, or removing those anchors [put into our bodies from achieving things such as heightened psychic abilities] without higher entities involved in the process.
We can hand over the car keys to a two year old but what good will it do them?

Negative numbers have no application in the big picture they are simple tools for economics and certain theoretical sciences---there is no “theoretical” above this earthly plane. How’s that for a paradox?
There are many planets in the universe at the same level and higher as earth and they use these equations and principles. Other than that, zero is a zero, with absolutely no purpose--but what’s really weird is that positive integers also have no real purpose other than to educate

We are unique individuals no matter where we come from.

They say there are two sure things in this world “death and taxes”, well death really doesn’t happen, we only go someplace else, so taxes may be the only sure thing

We humans via ETs are not a conglomeration of minds creating this holographic existence we have here on earth. We only have to live through this semi-nightmare created by “others” for our personal growth or demise, and make the best of it.
“They”, I will call them ETs because I don’t want to elaborate on them yet, will facilitate our desires be it good or bad for us---they are neutral—we hold all the cards on our destination whether it be up or down.

For some human life is only a game for most it’s pure business with much to gain or much to lose.

Not knowing gives credibility to our actions---and even for those who say they believe this stuff there is still doubt in their minds---we can’t cheat because it only affects us, and it will be us the individual that will make it up somewhere down the line.

There are no experiments going on, each has his or her own syllabus to work through. This “human science project” is a single grain of sand on a seashore anything to write home about?

Do what feels right, and is right for you and those around you, it’s as simple as doing your best, nothing more nothing less.

There is a lot of mess out there to clean up---some of the mess is on purpose, do what you feel is right---but we are not here to change the world---that’s for the gods and the busy bodies to do. You have heard that the road to hell is paved with good intentions---that’s because of the “good for who” factor---many do things because of the benefits they believe they will derive from them.
It’s not easy to do things strictly for the benefit of others and so many falls into that trap and end up doing more harm than good.
For instance, a group of do gooders once paid an amount of money for the freedom of certain individuals in an African country---the person was released but the next day two people were abducted and held for ransom---the ransom was paid and the two released, the next day three people were abducted---get the drift---sometimes the things we do create the problems we wish to extinguish.
Everyone is being tested---do we look the other way or help? A little bit of both---but in the course of it all why not smell the roses if we have the opportunity to do so?

Is anyone being "lifted" before point of death?
Many do, some will fade in and out especially terminally ill or those rotting in nursing homes--they spend most of their time on the other side coming back every so often for family and friends.

Take off them shades and act like you are on top of the world and you will be---because the best opportunities to soar are right in front of us.

There are many different political situations---and they range from ruthless, to not so bad.
We have minimum and maximum security prisons, some have more freedom than others. This is a subject that most humans cannot comprehend and it is a landmine to try and explain.

No human is equal, only machines, animals and insects are equal.
All of us have to create our own identities with blood sweat and tears---some more than others---some are here for punishment only, and are not here to learn anything at all.

Even those who are here under punishment are allowed to be treated fair by truly benevolent human beings.
How we treat others worse off than us reflects on what we are made of
If the rules of how we treat others were plain to see, then what is the point of this life?

All cultures need and want the same things, but there are those that do things differently and are not acceptable to other cultures concerning a number of things---certain people require certain situations to make them what they will ultimately become. Some need things that I can’t mention on here because it would offend most

There is no human that is going to change the world, the world is the way it is because that’s how it was created---some think it’s a zoo, and for them it is, some a hellhole, and for them it is, and so on and on.
Cultural difference makes this planet interesting while also providing unique learning experiences---all the perceived bad, and the real good are necessary gears in this complex character building machine called earth---where we came to be changed, not to change others and certainly not to change this world.
Make yourself better and you add to a better world.

There are humans being fed things that do nothing to make things easy on this planet for other humans----by pandering and promising things they are not equipped to supply, do or achieve. Those who fall for deceivers are looking for the free lunch, the easy and quick way out of complex problems, they want all their needs taken care of by others even though they are fully capable of doing it on their own
Sure all of us want easy street because this is a tough and ruthless life, but the fact is if we can’t hack this life we are not ready for the big stuff that comes after.

A majority of souls have yet to fall of the turnip truck but there are many souls here that are above average and way above average---here to brush up on a few things before they go to where no man or woman has gone before---yeah right, anyway that’s where they will be going

Might it be possible that some here on vacation take the "wrong turn" even if they are on higher levels?
Only those on the lower end can make mistakes and the consequences will fit the crime or screw-up.

Some on vacation know who they are and can do whatever they want---except tell anyone who they are.
Entities at those levels are not bothered by hurricanes or other human maladies because they are immune to all human woes
Those who are not aware of who they are cannot leave until their tour is up---but they remain above the fracas and need not abandon ship for any reason

Humans are not cattle, nor are we equal, we all need different merit badges, that’s why there is so much diversity in cultures and gaps in the standard of living, this train wreck of a planet is not an accident.

The gods will play any game we insist on playing---but until we stop playing games and get down to business, we play with their rules---and those rules can be ass kicking

No one gets anything they don’t deserve, and everyone gets what they deserve---when we leave this earthly restaurant we are presented with a bill due in full, or a rebate check
The trick is not to fret over what the other dinners are feasting on, what is on their table goes on their tab not yours.

100% of how we view this world is between the ears, everything else, all of our problems, are nothing but smoke that will blow away with time.

If you are one of the lucky people that feel incredible joy when a child is born to them then you can understand a piece of that mystery.

The monkey suit [Human corpse] amplifies what is inside of it---us---our irrational fears left over or picked up from times long past---stuff we failed to deal with in other lives seeps through to be dealt with in this one.

[Terrestrial life is] a prison of our making, and only we can unmake it, escape from it---most of us keep putting it off because it takes work to face up to it.

Many choose the revolving door stuck on the small details because they believe it futile to go on, besides it’s much easier going in circles repeating mediocre lives than to make real change. A fudge may seem petty to us but it only takes a very small object in our eye to create huge pain and blurred vision. The soul is like an eye, extremely sensitive to impurity

Some of us know this stuff to be true because we all lived it, we were brought here from other planets and solar systems and placed into a virgin human brain customize specifically for each of us---a new canvas was placed over the old, and the new canvas is not aware of the old one underneath it. But it’s there and sometime bits of info permeate through---especially if our memories are jiggled

Our souls are extraterrestrial in origin, we are brought here in many ways including ET ships of sorts.
The bodies we are placed into are home grown here on earth and are tweaked via DNA and other physical attributes to withstand the period in time and type of living conditions we are subjected to
Is it even possible that they originated also from another dimension?

Each of us alone hold our destiny in our hands---the higher entities only facilitate our destiny via whatever means they see fit for our particular situations---

There is no time limit to “get it” so yes, many that are slow to figure it out are doomed to repeat their mistakes until they get sick and tired of repeating them---those who are above these slow pokes have the ability to not be affected by them/dragged down---should they choose to use those powers.

Our greatest burden/test in this life is that we are allowed to think anything we wish, and we can wallow forever in our own stench believing that the stench is not our own but that of others---until we point our own finger in the correct direction---back at ourselves, we will remain lab rats lost in the labyrinth of the blame game.
The only way out of the maze is to realize we control every aspect of our lives and situations--
-I know that is too high a mountain for most to climb but it’s the only way out of the rat race. Lab rat is a perception, so is the rat race---those who believe themselves in it are by default of that belief

We are here to prove to ourselves what we are made of---those higher up than us have already done that and continue their journey upwards, they have no time or desire to look back at those below them and snicker
Some of the higher up entities do come down here and play the sheep dogs, but most never come down to these lower depths once they ascend to higher ground---would you ?

Why are some people color-blind/color-deficient? Is there a purpose for this? 
There is a purpose for every nuance and irritation in our lives that will make absolutely no sense until we get our walking papers off this rock, in the meantime it’s best to appreciate and concentrate on whatever goodies we are allowed---take full advantage of what you are given and learn from all the potholes we end up hitting---what more can we ask for?—

ET only build perfect containers [human bodies] ---yet we look out there at all the dysfunctional masses of humanity, what gives? ---there is an answer but too few want it, need it, or would believe it. So it gets put out there masked between all my rhetoric to be found only by those ready and willing to hear it. Aren’t I an arrogant sob! Why do people put up with me? ---lol

If someone picks up bad additional habits while trying to work off other bad habits he only adds to his burden and will probably die of cancer---or not---and may have to come back and work on more problems the next time around---unfair---absolutely---but it will be the same someone who makes that call against---you got it---himself---for adding additional problems to his itinerary
Sometimes they rip you open and put things in---they may do this for a billion reasons so there is no one answer---but the soul is a highly complex substance and the learning process it gets put through is nothing but a labyrinth of mind boggling complexity and proportions--need I say more---I know the answer---lol

No one can know [if they will get off this rock after death], and those that think they know are mistaken--- 

Treat others like you want them to treat you
We can’t make others that way but we can make ourselves that way---treat others better than you ever expect to be treated in return. Those are the qualities the break the chains from this prison.

For most it’s only a prison in our mind---we make it that. Certainly we can’t come and go off his planet as we please, therefore it’s a prison---yet many manage to make this prison into a vacation hot spot and end up enjoying their lives---that’s what this life is about, making changes that will improve us and those around us
If you have family do you enjoy them? If not why not? Your job or occupation is it fun? If not why not? Do you look forward to each day with anticipation? If not why not?
If you can get through the whys without blaming “others” you might be on to a fulfilling life--and if we fail to do that we cheat ourselves and those around us of untold pleasures ripe for the taking---

If anything many are de-evolving going in the other direction, that’s because of where some souls hailed from and dropped off here on earth---there went the neighborhood---

What percentage of the world population are 'soulless'?
Is there any way of physically identifying them?
Depending where one lives it would seem a lot of people are soulless, but most bodies have souls---exceptions are people in comas, in nursing homes where they are barely conscious and others that I will not mention because it would offend.
People in comas, nursing homes etc. all had souls and the souls under certain circumstance can return for short intervals for the sake of loved ones who find it difficult to let go.

The little knowledge we are allowed on earth is nothingness because of the illusion we are draped in.
We can’t dare compete with the gods who hold truth and real wisdom.
However, here on earth we demonstrate our worth by appreciating the gifts bestowed on us--small or large makes no difference, and to enjoy this life anyway we can---creating happiness in ourselves and those around us while in the midst of madness that is this world---that is the challenge and duty of every one of us.
Those who achieve happiness against all odds are truly wise and will move forward in this life and the lives still to come.
Happiness is a gift we give to ourselves and requires no ego. 
I rarely smile, and most people may think me sad or grumpy---happiness is not a superficial face feature or giddy personality---happiness is the absence of gloom and doom---unless gloom and doom is what makes you happy---and then that’s a whole other story.

Why is the average lifespan on earth seventy years why not make it shorter for those who wish to move on sooner?
Because there is a process, a process that takes time---besides I’m not here to teach or preach only to tell my experiences and answer a few questions to those interested---those not interested need not drink from this fountain.

There is a very strong element on this planet that wishes to keep people in a constant state of fear and ignorance about what life is really about---life is not as complicated as many wish it be.
Obviously as you have stated about your own family convincing them of the bigger picture is an uphill battle---but the fact is we are not here to fix other people we are here to fix ourselves first, and if we can accomplish that then we can concentrate on other things and be better equipped to do those other things whatever they may be.

Information from the gods is privileged info and has never been a right---nevertheless seek for the right reason and you will find everything you need to know to get “your” life in order---those who do that may then get additional info afterwards---impatience is not a virtue but a stumbling block for those who drink too much from it.

The problems on this planet are immense and thousands of higher entities are working on them night and day---six and a half billion people is no small task and each and every one of them---us---depend on personal attention from these entities, to get through their lives down here, and only those “highly” qualified have those assignments
If there are three or four of them assigned to you alone------you are a challenge because usually one entity handles hundreds or thousands of people---

The higher up the ladder the more horsing around there is---for those who don’t like playfulness they will need to cool their heels down here a bit longer---

Everything in moderation is a good rule---and a place to start for those with detrimental habits. Besides why be a slave to a weakness? Take charge of your own destiny---compromise should never be an option when so much is at stake

The have and have nots---we are talking material goods---that stuff has nothing to do with the big picture other than to create hate and envy---perhaps that’s the whole idea behind it---hate and envy are flaws that need to be dealt with---who dies or lives with the most toys doesn’t matter one iota in the scheme of things---only moral fiber.

Each one of us has the power to achieve anything we wish---that power has always been there, and it has been put to good use my millions---who are now the envy of the rest of us slow pokes---lol
Many of us worry too much about what others have and don’t concentrate on getting our own--whatever that might be
Get rid of hate, envy and ego and all the other problems will disappear---changing political systems is a shell game that has been played since the beginning of time.

Truthfully the inner workings of a common earth television are too profound to understand--by the very humans that watch it every day, and even those who are into electronics don’t really understand how it works---it just does. Things here on earth are profound and they are measly toys in the scheme of things.
Therefore the big stuff is not easy to understand nor easy to explain---hence, next time your tv repair person comes over have them explain what is going on inside those microchips---that make pretty pictures and sound appear on the screen and speakers---they can’t, nor would most understand if they did---the engineers that make them don’t even understand

The containers---human bodies, are not the problem, what’s inside them containers—the soul, is the problem---and some human souls are slow to get it and end up gumming up the machinery---it’s a lot of work cleaning up that mess---and humans are the ones who have to clean it up and make it right.

Are we talking about the most profound thing that has ever happened, or will happen on planet earth? 
Not really, it’s old news, cut and dry, happens over and over again on millions of other planets just like this one.

The meat and potatoes is reserved for those that get the job done---cleaned up their own act before trying to clean up the acts of others.
It’s not a movie for sure---it’s a grand illusion, but it will have a curtain call, and when the curtain goes up time for cleaning up your act is over.

What does race mean if it only relates to an engineered container?
Simple diversity, the few strains of race on this planet is but a fraction of what is out there in this galaxy
What would cities like New York be like without the smorgasbord of cultures rich in their peculiar traditions? ---lol---on other star systems the diversity is often mind boggling delightful---makes for superb gastronomical adventures---

The majority of people are happy where they are concerning their beliefs and are not interested in changing them.----have you tried changing anyone’s beliefs ? If so you know how impossible a task that is.
Now if you wake up and take a good look in the mirror and decide that the person you are looking at needs changing then you are on to something---

if you are having problems directing that finger in your direction everything seems hopeless--as long as your happiness resides in the hands and actions of others you will never be happy--it’s your life---stop expecting others to make it better for you.
Quit the blame game and take responsibility for yourself---or stick with your predetermined program and waste yet another lifetime.

It’s a big part of everyone’s reality. We are what we feel about the world and ourselves, and we radiate negative or positive energy to those around us. This energy is way too potent in the hands of mere humans and therefore it’s restricted, otherwise there would be more chaos than there is now in the world, because we humans spew out far more negative energy than positive, regardless that we wish to believe otherwise.
ETs can deflect bad karma and direct it back to the sender tenfold, happens often---

Life is no piece of cake, but neither is it the labyrinth of dead ends that many end up making it.

Some think they deserve all the hell in their lives---maybe they do and maybe they don’t---but all of us have the key to escape it in our pockets.

Is there any way for us to find out what our souls mission is here on earth?
Yes, find what you are good at, what you like doing and do it.
Are our family members on earth also our family souls on other planes of existence?
We tend to follow each other a few at a time----but each of us have huge families to fall back on.

Money and power have nothing to do with being banished to prison earth; people in poverty and every strata in between are being punished here too.

Are ET waiting for the rest of humanity to catch up mentally/socially etc. before they allow us to leap of this planet?
Humanity would never make that leap alone, we are being taken there kicking and screaming-
--it’s a slow and winding process---but everything in its time more or less

ETs will endeavor to amplify individual needs and desires to the fullest extent that the individual wants to take their weaknesses or strengths to. Be it greed, envy, hate, philanthropic, benevolent or whatever floats one’s boat.
ETs will let us indulge in whatever we wish to indulge in---if that be stupidity so be it Are they entertained by our suffering? 
Are you entertained when a child falls and gets a boo, boo?

I was in the army and they threw all kinds of obstacles at us---hated every minute of it but it sure as heck worked----they managed to turn a bunch of “lazy hippies”---that’s what they called us back in 1970, into highly trained individuals capable of surmounting just about any obstacle.
That’s what life is about---getting through obstacles---those who refuse to do it for whatever reason will get to come back and try again---just like in basic training.
ET’s agenda is no different than that of a drill sergeant---get people trained and off this camp so that they can fulfil higher duties in other realms.

Down Syndrome children (Trisomy 21) is one of those subjects that requires hundreds of pages to explain properly but here is the short of it anyway.
Most of these souls are here short term and are not being tested at all, nor are they here to receive much in the way of what we think makes life worthwhile---they are the challenge/blessing for those they come into contact with.
To look at some of them it would seem like the worst kind of punishment but it’s not---for most of them anyway. In many ways they are higher beings because they straddle both sides of existence at the same time---they have one foot in heaven and one in hell---so to speak, hell being earth.
Many of them are working off a minor indiscretion from a previous existence while tasking others whose lives they were sent into---they are burdens for some and blessings in disguise for others.

At these lower levels separation [with the deceased loved ones] is one of the painful realities we have to endure---death of loved ones being the hardest---it’s only short term but it feels like an eternity for those in it.

The planet is not going to change, people will, or will not.

No man had the right to make boundaries and do the things they did. 
And no man or woman ever have placed boundaries on others, that’s only an excuse.
There is no “meant” in we, everyone has different needs and desires and everyone is free to pursue those needs and desires at their own pace, we can lead a horse to water but we can’t make it pee before the race

There are billions of reasons that everyone is not on the same page of physical prosperity, but the main one has nothing to do with physical luxuries---it’s a spiritual thing---if your spirit’s right then everything else will be too---that’s the only equalizer.

You lose money in Vegas? But did you and they get their money's worth of fun while you were at it? ---if so then there were no losses, and if not you all gained experience, everything comes out in the wash.

We can’t know what we truly are, most of us are not equipped to handle it all at once---not without lots of wine from the gods---
But chipping away at some of the encrusted ego build-up around our edges is a good start.

We come face to face with most of our challenges every day and how we work through them or ignore them determines what will come at us the next day.
Sitting around trying to figure out the details before they manifest will only drive us crazy Getting through this life for those who are aware to a certain extent should be a piece of cake, or is that pie? ---complication is for those who are not aware and are hiding in their safe bubble created by society to keep them fast asleep and deep into complications

Everyone is living the lives they are aware of but few are aware of why they are living those lives---and would not believe it even if they were told.
Some of us have lives behind the curtain of so called “reality” but to what extant remains off limits---most of the people aware of the kind of recall I talk about do not tell others for obvious reasons---plus they don’t have the need or desire to come out.

How we go to a hire up place or we have to take another assignment if we didn't complete it on earth?
It’s simple basic and cut and dry and no one gets away with anything like some do here on earth---those who do the crime “will” do the time---no ifs ands or buts---even those who believe they will be forgiven---which they will be---but they still have to pay the fine.

Great people never see the “greatness” in themselves but only see the potential in others.

If your parents are honorable people it would be dishonorable not to follow their advice.

If you’re just really confused about a lot of things, it sounds like a good start, most of the great people in this world had that same problem.

We are unique and detached from one another as we are in our human bodies. But we are bound, connected by a mysterious substance that allows us to remain in communication even if separated by infinite space, and dimensions. Though much of the communication seems one way to us here on earth it’s not.

We don’t generate our physical being; it is generated for us by higher ups for a multitude of reasons.
Mankind because of being infected with certain undesirable entities not of earth in past and present history has been cleansed by higher beings not of earth but often disguise as human powers.

All of us are here on earth to mature emotionally---but we can’t do it in mass, we are at different levels, and we mature at different rates.

Intellect and intelligence are tools the same way a computer is a tool, some people are more proficient with using them than others, but like computers they add nothing to our spiritual achievements---they only add to our physical requirements.

We need to focus on our own faults, they are heavy enough to carry, and focusing on others and their evils is a distraction that keeps most of us from advancing.

Earth is not utopia, and “shared the resources we had” is not for lower planets such as earth.

Some need more adversity in their lives than others to get to the same place---we earn our place in the sun---no one can bribe or cheat their way up the universal ladder as they can here on earth.

Some are looking for a Messiah, a savior, a new age to rescue mankind from his or her own ills, it’s been that way for centuries---we want and need this to happen to pull us out of our drudgeries
The reality is we can only pull ourselves out of our drudgeries---or fall deeper into them. Why wait for 2012, which is only a number on the calendar, to make this cataclysmic change in our individual lives? do it today---I know, it’s easier said than done---and so people will continue to wait for something or somebody to make this change in their lives for them---fine-
--the universe we live in has all the time in the world to wait---it’s not going anywhere, and neither are those who wait for things to happen.

Most of us know why we are here however we would rather not acknowledge it because it doesn’t seem to have glamour to it, so we keep searching in all the wrong places---mostly because of that pesky envy thing.

Instincts can be good, keeps us on the right side of the road and out of oncoming traffic. But then again they also tend to get way more attention than they deserve---our purpose in this life is to take chances and not always play it safe---death will catch us in due time---its own time--
-we can’t escape it or certain fated disasters.
Most will not be put in those dreaded positions yet they will fret their whole lives away in fear that they will be---the result is wasted opportunities and wasted life---why?---I say screw any and all negative fears and feelings and live your life as if it was a fantastic journey---because then it will be.
Physical or monetary handicaps are not excluded from the fantastic journey because most of it takes place in the mind/soul.
Life is going to happen regardless of how we choose to live it---in fear or head on.

What attracts us to this crazy stuff is the fact that the crazy stuff is the only real stuff out there, and down deep inside we all know that to be true---but few want to be the first to get on the dance floor for fear of ridicule---btw I hate dancing.
This “theatrical production” is for no other reason but to gauge what we are made of.

Our brains are designed to filter out most everything but the illusion---that’s why it’s so difficult to believe in the paranormal---the real stuff---
On a beautiful sunny day we see blue skies---an illusion which hides all the real stars that are up there
Night stars are acceptable; few could handle that kind of disruption in the day sky.

Do we exist in other places, realities, dimensions at the same "time"?  Certainly feels like sometimes but no.

Something catastrophic has happened to every large body in this solar system repeatedly over the long history of the planets, so?
Many people claim to have a purpose in this life “when the time comes” such people have graced every generation for eons---if true, they should not require fanfare or publicity, they need only show up at the appointed time and do their thing---the wise old phrased “actions speak louder than words” applies
The problem with those concepts is that no one can save us from ourselves, that chore remains the exclusive domain of each one of us.
We can learn from others but not be saved by others, unless we are talking about lifeguard, police, fireman, lawyer, etc.
Prophets and prognosticators who come to save humanity as a whole---are the only constants. Along with taxes, death and a few other items I have already mentioned---

All leaders have jobs to do like be mindful of the economy, protection from enemy attack, and general welfare of those they serve---but their jobs end there.
Physical survival is a good thing but that’s not what this life is about, this life is about spit shining your soul for the real life that will take place elsewhere.
I was in the military and some of us put forth the effort and hard work to spit shine our own booths, some paid others to do the dirty work to spit shined their booths for them---well when it comes to army booths it really makes no difference who shines them---but when it comes to building integrity it can only come from your own effort.

Belief is a powerful tool, and many sick people are healed by plain old sugar pills, placebos--and that’s the bottom line.
In the old days it was called snake oil---and people swore by it too.
The Catholics bless their water to give it supernatural powers to heal against demons---and for those who believe it, it works
Aqua ware manipulates water to give it supernatural powers and for those who believe it, it works.
The magic is real for those who believe without an iota of doubt---mind over matter---now that’s ET technology.

There is no “ET evolutionary plan”, they simply provide the tools we need to fix what is broken within ourselves.
The tools are integrity, empathy and good will.
Many of us buckle when the going gets rough---those never ending life challenges that can come at us in rapid succession. Those who manage to succeed are those who steadfast use their tools regardless of the blood sweat and tears that using those tools may bring.
It’s much easier to throw in the towel and blame someone else for our miserable lives
That’s why most shiny new tools in our tool boxes that come into this world with us end up leaving shiny and brand new when we leave this place because many don’t even bother to open their tool box.
Most neglect opening that tool box because they mistakenly believe they have some universal cosmic rights protecting them---for them I suggest the movie “Groundhog Day”. Simply waiting for those rights to kick in can get monotonous, and will never happen. Tool boxes are a hassle---they demand so much of us----and the payoff is so far away. Most tools remain pristine, shiny and new, they get very little wear and tear---most of us need baby steps to get to where we are going.

Using hypnotherapy on past life is very inaccurate, they normally fill in the blanks with nasty probing type materials, and stuff that scares the Bejesus out of people.
When they don’t want people to remember certain stuff human hypnotherapy is not going to undermine or reverse that
It can be dangerous if the hypnotherapist unintentionally introduced phobias into the person---furthermore, the human subconscious is not a trifle place to mess around in----there is stuff in there that could melt steal and bring it to a boil---few humans are qualified to mess with the mind, let alone check under the hood

To some degree we are all selfish assholes, that’s why most of us are here----to work on that, or something else---but why let others who are further down the evolutionary ladder bring us down ?---those further up the ladder of understanding should reach down and help those assholes under us, that’s what it’s all about---

Tibetan monks have moved to higher and better places, those who persecuted them are back on earth going through the ringer again and again----so who were the winners and losers ?

Those [ETs] running the show have passed the test, but the endurance test on earth is for us not them.

Did we humans sign up for this tour of duty or did we f--k up or are we an experiment, or are we here to discover all of the above without judgement?
All of the above, but that judgment thing snarls many in its sticky web---where most end up rotting.

Darwinism, Atheism, all the sciences and even political insanities are nothing more than toys. Designed to amuse us and keep us out of trouble while we are isolated inside our playpen/prison earth.
I don’t mean that as demeaning in anyway and for those who are offended by such slander on the human “intellect”, they will be put in time out---

Those who are aware to any degree should sit back and let life happen---but don’t quit your day job, the mortgage and other bills still need attention.

Everyone pays their dues, now or later. Even those rich snobs born with a silver spoon up their rear-----and the poor snobs who drool with envy because they don’t have a silver spoon up their rear.
That silver spoon thing is a rhetorical statement meaning that the size of one’s wallet has nothing to do with why we are here and certainly nothing to do with where we go from here.
Yet most of us get hung up on those “small” distractions and end up with attitude.

ETs really do empathize with those who are struggling to truly understand the program, and they never laugh when there is sincerity and determination to understand.
But they do get a lot of laughs at those people whose egos have bloated up like balloons and have surpassed the force of gravity to keep their feet firmly on terra firma---lol

Some of us come to give our parents a reason for living. Some come for a specific lessen they will learn from a particular family or the family structure. The reasons are as numerous as there are people.
Many of us have crossed paths many times with those we are presently with---that includes non-family members like friends, neighbors, work associates, and even enemies.
Who we come to: For many it’s a choice but not all who are here had a choice on family or anything else.

Those who are here for a specific purpose or reason other than to improve themselves are not searching---they know what it is they are here to do.
The rest of us---the vast majority, are here to fix or rejuvenate ourselves. Once we do that we become assets rather than drains on those we come into contact with.
We make the world a better place by being better people---if everyone on this planet was up to speed in a good way, this planet would be a cool place to live for all. Regardless of our lot in life we all can add our two cents towards a better world It’s not rocket science or an impossible task to achieve; it’s simply the removal of hate, envy and ego from our repertoire---dang, that big word makes it sound so painful---
There is a lot of positive material out there for people to read unfortunately most of us want the gore, the dirt, and the gossip, and the media delivers what is popular.
What is worse than the media and our lust for the negative are some of our history books which keep alive the atrocities of the past like slavery and the Holocaust of many different peoples in the last hundred years.
People can’t live well together when those things are constantly kept on the front burner and never left to cool off. The next generations of Japanese are now being primed and stoked over the bombs dropped on their ancestors during WW2.
Certain world leaders get into power by stoking hate in their countries---Hitler and Stalin brought massive destruction via hate using those simple tactics.
Many in American will not let the slave issue go away and continue to stoke racial hatred and division with it. That tactic has driven a huge wedge between the races in the US---and it will be the source of increasing unrest. For now it mostly simmers under the surface.

Does the fight against indulging in negative emotions still feel like crap no matter what and that's what we have to endure?
Depends on how deep in the crap we are. Many of us have learned to enjoy the adrenalin rush we get from making others feel bad. Capturing those feeling one at a time and analyzing why we enjoy hate envy and ego should eventually break one free of the insidiousness of those plagues.
Once out from under that cloud life will be enjoyable and not something we have to endure.

To succeed you may need to run with a different crowd, whether that crowd is virtual or physical they have equal influence on how we act and think. Peer pressure and all the other influences we try to emulate in others so that we can “fit in” is our biggest obstacle to cleaning up our attic.

This planet is a rat race and a “dog-eat-dog” world, if it wasn’t then what purpose would it serve?
This earth is not utopia, it is a place designed to separate the rats and dogs from those who don’t wish to live like the rats and dogs.

Does soul occasionally leave the body, or is removed from the body, from time to time, and later returned into it, before and after use by these 'higher entities' ?  Souls can acquiesce to higher and lower souls for certain periods.

I want to be able to have total awareness of all I have read, heard and thought in my consciousness at all times - even in this short lifetime. Is this something we can accomplish in the here and now?
The brain is willing and has the capacity to perform what you asked but it’s not allowed--without giving something else up---the tradeoff is not worth it and I advise against pushing that envelop too far. There are mysteries that are not for us to indulge in at this level of existence---and there are entities that break rules and deliver mischief---sometimes irreversible mischief.

Many of our emotions are “hormonal”. Our physical bodies are affected by what we eat and our environment to a certain degree.
But our core emotions are “software” loaded into our brains---our soul is also software loaded into our brains.
Our emotions are software loaded into our hard drive. We chose what software to run, and how much time we spend in those programs.
Emotions are simply soul software that we choose to access via our action.
Thoughts are not emotions, but how we think creates emotions. Sometimes we overdo it in the thinking department. Best to relax and find something we enjoy doing. Everything will fall into place on its own, no need to bring it down upon us.

Most people fear death because it is “unknown”
What we don’t know we fear, we are suspicious creatures by design---the Tower of Babble thing.

Every human since the beginning of time has been “chipped”, biologically chipped that is.

Not everyone wants to work together, we all have unique minds ideas and desires---so whose ideas take precedence over the others?
We are created unique for a reason----to be different---we are not cattle or zombies, or worker bees.

World peace is not in the cards for this planet anytime soon, although that idea sells because everyone yearns for world peace---we can attain individual peace for ourselves but can’t give it to others---it is an individual thing.

The only thing that “could” work in certain [desperate] situations is people asking which ever god believe in to help a person or a family---- The more the better, it’s a numbers game.
People that have good souls usually have other good souls around them
This can work even if his number is up---but only if there are many requests to keep a person here.
Do what you can, every little bit helps.
Many of our situations are our own doing whether we see that or not---we pay for things we did in this life and other lives.
The game plan is what you see unfolding---people are not alone, they have entities all around them who understand the world much better than any human can.

Life on this planet has always been a hellhole for a large portion of those sent here----if we could see why some of us were sent here we would understand better some of the atrocities people find themselves trapped in.
We don’t see that because then few of us would step up and help others worse off than us. And we are here to help anyone we can without judging them.

Most of us come into this world with an itinerary in place, but we can deviate from it by the choices we make---all choices have consequences, some will shorten our lives others will lengthen them.
Everything we experience be it good or bad is paid for in full by us----nothing is free we earn our good times and our bad times.

Learning a lesson and paying for damages done to self and others can have carry over charges. Many things are not settled at the exit door, sometimes people leave with a huge tab that will be paid in full at some other point in their existence.

Has ET ever interfered with the outcome of a sporting event? Well, don’t tell this to your bookie but yes they interfere frequently.

There is no learning process while we are 'dead' ---that’s why every second of this life or any life is important---yet few believe that.
Squandering a life is a very bad thing---but that’s info that they don’t want out there, so keep it to yourself.
Those who fail to give it their all by taking short cuts or cutting corners when they don’t have to, those who have talent and don’t use it, those who let opportunities slip away again and again.
Most of us know what we are capable of, but we get lazy.

Earth as a war planet... for warriors to mend their attitudes or to play out the war game for fun and profit?
To immerse in the stench of the blood and gore, left over cravings from times past. However most of us are only armchair warriors for now---

Mind over matter brings things our souls yearn even when we are unaware of the specifics of what we want and need.

People who are wasting their lives are unconcerned about it and remain mostly unaware that they are.
Coasting and stalling is no biggie and neither is going from one failure to the next---because there is no failure---unless failure breaks you and you stop trying.
Those who are happy and content and make those around them happy that they have known them have achieved everything that is important in this life---and can coast away.
Not all of us are here to struggle---yet even those who are here to struggle, they can break their chains with the tools everyone receives when they are dumped here, if only they would open their tool box and use the tools.
The 'tool boxes' that all humans have access to:
We have every tool in the universe at our disposal between our ears---
With these “real” tools we can do and achieve anything our little heart’s desire. We can build and we can tear down, we can be virtuous or hateful to our fellow companions on this rock. Unfortunately many leave this life without ever opening their tool box ----they were never bad but never good either---they did just enough to get by each day and ended up wasting a whole stinking life---
We are not here to walk on water and be the greatest thing since sliced bread---but the very least we can do is try to enjoy this life and show some appreciation for it---yet for some even that is asking too much.

We are all “good” at something, and most of us know what we are good at---that’s the clue on what you should concentrate your efforts on.

We can alter anything about ourselves with pure will---but few believe it possible---the stronger your will, the greater your success---all humans have super powers locked inside their heads---and unfortunately that’s where they stay for most---unused.

Taking any assignment is a huge gamble but life is a gamble---we never know what we are capable of until we jump into the water. If we knew what lay behind every corner there would be no adventure no danger, no learning, no courage---and courage is important.
And we need do it all while keeping the flame of integrity from burning out ---that’s the biggest challenge---and few make it over that one hurdle---
Without integrity nothing counts---courage, good looks, magnetic personality, aptitude, success---and all the prayers in the world---will not put Humpty Dumpty together again--without the glue of integrity that is
Forgive me for sounding like a broken record---

This planet is powered by the two pistons of hate and love---we chose which piston we wish to fire behind---regardless of which country we live in.

Boundaries and countries are simply pens---earth is “one zoo” with many cages for different types of animals---each with different diets and requirements.

Those who show appreciation get more of what they appreciate and enjoy having in their lives.

The level of compassion determines the level we have attained to---true compassion is rare on planets like earth because most of us down here are mostly interested in “what’s in it for me”---not what can I do for you-- with no strings attached---
John Kennedy once said, “Ask not what your country can do for you but what can you do for your country” ----those words made no sense back then and they certainly don’t make any sense now.
Most people back then as most people today are only concerned in “What can my country do for me”

The ability for us mere mortals to forgive other mortals is the greatest gift of all---when we forgive we lift a load off our shoulders---something even god can’t do for us.
Forgiving helps the forgiver----hate is a cancer on the soul and is one of the few things in this universe that can actually destroy the soul.
We humans don’t quite understand that forgiveness is a gift to us and not a gift to the person or persons who are being forgiven.
When we hold a grudge of hate it's like holding a hot poker and it burns our soul and makes us miserable. When we don’t forgive we are in fact punishing ourselves because we are the ones suffering internal pain
Every wrong that is done will be paid in full, perhaps not in this life but definitely in the next lives and there could be many lives for the slow pokes.
It is not our job to hold a grudge, nor is it in our power to deliver vengeance to those who have done us wrong because if we do vengeance will have us for dinner.
Therefore let the steam rise, get it out of the system, and then let that lion go away before it turns on you.
Forgiveness is part of the package of this life here on earth, and everyone receives it no matter what they do---but we still have to pay the fine---and sometimes that can be a hefty price to pay.
Forgiveness is not required but advisable.
The act of forgiving is a gift to the forgiver and they benefit by having a burden lifted off them. If we don’t forgive we are harboring hate, when we give hate a foothold in our lives our lives become skewed and off balance. Hate in any form is poison to the soul. Enough poison and the soul may never recover.

Humility is the purging of ego and arrogance.

Understanding is a rare commodity.

Valor is what we are down here to prove---to ourselves.

How can a person gain beauty and power? 
What would one have to give up to have it all?
If you have it all you obviously haven’t given up anything. Milton has it all yet he still is ugly---sorry Miltie

When you find friends, be sure to ask if they will be there when you really need them.

If you are trying to understand it all forget it. Earth’s so called greatest minds are spinning too trying to understand the illusion of physics----bless their hearts, they know not what they are up against.

We humans have cultures and there are many similar planets, and like earth they are not free to stray very far from their playpen—planets.
We have this concept that we are at the center of the universe---and perhaps trailblazers---all we need is Star Trek technology and we will save the universe from the Klingons----and then perhaps hobnob with other intelligent life forms as ourselves as we travel across the galaxy.
That’s the grand illusion of us children inside of our playpen---and our leaders need to keep that illusion alive---can you blame them?

Is not to become like the gods what we are meant to do, i.e.: graduate from this solar system to the big boys?
Yes it is, but that’s not what they teach in schools and places of worship---those biblical metaphors had their purposes and so does most of the illusion humanity continues to live under today.

The reason life feels like punishment for many of us is because it is. Time only speeds up when we are having fun---so try and have some fun whenever you can

The rat race has always belonged to the rats---but no one is forced to be a rat, simply step out of the line and become human---it all starts in the head, we are what we think we are, we become what we most despise in others---because of hate and envy.
Blaming institutions and leaders for our woes is a sucker's game---a trap---that keeps millions of people enslaved to hate---and hate is what drags souls to the living hell that exists mostly between the ears.

This planet wasn’t really seeded----containers (human bodies) were created and souls shoved into them---to put it mildly---that slap on the behind is only part of the reason we wail after our first breath of earthly air. It’s also the very moment our past memories are put into storage.
Some humans on earth are from other star systems in this galaxy---and are brought here by entities in the “maintenance department”.
Only entities that are way up the scale of existence can travel intergalactic.

All of us have a large amount of knowledge concerning the big picture and how we individually fit into it----inside our subconscious minds; the rest is kept off planet.
We have limited access to that stuff mostly because our plate is full with the “now”, which is more important
But they let out morsels now and then for those able to pick up on the clues. Which some of us are drowning in and yet remain clueless---and I’m talking about the hardcore sceptics.

Fun never gets old---even here on earth---but comparing what we have here on earth to things above can’t be done from this perspective--- We don’t need pain to appreciate not having it, I certainly don’t.
Besides, those higher up are aware of the turmoil that exists on planets such as earth---and they are free to enter such planets and situations as they choose---and some do for a multitude of reasons---mostly to help out.

Why call these lessons if you’ll forget them next life?
Because most lessons are for this life and past lives---nevertheless, everything we do and experienced is stored away and some will have access to it all, once off this planet.

We are given one soul one life to look out for---most of us couldn’t possibly handle more than one. Those who concern themselves with how others live their lives are stepping into shoes they have no knowledge about---and certainly have no ability or authority to judge.
No one gets a free ticket regardless of their lot in life---rich or poor---everyone will pay the same amount in this life or other lives before they are allowed to move up.

Naturally things rub off on to us from our parents but our true abilities come in with us---they are gifts---those who don’t have gifts or fail to discover them will have to learn how to do other things while here.

Who are the creators of our containers?
There is no shortage of entities wanting to take credit for that---and there are many who were and are still involved. Who made our containers is imprinted in our DNA. Each container is custom built for each soul.

There is no such thing as evolution.
What about the find, which show our progression from ape to man? 
They found lots of ape skulls---and the gullible public don’t know any better but to take their word for it---after all, they are the experts--- ---and natural selection is nothing but a joke.
Evolution is a myth and a bad myth at that. Every creature has within it the power to adapt too many situations in its designed environment----but they also have the lazy gene, and therefore many do not adapt and parish.
Evolution is one of the big pillars holding up the illusions that make life worth living and is not going away anytime soon if ever. 

None of us can tell anyone what to think---everyone will make that decision on their own, it’s part of the bureaucracy on this planet---most will go with the flow---the easy stuff, because it’s easy.---religious institutions and governments have set up many easy to understand concepts that any hairless ape can make their own.
What we believe makes no difference at all; if it did there would be no hope for this planet It’s not what we believe but how we handle our life and the situation we find ourselves in that is important.

Everyone has the telepathic chip in their head we are born with it. That’s how the “gods” hear our thoughts.
Most of us can pick up hints of other people’s thoughts---most just don’t know it. Our brains are like computers they have many capabilities that the average person will never figure out how to use.
Some will notch up on consciousness a little while on earth.

Are we on a point system, do we get 'brownie points' while on earth? 
Can we trade them in for goodies? 
They have no redeemable cash value but they do add up for frequent flyer miles if you get my drift ----there is only one catch those who think they have brownie points usually don’t---we can’t do something strictly for the benefit of doing it---we must be better for the sake of others and never for ourselves---and that’s a tough hoop to jump through.
If so, where do I go to find out how many points I have under my belt so far?
You have to go straight into the mouth of the hungry dragon---inside what we call UFOs. A place where we can easily get chewed up and spit out from if not ready.

Are humans monitored 24/7?
They let us take potty breaks alone but everything else is fair game---we are never alone--scary for those who believe all their evil thoughts remain hidden in their skulls.

Everyone’s enlightenment is different.

There is a theory that our earth tectonics happened because the earth increased in size...any take on that? 
The earth grows in size every second because of the tons of dust, space debris, and solar energy that falls onto it nonstop. All that new mass puts more pressure on the interior and the continents spread out like love handles.

Why is it that no good deed goes unpunished?  Are we upsetting some kind of balance? 
Because we think it a good deed don’t make it so---

If you can see the stains on your own soul you are ahead of the crowd---but even though we are forgiven for most of our faults past and present we still have to do the time---pay the price. But how much hell you need go through while doing your time is left in your hands---it really is not rocket science---grab hate and envy by the balls if you have to and get rid of it. Then work on your ego.
I know it is easier said than done---so start out slow---but it’s your life---and you have to decide how much hell you wish to live in and for how long.

There is a fine line between punishment and some other stuff that I can’t address now---but skin color or culture is not a tag of what people are made of or why they are here.

Aren't we all connected?
In a roundabout way like distant cousins but the immediate family have certain aspects--energies that pertain to that nucleus in the here and now.

Everything has already been done; nothing we “discover” in our labs is new---just like a child who draws a masterpiece believes that they are the first to do so.
But there is nothing wrong with believing we are the originators of our intelligence---it’s kind of cute

It’s not popular to be nice---because misery loves company---lots of company.

The world doesn’t have any problems to fix---the problems are between the ears of many humans who are down here---that’s why we humans are down here---the earth is like a hospital for the mentally impaired---me for instance---
Once people are fixed up they get transferred to other places, but if they need more extensive work they are shifted to other departments here on earth or sent back to other places who may have the expertise that is not available here on earth.

Since I’m not talking with the rocks and the leaves but other humans I kind of try to focus on what humans are doing here---the rocks, leaves, animals and insects are not being tested and are not really an issue that concerns human souls.
The human pain and suffering is mostly due to the fact that most people don’t believe they are any more important than the rocks---but we are.

Why do our bodies need the sun if they are just illusions? 
Our illusions also need food water and air to remain alive---if we cut those things out our illusion will cease and we die, and we will enter into a state of reality---at least for a short time until some of us get stuffed back into another illusion.

If we all have a blueprint then why is it necessary to know that, we can carry on living this existence none the wiser.
And most do just that---and will continue to do so regardless of what I or others write or say.
If we are not supposed to know, why are you telling us with their blessing?
Most teachers give the answers or a variation of the answers before the test---no one needs pay any attention.
Hints are dropped all around us like rain---notice how we react when it rains?
The info has always been poured out but many are too busy in their own egos to notice.

Everything in the universe is for “our” pleasure alone---but no one has to like their gifts, they can throw them away like the week after Christmas.

Some might say that it was barbaric to watch animals eat other animals---yes it was and is--and we humans do it every day still---we are now at the top of that animal food chain and loving it
Since animals are nothing but machines it’s not really a big deal---
But there are other reasons for our bloodthirsty appetites that I can’t go into yet---

Ultimately we decide which harrowing new rollercoaster we get put on---by our actions in the here and now---so choose wisely the level of your poison.

Many past and present mystics are not human
Their consciousness can go wherever they desire---while maintaining a presence here on earth---talk about two faced.

How many lifetimes until we are free of the human experience?
Not less than fifty---and the sky is the limit---but there is a cut-off and a really big dumpster.

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  1. I wonder often..who are in charge of the gods? who or what is the ultimate authority within all of existence? My mind Can't take this lol