Saturday, July 11, 2020

Milton's laboratory


  1. Intresting article. Wonder why this never appeared on EntertainmentYahooNews?

  2. Lou, love your books and the info. Your Roswell book is stunning. I know that you’re being truthful for reasons that are going to sound strange—but I’ll cut to the chase and hope you’ll hear me out. I’ll start by letting you know I’m a member of the LDS church. I’ve heard and understand your position on religion, and I appreciate it a great deal. That said, you’d be shocked by how much we agree, and I wonder if you’ve actually looked into church doctrine more than superficially—because you’re spouting LDS doctrine almost non-stop. The significant difference would be in our belief in man’s need for a Savior if we’re to ultimately become perfected (whenever that day arrives). I suppose that if Milton flat-out told you that all religions are invented, you probably won’t be moved. But if that claim is a conclusion you’ve made on your own, consider that one church out there actually makes room for your claims. All we care about is the truth. The doctrine of pre-mortal existence of our spirits, and the reasons why we’re on this earth, how it was created, all lines up yours. We believe in “worlds without number,” and that they’re populated, and though we worship one God, we know that there are many who would qualify as such in the heavens. Is it possible, in your mind, that God’s plan of salvation is designed such that even ETs either don’t know about it, or don’t care, or irrelevant? God describes his will as “secret” (Amos 3:7), that he reveals his “secret” only to his servants, the prophets. So…my knowledge and belief in the truthfulness of our church isn’t shakable, as its truthfulness has been made known to me, so I’m forced to reconcile how our religion co-exists with ET. Turns out, they do. You might consider a serious investigation into it. If there are missing pieces of the puzzle in your life, you just might find them there. Keep up the great work.