Friday, April 3, 2020

In Vegas to do a documentary video with John Lear (2013)

Back a few years ago I was contacted about doing a documentary concerning John Lear. I graciously said "thanks but no thanks." After weeks of prodding by producers of the film, I agreed to go to Vegas and participate. Soon after, I received a plane ticket and a reservation at a luxury hotel paid for by the producers. After a few days of being wined and dined and filmed in various places around Las Vegas, and with John Lear at his estate, I signed contracts and releases for the filming I was part of and left Vegas. A few weeks later I received some of the photos in this video.
I've been to LA on a few occasions on similar jaunts invited to be part of UFO forums and documentaries by producers and ufologists. But everything that I have been involved with managed to never see the light of day. Not surprisingly. Nevertheless, I have enjoyed the people I encountered and participated with over the years. They all had good intentions and determined to break through impenetrable barriers.
Casualties have happened to keep from the public extraterrestrial affairs. Bill B. one of them, made several trips to LA and had many contacts with me at various eateries in KC, his home town, to discuss making movies of some of my books. I was not all that interested and often told him so.
Bill was determined and did things on his own, contacting the people he knew in tinsel town certain that one of them would come through. He named two of those people, Dan Aykroyd and Jon Voight, said he would introduce them to me If I flew to LA. Some phone calls and texts Bill made to me I ignored due to the fact there was many. Mostly chitchat. Bill loved picking my brain about everything but especially Aliens and the afterlife. "The show must go on."

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  1. Hello Lou,so is the show going on(movie)? Give my regards to Milton👽 Bob