Friday, February 16, 2018

How the private space industry could take over lower Earth orbit — and make money off it

Here's the deal, NASA is willing to unload the space station for a dollar, one dollar ($1.00). That's how governments back on earth rid themselves of properties they have "confiscated" via tax liens from people and corporations. If you want to "own" property raise taxes and reap the benefits of billions of dollars worth of buildings and homes through property tax foreclosure. Then turn around and entice private investors to pour money into them (urban renewal) with "tax incentives". Works like a charm. 

Well, that scheme could, should work in space too! So who's with me? Surely we can raise a dollar between the 15-20 people who hobnob on this page. Now, operating cost, the 3 to 4 billion from taxpayers paid to NASA every year for running that thing, well, considering how wasteful governments are with taxpayer money the cost to run it by private individuals would be a fraction, perhaps a few million would do the trick.

Yeah, still a lot of money for the few hobnobbers to peel out of their wallets. Nevertheless, I'm throwing it out there for people to chew on, besides, the benefits are out of this world, and the views, mama mia!!! Off the charts, all the UFOs and Aliens that stop in for a visit (without the camera cutting away), and without the normal mind wipes. But, most likely, the anal probing will continue.

Lou Baldin

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