Friday, January 12, 2018

My first live radio interview, four months after my first book, "In League with a UFO, was published (March 1997). I was a home builder/contractor with many years in that business and had several houses under construction that year. Busy times with endless meetings with subcontractors, land developers, bankers, realtors, and material suppliers who often wined and dined me in hopes that I would buy their products. Not sure how I found the time to publish that book, which required several trips across town to where the book publisher was located, a fair distance from where I was building houses. I was not eager to publish a UFO book knowing that most people believed only quacks were involved with that crazy "Alien" stuff and I did have a reputable reputation at that time. So I kept it to myself...until I blabbed it on the radio show that was set up by the publisher, who relentlessly insisted I get out and talk about that book. My reputation did take a hit and 3 years later I wasn't building houses anymore. Oh, there were other reasons too, the new home construction market was red hot and finding qualified carpenters became a nightmare. So I took several years lol Click the link below for my first live from KCMO, radio interview on July 27, 1997:

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