Thursday, January 25, 2018

CERN Goal: Open New Dimension Doorway with Anthony Patch

Well, here is my answer about CERN that most people don't want to hear or know about. So for those people close your eyes and ears as you have with most of my material and pretend you don't read it and never heard of me while you mine through (channel) and use my materials.
I have said it many years ago that Earth is one of the levels in Hades (Hell), and humans want out of it at all costs. That has been true forever especially for souls snagged by their own inner demons. So getting out of Hades is much easier than most people realize, deal with those inner demons, defeat them and,voilà you have your ticket to ride out of Hades and certificate to Graduate into the Cosmos.
CERN is nothing more than a modern version of the Tower of Babel. Humans, for the most part, don't know why they are stuck in Hades (Earth). Most humans believe they are shining examples of mom's apple pie and virtuous to the bone, good little boys and girls, and mom's sweet little angels. Nice thought but forget about it, sweet, virtuous little or big angels don't hang out much in Hades other than to bring people in, drop them off, and take people out for their graduation party (Graduation into the Cosmos).
The Tower of Babel and CERN are both a means, attempts to ESCAPE this planetary hellhole (Hades) and go to where no man or woman (without proper invitation) has gone before, to be with the GODs.
Lou Baldin

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