Saturday, January 13, 2018

A Day With An Extraterrestrial

No movie deal yet. The process is long and complex. Lots of hoops and drama just to get in the door. Before that, the screenplay goes through endless rewrites to appease the movie overlords. It has to be 100% politically correct where no plant, animal or human regardless of race or gender can be ever so slightly offended. That itself is a near impossible task.
Having past that muster it has to have a female hero, Milton or Michael will have to undergo a sex change, preferably Milton. I'm partly to blame, years ago on one of my website forums where John Lear and I bantered about Milton and his charades in his tutu outfit. Now that's come back to haunt me. A tutu female waring Alien sent to Earth to save the human race. I don't know, hasn't that already been overdone in Hollywood?
The movie also has to be dumbed down a lot, it can't portray any truth, only drama, hero worship, blood-and-guts, all nicely wrapped up in a cozy, warm and sappy romance novel type situation.
But that's not even half the humiliation required to get a movie deal, you also have to do it for free or very little compensation, beings I'm an unknown in the movie industry. Which I'm OK with that. I'm used to working for free, I have not made a nickel in the last 20 years of book writing and selling. I get a laugh whenever someone says, "he does it to sell books". LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have supported my book enterprise and distribution so-called business with money from construction and rehab business, which I have done most of my life.
The real expense is my time. I could choose to do so many other things. But unlike in the old days, I can create a book and cover within hours after weeks of writing and editing my manuscripts. All on a computer with an internet connection. I do it all by myself and that's why I have typoes. Many thanks to those individuals that translate my books into other languages and those who let me know about typoes and those who categorize and document my thousands of blog pages. Milton will go easy on your next anal probes! Well, so he says. 

Lou Baldin

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