Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Paris boondoggle of all time, agreement

Billions of humans (people) have been led astray (dumbed down) by religious lies and made to believe stupid ideas and concepts about the existence of life on this planet. Yeah, sure sometimes and often times a gun or sword held to their heads and their lives and the lives of their families threatened. But just as often people simply fall for dumb ideas for various reasons. Speaking of stupid ideas, the so-called intellectual crowd made up of scientists and deep thinkers who boast about their MENSA memberships at cocktail parties while chasing after cocks and tails. Mistakenly believing that size of the brain, if not body junk count. The ability to remember more dumb information than the average person is not really an indication of being intelligent, any more than a small handheld device that cost two or three dollars and holds within its circuitry all the information of an encyclopedia and much more is proof that those memory chips are brilliant intellectuals. Anyway, a whole lot of "brilliant so-called intellectuals around the world who know as much about global weather phenomena as the religious piranhas know about achieving world peace wants the whole world to fall in line with the Paris boondoggle of all time. Just say, HELL NO! The Paris agreement Mr. President.

Lou Baldin

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  1. Lou. Do you still operate this website?
    -An interested fan