Saturday, January 21, 2017

Gavin McInnes Street Fights His Way Past Urine And Feces Wielding Protes...

I grew up in poverty, the real poverty not the section 8 poverty where the government gives you money, housing, free medical care, substandard education, and a pat on the back instead of a kick in the keister. Well, in third world countries were real poverty is you get more than your fair share of keister-kicking.

 Here in America, where people are overly pampered compared to other places in the world, no such thing happens (butt kicking).

Some of the best kind of people have come out of poverty and few if any of them ever made a bid deal about it, some even gave it credit for their eventual success. Poverty, the real kind, puts hair on your chest and up your ass too. You learn how to live, how to survive, and not whine and blame everybody but yourself, about everything. Whining does get you a lot of sympathy from other whiners. And American and other first world countries like Europe and Canada, have become whining capitals of the world, the last few decade or so. America is no longer known for its industry and ingenuity but is known for its massive numbers of crybabies.

Lou Baldin

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