Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Stars are pooped out of Black Holes.

Black Hole Rips Star Apart, Creates Brightest Supernova Ever

Image: Black Hole Rips Star Apart, Creates Brightest Supernova Ever
Some day, perhaps, scientists will find out a few of the secrets about the endless universe. Like where do all those endless billions upon billions of galaxies get all their billions upon billions of stars? So far the idea (theory) is that stars just happen, form from swirling gas that just happened to be floating around inside of galaxies.
Well, as I have been saying for years and no one with a highfalutin degree in the arts of theoretical physics, and theoretical cosmology and theoretical astronomy pays me no mind. Which is good, I do enjoy anonymity, from where I can spew whatever it is I want to spew. And speaking of spewing, and all that gas inside of galaxies where so-called stars are born (not), and the term, "shit happens", may be appropriate in the star formation business. Again, we all do our "business" in private places, don't we? Where most of us get much of our reading done...if you catch my drift...
In a nutshell, that's how all the endless billions of stars in the universe have come to be, pooped out of Black Holes.

Lou Baldin

Scientists discovered what happens when a very large, very fast rotating black hole rips a star apart. (Rastan/ )

By Jen Krausz   |   Tuesday, 13 Dec 2016 06:13 PM

Scientists observed the brightest supernova they had ever seen in January, and they have now discovered that it was created when a black hole ripped a star apart and caused very bright explosions to occur.
After observing the event for 10 months, it has been reclassified as a tidal disruption event, or TDE, which is the name for what happens when the gravitational forces of a black hole that is rotating pull at a star that passes too closely, CNET reported

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