Saturday, December 17, 2016

Like Ceres, stars (suns) have water and ice too

Ceres on ice: Scientists confirm vast stores of frozen water inside dwarf planet

Ceres' frozen water could yield clues into the history of our own planet, the solar system, and beyond.

Scientists have recently discovered that water is more prevalent in the cosmos than they thought.
Here is more news, so is intelligent life, on all planets and moons, where people use the water for drinking, bathing, swimming, gardening, and most importantly, for water balloons. Granted, not all planets and moons are identical to Earth concerning human habitation and living styles. Otherwise, this solar system would be boring and monotonous. Yeah, them human extraterrestrials have fun on those other planets and moons just like here on Earth.
And, like here on Earth, it's not all fun and games. Wars and all, everywhere humans and their cousins the reptilians are conflict is sure to follow.
And btw, so-called empty space is filled with water and so are stars.

Lou Baldin

That model was created with data obtained from ground-based telescopes, but new data beamed back from NASA's Dawn spacecraft, which arrived at the the dwarf planet (sometimes characterized as an asteroid) in 2015, suggests that their model wasn't far off.

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