Saturday, November 19, 2016

Humans Need Cosmic Space

I published this video on YouTube Apr 3, 2012. Not a whole lot of interest in space back then. Most people believe it a waste of money and use the dumb excuse that it's better to waste money here on earth than to waste it in space. That's why America has sat on its butt and done practically nothing in space for the last few decades. Governments are far too bureaucratic and often not motivated to do the "right" thing. But China and a few others not constrained by democracy because they are communist, has plowed ahead in space exploration while the American government fell fast asleep, due mostly to public apathy about space exploration. The only saving grace of America is that it still has a dedicated-to-space-exploration free enterprise system CAPITALISM...the most dreaded word for Earth dummies. China and other countries know about the riches and endless possibilities that surround planet Earth like a yoke in an egg. Humans of Earth can feed on that yoke material and grow exponentially into the cosmos.  
Enormous prosperity will never be realized on Earth until humans from Earth get off their slower-than-molasses jackasses and get into space. End of rant....

Lou Baldin    

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