Saturday, June 18, 2016

Zuckerberg, get your ass to Mars!

Zuckerbergs Make First Investment in Quest to Give Away 99 Percent of Their Facebook Fortune

 PHOTO:In this file photo, Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg attend the Breakthrough Prize Awards Ceremony at NASA Ames Research Center, Nov.9, 2014,in Mountain View, Calif.

Little projects here and there certainly receive media attention, public gratitude and tax right-offs. But they accomplish little in the way of creating lasting prosperity for the masses. When you control enormous wealth you should use that money to expand frontiers. Frontiers such as space. Governments are too wasteful and bureaucratic to accomplish anything significant in the field of Space exploration. Pumping money into feel-good earthbound programs are just as useless. Getting people into space, creating space cities on planets and moons will generate jobs on earth like no other private or government earth-based programs can. Humans are destined for Space and that will expand exponentially endless opportunities and wealth on Earth that will benefit the billions of humans on this planet immensely. Few people are "given" the abilities to make huge changes on this planet, if they don't squander and lose their way in the penny ante game of life.

Lou Baldin       

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