Saturday, June 25, 2016

Humans are a dime a dozen in this never ending universe

2nd Director Of Lockheed Skunkwork’s Shocking Comments About UFO Technology

All the technology humans have and had during the whole of time on Earth is Alien technology. But try telling that to some people and they will start throwing punches at you, mock you or roll them eyes, laugh and walk away. Humans need to feel important, needed, appreciated, special, smart and totally capable of building machines that will take them to "where no man has gone before". Problem is no such places exists. Every square inch of this mind-boggling never-ending universe is occupied by beings of one sort or other and some that are infinitely and far more intelligent than humans. And there are a lot of human type beings out there. Some technologically equal to Earth humans, and some far less advanced than Earth humans, all swimming in the same cesspool of clueless. Humans are a dime a dozen in this never ending universe. Hardly unique. Nevertheless, the universe is a gift of unbelievable wonder and a playground of endless delight for those souls that mature and move up the celestial ladder. .

Lou Baldin   

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