Thursday, June 23, 2016

Are Space Aliens on board with DARPA's plans to "Stave off Intergalactic Threats"? Yes.

DARPA Plans To Build A U.S. Military Space Base To Stave Off Intergalactic Threats 

DARPA has hired a specialized team of illegal, undocumented, space Aliens, illegal because no one knows about them, they have no social security number and they are paid under the table to avoid taxes and the fact that they work cheap (far below minimum wage). The space Aliens can work cheap because a dollar goes a long way back in their homeland (planet Uranus).  That cheap labor will deliver huge dividends in the space industry and create untold opportunities in space exploration and whatnot. There will be a whole lot of whatnot that most humans on Earth will not know about. Been that way since president Truman put a lid on all the Alien whatnot stuff happening here on Earth under everyone's noses for decades, hundreds of them decades btw. "Intergalactic Threats", talk about the wolves watching over the chicken coop. And why not, the wolves have built the chicken coop and they can do with it as they wish. But the chicken coop will be so cool when it extends into certain "allowed" places in Space land!  It will be like a Disney Land theme park with alligators.

Are Space Aliens on board with DARPA's plans to "Stave off Intergalactic Threats"?  Yes.

Lou Baldin

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