Sunday, November 29, 2015

A European prime minister is talking seriously about the EU collapsing like the Roman Empire

child roman empire costume soldier

Lou Baldin:

The EU has never been the Roman Empire (wishful thinking on its part). The EU has existed under the American military umbrella of protection for decades, and still does. So much for so-called sovereignty. From where it has safely stuck its tongue out defiantly at the Russian Bear (for a few or more decades).
But that will change and come to an end as the modern Roman Empire, America, loses its divine stature along with the bells and whistles of prominence and the economic edge of self indulgence in worldly love affairs (with choice countries). The EU could/will be on its own under such a scenario, and should refrain from further tongue twisting at the armed-to-the-teeth and hungry for power, not so teddy bear. America is now the undisputed world powder puff blowhard suffering indigestion from too much anti-American propaganda...belching forth from its innards. Now America futilely tries to compete with its two former Cold War rivals, Russia, the Vodka queen, and China, the panda man can. Power monger China has successfully evolved communistic child labor into a top notch world class military machine, with a flair for pandering to the world with its Pandas, and scaring same (the world) with brash military audacity, and further rattling the nerves of the once-upon-a-time, US of A. The has-been supreme being of the sandbox. Russia and China have nonchalantly expanded their imperial belligerence (not playing nice) around the world, testing the limits and resolve of a feeble minded America and its loose fitting and baggy NATO partners.

Islam has made great strides in the last few years too, by carving out its own piece of the world pie from the secular populations...and their dastardly pig-eating habits. Has issued a jihad against pig farms in future subjugated countries.
Islam has advantage-a-plenty over the existing superpowers, when it comes to subjugation of peoples around the world. Islam's unwavering determination to defend its beliefs that pig eaters are spawns of Satan, is legendary, and highly respected in the spirit of religious freedom, the Achilles Heel of the Western world . Ironically, because people of the west fearlessly and with reckless abandon go hog-wild over porky, and pig-out on everything swine. Islam's dedicated and tenacious adherents pledge to stop the infidels' irresponsible spread of the other white meat (pork), by any and all means at their disposal. Nevertheless, it's my belief that the people of Islamic persuasion occupying every country in the world wouldn't for an instant hesitate to die for a ham sandwich...if truth be known.


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