Thursday, January 8, 2015

Paintings of Aliens and the supernatural

                                                 Observatory near sun
                                             Planets exploding out of sun
                                                      Alien with orbs
                                               Uranus and moons
                                             Alien android with attending gadgets
                                                 Jupiter morphing

My wife gave me a paint set for Christmas. Big mistake. lol And I thought, what the heck, how difficult can painting be? Plenty difficult. I don't know if it was her intention but I decided to try and put some of the strangeness I've encountered onto canvas. I'm sure a third-grader could do much better, and told her that. She said just cut off one of your ears and send it to one of your old girlfriends and that might help. Van Gogh, is one of my favorite painters, I only hope he forgives me for tarnishing the industry. The UFO experts wish that I would just go away, why not upset the painting masters too?
Unless I wake up some morning and come to my senses (highly unlikely), I will keep painting and make "efforts" to paint some of my alien encounters. And occasionally post the "masterpieces". lol   These paintings are not for sale, not even for the lofty sum of a nickel.

Lou Baldin

P.S. any derogatory remarks (although deserved) will be removed posthaste!!!!

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