Monday, November 17, 2014


Some feedback I received about my new book is disturbing. Most of my books have had similar responses by people that were duped into reading them, and their whole lives turned upside down because of them "devil books".

I empathize, but I have often warned people of the content of my books and blogs, and I dare say, most people, the vast majority in fact, have taken heed of my warnings. And regrettably avoid my books and blogs like the plague or the more current fiend, ebola.

Shucks, a guy can't make a living if his books don't get bought and read, or at the very least, used as tp. I'd organize a book burning but how do you burn ebooks? In the old days, people had to buy a paperback book so that they could burn it. It was an ingenious idea to increase publicity and book sales.

Granted, not everyone is scared off by the contents of my books, some think the contents a joke, or boring.

Either way, those who have read my latest book, please leave a 5 star review, less Milton or Sam makes a visit to your abode. (not meant as a bribe, btw)  

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