Monday, November 24, 2014

Extreme shrimp might hold clues to alien life, NASA says

That explains why shrimp is at the top of the menu up on Europa. And on Tuesday nights, they have all you can eat, shrimp night. And kids eat free. Free because kids don't eat shrimp, at leasts my kids didn't. They prefered hot dogs and buckets of ketchup to soak the hot dogs in. The hot dogs weren't free and not cheap! "Import duties" said my server. "What a crock", I told her. There was no hog in those hot dogs, probably ground up shrimp and other fillers, and dyed red. She bent over and whispered in my ear, "that is true with the other guys down the street, but not this place, hot dogs were from certified hogs, shipped fresh from a farm on ganymede, everyday".

There you have it. I have since recommended, Milton's shrimp and dogs, place, to everyone visiting Europa. And for those going up there anytime soon, you got to try their imported Callisto brew! Goes great with that shrimp. (I get no kick back from Milton's place for this endorsement)

Lou Baldin

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