Sunday, April 6, 2014

NASA Captures Solar Flare

Solar flares are a regular occurrence on the sun yet highly mysterious happenings for stargazers and more so for the scientists who study the sun for a living. The sun (star) creates all the matter (planets, moons, asteroids, comets, etc.) in its vicinity (solar system and a tad beyond). Humans don't have the technology to see or understand what is happening with the massive amounts of star ejecta that the sun flings into space willy-nilly. Scientists still believe that planets and moons came into existence from a protoplanetary disk that formed around the sun soon after the new sun began to cool.

That theory is starting to lose its luster but for now it prevails among scientific minds...until someone (a certifiably scientific type) comes up with a better theory, idea, on how it all works (or find evidence). If you don't know, pretend is modus operandi in most if not all fields. And so, they contrived a god particle and pinpointed the time of the big bang. A quantum and cosmic feat surpassing all scientific discoveries combined, if they were true.

That scientific formula applies to the sun and its spawn. If the sun spawned all the matter in the solar system then years of scientific work would have to go into the trashbin. That's why it was so important to "find" the nonexistent Higgs boson and fudge the truth about the Big Bang. Good thing the masses are fast asleep and could careless about scientific mumbo jumbo, religious hyperbole, and last but not least, swamp gas, weather balloons and little green men.    



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