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UFOs and ETs, part 9

What follows are questions and answers concerning the reality of extraterrestrial beings on Earth, and their purpose. Numerous members at the Above Top Secret (ATS) internet site, asked questions anonymously, and were answered by the author. This segment began January 9, 2006 and ended January 12, 2006

Original content can be found at the Above Top Secret site:

Questions and answers were edited for clarity. Some posts from the site were unsuitable and therefore not added to this book. Questions are in bold type.

January 9, 2006

What are your thoughts on the connections of the "fall" of the human race/mind caused by Satan and ETs?  Is there any link between the bible, spirituality, and the physical realm whatsoever, and where is it leading to?

                Religions and other belief systems are fables created by ETs as a component of life on Earth and millions of other planets like Earth. In the book of JOB, Satan is one of god’s servants, he works for the big guy. Good and evil are illusions, programs running on this computer we call Earth. However, there are rewards and consequences for actions based on that program, murder, rape and a host of other criminal activity will not get you brownie points on the other side but more hard time on planets like this one. Your next tour of duty is determined by your actions on Earth now, more and better opportunities or fewer and crappier ones.

I’m sorry but I can't accept the simple concept of us in heaven saying "I'm bored, I think I'll erase my knowledge and experience cancer on Earth!"

                Some people believe that if they are good and believe in certain things that they will be rewarded for all eternity with playing the harp on a soft cloud. Others’ believe that they will be given a bunch of virgins to play with, their own personal harem. Some people hope that they don’t come back as insects. Then there are those that believe this life is all there is, you die and become worm food. None of that stuff is true but most will not be allowed to know it until they die and get their personal evaluation.

Cancer, like everything on Earth, is by design. I don’t think anyone signs up for cancer, but you never know.

Do the Extraterrestrials ever allow individuals to 'move' to other planets within current lifetimes?  Or is that something that waits until the next lifetime?

                They do, but some of these people are dragged kicking and screaming to their new location.

Yes, I am a gardener by trade at present - but I’ll probably get piss bored with that too. I quite fancy a job in the stock market or a jeweler perhaps. Sorry - but until I see something that hits me on the nose, that kind of evidence, then the grey areas will stay in the skeptical box.

                Since everything on Earth is an illusion, it's unlikely that your nose is going to take a hit from something real. If you wish to get a small peek at reality, you will have to step out of the box that the vast majority of people remain trapped inside of. Stepping out of the box is not easy and very few people do it. Those in the box call us crazy for leaving the box. Imagine that.

I have read the first couple of pages of this thread and the last five or so. A few questions if you don't mind:

1. So you are saying the bible is a fable. Are you saying Jesus was an ET? Also, who will 'evaluate' us on the other side?

                Jesus was and is a concept, a well-crafted concept. You will be one of the judges on the panel, the harshest judge on the panel, and you will throw the book at yourself. Once we cross over our flaws will glow like hot coals and it will be our responsibility to correct those flaws in order to move up. No one else can do it for us.

2. Are you implying that there is no god, Heaven or Hell?

                No old white bearded man running the whole show, or a mother Earth type either. No eternal hell for the masses of non-believers, but some of us will need to place ourselves into hellish predicaments to remove flaws we have cultivated. If we don’t do it voluntarily it will be forced up on us.

3. You also say that we don't end up here by accident, we in a way signed a "contract". When you sign this contract, do you know where you will be born?  For instance, do you go into it knowing if you will be born into a family in a third world country? Or a rich family? Or is it all random?

                You will know exactly what you are signing up for, most of the time it is 100% your call (when other options don’t look so appealing). Random can be found on a slot machine and is an illusion, if you win, it was given to you, if you lose, it was taken from you.

4. Do you astral project? Visit the astral plane?

                I don’t astral project.

5. What are your feelings on the NWO, is it real or paranoia?

                Concerning New World Order (NWO), humans have never run anything, never will. Earth is a place of learning, a playpen, a prison.

As Real as the Nose on my Face?  I can touch my Nose. I can let others see and touch my nose. I can prove my nose exists. I can go to any doctor and/or specialist and have them prove beyond any doubt that my nose is in fact real and therefore exists. I can submit samples for study in the effort to prove that my nose does indeed inhabit this world. Extraterrestrials on the other hand. Well...debate. None of the above can be done and there simply aren't any Extraterrestrials aside from a few questionable photographs, stories, and accounts. When will we get an Extraterrestrial that we can examine like the noses on our faces?

                This world is a hall of mirrors, to see your nose you have to look in the mirror, if you are happy with what you see your search is over. If life as you know it suits you, you need not search any longer or at all. The illusions of life were created for a purpose and they serve that purpose very well. However, there are those who are allowed to know a few other realities and those people know who they are. The rest only see nonsense and there is nothing wrong with that.

First off thanks for the interesting reading, I’ve been following the entire thread with great interest. Dang, the upper post just gives me the creeps, really, I get shudders from pictures of Greys, they just freak me out, and I feel bad when I see a picture of them.

Maybe you know the reason for that? Seems like something subliminal to me. As for abductions, well, I really can’t distinguish a dream and an abduction, I have had a huge fear of ET since I was a little boy, maybe 5 or so years old. Most nights I look into the sky with fear, and at many nights I wake up in the middle of the night not remembering anything, sweating like hell and the first thing I do is I look at the sky, thinking... Extraterrestrial... am I nuts?

                You may have had contact with drones they are unpleasant they do a job and kick you out the door when they are through with you. But usually they only treat adults that way. I haven’t had any bad experiences while I was young, I played with others my age inside the ship, sometimes it was parked above Earth other times it flew around the solar system and we got to look out thought the portholes. I hear many stories where people like you describe abductions at an early age and being afraid. Many visits are for medical procedures and ETs don’t use anesthesia so that may explain the fear/pain.

We humans are afraid of many things including life itself, one can only imagine when faced with something extraterrestrial and incredibly strange, our brains are not wired for that kind of experience. No point fearing ETs they have our best interest in mind, even the drones can't hurt humans, humiliate and put fear in us, yes they can and do.

Have you yourself seen an Extraterrestrial? If so how do they appear? Are any of the photos floating around on the internet of Extraterrestrials real? Or at least come close to what they look like, for instance this one?

                The one in the picture looks familiar, but many creatures we call Extraterrestrials or ET are machines, drones and have the personality of a wet rag, they don't communicate at all they only process humans or their souls with little regard for delicate feelings. ETs that have communicated with me telepathically have an appearance that is impossible for me to describe. Of all the pictures and drawings that I have seen on the internet none ring a bell for me.

Where did the ETs get the idea for these religious beliefs and fables?  Did ETs just conjure them out of thin air or do they have some connection with the past events of our world?

                ETs have been around for billions of years they haven’t just fallen off the turnip truck, they probably know a few more things then we humans do.

You sound as if you're saying we pretty much have no free will and have already signed up for exactly what we're getting on this plane of existence.  Why then should we be punished or rewarded for anything we do here?  Are the rewards and consequences a part of what we signed up for as well?

                Not all of us are here by choice, as I stated in my post that you conveniently ignored. When you sign up to improve yourself for whatever reason you sign up for the whole ball of wax, otherwise where is the challenge? If you come down here and become a bum, a criminal, or what have you, then there are consequences for those “decisions”.

“None of that stuff is true but most will not be allowed to know it until they die and get their evaluation.”

Again, evaluated by whom?  Evaluated by people who "signed up" to be evaluators for things we have no control over?

                When you are in school, don’t you do self-evaluations along with teacher evaluations, and parent evaluations? Between lives, there are evaluations by a number of entities that know you, and help you with your problems.

“Cancer like everything on Earth is by design, I don’t think anyone signs up for it, but you never know.”

You go on later to say:

“You know exactly what you are signing up for, most of the time it is 100% your call.

So then, we do sign up for terminal illnesses?  I hate to nit pick your posts like this, but what else can you expect when you put so much stuff out there.

                Why do we sky dive, drive racecars, swim near sharks and do many other stupid things that can and do get us killed or injured? For the challenge perhaps. Terminal illnesses is a huge challenge, assuming someone picked that from the bag of tricks they were offered, it could also be punishment for a past life infraction, that we didn’t choose, but was thrown into the mix of things we would have to pick from.

“Jesus was not an ET, nor a man; he is a fable, a well-crafted fable by ET.”

So Jesus wasn't even a man who ascended the physical realm and reconnected with pure spirit through compassion (as did many others such as Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed), he was just another fable huh?

                All religions and beliefs are fables and so were some of the players. As far as ascending through acts of compassion, even harden criminals have compassion, but compassion alone will not clear anyone of infractions with the law, we still must pay the speeding ticket when issued.

“You will be one of the judges on the panel, the harshest judge on the panel and a throw-the-book-at-you kind of judge. Once you cross over your flaws will glow like hot coals."

How can we be judged for predetermined illusions?  At what point did we go from pure beings to having flaws to correct?  Was that at the signing of the contract to be thrown into this world?  Maybe that's where the idea of Satan comes from.

                Most souls while on Earth don’t know they are illusions. We humans put up with speed traps and sobriety check points because even good people will break the law if they get the chance to do so. We have leeway within predetermined issues, enough for the occasional shenanigans. You can often get away with things on Earth, but nothing slips by ETs and they will point out your shenanigans, every one of them.

“It is your responsibility to correct those flaws; no one else can do it for you.”

You say it's our responsibility to correct these flaw, no one else can do it for us, then you say:

“There is no old bearded man running the whole show, or a mother Earth type. There is no hell, but some of us will have to put ourselves into hellish predicaments to remove our flaws. If we don’t do it voluntarily it will be forced up on us.”

So now, it will be forced up on us?  HUGE contradiction.

                It will be forced on us by ETs, not a bearded old man with an attitude and a smote inclination. As a comparison to what you label a contradiction, take the military, most people would never complete military basic training if it were up to them, most are forced through it kicking and screaming, yet now days everyone in the American military volunteered to go through basic training. Most are glad that they weren’t easily let off the hook and are proud of their accomplishment. The fact that they needed persuasive encouragement to get through it was for their benefit.

I'm not sure whether I believe everything in your story, but I just have to say that most of what you say I agree with 100%. If this is a hoax, you've done a hell of a great job! I've had a few encounters with UFOs, one of which was olive drab with USAF painted with white on the side (happened in northern Michigan). I don't have any questions, just wanted to give you a pat on the back.

January 10, 2006

Do the ETs constantly 'browse' or 'download' our Internet for study?   Or do they already know everything on Earth in an instant through some sort of 'consciousness/spiritual download' in a sense?  Do the ETs ever get online and chat?

                The idea of prayer came from ETs. Essentially, prayer is a form of communication with them. Our thoughts have frequencies like radio transmissions, but the frequencies are too high to be picked up by human equipment, ETs pick them up instantly. Six billion plus brains on Earth and all of them have their own unique frequency, like finger prints.

ETs do get on line and chat. Most humans don’t know about ETs and that they can communicate directly with ETs so ET uses the conventional means of communication incognito. No matter which god people believe they are talking to during prayer, the messages are picked up by entities such as ETs. Sometimes ETs respond to requests.

Earlier you stated that SETI was in essence a waste of time since it can't pick up the 'high tech' signals the ETs use, due to our primitive state of technology.  But what about picking up signals from other primitives/like technology civilizations?  Since you stated there were millions upon millions in our galaxy alone.

                There is no need for the primitives to communicate with each other. The distances will never be traversed and physical contact completely out of the question. Eventually people on Earth will build cities on many of the moons and planets in this solar system, but the human race will never leave this solar system in the flesh. Countless people alive today will move on to other more advanced planets and solar systems and enjoy contact with a multitude of other life forms, things that will boggle the mind even once the human blinders are removed. Others will return to this planet or other cities in space that will be built in the next thousand years, so either way it will be a fun time for most, but not everyone.

I brought up Salvia Divinorum before as from what I have heard, the origins of the plant are really unknown, the species was *never* before discovered except for a very small pocket of growth.  Many who have partaken of the Herb state they experience inter-dimensional travel and travel throughout the universe at overwhelming speeds. Experiencing Extraterrestrials worlds, walking amongst Extraterrestrial beings, etc.  Many times, they are 'regarded' but most of the Extraterrestrials seem indifferent or not concerned with their presence and folks are usually 'noticed' but ignored when visiting these other realms/planets.  That’s why I asked your take on it.  Perhaps you can ask the ETs about Salvia Divinorum?  It has been theorized that the plants were genetically created by ETs and placed here as a communication tool.  There is no Lethal Dose possibility, and it has so many safe guards in place it almost seems like it is an advanced software program in many respects.  Like the Holodeck with all safeties enabled.

                ETs can take anyone to any place in the galaxy and the universe if they want to and they do. However, the human body never leaves the solar system, when ETs take people out of this solar system the body remains in bed or in a container inside a ship. There are synthetic and organic drugs that will do many things to the mind, but taking the soul out of the solar system is not one of them. Being under the influence of drugs does make it easier to be in the presence of ETs and ETs can take you and show you many things without you leaving your bedroom. I’m not allowed to take drugs and I have access to ETs without using drugs of Salvia.

In your last post you wrote a heck of a lot of Fiction. If it's not fiction, where are you getting this information?

                I don’t write fiction, I get my information from the horse's mouth, ETs.

Those are pretty grand claims and I imagine you'll want to share this proof or evidence to support everything you write is true. Can you post the comprehensive evidence here in this forum so we can review this proof/evidence for ourselves? If you can't supply this, then I will presume it is fiction and based on unfounded speculation borne of wishful thinking.

                I don’t speculate or do wishful thinking, I write what I have experienced and seen with my own eyes. If I had proof and was willing to share it I would be on my way to my next life.

There's nothing wrong with Fiction or curious imagination, but writing Fiction as Factual information seriously damages the already battered core of UFO/Extraterrestrial foundation. Please post some facts and or proof to support your statements.

                There certainly is something wrong about writing fiction and claiming it to be the truth. I wish people would stop doing that. However, if they did stop, much of what’s on the internet and written in books concerning UFOs, religion, Darwinism, cosmology and much of physics would have to be discarded as fiction.

No one has extraterrestrial proof because ETs haven’t put it out there for people to have. ETs don’t want the proof out there, until they do there will be no proof. Only factual stories like mine.

Good to see you back again. You were quiet for a while there. Anyhow, just wanted to get your opinion on recent developments since last we chatted. What is your take on the move by numerous governments jockeying to be ambassadors to ET, i.e. Canada and the UN.

                Since ETs have always been here on Earth they have no need of ambassadors. People are frustrated because many suspect that something is going on and their governments are not addressing the ET issue. Obviously, the UN, which sees itself as the world representative would throw their hat in the ring, and Canada needing to show the world that it is a progressive country would do so too. But the leaders are only placating, sucking up to, certain citizens and doing some grandstanding in the process. I doubt that the UN or Canada are serious in wanting to alert the world about Extraterrestrials. Nor are they so naïve to believe that ETs are not here. Any country with an air force knows ETs are here and not the least bit interested in “take me to your leader” diplomacy.

How about this recent jump in space travel technology? Mars in 3 hours and all that? Sort of, oh look! We had this idea since the 50’s; maybe it would be a good design for space travel. Like, they have been probably using it for years and just want to make it public.

                There is no such thing as new technology, everything already exist somewhere. There are people and places on Earth that don’t have cellular phones and computers, fewer and fewer places. ET ships exist and some day that magical technology will be just another part of everyday things like former magic stuff as electricity, phones, radio, airplanes, horseless buggies, and sliced bread.

The military is playing with some flying machines now that would boggle the minds of everyone on this planet if people knew about them. ETs are releasing fantastic toys at a rapid rate into the hands of certain governments, only slowing down to give us time to incorporate the magic into our everyday reality. Everything we have today is magic, the airplane, computer, electricity life itself, yet because people are accustomed to those things they don’t see them for what they really are, stuff of the supernatural.

Sometimes bits and pieces of truth are found in fiction, objects like the "water container" that is used for "space travel". It might not be a water container and it might not be space travel.

                Fiction holds more truth than what people call reality. Fiction talks about space travel, other inhabited worlds, magical star ships, all true stuff. Reality talks about what we can observe, taste or touch. For thousands of years humans observed the sun going around the planet, therefore, that was reality. Today those with both feet firmly planted on the “reality bandwagon", believe that billions and billions of star systems are void of intelligent life simply because ET hasn’t picked up the phone and called us back.

Between you and me, we know my Extraterrestrials are the superior Extraterrestrials. And they have ok'd you to disclose all your proof to this board by tomorrow. Now you believe me right? Cool. Can't wait!

                Since your higher-ranking ETs gave me the clearance to release the proof to you then so be it. I can only show you the proof, everyone else must ignore this post. Go look in the mirror, what you see was created by ET. Not buying it?

Is there any human technology that could create your eyes? Your hearing, your taste buds, your heart, lungs, billions of cells that replaced themselves every few days without you being aware that the body you resided in today is not the same body you were in last week, and the week before, all the way back to when you were born. By the way, before you were born, at the very beginning of you, two strands of microscopic DNA joined together and began creating your body, they built the most complex machine known to man and did it in less than nine months.

What have you done in the last nine months?

January 11, 2006

If ETs 'listen' to and comprehend each and every mind and all of our thoughts at every moment of every day and they do this to all life in the universe, then what do they do with this 'data' that they collect?  I mean, is reality itself, a large distributed computational computer that is churning out probabilities, possibilities, within multiple dimensions of reality?

                You know that all radio and television signals are perpetually drifting out in space. Vibrations live on forever. Every thought, every action, and though we can hide behind, names and monikers, everything that is yours can be traced back to you or whoever it originated from for eternity. Data is not collected as it is in a computer, classified and stored away. Whatever we generate follows us wherever we go like military records. Probabilities and possibilities are human level concepts and are not part of what we are.

Do ETs relay this data to God? And that’s another question, have the ETs met God? Or is God still a mystery for them?  I'm guessing the true reality is still a small part of the whole picture of the super reality.

                I hate to ruffle feathers, but there isn’t one point where all power emanates from. The universe is billions of times larger than what is perceive by mortals or seen by Hubble and space probes. The universe is really a big place and is occupied my countless billions of distinct energy forces like a school of jellyfish/ galaxies. Human reality is a pinprick on a strand of vibrations that make up the smallest part of an atom. Super reality is the outward universe that we humans will never know anything about.

What is the best way to get in touch with the 'good' ETs?  You said to sit alone in the dark and concentrate on thinking of communicating with them.  Are there specific thought patterns that they look for?  Specific incantations or rituals that can call them?

                ETs hear your thoughts. When I said to sit alone in the dark, I was referring to a tiny bit of the fear factor that a person would encounter when they are face to face with ETs. People believe that being inside a church, synagogue, mosque, or spinning a prayer wheel, will enhance communication with their deities, not true.

Incantations, rituals and chanting not only annoy humans it annoys ETs too. Strait talk is good enough. ETs hear your thoughts while you drive to work, go shopping, taking a bath, while you are having dinner, talking behind your boss’s back. In other words, humans have zero privacy.

Are 'angels' and ‘demons’ other forms of ETs?

                Angels and demons are often the same coin. They are also separate beings with specific duties.

You said that a majority of the Extraterrestrials are the 'drones' and the guys who run the drones are rarely seen or remembered, correct?

                Drones are soulless machines that operate autonomously but also at the discretion of ETs.

If our bodies are the creation of the ETs, then why do they fail and have so many problems?

                Humans do have freewill and they can abuse or misuse their bodies. Look at how some of us treat our cars, houses and other things entrusted to us. Nevertheless, many flaws are programmed into the body, like a car assembly line, different products go into certain cars by higher directive.

How do you know that Jesus was 'made up' and if so, why would they make up Jesus and create an institution of religion as oppressive as Christianity?

                I was told. It’s not the institution of Christianity or the other religions and beliefs that are good or bad, it’s the people in them. Everyone is tested on this planet for the reasons of proving to themselves what they are truly made of.

What is your take on 2012? Sorry if this has been discussed.

                2012 will be one more year that we have to pay taxes, get up and go to work, take vacations, be happy about the good things that are happening and sad about the bad things. There will always be wars, rumors of wars, famines, and natural disasters, and signs and omens that the world is coming to an end. The world is not coming to an end, but all that other stuff (wars and natural disasters) happens otherwise we will never get off this planet. Life and death is one and the same, we die here on Earth and wake up and live in another place. It’s been that way forever. Unlike here on Earth most of existence is fantastic.

Thanks for all the quick replies! Hope all the questions aren't getting annoying. If they are just ignore me. What about the Prophet Yahweh guy? Was he a load of bull or did he really have the power to summon UFOs.

                He had the power that all of us have, to make fools of ourselves.

I have been reading and seen many things. There is no one place or sitting that cannot be discredited or made to look the way it did. Before I get the label as just a nonbeliever of UFOs, I am a believer in God! I would love to find out some real info on UFOs or something.

I do not think that we are the only ones out here! I know that 50% of the sightings of UFOs are just Experimental Aircraft. The one thing I do know and I would say most of you guys would say I am right on this is. If We were out in space looking at some planet that had a race of beings that acted like us on it, would you make contact?

                If you could help the people of Earth would you?

Do you know anything about "Project Serpo Project Exchange Program" that has been discussed in another thread on this site?

                I have read some of it, there was no exchange of humans for aliens as mention in that tread. Humans are taken to other planets every day and returned the same day, some remember their experiences, most don't. The government has sent certain scientists on learning expeditions with ETs, however most trips off planet are by ordinary people picked by ETs without the governments knowledge, and some are returned a bit less ordinary.

Are there any cultures that had some sort of resemblance to that of our own, you know, same technology, cultural and political issues of similar nature to ours? If so, out of curiosity, what were they like?

                There are numerous planets exactly like Earth, so much so that if ETs plucked you from this one and placed you into one of the others you wouldn’t’ know until you tried to find your house and make contact with your family and friends, they wouldn’t be there.
Whether or not any of this is true (if there is such a thing), your outlook (insight?) on religion is one of the most rational and sensible I've read. I must admit, I've spent the past couple of hours trawling through your history of posts as far as it would let me and one thing that struck me dumb, is that your entire posting style and opinions are consistent - Even on the old board, even in subjects totally unrelated to UFO's. Sure, it could be the consistent ramblings of a madman, but I think we both know that's not true. Curiouser and curiourser cried Alice.

“There are many planets exactly like Earth, so much so that if ET plucked you from this one and placed you into one of the others you wouldn’t’ know until you tried to find your house and make contact with your family and friends, they wouldn’t be there.”

Do go into depth on this.

                How is it possible for there to be other planets just like Earth? Well if Darwin is correct then it’s impossible. Darwin did his job very well, so well that millions will go to the grave believing in Darwinism, and they will get the shock of their lives when they see him on the other side, perhaps playing Darwin on some other planet. The great thing about dying is that it only last a few seconds and then you are alive again somewhere else. The place you wake up in will be a temporary place, a fantastic city that you will never want to leave. You will be in spirit form and in complete ecstasy. You may be there for a short time or hundreds of Earth years (time as we know it is non-existent there). From there you will be sent to any number of planets, or back to this one. New planets and stars are created every second in every galaxy. There is no tossing the dice as Einstein once said of god. ET doesn’t toss the dice either. Planets are created for human habitation.

There are planets at every stage of so called evolution. Many people will remain with a planet from beginning to end. Start out as a member of a primitive tribe and end up cruising around the solar system in spaceships many lifetimes later.
For those thinking about suicide in order to go to a better place, forget it. Unless one has a very good reason to suicide, those who do it will be returned and presented with additional challenges, more difficult than what they ran away from

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