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UFOs and ETs, part 8

What follows are questions and answers concerning the reality of extraterrestrial beings on Earth, and their purpose. Numerous members at the Above Top Secret (ATS) internet site, asked questions anonymously, and were answered by the author. This segment began April 9, 2005 and ended April 3, 2006

Original content can be found at the Above Top Secret site:

Questions and answers were edited for clarity. Some posts from the site were unsuitable and therefore not added to this book. Questions are in bold type.

January 5, 2006

Has our government asked any ET's to deliver us a cure for aids?

                The governments of the world are like children at the candy store asking ETs for anything they can get.

Why would the most powerful men in the world want to lose their superiority over society?

                The most powerful men and women are not that powerful, they get sick, have heart attacks, strokes, accidents, and die, power is fleeting and non-existent at the human level.

Our government is controlled secretly by negative Extraterrestrials.

                ETs in charge of this planet have a mandate, and they are carrying it out.

People have no faith or trust in mankind so they pin all their hopes on altruistic creatures or beings to fix all that ails us. It doesn't matter that there is not one shred of evidence beyond anecdotal stories to support an almost zealous beliefs. By pegging the hopes on Extraterrestrials for righting wrongs and fixing problems this looks more like an excused resignation to accept that nothing really can be done. So it will be their (Extraterrestrials) fault for allowing it to happen.

                Without extraterrestrials, humans would be up a bigger creek than they are now. The difference between humans and ETs is that ETs don't require recognition (honors, awards, pats on the back, etc.), they do things and keep their deeds hidden.

Why then don't they fix all the problems afflicting humanity? They have fixed many problems millions of problems. Look at human history through the Dark Ages; look at today, some improvements took place.

How long does it take to fix humanities’ problems? The world is a big and complex place and problems are taken care of at the appropriate rate for this type of planet.

It might be a good idea to start again from the very beginning and tell us exactly what you experienced start to finish.

                I'm sure you would agree that this is not a run of the mill story; to say the least this account is a very complex phenomena. There is a reason people like me don't tell their stories, much cannot be told, and what is told has to be done delicately so that it is not all thrown into the loony bin.

He is telling the truth I can tell. Don’t ask me how, I just know. Thanks for coming forward and sharing your experience.

Do you believe that when capitalism finally collapses, and a peoples socialist society begins to rise from the chaos, when resources are finally shared, when class structures and poverty are understood as VIOLENCE. Then will the Extraterrestrials show?

                Capitalism is not going to collapse; resources are created as they are needed by industrialized and free societies. ETs don’t need to show themselves openly, they haven't for thousands of years and they aren’t’ going to start now. Nevertheless, ETs have contact with thousands of people every day, most will not talk about it due to the hostility towards those that do come forward.

Perhaps the surreal effect is caused by the massive emfs produced by these crafts.

                Electromagnetic force (EMF) is very strong but there are other factors, the human senses are much more keen when inside Alien ships and humans are not used to keen senses, which creates confusion as the brain is bombarded with new and awkward information.

What mandate do ETs have? By all means, spill your guts. Tell us on this board every fact and detail you know, no matter how miniscule.  Just like the Ghostbusters, We're ready to believe you!

                The mandate involves each sovereign country and each country has their own unique challenges and requirements, the mandate can also involve individuals and their problems or inner needs, but ETs only facilitate people that know what they need to make the next step in their “individual” lives, there are over six billion people on this planet, ETs have their hands full.

Makes sense. We are used to operating only at certain limited levels and anything like that introduced I’m sure sets off all kinds of visual and auditory experiences. Perhaps the pharmaceutical companies are trying to rewire the human to where they can operate more on their (Extraterrestrials) level. More so than not rewiring the chemistry. As far as them taking over who's to say they haven’t been in control all along.

                The pharmaceuticals are like every other industry, they make good stuff and bad stuff but in the long run humans move forward ever so slowly, except for the last 100 years where we had a major spurt. Few want to admit that ETs are in control, not even those that know ETs are real and been around for some time. 

January 6, 2006

Life elsewhere is probable - I say this purely on the math, so many galaxies, so many suns, some must have the right chemistry. But that’s not to say it’s anything like people expect Extraterrestrial life to resemble. Can you support your claims with some evidence? A photo, a video?

                I do have a rock; a meteorite that was given to me many years ago. I even tried to break it open to see what was inside it when I had one too many drinks, again, many years ago. Obviously the stone is not proof of anything, meteorites are everywhere, but they never told me if it’s from this planet or some other planet or moon or even from another star system. I'm sure I will receive some flak for posting that I have a meteorite from an extraterrestrial but ET would not let me video tape or take pictures of their ships.

Indeed your thread really answers many of my questions, But I would really like to know the answer to the ultimate question. What are we and why are we here, what purpose does it serve for the Extraterrestrials to aid us during our changes?

                It’s best that most don't remember who they are and why they are here, for one that information would detract and add nothing to their present experience on Earth. Without the aid of ETs there would be no escape from this planet, no moving forward, no advancement in technology and no hope for humans; Earth would be a dead zone. Humans helping humans is like the blind leading the blind, yet few people understand that, or are aware of that reality. The vast majority need not know any different, which is how ETs want it. 

January 7, 2006

I am curious if the plant, Salvia Divinorum, helps the human mind connect with Extraterrestrials and allows contact on many levels? From my research, the herb, Salvia Divinorum, seems to bring the human soul or spirit or mind to a level that allows them to travel throughout the multidimensional realities of the universe instantly to experience many things.  One of the many things that people state during Salvia Divinorum "trips" is the essence of visiting Extraterrestrial worlds and meeting Extraterrestrial beings. I’m curious what your thoughts on this are.

                This is the first time I have heard of Salvia Divinorum it sounds like LSD, I never tried that either (unknowingly, during my stint in the army, I did use LSD. If you are asking if I take drugs, I do, an aspirin once in a while, and I have a glass of wine with my meals.

If you're for real, please give us something tangible to go on.  Even if 10% of this is true, you're talking about changing people's entire world.

                100% of what I said is true, but there is little chance that the apple cart is going to be overturned any time soon. Most people are locked into their illusions, however, ever so slowly, ETs unlock the minds of thousands of people, and these people suddenly notice that there are billions of stars in the night sky, and their curiosity starts to unfold. How many people do you know that need or want their view of the world to come to an end? No one is going to be dragged "kicking and screaming" into another reality, into the truth of what life really is about.

Proof would shatter the illusions of this world for all, but all are not ready or interested in the next big step.

Having had smoked the SD, I would say no.  It is just mildly hallucinogen and lasts only a short period of time.  I felt that the only things that were affected by it were colors and physical sensation was a little "trippy" (was stood up but felt like I was lying on my back if that makes any sense) and I felt very hot on the inside of my body and cold on the outside of my skin.  I was able to still talk to my buddies and had no sensation of heightened spiritual sensation and definitely no multi-dimensional travel. Salvia may make the person believe this if they were so inclined in the same way any other hallucinogen may do.  If you really believe that taking an hallucinogen will give you the ability to think you can see/do/experience things, then your mind will be tricked into experiencing things that have not actually happened. That’s why people may use hallucinogens.


He is telling the exact "current situation" of mankind. We are just on the same "understanding frequency". All the Best.

Very exciting read! I was curious about the ETs reproduction. Since they are much more advanced than us, do they reproduce as we do or do they conceive by scientific methods?

                The ETs that are here, the ones that make contact with humans are strictly business and show no signs of gender. There are Extraterrestrial tourists but they don't have contact with humans that I know of. The Extraterrestrials that are in human “uniforms” (skin), have bodies that are anatomically correct, but whether they function or are sterile I don't know, my feeling is they are sterile. How they procreated on their planets is a blank. However, they do have facilities in our solar system that house hybrids, many of them, but these hybrids are not for this planet or for this solar system that I’m aware of at this time.

Seeing as how this thread was revived with questions of your credibility, maybe you could take a picture of this meteorite and post it. Surely, that is not too difficult.

                I will have to go dig that rock out of the basement; it’s buried under some of my other space junk paraphernalia stuff, ha, ha. I will post it tonight or tomorrow.

January 8, 2006

How many times have I read this stuff before, those rocks look like garden stones.

                Most people wouldn't know a diamond if it were not polished and in a display case at a jewelry store. What is your expertise in rocks? Are you a gardener? Or is your BS degree in "true skepticism". It doesn't take much education to be a skeptic; even a child can be one. If you are an archeologist, then say so and tell us what kind of “garden rock” that is.

Q1.  Is it cold to the touch and does it absorb heat from your hand thus warming the 'rock'?

                The rock is cold and hard, it is 2 ½ inches by 2 inches. Weighs about a pound

Q2.  Did you ask for this rock or not? If not, then why give you it if you aren't to have any proof to show the masses?

                I don’t remember if I asked for it. If they wanted me to present proof, they would have given me something more believable, a rock is a rock even if it is from another planet or solar system. I have said that this rock is not proof of anything; it’s only part of my story. ETs are not interested in proving themselves to the masses; if they were, they surely wouldn’t need humans like me to do it for them.

It certainly looks like a meteorite, having the burnt outer layer, and looks very similar to others in the Stony Meteorite class posted at this website. And it looks very similar to the ones on this page from that website.  That yellow colored mineral looks strange though, and I don't see any other meteorites with the same color. It could be due to some oxidation from a mineral. If I were you I would have it checked out, it may be unique and valuable.

                I didn't post it as evidence or proof. I don't have a picture of ET handing it to me, and even if I did who would believe it?

I’m not saying it is, but it shows that you actually have a meteorite, and at the least you were able to back up that part of your story. Nice pics!

You say the Extraterrestrials follow 'rules' of some sort (Except for the Outlaws I guess), with these rules, are there any 'rights' that we as humans have?  Or are we just considered 'animals' to them in a sense?

                Humans have a soul, the animal part, which is the body is only a vehicle, nevertheless because of the soul every human has immeasurable value. People in prison have immeasurable value also, yet they are not treated well, so they believe they have no value, and in many cases, it’s true. Our individual situations whether bad or good in this life are not statements by ETs that we are nothing but animals or commodities. However, our lives are not accidents, or coincidences, everything we go through or experience on this planet has a purpose, a reason.

Also, how does one attract the attention of the ETs in regards to one being exceptionally spiritual or intelligent?  I mean what causes an ET to decide who to 'abduct' and reveal things unto, and those to avoid?

                ETs are not attracted by spirituality, intelligence or good looks. ETs work with everyone on some level. Most people don’t need to understand what makes the engine in a car work to operate a car. ETs work in similar ways. ETs are the engine that makes thing happen, hidden underneath the hood.

I know I have many health problems myself, wish they could fix me up since I have no real healthcare/insurance.

                Doctors have a purpose, but they are only one small part of the equation to good health. America with its state of the art health care industry has more sick people than do Third World countries. The best health care is not the total solution to healthcare problems. Extraterrestrials don’t have doctors and hospitals as we do on Earth. They don’t get sick or ill, their bodies and minds fix things before they break. Accidents are practically nonexistent for ETs.

Human minds are equipped to fix many things that ails their bodies. The human mind is designed to fix anything and some day when people realize the power that resides in their head health care may become less of an issue.

You never know, perhaps ETs will sneak in when you are not looking and fix you up. It happens all the time (they can also mess you up).

So, the ETs basically are so advanced in technologies that they have conquered the spiritual realms?  It sounds like they are guiding the evolution and growth of our spirits/souls through reincarnation, from what you have stated earlier.

                The physical realm is an illusion and is only an extension of the spiritual realm. Everything is spiritual energy of one form or other. Considering that the universe is without beginning, and will never end, and that souls have the same inextinguishable qualities, reincarnation is a vehicle for many kinds of adventures, such as learning, vacation, growth, punishment, reward and a gamut of other objectives that will only be understood when people reach a higher dimension of thinking.

Do you have any idea what type of religion the ETs ascribe to?  Or what their philosophy of life and the universe is?

                Religion has its purposes on Earth, community, extended family, and many other things human including wars, considering the history of religious wars throughout history. Religion, as humans understand it, doesn’t exist at higher levels, the level where ETs reside. Philosophy, where much of religion resides, is for those who can only guess about life and the universe; that would be humans. ETs are not philosophical creatures.

Do ETs believe in a Multi-dimensional reality, in regards to copies of us in parallel universes/etc. living out other probable lives?

                Multi-dimensional reality is a reality, but we only exist in one reality at a time, more or less.

I know you have stated that it is like 'pixy dust' in a sense due to just how advanced their technology is. Therefore, understanding it and them at our level is nearly impossible.

                We don’t understand ET technology because when we are placed into this planet pertinent memories of such things are erased for the duration of life while here.

In regards to our minds healing ourselves, is this done on a physical chemical level?  Or is it done on a spiritual/reality altering level?  I am guessing when you say there are some that have the ability you are talking about the faith/psychic healers?  Also, what is stopping most of us from utilizing this?  Is it evolutionary or is it more or less a state of mind?

                Since there really isn’t any physical anything, everything we accomplish is through our spiritual energy. The soul can tap into a vast energy source; some people like to call it god. Everyone has the ability to tap into that energy, most deny its existence for a multitude of reasons. Some faith/psychic healers have discovered it, most have not and only wing it. I think we can all agree that the state of mind is more than half the battle to all achievements or lack thereof, in our lives.

So are you saying that the Physical World is a form of Technology? Almost "Matrix" like that was created/manifested from the spiritual realms to create a type of 'university' in the physical where we can live, learn, experience, and 'play' the game of life and then return?  If that is true, then the ETs and UFOs we see in the physical are nothing more than 'vehicles' for them to interact with the physical world. With that said does that mean that we are equal with the ETs on a spiritual level or are in fact ETs ourselves, one consciousness, one energy?  And that we take turns "playing" and learning in the game of life and when we die we take a different 'role' in the game either in the spiritual or physical realm somewhere in the 'game universe' of sorts?

I thank you for taking the time out to answer all my questions.  I hope you aren't developing carpal tunnel from all the typing.  If so, hopefully the ETs can fix that for you.

                There is a tad more to it but you put it nicely into a nutshell. I think you know more than you are letting on. However, most people will not buy this stuff; it's far too simple a concept.

For as long as I can remember, I have had vivid dreams that have slowly shown me reality, my world, the universe, and a multidimensional existence.  Many times in my dreams I 'awake' in my dream into another vivid, life like reality, I am someone very different, and it’s confusing at times.   This happens on several other levels at times making it extremely hard to wake up.

                There are physical abductions and there are spiritual abductions where your body remains in bed and they take your soul for a joy ride. Both types of abductions can be difficult to wake from if you panic, many people panic. Abductions are opportunities to visit with people on the other side, they are sessions to help you get through a hardship or a difficult problem in your life, and a gamut of other reasons.

I don't know if I have ever been abducted, if so, I don't know why they haven’t fixed my health problems.  I do know that reality exists on so many other levels, that outside of the very universe is another and another and in a way that is hard to comprehend.  There are an infinity of infinities of realities and creation and spirituality where the soul exists on an infinite level and I honestly feel that beyond all that there is another reality being the soul that the very souls that are connected in the essence of the group mind, "GOD" are attempting to discover and evolve.

                ETs can make things easier for many people, but everything we go through is by design. Sometimes you can renegotiate a life change during abduction, most of the time you can't.

I wonder at times who I am?  Where I am from?  Who was I?  And even if I am a God of sorts?  I wonder if the people around me are real, and are there 'fake humans' without souls mixed with others like me, who indeed are 'real', and what not?  How did I, who I am, to be picked to live this life in this body at this time?

                God implies perfection so if you were a god you would know without a doubt your situation. We run into fake humans every day, figuratively and literally. Unless you are here for some kind of punishment or a learning curve, you chose to be here, you just don't remember signing that contract, or prefer not to remember.

Honestly, I feel like my body is nothing more than a 'controller' that allows me to participate in this reality. Very hard to explain, maybe you can understand where I’m coming from? I do have a question, has this 'revelation' of the true nature of reality affected your life? Your beliefs, philosophy, religion?

                I was raised as a Christian, and I understand the purpose of religion, but like I said earlier religion is a thing of Earth and other planets that are similar to Earth. Same with philosophy it’s nice to have if you have nothing else for the mind to dabble in. Problems we encounter in life are illusions and finite (they end at death). Philosophy for some, reality for me.

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