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One of the Greys revealed to me that the military interrogated me in that ship after I was taken by them, the Greys, weeks before I was assigned to the Fort Ord army base.  It was common procedure for black ops to attempt to extract information from humans and hybrids that were abducted or contacted by extraterrestrials beings.  I wasn't told if the people that were stacked like sardines were being processed because they had been abducted, and were waiting for black ops to perform extraction procedures on them or if they were part of some grizzly program conducted on errant humans.

            The Grey showed me an area under the Pacific Ocean that was filled with thousands of hybrid fetuses growing in glass containers filled with a type of amniotic fluid. Several such places were scattered inside ships below the waves in large submarine type structures that traveled along the ocean floor. 

            Days after that encounter the army reassigned me to the Second Armored Division at Fort Hood, Texas, for nine months of training on the M60 battle tank.

            In the early 1970's, Fort Hood was a military base tucked far away from large civilian population centers in the heart of Texas.  Fort Hood was another place where extraterrestrials set up shop in large numbers above and below ground.  I had several encounters with Aliens and other mysterious beings while stationed there.

            Weeks after arriving at the fort, my company was sent to White Sands, New Mexico, for training on a new weapons system that was to be deployed in Vietnam.  I was the only one in my squad that was excluded from going on that training assignment; odd, since I was the personal tank-driver of the master sergeant in charge of the company.

            White Sands was one of several bases off limits to me for reasons I was never told by the military.  One of the Greys did tell me that the military didn't want me at White Sands and that was OK with them, the Greys.  It didn't matter to me it gave me some free time that I wouldn't have had otherwise.

            While my company was at White Sands I was assigned light duty around the barracks, and some guard duty at the airfield.  I was able to spend time off the base and explored nearby towns with the new friends that I made at the guard shack. 

            Hundreds of branches and departments in the military and none of them were on the same page as the others.  Presumably by design, to keep a certain level of confusion within the ranks of those who believed they were in the loop.  The inordinate large numbers of ongoing covert projects made being in the loop near impossible.

            Select military people worked diligently with extraterrestrial beings, and a few managed to extracted steady streams of information and technology from the extraterrestrial participants.  In opposition, other competing military departments and covert civilian operators worked feverishly to decipher and understand extraterrestrial contact and communiqués so that they could build defense systems against the unknown and potentially hostile alien intruders.  Rivalry and jealousy played a part between covert groups since not all benefited from regular contact or received productive and constructive dealings with the Aliens.

            A few at the top knew about the generosity of certain Aliens and believed the generosity to be clever snares, as in Trojan horse. 

            Defensive and offensive arms race was continuing, and carried out by worldly powers and powers from other worlds in the solar system in cooperation with various Alien allies.  But as with friendly fire, working on the same side didn't eliminate casualties within the ranks from supposed friendly allies.  The top brass in the military and in government were aware of the reality and contradictory nature of Alien allies, and earthly ones too.  Nevertheless, many at the top rungs of government remained uninformed that the major powers in the world, including America, were being manipulated and played by Alien beings from higher and lower dimensions, believing that the Aliens were from planets within this solar system and only a little wiser in the technological arena than humans.

            Some highly advanced extraterrestrials are isolated to this solar system as are humans.

            Plenty of military people in the know, or thought they were, covert and overt, did not believe the scenario that the Aliens were in control of all human affairs, thinking that the military had the upper hand or at least a fighting chance against extraterrestrial beings visiting Earth.  Leaders of the world were and are completely clueless of the astronomical numbers of Alien beings operating on Earth, and involved with every country on this planet on every level. 

            The Grey being informed me that the people at White Sands, New Mexico, were working on weapons for use in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, for use against bizarre paranormal beings that had infested those countries over the centuries.  I was suspected by the military of being connected with various groups of unidentified Aliens, and was restricted from military bases where the military had secret weapons under development to fight against numerous mysterious invading Aliens. 

            I was shown things being done in the civilian world outside the gates of Fort Hood, in the town of Killeen.  Killeen was one of many towns across the US where large numbers of extraterrestrials resided and lived as humans in small obscure communities within the city limits and in the surrounding countryside.

            Aliens blended into their subject human communities across America and enthusiastically participated in religious activities in mosques, churches and synagogues, and sent their children to the local schools, shopped at the grocery stores, hung out and shopped at the malls and did the same things humans liked doing, fishing, hunting and sports.

            Aliens intermingled seamlessly with their human hosts, and for the most part, few humans could know or tell the difference.

            Unlike ticks and flees on a dog that cause the dog to scratch, the Alien populations take care not to irritated their symbiotic relation with the humans they infest.  But not all Alien clusters are so concerned about being detected and often create mischief to humans and other Aliens near their nesting grounds, which are mostly located in undeveloped countries. 

            Civilians and soldiers were part of a covert program at the fort that augmented medical science for segments of the human populations.  Studies were being carried out in conjunction with animals and human hybrids in pharmaceutical labs.  I learned from the Grey in contact with me at the fort that the people involved in those programs were selected by the Grey Aliens.  I was part of more than one of the ongoing programs as were some of the soldiers that I hung out with at the local watering holes after duty.  I was never off duty; I was mostly made unaware of my involvement to keep the covert operations covert.

            Drug use on and off the base was high, as was true at all military bases and in the civilian population.  Many of the drugs used by civilians, like LSD, acid, hashish and a number of unknown substances were mixed in with marijuana, heroin, coke, brownies, coffee, teas and other drinks.  Drugs came out of labs funded and propagated by black operations and fronted by local drug dealers and naive hippies.  Drugs were mixed in with beer and liquor at beach parties and other public events, events that attracted runaways and social outcasts like flies to flypaper.

            Ironically, much of the anti war and free love movement that exploded in growth during the Sixties and Seventies were orchestrated by military black ops people, as was the earlier Beatnik movement during the Fifties and early Sixties.

            Mind expansion was one of the reasons behind the seeding of drugs into the civilian population; and so was suppression of experiences mostly for military soldiers but also for civilians involved in numerous covert medical trials and abductions.

            Various laws are in place to protect citizens from being tampered with by governments and the military by blatant infringements of presumed basic human rights; or so it's believed by most people.

            Modern medicine and vaccinations require human participation in larger numbers than most people care to know about, therefore, most people don't know about it.

            Subjecting people to physical and mental modifications without their knowledge is not only taboo in Western culture, the whole idea of it taking place under people's noses would be considered absurd by the very people who have undergone such alterations.  No one would believe it possible.  The concept is not only demeaning but it would classify humans in the same category as clueless cattle. 

            One such lab was located deep inside the fort and hidden away from most military activity.  The compound was veiled under the aspects of an ammo dump and was protected by electrified fence around its perimeter.

            The compound was surrounded by hundreds of acres of brush and trees where cattle roamed and grazed freely on the open range around it.  At night the ammo dump was lit up like a rocket platform and so was the surrounding area that was denuded of trees for two hundred yards adjoining the compound.

            Thousands of beef cattle grazed on the land and provided convenient and easy pickings for a covert project at the base.  The animals were used in a highly classified scheme that had an Alien hybrid connection.

            Several single story buildings could be seen from outside the fenced area, the rest of the compound was buried underground.  I was officially introduced to that place during a temporary guard duty assignment.  It was a brief obligation that ended when the armored battalion unit that I belonged to returned from White Sands, and I went back to training on the M-60 battle tank. 

            Unlike guard duty assignments that I was obligated to do every other weekend, where I worked from a guard shack at one of the airfields, I was the only guard at the compound during my shift, and there was no guard shack to operate from.

            I patrolled the perimeter around the compound alone, no backup and no radio to call for assistance, which was an odd setup for guard duty on a military base.  I never saw anyone coming or going from the compound it was deserted and I wondered why they needed a guard there at all.   Occasionally, I did receive unexpected surprise visits from a lieutenant and his entourage of three or four soldiers during my solitary guard duty at the compound.  He always asked me the same question, "How are things going?" And if I saw any unusual activity during my watch, I always responded "No sir."

            Years later long after the termination of that program I was allowed to recall additional things about the compound.  I was never really a guard but an active participant inside the compound, the lieutenant was my human contact and he transported me inside the underground city.

            Deep underground under the compound were hundreds of medical rooms that looked similar to medical rooms at modern hospitals, except there were no windows.  Other areas inside the complex looked like warehouses stocked and populated with medical equipment and hundreds of unmarked containers.  One warehouse had incubators with Alien beings inside of them similar to those I was shown at Fort Ord.  I asked the lieutenant what they were for and he said, "You tell me".

            The lieutenant took me to a room where civilians were sitting in a waiting area.  When the attending nurse came out and called out a name that person followed her to one of the examination rooms.  I told the lieutenant that this was a strange place for a doctor's office, hidden underground in the middle of a deserted place on a military base.  He agreed with me.  It appeared as if the lieutenant wasn't sure what was going on either.

            My first time there the nurse came out and called my name.  I was shocked and looked at the lieutenant for a response and he told me to follow her.  The lieutenant then left and I followed the nurse to one of the dozens of rooms down a long twisting hallway.  She took me into a room and did my vitals, took my blood pressure and temperature and weighed me.  She then handed me a hospital gown and told me to disrobe and put the gown on.  She said a doctor would see me in a few minutes and she left the room.  While I waited for the doctor soft relaxing mood music came through speakers in the ceiling.

            Minutes after the nurse left the room an army doctor came into the room holding a chart, and introduced himself.  Said he was going to give me a routine physical.  The nurse came back in and drew several vials of blood from my right arm and left the room.  About an hour later the physical was complete and I was told by the doctor that I could return to my unit.  The lieutenant was waiting for me outside the door and he escorted me out of the compound.  He drove me back to my barracks in his army jeep and dropped me off outside the barracks.

            I was nearly incapacitated with a pounding headache and headed straight to my bunk.  I had guard duty assignments that whole week and was scheduled for duty at the airfield that evening.  I wasn't looking forward to doing anything the rest of the day or my guard duty that night.

            Having come from a highly advanced utopic society I was aware of and accustomed to supernatural and bizarre things.  However, there are circumstances on lower planets that are barbaric and strange when certain brain sectors are made dormant and other areas of the human mind activated.  When certain higher brain regions are manipulated, activated or turned off, paranormal encounters are creepy even for those where creepy is only a tool used on humans for various or specific reasons.
            That night my headache cleared up, and I reported to the guard shack for duty around midnight.  I jumped into the jeep and was ready to drive myself to the airfield when my sergeant decided to go along for the ride, and he drove me to the airfield.  The night was chilly and the stars were in full bloom.  It was a typical summer Texas night.  The army jeep was topless like a convertible, and the cool night air made me drowsy.  At the airfield we looked for the guard who I was to replace.
            The airfield was like a ghost town at night; buildings were dark and abandoned.  The area assigned to my guard unit was the equivalent to several city blocks and the guard I was to replace was somewhere in the maze of buildings and hangers.  As we drove around the buildings the sergeant turned the headlights on and off to signal the guard to show himself.
            Most of the aircraft at the airfield were parked outside of the hangers and lined up ready to deploy at a moment's notice.  There was an apocalyptic look to the clusters of hundreds of attack helicopters parked at the airfield; like the biblical locusts ready and able to deliver Armageddon to the world at any given moment.  The metal-plated insect-looking choppers carried a mean and deadly sting under their menacing and missile laden wings.
            I spotted the guard waving his flashlight and the sergeant drove to his location.  The guard was standing near one of the hangers and smoking a cigarette.  The sergeant drove up to the hanger and we both jumped out of the jeep.  I didn't know the sergeant and we hardly spoke during the drive to the airfield.  I had no idea why he came along that evening; he usually remained at the guard shack.
            The sergeant told the other guard to take the jeep back to the shack, and that he was staying with me.  After the other guard drove away, the sergeant told me he was going to take my guard duty and that I was to go into the hanger that he had stopped the jeep in front of.  He unlocked one of the doors to the hanger and told me to report to the man that was standing outside a door down the hall inside the hanger.
            I walked down the hall and the man opened the door and told me to go into the open bay that was in one section of the hanger.  After I entered the hanger bay, the man in civvies remained in the hall and closed the door and locked it.
            The darkness in the hanger was alleviated by a subdued glow coming from a saucer-shaped ship that was hovering about two feet above the concrete floor.  No one was in the hanger that I could tell except for me.  The ship was forty or fifty feet wide, about fifteen to twenty feet high and no visible windows.  It looked metallic gray but I didn't get a chance to touch it to verify if it was or felt like metal.
            I walked up to the ship and I instantly found myself inside the ship.  I explored the interior circular hallway and looked out the portholes into the hanger and could see clearly as if the hanger were brightly lit up.  I instinctively walked through the interior wall as if I knew the ship, and entered a room that I wasn't familiar with.
            A bee or some other type insect buzzed around me and then landed on my neck.  I grabbed for it but it instantly burrowed into my neck and then moved around inside my neck just under the skin.  Before I had time to react it came out of my neck and flew away.  A Grey being came into the room and telepathically told me that the insect removed a tag, a beacon that it detected in my neck.
            The small transmitter was an implant that the army doctor placed into me earlier that day during my physical at the underground compound.  The Grey told me that the army implanted me on a regular basis and he or some other Grey removed the implants from my body soon after.
            The Grey left the room and gave me no further explanation, none that I remembered.  The cat and mouse game between the military and the Aliens left me with fractured memories and dubious information.  That didn't really bother me being it was a way of life on this planet for those assigned to this place.
            I walked into another room and found three men, civilians, standing around as if they were lost.  One of them came up to me and asked if I saw the UFO earlier that evening.  I said I did, and told him that we were inside of the UFO that he had seen.  He asked me how I knew that, and asked if I was an Alien.  I said maybe.  A blood curling scream came out of him and the three men huddled together away from me with terrified looks in their confused eyes.  I tried to calm them but they only became increasingly afraid of me.
            The Grey entered the room and took the three men away.  The Grey telepathically told me that he returned the men to their bedrooms in Killeen, and that they would not remember their abductions, seeing a UFO, or their encountering me.
            The ship hadn't moved from the hanger that I was aware of so I wasn't sure how the men were returned to the town of Killeen several miles from where the hanger and the Alien ship was located.  The Grey answered my query telepathically that the men were taken back inside a pod, an orb.
            Orbs and pods nested in the ship and were used as vehicular transports for humans and other things taken to and from Alien ships.  The Grey reminded me that I traveled the same way too, and that the ride inside orbs or pods comes with relaxing music that stimulates amnesia.  I asked what had been done to the three men and was rudely told it was none of my concern.



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