Friday, February 15, 2013

Goats Yelling Like Humans

Former human souls that have been placed into animals, no one believes them (the animals), people think it's funny that the animals sound human and sometimes act human, and laugh at the poor beasts.

Good thing it's only cartoons and fiction.




  1. a bit disturbing, just like watching Pinocchio as a child was.

  2. Puts a different spin on my evil goat video... :/

  3. This post is messing with my poor overwhelmed naive 3d brain!!!

  4. what crime does it take to incarnate as an animal?

  5. Hahaha that goat at 1:16 is so funny! I lost it when that one came on! Ive definitely had some good laughs courtesy of ET Nation this week.

    Mark Raul B

  6. Kutu, to answer your question, "what crime does it take", don't we all know people that are jackasses? Sure we all look in the mirror and sometimes see one staring back at us, but some people audition for the part every chance they get...and eventually get to play the part inside an animal after they die...and are placed under the supervision of perhaps another human jackass...until they are reassigned back to human land or to some other godforsaken place.

  7. So, on a more positive note Lou, if we audition for the part of an "Angel" every chance we get, might we, eventually get to play the part of an Angel?

  8. Eevee, what we strive to be we be.

    some people get frustrated with their lives when they don't see things falling into place as quickly as they think they should...not realizing that they are auditioning for stuff that might come to them in their next life.

    Kind of like telling young people to start saving and investing when they are young for when they are older. Many think that is dumb and have little patience for things that seem so far away and uncertain.

    In a universe where time is an illusion and all situations a test, many are caught with their pants down, empty pockets and grumpy.

  9. Hi Eevee,

    What a wonderful and beautiful wish to be an Angel!!! I hope that you get to be one soon. It has been easy to see your heart of gold through your posts over the past couple of years. I hope you get to share a bit more of yourself with us from time to time, miss you..


    1. Ahhh, thanks Eddie! I have a long, long, loooong way to go before I reach Angel status. I will never ever stop trying to be a better person in this life.

      You should stop worrying about what you're watching on tv, it's a waste of time and energy. What really matters is your outlook and attitude towards life, and what's inside your heart!

      It is you that has a heart of gold Eddie, maybe one day we can compare wings, or at least I can admire yours! Heh!

  10. Thanks Eevee, I only wish I could measure up to Angel status. In my view, I'm more the person Lou talked about (pants down, empty pockets and grumpy) in his response to you. I'm making strides at improving but have a very long way to go also. I look forward to comparing wings someday, whenever that will be but as long as we continue to work at it, I'm sure it will happen. I'll take your advice on the TV issue and continue to try and improve my attitude and outlook on life.