Sunday, December 2, 2012

Battling the dragon of ignorance

In response to baddeddie's post on "What members are reading" Dec. 1, 2012:

"The attack I am refering to muse starts with this post:

reply posted on 27-5-2006 @ 08:44 PM by longhaircowboy
How do you keep getting warns there sleeper?
Did you attack me again?

Go ahead answer my questions.

BaddEddie interjection: From this point going forward, sleeper doesn't respond to any post from anybody until the attack is over. However, the truly open-mined folk on the board who wanted to hear what the sleeper had to say started exposing the attack perpetrator for what he was to the mods who finally shut him down on the thread. Things got very ugly quickly before the attack perpetrator was finally shut down."

Thanks Eddie! I have posted on ATS and many other forums soon after Al Gore created the Internet, btw, thanks Al. Yes sarcasm still lives. LOL

Anyway, my words of wisdom... ;) often got me thrown off many of the early Internet sites, most that have long disappeared.  I began posting on ATS around 2004 and quickly made enemies there too. Some of those enemies became mods and with their mod powers removed many of my posts and a few threads when they couldn't make me look bad. Some mods covered their tracks by removing their own posts. On several of my threads there are periods where it appears that I stopped posting, when in fact my posts and interactions with other posters were surgically removed from my threads by mods.
A few mods used other names that they created to make it look as if more people agreed with their point of view; along with their shills they got the last laugh when my posts were removed and theirs left on the thread making it look as if I didn't have a viable argument to blunt their attacks.

I did rock every boat I boarded, religion, scientific, celestial, political and left comments on hundreds of other peoples' threads too, which pissed off many professionals in those fields. I spent equally as much time discussing issues behind the scenes on u2u as I did in my threads. My u2u replies to members that didn't want to ask certain questions on the board became excessively large and were deleted when ATS upgraded their system.

Far more people agreed with my point of view than disagreed, and many were heckled and made fun of until some of them stopped posting on my threads, it wasn't worth the hassle. The owners had a love hate relationship with me, one of the owners agreed and supported me the others put up with me because controversial types as myself helped build their Internet site into a money making machine from the increased traffic. My combined threads exceeded a million hits during the time ATS underwent a rapid growth spurt; the hit counters were a casualty of that growth. The large numbers of visits to my threads drove those determined to stop me to the brink of insanity, which made them all the more determined to stop me.

I was hindered from defending myself and my "opinions", which I always did give or tried to...but the mods and sometimes the owners, simply removed my posts when they or other hostile posters couldn't win an argument with me. That is why it appears that I stopped posting when the reality was that my posts were removed moments after I posted them. Many thanks to John Lear, and others (you know who your are), who picked up the sword and fought the battles when I wasn't allowed to fight back.

Ironically, but common in the information/misinformation business, some of the people that fought to stop me have used some of my material in their own books, seminars, blogs, screenplays, shows, movies, and songs, and corrupted it to fit their own political twists and earthly delusions. When you can't stop a solid idea from spreading, corrupt it, change its intended meaning, is the way of this world and is how many illusions have gained and triumphed over truth.




  1. I wondered about the long gaps when you were on ATS, now I know what the heck was going on. I read all I could of yours and John's posts back then but I never joined the forum , I was new to forums and computers in general so I just lurked .

    When John went to Open Minds I got the courage to join as you had to to see John's moon pictures . It's been a great ride ever since .


  2. Ahhh...ATS, the good old days lol! I can't remember how many times I was called a nut or crackpot or whatever by association with your thread. I even received warnings about you via u2u from a "concerned friend".
    The funniest moment was doing battle with the notorius Mr Penny and losing 1000 ats points...naturally I was devastated lol!

    Thanks for never giving up Lou!

  3. i was a late comer, but i did see some of the nasty after linking to ats from the last forum... ouch! incidentally i checked out all of the comments from lou's "roast" page, the phone number is still listed and for what it is worth works... don't know if it is a valid lou number any longer but i went ahead and left a message on that just to try and balance the negatives... here's hoping you're swell!


  4. Great comments. It was relatively simple for me to seperate the 'disinfo' people from just 'hateful' people. For 'disinfo' they are doing a terrible job, made it too obvious. Just my two cents. And well, the hateful people, will always have hate. :)

  5. hoss, the harassment gave me ample opportunities for R&R, which I didn't mind.

  6. Eevee, an idea without animosity to appose it is not much of an idea and nothing to be afraid of, concerning rocking the boat. Penny and others feared the concepts I brought to the boat and inadvertently provided the key ingredient, hostility. Thanks for taking the thousand point hit on the chin for concepts that remain difficult to swallow by most people.

  7. Scott, surprisingly not many negative comments were left on the answering machine...perhaps because Milton did the answering and the screening of my calls. I guess you got the mind wipe too, he said you and him had a pleasant conversation when you called. The nasties received a bonus visit by Milton, lucky stiffs, no not that kind of stiffs, jeez.

  8. bubba, yeah, lots of people were only doing their jobs...stop the leaks about what the real extraterrestrials are about and keep people focused on the Hollywood version. The hateful people were those that really hated their boat being rocked, otherwise they are probably nice people.

  9. i could however, guarantee that milton probably gave me a pretty good scolding none the less. i do for some reason keep doing things wrong... no matter what i think i know, for some reason i don't refer to it until it is too late. ah, learning.