Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fire breathing Dragon on the sun

It appears that dragons are in season. Yeah, I see a dragon, others might only see a rock formation or a pixel anomaly, or even swamp gas. OK, so its only a magnetic if anyone even knows what a magnetic filament on the sun really is. If you don't, ask John, he knows.

THE SOURCE OF THE ACTION: The ongoing geomagnetic storms were caused, originally, by an eruption on the sun. NASA has just released new high-resolution images of the giant magnetic filament that snapped on August 31st.
Each panel shows the eruption in a different wavelength of extreme ultraviolet light. By comparing the colors, which trace different temperatures and densities of solar plasma, researchers can learn more about the dynamics of filaments--and maybe one day to predict when they will erupt.
The blast hurled a coronal mass ejection (CME) not-quite-directly toward Earth. A glancing blow from the cloud on Sept. 3rd set in motion the current spate of geomagnetic storms.