Tuesday, July 10, 2012

UFOs near the Sun July 9, 2012


  1. Lou,

    These are enormous! They seem to surround the sun and at about the same distance.

    Are they tapping some energy?
    Are they watching something?
    Are they adjusting/fixing something?

  2. Thousands of ships are parked around the sun most of them humans cannot and will never see. They are watching something in the sun, something not for human eyes to see.

  3. are they seeing the birthing of a planet lou? why they are not fully stealth?

  4. They are watching something else.

    Some UFOs choose to be visible, it's not as if humans will be alarmed by Alien ships. Have you noticed how few people notice the strange things going on around the sun and other places in the solar system? They call them glitches or natural phenomena, makes it easier to sleep at night when you don't know what lurks in the darkness of space.

    As noface pointed out, "Scared cows make the best hamburger".

    So do scared humans.

    No need to be scared of the dark...should dark happen... momentarily...or not.

  5. Almost undeniable images as the quality of images of the sun improve the evidence will gather it is a gradual process but no scientific authorities will acknowledge the facts. Fear of ridicule is such a strong force in our existance. It is comforting to know someone is monitoring our energy source.

  6. "Scared cows make the best hamburger".

    Pretty cras....but I sort of get it.

    Lou, is it that you are not allowed to explain or is it that we would not understand what is happening with the sun?

  7. If the sun should ever go out even for a few minutes what would that do to the people of this world? And other worlds in this solar system? Talk about mental meltdown, confusion and despair. Will the sun reignite? will it happen again? For a longer period? Will it explode? People could lose confidence in everything. The experts would say that could never happen. It can happen. I only mention it because if it does happen it will only be short lived, a glitch, a reboot. And then perhaps a surprise, or not.

    Anyway, nothing to fear plenty of top brass in the area.