Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Many scientists receive Nobel Prizes for theories that never materialize. One would think that ATS (Above top Secret) the Internet site that had this information years before it became public would have made mention of it. The Sun is pregnant and creates everything in this solar system, sometimes with influence from "beings" not of this system.



  1. wow lou, you spoke about pregnant sun and how the planet was ejected years before this video, so i guess you were right all along

  2. Hi Lou,

    It’s absolutely fantastic to see that object extracting matter from the sun.
    It’s absolutely stunning to see it suddenly shooting away from the sun.
    It’s absolutely mind-blowing to realize the almost unreal size of that object.

    Due combine those three observations it’s undisputable to me that ET-TECH is pure magic.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. it seems to me it's not a ufo' feeding' from the sun's energy, but a planet or moon being expelled, after the sun gave birth?!
    also, ATS is full of lunatics, after Lou left I haven't gone back, oh no.

  4. Or is the sun really another life force, and what we just observed was the act of copulation?

  5. One thing I am really grateful to Lou: showing us that magic is real.
    And reality, pure magic.
    Every day is a miracle.