Tuesday, November 27, 2012

First stop after a trip from Mars to Earth...

May 7, 2007,  on page 123 on the coming clean thread on ATS

Originally posted by Dr Love:
Sleeper, is Bigfoot real? If so, what are it's origins?

Originally posted by sleeper:
Yes the creatures known as Bigfoot are real---how about Mars.

January 23, 2008 @ 06:56 PM     page 334 on Coming Clean thread on ATS.   

Originally posted by Eevee: 
I just caught the end of the early evening news here in the uk, they were showing a photo that NASA had released of a figure on Mars!  
The figure kind of looks like a Bigfoot type creature. 
I am believing that to be a rock formation but it DOES look 'BigFooty' to me to............

Matters not what people believe or debunk on conspiracy boards or in the media networks, because they are biased and their motives obvious to some. The fact remains that most people think that image looks like a Bigfoot. The other fact is that many humans are descendants of Martians, which can't be debunked since "all" humans are clueless of their origins, other than some believe us to be related to apes on Earth. Bigfoot is a type of ape and a link to Earth.

Lou [posted May 3, 2012]

Lou told Dr Love on May 7, 2007, on the "coming clean" thread that bigfoot was from Mars, 8 months before NASA discovered a bigfoot looking thing on Mars. Eevee posted to the site on Jan 23, 2008, soon after NASA made the announcement.