Friday, April 6, 2012

Humans need Space


  1. I would like to see it happen openly on a large economic scale in my lifetime - 20 years Lou?

  2. The cockpit is almost exactly as Travis Walton decribed it to me in 1986, eexcept that the entire roof was glass an showed the stars.

    But I guess all UFO's show pretty much the same thing as I remember.

  3. If nobody remembers Travis, he was the guy that was abducted near Snow Flake, Arizona, by the Planet Venus, held for 6 days and then dumped unceremoniousy on the street start naked.

    This is the way that the Planet Venus welcomes people from Earth so don't get all huffy if it happens to you.

    And we want to thank Phil Klass for his input on this story. Had we not known it was Venus, many would have thought it was a UFO what abducted Travis.

    C'mon Phil, let's see a couple of rolls in your meatsacks final resting place.