Friday, January 20, 2012

Delta IV Night Launch

Stars and reaching out into space has a relaxing homey feel to it. And to think all that magic of space is only a few miles up, and then awe fills the soul, and you know the illusions back on earth are just that, ball and chain illusions.


CNN PRODUCER NOTE MrDemil was at a camera viewing site on Kennedy Space Center last night for the launch of the Delta IV rocket. 'I've seen quite a few [launches] out here. It was crystal clear skies. There's not a lot of light pollution in the cape area. The star field is very pretty. I was focused on getting the launch and the starry sky. ... It was just a beautiful spectrum last night,' he said. MrDemil works at the Space Center.
- zdan, CNN iReport producer


  1. i've always felt that it was strange that it takes longer to orbit the earth than to just leave it.

  2. Lol, Scott I couldnt agree more. I think it is the extracurricular activities they are doing or probably they are not even going into space.

  3. I think Delta IV's are man rated. So I would guess about 6 astronauts went up on this one.

    Bubbapug is exactly correct. For instance the Vostok/Soyuz took 30 minutes to get to the ISS. The Shuttle took 3 days.

    The de-orbit and landing for the Shuttle should take about 54 minutes but average time was 2.5 days.

    Why? Oberg says 'crew rest' required.