Friday, December 16, 2011


A small icy comet the size of two football stadiums my arse. NASA would sell us the Brooklyn Bridge too, but you can only sell that Bridge so many times...then again everyone is buying this story.

Here's what really happened, Milton got into the Christmas eggnog...again.


 Incredibly, sungrazing Comet Lovejoy has survived its close encounter with the sun. Lovejoy flew only 140,000 km over the stellar surface during the early hours of Dec. 16th. Experts expected the icy sundiver to be destroyed. Instead, NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory caught the comet emerging from perihelion (closest approach) apparently intact:

Comet Lovejoy began the week as a chunk of dusty, rocky ice more than 200 meters in diameter. No one can say how much of the comet's core remains intact or how long it will hang together after the searing heat of perihelion. "There is still a possibility that Comet Lovejoy will start to fragment," says researcher Karl Battams in a NASA news release. "It’s been through a tremendously traumatic event; structurally, it could be extremely weak."


  1. Looks like the Sun is working on a new project or something - spitting out new things over the past few months.

  2. Why is NAZA talking about this anyway? why bother? and isn't it clear that this "comet" is HUGE? if you can see it compared to the sun it must be humongous. anyway...

  3. Lou!

    Thank you for posting the REAL news!